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Illawarra CC Tour de Huntley

January 26, 2003

Tour de Huntley Stage Race goes to the wire

By Illawarra CC

The Tour Down Under was not the only major cycling event to take place on the weekend. The Caesar's Illawarra Cycle Club ran the Tour de Huntley, its annual version of a Stage Race. The event is three stages, a 4km Time Trial, a 9km Points Race and 18km Scratch Race. Each stage is awarded points and the person with the most points at the end is the winner.

The A Grade event saw a big field roll up for what was going to be a hot day's racing - and we don't just mean weather wise. Josh Wall rode like a man possessed in the 4km Time Trial stage holding off great challenges such as Danny Hennessy and Adam Rourke to not only take out the stage but also set a blistering new record for the 4kms - 5min 27.25seconds.

In the Pointscore, Hennessy showed his experience in this format of racing by selecting the sprints to compete for out on the road while the young chargers attempted to take every sprint along the way. Bret Townsend won two and placed 2nd in a another out along the road while Hennessy only took out one sprint on the road but managed to claim the double points on the finish line taking him to the front of the race for points. Tim Morris was also competing well in the sprints managing to take a 1st and 2nd placing on the road and a 2nd place behind Hennessy in the dash for the finish line from Wall.

Two laps of the short course sounds easy, but after having completed the 4km Time Trial and then the 9km Point Score race, the legs and the body are getting a bit sore. As the A Graders left, Hennessy, Wall and Morris were bunched together on points. With the bunch riding strongly and keeping the pace high, it was going to be difficult for any one of the riders to get away and win the stage and event convincingly. This is not to say that there were not some attempts to do so. However, the heat was energy sapping and most attacks where either short lived or pounced on before they occurred.

In the end it came down to a bunch sprint between the top contenders for outright victory. Morris is one of the more recognised sprinters in the group after his victory in the Criterium Championships. With a strong surge, he made his way through the pack with Hennessy, Wall and Rourke getting on the train to the line. However, Morris was to strong for the group and held of Hennessy, Rourke and Wall to take 3rd Stage victory. As a result of this win, Morris was able to take out overall Victory for the event.

The B Grade event was a strong field with strong sprinters such as Mick Kejda and Tony Pulo. Andrew Stewart was able to take out the Time Trial in a good time of 6min 11seconds. Pulo also put in a good time of 6min 16 seconds to come in 2nd for the Time Trial.

The sprinters came to the fore in the Points Race able to sustain a good pace over the short 1 lap event. Pulo managed to dominate the sprints out along the road finishing in the points at every sprint mark including the double points at the finish, however, Kejda managed to take the maximum points for the finish.

Going into the Scratch Race Pulo was leading the points from Periera, Stewart and Kejda. Periera was constantly keeping the pace of the event high and worked well to keep Pulo in contention for all overall victory and earn himself the opportunity to take out 2nd place. On the line Periera took the race for Pulo, Bennett and Stewart to claim 2nd overall behind Pulo.

C Grade was a good-sized field and one that was generally close in ability. Andy Shannon put in a time (6min 22seconds) that would have placed him 3rd in the B Grade field holding off Sally Watts who placed 2nd. Shannon dominated the event taking points in all but one of the sprints although he was pushed to the limit by the likes of Watts and Paul Kaye.

The scratch race was a pretty sedate affair with the riders keeping a close eye on each other. John Kejda rode will in the event keeping an eye on the other riders and learning along the way. The sprint was really a two horse race with Shannon holding Carlo Paiola off to take the victory while John Kejda and Watts came in 3rd and 4th respectively. The Final tally of points saw Shannon take victory from Watts, and Paiola.

Next weeks race is a 27.5km scratch race with Marshals to be provided by Group 7. Racing is to start @ 8:30am.


A Grade - TDH - Race 1: 4km Time Trial
1 Josh Wall (Illawarra)                            5.27.25
2 Danny Hennessy (Canberra)                        0.09.50
3 Adam Rourke (Illawarra)                          0.12.29
4 Tim Morris (Illawarra)                           0.25.50
5 Mark Walters (Sth Highlands)                     0.34.37
7 Steve Franklin (Illawarra)                       0.40.18
8 Mark Davis (Illawarra)                           0.40.63
9 Kirk Brown (Illawarra)                           0.42.94
10 Bret Townsend (Eurobodalla)                     0.44.19
11 Jeffrey Gray (Illawarra)                        0.46.07
12 Rob Calladine (Illawarra)                       0.51.77
13 Adrian Cooper (Illawarra)                       0.52.29
14 Lionel Covington (Illawarra)                    0.57.86
15 Jason Johnson (Illawarra)                       1.13.30
16 Alan Townsend (Eurobodalla)                     1.18.23
B Grade - TDH - Race 1: 4km Time Trial
1 Andrew Stewart (Illawarra)                       6.11.53
2 Tony Pulo (Illawarra)                            0.05.24
3 Keith Bennett (Illawarra)                        0.10.79
4 Fiona Campbell (Illawarra)                       0.13.30
5 Jose Periera (Illawarra)                         0.13.85
6 Phil Ciufo (Illawarra)                           0.13.92
7 David Russel (Illawarra)                         0.20.03
8 Tim Devlin (Illawarra)                           0.22.82
9 Mick Kejda (Illawarra)                           0.28.32
10 Rebecca Borgo (Illawarra)                       0.28.61
11 Paul du Bois (Illawarra)                        0.30.02
12 Peter Kelly (Illawarra)                         0.36.36
13 Joe Chiaverini (Illawarra)                      0.51.68
C Grade - TDH - Race 1: 4km Time Trial
1 Andrew Shannon (Illawarra)                       6.22.83
2 Sally Watts (Sth Highlands)                      0.08.92
3 Peter Vesel (Illawarra)                          0.22.38
4 Vince O`Dwyer (Illawarra)                        0.23.92
5 Paul Kaye (Illawarra)                            0.30.90
6 Emma Ringer (Illawarra)                          0.33.16
7 Reg Hitchens (Illawarra)                         0.35.34
8 Wayne Farrugia (Illawarra)                       0.37.82
9 Carlo Paiola (Marconi)                           0.38.90
10 Kylie Spence (Illawarra)                        0.46.54
11 Catriona Croghan (UnKnown)                      0.55.00
12 John Kejda (Illawarra)                          1.03.55
13 Brett Shorten (Illawarra)                       1.35.58
A Grade - TDH - Race 2: 9km Points Race
1 Danny Hennessy (Canberra)
2 Tim Morris (Illawarra)
3 Bret Townsend (Eurobodalla)
4 Kirk Brown (Illawarra)
4 Josh Wall (Illawarra)
6 Adrian Cooper (Illawarra)
6 Dylan Forbes (Illawarra)
8 Mark Walters (Sth Highlands)
8 Adam Rourke (Illawarra)
B Grade - TDH - Race 2: 9km Points Race
1 Tony Pulo (Illawarra)
2 Jose Periera (Illawarra)
3 Mick Kejda (Illawarra)
4 Keith Bennett (Illawarra)
4 Andrew Stewart (Illawarra)
6 Peter Kelly (Illawarra)
7 David Russel (Illawarra)
8 Phil Ciufo (Illawarra)
C Grade - TDH - Race 2: 9km Points Race
1 Andrew Shannon (Illawarra)
2 Carlo Paiola (Marconi)
2 Sally Watts (Sth Highlands)
4 Vince O`Dwyer (Illawarra)
4 Paul Kaye (Illawarra)
6 Peter Vesel (Illawarra)
6 Catriona Croghan (UnKnown)
7 John Kejda (Illawarra)
A Grade - TDH - Race 3: 18km Scratch Race
1 Tim Morris (Illawarra)
2 Danny Hennessy (Canberra)
3 Adam Rourke (Illawarra)
4 Josh Wall (Illawarra)
5 Adrian Cooper (Illawarra)
6 Mark Davis (Illawarra)
7 Jason Johnson (Illawarra)
8 Kirk Brown (Illawarra)
9 Mark Walters (Sth Highlands)
10 Lionel Covington (Illawarra)
11 Rob Calladine (Illawarra)
12 Jeffrey Gray (Illawarra)
13 Steve Franklin (Illawarra)
B Grade - TDH - Race 3: 18km Scratch Race
1 Jose Periera (Illawarra)
2 Keith Bennett (Illawarra)
3 Tony Pulo (Illawarra)
4 Andrew Stewart (Illawarra)
5 Peter Kelly (Illawarra)
6 Paul du Bois (Illawarra)
7 Rebecca Borgo (Illawarra)
8 Phil Ciufo (Illawarra)
9 Tim Devlin (Illawarra)
10 Fiona Campbell (Illawarra)
11 Mick Kejda (Illawarra)
12 David Russel (Illawarra)
13 Joe Chiaverini (Illawarra)
C Grade - TDH - Race 3: 18km Scratch Race
1 Andrew Shannon (Illawarra)
2 Carlo Paiola (Marconi)
3 John Kejda (Illawarra)
4 Sally Watts (Sth Highlands)
5 Wayne Farrugia (Illawarra)
A Grade - TDH - Summary
1 Tim Morris (Illawarra)
2 Danny Hennessy (Canberra)
3 Josh Wall (Illawarra)
4 Adam Rourke (Illawarra)
4 Bret Townsend (Eurobodalla)
6 Mark Walters (Sth Highlands)
6 Kirk Brown (Illawarra)
6 Dylan Forbes (Illawarra)
9 Steve Franklin (Illawarra)
10 Mark Davis (Illawarra)
11 Adrian Cooper (Illawarra)
12 Jeffrey Gray (Illawarra)
13 Rob Calladine (Illawarra)
14 Lionel Covington (Illawarra)
15 Jason Johnson (Illawarra)
16 Alan Townsend (Eurobodalla)
B Grade - TDH - Summary
1 Tony Pulo (Illawarra)
2 Jose Periera (Illawarra)
3 Andrew Stewart (Illawarra)
4 Keith Bennett (Illawarra)
5 Mick Kejda (Illawarra)
6 Fiona Campbell (Illawarra)
6 David Russel (Illawarra)
8 Phil Ciufo (Illawarra)
9 Peter Kelly (Illawarra)
10 Tim Devlin (Illawarra)
11 Rebecca Borgo (Illawarra)
12 Paul du Bois (Illawarra)
13 Joe Chiaverini (Illawarra)
C Grade - TDH - Summary
1 Andrew Shannon (Illawarra)
2 Sally Watts (Sth Highlands)
3 Carlo Paiola (Marconi)
4 Paul Kaye (Illawarra)
5 Emma Ringer (Illawarra)
6 Wayne Farrugia (Illawarra)
7 Kylie Spence (Illawarra)
8 Brett Shorten (Illawarra)

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