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Giro finale
Photo ©: Bettini

Tour de Georgia - 2.HC

USA, April 18-23, 2006

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Stage 6 - April 23: Cumming, GA - Alpharetta, GA , 190.2km

Complete live report

Commentary by Kristy Scrymgeour with additional reporting from Mark Zalewski, Kirsten Robbins and James Huang

12:24 EDT   
Welcome to the final stage of the 2006 Ford Tour de Georgia. After a spectacular battle up Brasstown Bald yesterday the GC riders can take it a little easier today. Basically the Phonak team just has to keep race leader Floyd Landis safe and the rest can be left up to other teams who are going for a stage win.

The stage is a good one for Freddie Rodriguez, who’ll be aiming to take another stage win and secure his sprint jersey. Yaroslav Popovych (Discovery Channel) is his closest rival for the jersey and he proved he can win these fast finishes with his stage win on day two. We’ll have to see if his amazing performance on the mountain yesterday has taken the kick out of his legs.

Freddie had the opportunity to look after himself in the mountains. He said after yesterday’s stage, "I am pretty crafty when I am trying to climb up these mountains. I finished as best as I could, knowing that these guys were going to completely demolish me up it. So I conserved energy and switched back and forth up the climb as best as I could to save my legs for tomorrow."

The stage starts in the town of Cumming. It’s another long stage. 190km in length, with the last 36km taking place on the 6km finishing circuit. It’s the third time the race has finished in Alpharetta, so returning riders will know the circuit well. We’ll also see how defending champion Gord Fraser is feeling at the end today.

Another rider who will be trying to take out this stage is Juan Jose Haedo from Toyota United. After his two impressive stage wins in the Tour of California earlier this year, he was confident that he could take a stage here and this is his last chance.

12:30 EDT   
At the start line the National Anthem is playing and we are about to start. We have a 3km neutral before the actual start in the town of Cumming.

12:32 EDT   
You'll be pleased to know that its sunny today. The temperature is going to be in the 80's and no sign of rain. The riders will be happy with that.

The Davitamon Lotto is being called up to change the rear wheel of Preben Van Hecke.

12:35 EDT   
We'll be 'cumming' back to Cumming after 126 kilometers of racing before heading south to the finish in Alpharetta.

That was a little joke from our reporter Mark Zalewski. Yes, he's the corny one here!

12:38 EDT   
We have reached the official race start. I think you'll find today will be a very aggressive race.

Speaking of which, we have our first attack of the day. Five riders have a gap with three others chasing.

12:39 EDT   
The road is quite winding as we head out of town here. Now its one rider in the lead with a group of six chasing. There's a lot of trees around here and the winding roads help breaks get out of sight.

12:42 EDT   
Wesley Hartman (Targetraining) is the rider off the front. He has 100m from the chasing group of five riders who are just off the front of the field. We are approaching a main intersection and the road opens up and flattens out a little bit.

We talked to Jonathan Vaughters (TIAA CREF) before the start of the stage and he said his team would definitely be aggressive today. "I told the guys it was their last chance. There won't be any chances to attack tomorrow."

12:43 EDT    6km/184.2km to go
Wesley Hartman has a gap of 150m with a bit of a headwind. I don't think he'll last long out there alone.

12:44 EDT   
Hartman has been caught by the field. That headwind is a bit tough alone. But we have a counter attack. It's been covered.

12:46 EDT   
Vaughters said he's happy with the way the team has raced this week. "We fried the team a little yesterday putting so much energy into trying to keep the mountains jersey, but we didn't get it. At least they know how to race to win. We'll get a win one day soon."

12:48 EDT   
Another attack now out of the field. Six riders have a gap. The speed has been very fast so far in this race. Three riders have joined the leading six now with a few others trying to bridge. The gap is eight seconds.

12:50 EDT   
Landis has found himself in this break by the looks of it. I'm sure thats not his plan but these things happen when you're following wheels.

12:50 EDT    11km/179.2km to go
The group of nine is 200m in front of the field 6.8 miles into the race.

12:51 EDT   
We are getting a closer look now and we can't see FLoyd in this break.

12:52 EDT   
A Prodir rider has bridged to the break, making it ten riders. It's rolling terrain here. The road is nice and wide. The gap is ten seconds with another rider trying to bridge to the break now.

12:54 EDT   
We talked to Floyd before the race this morning. He's really happy with the race. He know's he has won the overall and he said his team is just going to set pace again today. They're not too concerned with breakaways and they're happy to let breaks go if they are not a danger to the overall of course.

12:56 EDT   
The break has been caught now and its all back together.

Even thought Tom Danielson is only four seconds behind Floyd in the overall standings and time bonuses could theoretically win him the stage, its not the done thing to try and go for those to take the overall on the last stage. The race for GC is over.

Even if Danielson tried to go for time bonuses its unlikely that he would succeed. He's not known for his sprinting!

12:58 EDT   
We have another attack. Five riders have a gap and the field is all strung out with others trying to bridge.

Its all been caught again now and the peloton is all back together. Another counter is going now with a small group trying to form off the front. We'll see counter after counter now until something finally sticks.

13:00 EDT    19km/171.2km to go
Nine riders have an advantage on the field. Officials have just announced that the sprint line in Cummings has a $2500 prime on offer donated by the Cummings Forsyth Chamber of Commerce.

The group off the front is now 16 riders. They have a 200m gap.

13:02 EDT   
Landis and Danielson are both in this group. Ten seconds is the gap.

13:07 EDT   
The gap is out to one minute now.

13:11 EDT   
In the break are Caleb Manion and Nick Reistad (Jelly Belly), Peter Mazur (Prodir), Mike Sayers, Doug Ollerenshaw and Jeff Louder (Health Net), Phil Zajicek (Navigators), Sean Sullivan (Toyota United), Frank Pipp (Targetraining), Allan Johansen (CSC), Danny Pate, Craig Lewis and Will Frischkorn (TIAA CREF), Scott Swizanski (Kodak Sierra Nevada), and Matteo Tosatto (Quick Step).

13:12 EDT   
Peter Hatton (Jittery Joe's) is chasing solo.

13:16 EDT    29km/161.2km to go
Hatton is giving up his chase as the race reaches Dawsonville, the town this race started at two years ago.

13:22 EDT    34km/156.2km to go
We're on the road to Ellijay which was one of the sprint towns a couple of days ago. The gap is going up. It sits at 3'45".

13:26 EDT   
Four minutes is the gap now. The highest guy on GC in the break is Caleb Manion and he's 9'08" down so this is the perfect break for Phonak to let go. You can see that TIAA CREF has three guys in the break so their plan to be aggressive is being carried out. They don't really have a any sprinters so a breakaway is the only way to go for them. Vaughters gave away that we'd probably see some action from Danny Pate today.

13:28 EDT   
The road surface is brand new out here so its a nice smooth road for the break. Back in the field Phonak mans the front for the third day in a row. Floyd has been really happy with the team this week. They've done an amazing job.

13:31 EDT   
At the start line today, our reporter Kirsten Armstrong had a word with Floyd's wife Amber. She flew in today from their home in Spain. She said she's been following the race online and when she saw Floyd in the jersey she wanted to get over here to see him ride across the line today in yellow. She added that she's not really a big cycling fan but she's definitely a big Floyd fan. They'll go home to celebrate the win by spending time with their baby and dog.

13:37 EDT    41km/149.2km to go
Not all the riders in the break are working. Out of TIAA CREF team Craig Lewis and Will Frischkorn are doing the work and Pate is saving his legs a bit. Vaughters tells us that they're going to stay fairly quiet until the climb and try to push the pace there.

Tosatto isn't working much up there at the moment.

13:39 EDT   
We are coming up to a rise and the roads are opening up a little but here. 4'50" is the new gap. We have a Health Net rider on the front at the moment. They also have three riders in the break so will be trying to save one of them.

13:41 EDT    45km/145.2km to go
Going down that hill now, 45km into the race. Five minutes is the new gap. The climb will be starting in about eight kilometers.

13:47 EDT   
Kirsten Robbins talked to Freddy Rodriguez before the stage. He seems really relaxed. He said he's definitely going to go for sprint points today and the stage win. He says its a good course for him even with the new category three climb in the middle. The team will be riding hard to keep the sprint jersey.

One of their key riders, Henk Vogels pulled out yesterday. He has to start the Giro d'Italia pretty soon and didn't want to fry himself yesterday, so thats a loss to Freddy as Henk is the perfect lead out man. He says he does still have Nick Gates though so he'll be fine.

13:48 EDT   
The riders in the break have started the climb now. Its nice and gradual here. Quite winding with lots of trees lining the road. It dips a little bit here before going up again.

13:50 EDT   
They are going past a private lake now as they start going back up. TIAA CREF is on the front setting the pace. The gap is 5'20".

13:52 EDT    51km/139.2km to go
It looks like about an 8% grade. Some of the guys are out of the saddle in the break. The road keeps curving around. Still about 7km to climb.

13:54 EDT   
The climb kicks up a bit here but only for a bit. The gap has fallen a little on this climb so far. It's 5 minutes now.

13:56 EDT   
The middle part of the climb up Burnt Mountain has a little bit of a flat section before going up again.

14:01 EDT    54km/136.2km to go
We have an attack off the front of the break! We're about half way up the climb. Another three riders have attacked the break so we have four together. One of them is Zajicek. Manion is also up there with Tosatto and Frischkorn. They have ten seconds on the rest of the break.

14:06 EDT   
They are pulling away and have 50 seconds now. Zajicek is getting dropped from the four riders. Back in the break Danny Pate is falling off the back. He's getting a service from Mavic. He has a flat.

14:09 EDT   
We are approaching 1km to the KOM now. Danny Pate is back in the break. We have just seen that the CREF guy up the front is Craig Lewis, not Will Frischkorn. The gap to the rest of the break is 40" and the rest of the field are 4'00". Allan Johansen (CSC) is also in the front group making it five riders.

14:12 EDT   
We are cresting the KOM. The Quick Step rider Leonardo Scarselli (not his teammate Matteo who we though was in the break before), went over the top first, followed by Johansen, Manion and Jeff Louder.

14:13 EDT   
Jeff Louder has a flat in the break and is getting a wheel change.

14:15 EDT   
The gap from the leaders to the field has gone up again to 5'20" as they are descending now.

14:20 EDT   
The leaders only have 100m to the rest of the break now. The rest of them have made back the time on the descent. Lots of undulating road now for the next 60km or so. We'll see if the break gets some organisation going again when it all comes back together.

14:22 EDT   
The break is all back together now as they come off the descent. Now to find some rhythm in the group again.

14:25 EDT   
6'20" is the new gap. They're just rolling along now over these rollers. They're not really organised yet. Sullivan is off the back looking for his team car.

14:27 EDT   
They are on a bit of a descent now. Back in the field Phonak sets a nice even pace. There's a three mile gap between the break and the field.

14:30 EDT   
Back to Fast Freddie and his plan today, we talked to the man who he's going to look to for a leadout today, Nick Gates. Nick says he's really enjoyed his race here but that yesterday was really tough. He made it to the last climb with the front group but he didn't eat enough and was bonking on the way up. He added that with 1.5km to go a teammate passed him and in that last 1.5km he lost over seven minutes to him, thats how much he was suffering up there.

14:35 EDT    77km/113.2km to go
The gap is back down to 6'00". In the break Leonardo Scarselli wants Mavic to change his wheel because he has a climbing cluster on there.

There was a downed tree on the road up ahead but reports are that it has been cleared out of the way now.

14:37 EDT   
Caleb Manion seems to be doing a lot of the work in the break today. He initiated the break and is really driving it up there.

Leonardo Scarselli is back in the group after his wheel change. The breakaway is 5km to the feed zone now. The gap has fallen to 5'20".

14:43 EDT    84km/106.2km to go
A bit of a correction. Doug Ollerenshaw is not in the break. It's Tim Johnson. Health Net's three riders up there are Johnson, Sayers and Louder.

14:46 EDT   
With his bike brand as one of the sponsors of this race Greg Lemond has been here all year. Mark Zalewski had a bit of a word with him this morning. He says its great that Floyd has had such a great early season. He's hoping that he'll get a chance to rest a bit and come back strong for the Tour de France. "He's a great rider, I really like him," said Lemond.

14:51 EDT   
We have an attack out of the break. Five riders have gone off the front. CREF initiated it. Three other riders have fallen off the back of the rest of the break.

14:53 EDT   
The five riders have a 20m gap with two other riders bridging up but it looks like its going to get caught again. Yes its been caught now but they are not going to settle down. They want to keep attacking each other.

14:55 EDT   
Nic Ingels (Davitamon Lotto) has abandoned the race so thats one less leadout man for Freddie.

In the break Sullivan is adjusting his rear brakes. He's now asking for the Mavic car.

14:56 EDT   
Sullivan has a word to out reporter Mark Zalewski whilst the Mavic guys fix his brakes. He says he's not doing any work in the break because the team wants a bunch sprint for JJ Haedo.

15:01 EDT    94km/96.2km to go
Sean Sullivan's wheel was just coated his wheel. He had a flat earlier and got a wheel change. His tyre must have exploded which sprayed glue all over the rear of his bike, hence the need for him to get his brake cleaned up/fixed.

The latest time gap is 5'15" to the field.

15:06 EDT    98km/92.2km to go
Everybody's playing nice again in the break and most of the riders are rolling through and taking their turn. Almost 100km in to the race.

The sun is peaking in and out between the clouds. Sullivan said it is pretty hard out there because its so hot.

15:08 EDT   
We are starting a little rise which takes us up to the Forsyth County line. That will make it about 15km to the sprint line, so we'll start to see a bit of aggression there with $2500 up for grabs.

15:24 EDT   
Most of the guys in the peloton are taking a nature break now.

The gap had come down to 4'50" prior to that. Our reporter Kirsten Robbins is riding in the Phonak car today and chatting with DS René Savary. He says they're happy with the break and will just try to keep it under five minutes. After such a hard day yesterday today's stage is a little more light hearted and they're just going to enjoy the day. If it comes together at the end Robbie Hunter and Aurélien Clerc might give it a go for a stage win. Savary says it might be a little reward for them after having worked so hard this week.

Clerc caused them a few laughs earlier in this stage. He came back to get bottles just before the climb, but he didn't have time to hand out all the bottles to his teammates before the climb started. A few extra kilos makes it a little harder on a climb so he struggled getting back on for a while there.

15:26 EDT   
Savary says its good to be in the race to check out the talent here. He says what some of the riders here don't know is that if they want contracts in Europe its good for them to talk to the DS's of the team. He says its a lot more simple than it seems sometimes.

15:31 EDT    112km/78.2km to go
So far we've done 112km with an average speed of 46km/h which is pretty fast.

The gap went up to over five minutes when the guys in the peloton took a nature break but its back down again to 4'20". Only 10km to the sprint in the town of Cummings. Apparently this is one of the fastest growing counties in the nation, however they just lost one of their residents, a local porn star who was topless in the movie Road Trip. You'll be pleased to know she is not topless on the course today, although I'm sure many of the guys here wish she was.

15:33 EDT    118km/72.2km to go
The gap is coming down steadily now. Its about 4'10" now.

15:37 EDT   
Under 5km to the sprint now. The gap is 4'05".

15:40 EDT   
3'35" now and falling. Davitamon Lotto is on the front of the peloton bringing this back. They may be even trying to bring it back in time for the sprint, but that'd be pushing it.

15:42 EDT    125km/65.2km to go
The guys in the break are picking up the pace now. Craig Lewis has been dropped from the break. Health Net lead.

15:45 EDT   
At 1km to the sprint we have an attack. Its the Prodir rider Mazur. He took the sprint points and the $2500. He still has a hundred meters on the rest of the break but he looks like he's slowing down. Sayers took second and Reistad third. The Mavic car is going past Lewis now. He looks like he's hurting.

15:46 EDT   
We have two distinct groups in the break now. A group of seven off the front which a slight gap.

15:47 EDT   
Lewis almost caught back onto the caravan but he got lost ground again on a small descent.

15:49 EDT   
In that group of seven up front is Sayers and Louder (Health Net), Leonardo Scarselli (Quick Step), Sullivan (Toyota United), Manion (Jelly Belly), Pate (TIAA CREF), and Mazur (Prodir). Johansen is chasing to get up there.

15:50 EDT   
The first group has 30 seconds to the rest of the break.

15:55 EDT    133km/57.2km to go
We are still going through rolling hills now. Big wide road and lots of big big houses as we get closer to Alpharetta.

When we get to the finishing circuits there is a Maxxis sprint when they go through the finish line the very first time.

15:57 EDT   
Frank Pipp (Targetraining) is on the front of the second group right now leading the chase. Reistad rolled through very quickly. He didn't really do a turn as he has Manion up the road. We are on Hwy 9. The Atlanta Hwy, so nice wide roads. Its really quite beautiful through here too. Lots of big trees line the road.

16:00 EDT   
Actually the Maxxis sprint line is before they enter the circuits, just as they enter the town of Alpharetta.

The gap is 3'30" from the leaders to the field. Lewis has been absorbed by the peloton.

16:04 EDT    138km/52.2km to go
We hit the town of Alpharetta at the 150km mark which is only 12km from now. It's then only 4 kilometers until the circuits start. We will have 6 laps of the 6km loop, so a total of 36km all together.

16:08 EDT   
At the finish line a big crowd gathers in anticipation. It's a great way to finish a race as the crowd gets to see the race go by so many times.

16:11 EDT   
The gap is still about 37 seconds between the two breakaway groups. Only 2'55" to the field now.

16:14 EDT    146km/44.2km to go
In the front group Johansen the Health Net riders are trying to get Scarselli to do some work.

The second group has now caught the front group again so we are back up to a group of 14 riders with 2'20" to the peloton.

16:16 EDT   
The team cars are allowed to feed their riders one more time and then they will get pulled from the gap as we're getting close to the circuits. The field is seeing 5km to the Maxxis sprint.

16:18 EDT    145km/45.2km to go
Pate has attacked the break. Johansen is following and the pair have a gap. Sullivan, Mazur too but its coming back together. Swizanski is off the back of the rest of the group. We are 1km to the sprint.

The gap to the field is just under 2 minutes with Davitamon chasing steadily.

Sullivan is moving to the front leading the group. Swizanski is still fighting to try and get back on.

16:19 EDT   
The break is at the sprint. Louder, Johansen and Pate are sprinting and attacking. Reistad is up there with them.

16:20 EDT   
Sullivan has attacked. It's all across the road. We are on a wide open road. He has been covered and countered. A group of five is off the front. Reistad has popped off the back of the break.

16:21 EDT   
Sullivan is falling off the back now after his attack was countered. We have a group of 4 off the front.

16:23 EDT   
The break is all back together now except for Zwizanski. They are hitting the start of the circuit right now.

16:24 EDT   
We have another attack. Its Pate and Johansen. They have a gap of 200m.

16:26 EDT   
They have 15 seconds on the group now and they're powering away. Its actually Frischkorn, not Pate from TIAA CREF.

16:27 EDT   
The field is on to the circuit. Frischkorn and Johansen have at least 20 seconds now. The rest of the break seem to be sitting up. They can see the field on the other side of the course. The gap to the field from the two leaders is still 2'32".

16:30 EDT   
The rest of the break are definitely sitting up. Its just Frischkorn and Johansen now. The gap has fallen to 1'10" from the rest of the break.

16:31 EDT   
Its actually Frischkorn and Louder up the road. Johansen's attack got covered. So he is back with the rest of the break who are sitting up.

16:31 EDT   
Toyota and Davitamon Lotto are the teams setting the pace back in the field.

16:33 EDT    160km/30.2km to go
They've gone through the finish line now and they see five laps to go.

16:34 EDT   
Davitamon Lotto and Toyota United are still leading the chase. The rest of the break has been caught now.

16:35 EDT   
The field can see the two breakaway guys on the opposite side of the course. They have 2'15" now.

16:39 EDT    164km/26.2km to go
Frischkorn and Louder are doing about 30 seconds turns each. They look good. They are pedalling hard down a small descent. The loop is up and down a divided highway with a bit of a loop at one end. There is a little uphill at the hotdog end and then a bigger hill after the turn. The finishing straight is also slightly uphill for the 1km. Probably about a 4% grade.

16:40 EDT   
They're losing a bit of time gradually. Its 2'05" now. Frischkorm gets out of the saddle now to stretch his legs. Louder looks very strong.

16:41 EDT    165km/25.2km to go
1'50" is the new gap. They'll be lucky if they pull this off. They'll probably get caught with about 2 laps to go.

16:42 EDT    166km/24.2km to go
They leaders cross the finish line and see 4 laps to go. The crowd is pretty big and very loud!

16:44 EDT   
1'40" is the gap now. Frischkorn is leading down around the loop. They can see the field again now. On the front of the field are two Toyota guys followed by two Davitamon Lotto guys. A few riders have fallen off the back of the field. It looks like they are the guys from the break.

It looks like Frischkorn is taking longer pulls now.

16:45 EDT   
They are both down in the drops getting as much power as they can. They are going up the little rise again. Louder is back on the front. Frischkorn gets out of the saddle behind him.

16:46 EDT   
Going downhill again now. We're coming up to 20km to go. Frischkorn leads again. His Dad is actually driving one of the moto's here this week.

16:47 EDT   
It's still Toyota on the front. Landis has a flat and is getting a wheel change!

16:48 EDT   
The Phonak team has dropped back to drag him back up to the field. He actually got a wheel change from a teammate. The whole team is back there to get him.

16:50 EDT   
The gap is 1'20" as we go under the 1km to go banner. When we go through the finish line we'll see three laps to go.

Landis is back in the field. The gap went up a bit. It looks like the field slowed down a bit to make sure Landis got back on.

16:51 EDT   
Quick Step now have riders on the front to help in the chase. The gap is down to 1'15".

16:53 EDT   
CSC has a wheel change. Its Kaspar Klostergaard Larsen.

One of the Phonak riders has been dropped. Its probably the guy that gave Landis his wheel. This time when the leaders came out of the loop they did not see the peloton on the other side of the road. They had already gone by this time as the gap is coming down. It's now at one minute.

16:54 EDT    176km/14.2km to go
55 seconds now as they hit the top of that small rise and head to the 180 turn.

16:56 EDT   
It's Toyota on the front of the bunch with Quick Step just behind. The main field is now at the U-Turn. The gap is 45 seconds.

16:57 EDT    177km/13.2km to go
40 seconds now. They'll see two laps to go when they go through the finish line this time. They're approaching the 1km to go banner now.

Matty Rice (Jelly Belly) is getting a wheel change from Mavic.

16:58 EDT   
Its looks like Zwizanski is back with the broom wagon. A tough day for him today.

16:58 EDT    178km/12.2km to go
They break is approaching the finish line for two laps to go.

17:00 EDT   
Down to 30 seconds now. The second turn right after the finish line is quite narrow, but the field is going so fast that its all single file through there.

Tyler Wren (Colavita Sutter Homes) has a flat now.

17:02 EDT   
20 seconds now. Quick Step is driving the pace now in the bunch. It has been announced that Frischkorn will get "most aggressive rider" today.

17:03 EDT   
Four Quick Step guys are pushing the pace. Louder and Frischkorn are not giving up but unfortunately for them the peloton has them in sight.

17:03 EDT   
It's 15 seconds. They are sitting up now. They know there's no hope. They're looking back. They're caught. They just shook hands.

17:04 EDT   
We have a counter attack from the field! It looks like Prodir.

17:05 EDT   
Frischkorn tried to jump on the wheel. It looks like Mazur from Prodir. He's been in the break all day too!

17:06 EDT   
They have a gap. Another rider has bridged up. They have five seconds on the field.

17:07 EDT   
They have seven seconds. Its Marco Pinotti, Danny Pate. Pate has attacked. He's alone.

17:08 EDT    185km/5.2km to go
The peloton has swallowed him up though. Its single file. The speed on this finishing circuit is 53km/h. They have passed the finishing line for 1km to go!

17:09 EDT   
It's totally strung out. All together.

17:10 EDT   
They have slowed down a little and there has been an attack. It's CSC.

17:10 EDT   
It's Zabriskie. He's flying and he's got about three seconds. He's really pushing hard in full on time trial position.

17:11 EDT    187km/3.2km to go
They are catching him now though. Its all together again. Navigators is on the front.

17:12 EDT   
They are trying to get organised. A Kodak rider attacks but they are not going to let him go. The Discovery team is moving up. It was Ben Jaques-Maynes who attacked but was caught. Health Net is up front now.

17:12 EDT    188.2km/2km to go
1km to go!

17:14 EDT   
They are under the Maxxis 1km banner. Discovery has 4 guys on the front. Ekimov is pulling off the front. They're flying. The next rider comes through but Health Net is moving up. 200m to go JJ Haedo tries to come round and he has it!

17:14 EDT   
It looks like Gord Fraser took second and Freddy third. Landis finished safely in the bunch to take the tour.

17:15 EDT   
JJ gets his stage in front of last years stage winner Fraser and the winner of the sprint jersey Fast Freddie.

17:18 EDT   
Thanks for tuning in for an exciting week of racing. Check back soon for the full results and report.

17:26 EDT   
Apparently there was a photo finish for third place and it was Auerlien Clerc who took third


1 Juan Jose Haedo (Toyota United)
2 Gord Fraser (Health Net)
3 Aurelien Clerc (Phonak)        
General Classification

1 Floyd Landis (Phonak)
2 Tom Danielson (Discovery)
3 Yaroslav Popovych (Discovery)


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