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Solano Bicycle Classic - NE

USA, March 27-30, 2003

2002 Results     Stage List     Start List     Past winners

The Stages

  • Stage 1 - March 27: Jelly Belly Road Race, 87/54 miles
  • Stage 2 - March 28: Solano Garbage Hill Climb, 7.7 miles
  • Stage 3 - March 29: GeniSoy Criterium, 90/60 min
  • Stage 4 - March 30: Daily Republic Circuit Race, 82/60 miles

Horner goes for three in a row

By Kristy Scrymgeour

The fourth year of the Solano Bicycle Classic begins today in Solano County, California.

Traditionally hosting a very strong field, this year's classic is bound to have the best teams competing if attendance at last weekend's McLane Pacific Bicycle Classic is any indication.

Each year the stages change a little bit creating a sense of the unknown, and this year is no different. New to the stage race is Friday's 7.7 mile mass start Hill Climb up Mix Canyon which will certainly affect the team strategies going into the tour.

Defending champion, Chris Horner (Saturn), however is no stranger to the mountains, and going by his form last weekend will certainly be a favorite to take his third consecutive win. Given the depth of the men's field this year, he is likely to be challenged by a number of teams including Health Net, Prime Alliance, 7-UP Maxxis and Webcor, all of whom turned in strong performances last weekend.

In the Women's field, Judith Arndt will not be back to defend her title, and given the dramatic change in the Women's peleton in terms of new teams and rosters this year there may not be an overwhelming favorite. Teams like Rona, Saturn, and T-Mobile will certainly be out to show their strength but they will have to watch their backs with new teams on the block surely wanting to surprise.

Start list

7UP/Maxxis                           Prime Alliance

1 Hayden Godfrey (NZl)               10 Jonathan Vaughters (USA)
2 Greg Henderson (NZl)               11 Alex Candelario (USA)
3 John Lieswyn (USA)                 12 Jonas Carney (USA)
4 Jason McCartney (USA)              13 Michael Creed (USA)
5 Kevin Monahan (USA)                14 Matt Decanio (USA)
6 Chris Pic (USA)                    15 Danny Pate (USA)
7 Dan Schmatz (USA)                  16 John Peters (USA)
8 Doug Ziewacz (USA)                 17 Svein Tuft (Can)

Saturn Cycling Team                  Jelly Belly / Carlsbad Clothing

20 Ivan Dominguez (USA)              30 Austin King (USA)
21 Will Frischkorn (USA)             31 Mariano Friedick (USA)
22 Chris Horner (USA)                32 Remi McManus (USA)
23 Tim Johnson (USA)                 33 Kirk Albers (USA)
24 Mark McCormack (USA)              34 Brian Forbes (USA)
25 Trent Klasna (USA)                35 Chris Fisher (USA)
26 Viktor Rapinski (Blr)             36 Ben Brooks (Aus)
27 Eric Wohlberg (Can)               37 Brent Dawson (Aus)

Ofoto-Lombardi Sport                 Sierra Nevada / Clif Bar

40 Jackson Stewart (USA)             50 Chris Baumann (USA)
41 Andy Bajadali (USA)               51 Matt Dubberley (USA)
42 Roman Peter (Swi)                 52 Ben Jaques Maynes (USA)
43 Russell Hamby (USA)               53 Brian Hawley (USA)
44 Erik Saunders (USA)               54 Josh Klikna (USA)
45 Saul Raisen (USA)                 55 Sterling Magnell (USA)
46 Pete Lopinto (USA)                56 Andy Jaques Maynes (USA)
47 Jonathan Erdelyi (USA)            57 Adham Sbieh (USA)

Broadmark Capital Cycling Team       Alto Velo / Webcor

60 Tyler Thompson (USA)              70 Brian Heneghan (USA)
61 Clavin Allan (USA)                71 Chris Montague-Breakwell (USA)
62 Todd Coglon (USA)                 72 Michael Ma (USA)
63 Craig Wilcox (USA)                73 Jonas Boli (USA)
64 Evan Elken (USA)                  74 David Pierce (USA)
65 Doug Ollerenshaw (USA)            75 Bernard Van Ulden (USA)
66 Rob Campbell (USA)                76 Dan Martin (USA)
                                     77 Steve McGrath (USA)

Rocknasium/CBE                       Santa Cruz Spokesman

80 Brendon Lydon (USA)               90 Keith Szolusha (USA)
81 Brett Van Natta (USA)             91 Dennis Guikema (USA)
82 Dan Hopley (USA)                  92 Roman Kilun (USA)
83 Mark Leffler (USA)                93 Ben Haldeman (USA)
84 Paul Sumner (USA)                 94 Richard Del Valle (USA)
85 Todd Weitzenberg (USA)            95 Karta Atehortua (USA)
86 Tobias Chapman (USA)              96 Anastasio Flores Jr (USA)
87 Michael Jacques (USA)             97 Justin Robinson (USA)

McGuire/Cycle Couriers of S.F. cycling

100 Aaron LeBauer (USA)              110 Adam Hodges Myerson (USA)
101 Jamiel Danesh (USA)              111 Ryan Pinkham (USA)
102 Akira Wong (USA)                 112 Nathan Rouse (USA)
103 Maurice Harper (USA)             113 Matthew Svatek (USA)
104 Phil Roberts (USA)               114 Josh Beck (USA)
105 Colin Beardsley (USA)            115 Ross Kraus (USA)
106 Robert Saybolt (USA)             116 Lawrence Perera (USA)
                                     117 Ron Hudson (USA)

Team Swift                           Healthy Choice-Guru's CT

120 Duke Schimmer (USA)              130 Allan Butler (USA)
121 Nathan Miller (USA)              131 Gardie Jackson (USA)
122 Brady Harter (USA)               132 John Osguthorpe (USA)
123 Steven Cozza (USA)               133 Sandy Perrins (USA)
124 Alan Eriksson (USA)              134 Bryson Perry (USA)
125 Glenn Fant (USA)                 135 Joseph Smith (USA)
126 Eric Wright (USA)                136 Dan Adams (USA)
127 Bryon Wright (USA)

Webcor Cycling Team                  Great Britain

140 Ted Huang (USA)                  150 Oliver Beckinsale (GBr)
141 James Mattis (USA)               152 Phil Dixon (GBr)
142 Lionel Syne (USA)                153 Liam Killeen (GBr)
143 Dairo Falquier (USA)             154 Christophe Sauser (Swi)
144 Steve Larsen (USA)               155 Phil Spencer (GBr)
145 Patrick Heaney (USA)             156 Zak Toogood (GBr)
146 John Kelly (USA)
147 David Wyandt (USA)
256 Jeff Angermann (USA)

Team West Virginia                   Health Net Cycling Team

160 Jacob Fetty (USA)                170 Gordon Fraser (Can)
161 Conor Hurley (USA)               171 Michael Sayers (USA)
162 Robbie Yost (USA)                172 Kevin Klein (USA)
163 Benjamin Sharp (USA)             173 Rusty Beall (USA)
164 Wes Seigler (USA)                174 John Hunt (USA)
165 David Wenger (USA)               175 Alex Kozlov (Blr)
166 Jonathan Hamblen (USA)           176 Jason Lokksome (USA)
167 Michael Jones (USA)              177 Russell Stevenson (USA)

GS Lombardi-Foundry                  Vitamin Cottage

180 Dean Laberge (USA)               246 Colin Rooney (USA)
181 Jason Fernschuss (USA)           247 Chuck Coyle (USA)
182 Ben Bourne (USA)                 248 Jon Tarkington (USA)
183 John Fowlkes (USA)               250 Steve McCaw (USA)
184 Bill Hudak (USA)                 251 Jim Mansor (USA)
185 Andrew Touchstone (USA)
186 Eugene Moriarty (USA)
187 Dave Yeung (USA)

IOMEGA - ORBEA                       Navigators Cycling Team

252 Gary Casella (USA)               272 Ryan Guay (USA)
253 Eric Ransom (USA)                273 Glen Mitchell (NZl)
254 Tad Hamilton (USA)               274 Marty Nothstein (USA)
255 Justin Mayfield (USA)            275 Justin Spinelli (USA)
                                     276 Burke Swindlehurst (USA)

Gears Racing                         3BRT/Cyfac

277 Michael Moore (USA)              281 Justin Lucke (USA)
278 Chris Isaac (USA)                282 Brian Chapman (USA)
279 Peter Sanowar (USA)              283 Todd Edmister (USA)
280 Dan Maggiacomo (USA)

ABD Cycling Team

287 Frank Dierking (USA)
288 Mike Ebert (USA)
289 Dylan Lewis (USA)
290 Frank Pipp (USA)
291 Kurt Rees (USA)


258 Eric Drummer (USA) Turin
259 Joe Karbowski (USA) Davis Bike Club
260 Gustavo Gomez (USA) Central Valley Cycling
261 Randy Rocchi (USA) Unattached
262 Blake Caldwell (USA) 5280/Subaru
263 Andrew Crater (USA) Lemond Fitness/Captain CRA-Z
264 Mark Gustafson (USA) Echelon
265 Marc Collard (USA) Davis Bike Club
266 Jeff Caton (USA) Morgan Stanley - Specialized
267 Judd Van Sickle (USA) Davis Bike Club
268 Carl Hoefer (USA) Logie Velo/Nike Cycling
269 Lance Doherty (USA) 3BRT/Cyfac
270 Chris Kinzler (USA) SOMA Cycling/CU
271 Dylan Sebel (Can) CDS/WCS
284 Lincoln Brown (USA) Northeastern Hardware
285 Frank Overton (USA) Unattached
286 Adrian Elzinga (Can) CDS/WCS
292 Chris Rozdilsky (USA) REMAX/CRCA
293 Kirk Ditterich (USA) Team Ada
295 Fidelus Bartek (USA) Celo Pacific
297 Kurt Hackler (USA) Fiordifrutta/Ridgefield Bank
298 Zachary Walker (USA) Olympic Club
299 Rinaldo Bullentini (USA) Alta Alpina/Poli USA

Saturn Cycling Team                  Diet Rite

300 Lyne Bessette (Can)              310 Cybil DiGuistini (Can)
301 Manon Jutras (Can)               311 Kori Kelly (USA)
302 Amy Moore (Can)                  312 Tina MayoloPic (USA)
304 Ina Yoko Teutenberg (Ger)
305 Laura VanGilder (USA)

Victory Brewing/Amoroso's            Intermountain Cycling Org

320 Leah Goldstein (Can)             330 Maatie Benassi (USA)
321 Nicole DeMars (USA)              331 Becky Broeder (USA)
322 Lauren Franges (USA)             332 Susanna Gaunt (USA)
323 Veronica Martinez (Arg)          333 Melissa Sanborn (USA)
324 Graciela Martinez (Arg)          334 Heidi Stamm (USA)
325 Sandy Espeseth (Can)             335 Lisa Magness (USA)

Fairfield Toyota                     Santa Cruz Spokesman

340 Christine White (USA)            350 Kelly Bartholomew (USA)
341 Julia Bradley (Can)              351 Megan McQuaid (USA)
342 Elizabeth Morse (USA)            352 Emily Kachorek (USA)
343 Heather Mastrianni (Can)         353 Erin Alders (USA)
344 Sarah Poehlmann (USA)            354 Hillary Diehl (USA)
345 Trudy Bjornsen (USA)
565 Megan Melamed (USA)

Minute Maid/Dasani                   T-Mobile/US National

360 Carla Koehler (USA)              370 Kimberly Bruckner (USA)
361 Nicole Brandt (USA)              371 Dotsie Cowden (USA)
362 Katie Safford (USA)              372 Katrina Grove (USA)
363 Julia Whiteside (USA)            373 Kristin Johnson (USA)
364 Desira Utzig (USA)               374 Lara Kroepsch (USA)
365 Jacque Scott (USA)               375 Sarah Hammer (USA)

TDS                                  VANIQA/PABW/Red 5 Racing

380 Helen Kelly (USA)                390 Jenny Eyerman (USA)
381 Anne Samplonius (USA)            391 Heidi Witherell (USA)
382 Emily Gloeckner (USA)            392 Christine Thorburn (USA)
383 Joan Wilson (USA)                393 Holly Harris (USA)
384 Heidgen Shawn (USA)              394 Erin Kassoy (USA)
385 Rebecca Loney (USA)              395 Armida Huerta (USA)

Canadian Federation Team             LGBRC

400 Katy St Laurent (Can)            410 Sandra Kolob (USA)
401 Susan Palmer-Koma (Can)          411 Taitt Sato (USA)
402 Catherine Marsal (Fra)           412 Eryn Hanna (USA)
403 Erin Carter (Can)                413 Maria Deason (USA)
                                     414 Katheryn Curi (USA)

Velo Bella                           Alto Velo / Webcor

553 Felicia Greer (USA)              561 Cat Malone (USA)
554 Ginger Buller (USA)              562 Troy Watson (USA)
555 Lynn Gaggioli (USA)              563 Betina Hold (USA)
                                     564 Yukie Nakamura (USA)

Verizon Wireless - Cervelo           Ti Cycles/PS

567 Julia Farell (Can)               573 Effie Wardenburg (USA)
568 Sarah Fowlkes (USA)              574 Emily Westbrook (USA)
                                     575 Karlee Brandner (USA)


552 Dorothy Wong (USA) Kelly Bike Company
556 Moriah MacGregor (USA) Dizzy Cycles
560 Meredith Miller (USA) Team SATS
566 Katherine Sherwin (USA) Team Zombies
569 Joanne Stevens (USA) Surella Forte/Titan
570 Anne Lannan (USA) Valdoro Mt. Lodge (FRCA)
576 Pat Ross (USA) Berkeley Bicycle Club
577 Beth Leasure (USA) Velo Clips
578 Carla Hukee (USA) Team Zombies
579 Nicole Freedman (USA) Team Basis
580 Kate Maher (USA) Team Basis
581 Crystal Yap (USA) Healthy Choice - Guru's
582 April Henderson Anderson (USA) Helens/Trek/VW
583 Helene Drumm (USA) Team Spine
586 Kristin Drumm (USA) Team Spine
584 Larssyn Staley (USA) Hot Tubes Development CT
585 Jane Despas (USA) Team BIOC
587 Robin Priddin (USA) Wave Sliders
588 Stella Carey (USA) Kelly Bike Company
589 Sarah Tillotson (USA) ABD Cycling Team
590 Diana Hassel (USA) Steve Larsen's Wheelworks
591 Andrea Kirsch (USA) Steve Larsen's Wheelworks
594 Lisa Hunt (USA) The Olympic Club
595 Cynthia Mommsen (USA) The Olympic Club
596 Brenda Black (USA) Unattached
597 Leah Reeve (USA) Unattached
598 Brooke Ourada (USA) Team Goldy's
599 Cynthia Carroll (USA) Excel Sports Boulder
600 Rachel Couch (USA) Valdona Mountain Lodge CT

Past winners

     Men                                  Women 
2002 Chris Horner (USA) Prime Alliance    Judith Arndt (Ger) Saturn 
2001 Chris Horner (USA) Mercury-Viatel    Anne Samplonius (Can) Intersports
2000 Eric Wolberg (Can) Shaklee           Marie Holjer (Swe) Charles Schwab
Past winners by Mario Stiehl,