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44th Vuelta al Tachira - 2.2

Venezuela, January 6-17, 2009

2008 results     Stage List     Preview    Start List     Past winners

The Stages

  • Stage 1 - January 6: Circuito El Tocuyo, 110km
  • Stage 2 - January 7: El Tocuyo - Acarigua, 140.3km
  • Stage 3 - January 8: Circuito Barinitas, 105km
  • Stage 4 - January 9: Mérida - La Palmita - Tovar, 120km
  • Stage 5 - January 10: Circuito El Vigía, 94km
  • Stage 6 - January 11: El Vigía - Cerro El Cristo, 170km
  • Stage 7 - January 12: Táriba - La Fría - El Cobre, 138km
  • Stage 8 - January 13: Las Mesas - San Antonio, 143km
  • Stage 9 - January 14: Circuito de Rubio, 110.4km
  • Stage 10 - January 15: Cordero - La Fría - La Grita, 133.6km
  • Stage 11 - January 16: San José de Bolívar - Queniquea (ITT), 10.38km
  • Stage 12 - January 17: Circuito Ciudad de San Cristóbal, 121.92km

The dream of winning

On Tuesday, January 6, 2009, the 44th edition of the Vuelta a Tachira will kick off. The race kicks off in the city of San Cristóbal and after almost 1400 kilometres will arrive back in the same place, almost two weeks later.

One of the teams with the biggest hopes to win the overall title is Carabobo. Marcos Ortega, director of the team, confirmed the ambitions. "We have great options and the dream of winning the Vuelta [a Tachira]. Considering that we have a group that mixed youth with experience, we have guys who can also be on the podium."

One rider who should be able to help the team accomplish the goal of winning is Carlos Maya. He has won the race in 1995 and finished in second place four times. Even if he can't win himself, his experience will be invaluable to the team when the race heats up.

Marcos Ortega puts great hopes into his team leader. "Carlitos is a guy with great experience in the Vuelta and he is strong. He has a great passion for the sport and if he doesn't finish within the first five in a stage, he is not feeling well. Maya is our main guy and he also knows that these are his final years and he wants to go out with gold."

Maya will also look for at least one stage win. He is tied with César Salazar in first place, both riders having won 13 stages.

The task will be made easier by the Cinelli OPD team of Italy. expected to be a strong factor in the race it decided to cancel its appearance without a reason given to the organisers.

The route will be hilly, but the decisive point will come only two days from the finish, with a 10.38-kilometre long individual time trial.

Start list

Gobernacion Del Zulia                 Netherlands National Team
1 Manuel Medina (Ven)                 11 Camiel Denis (Ned)
2 Jose Rujano (Ven)                   12 Lars Van De Vall (Ned)
3 Noel Vazquez (Ven)                  13 Koos Jeroen Kers (Ned)
4 Franklin Chacon (Ven)               14 Daniel Korevaar (Ned)
5 Yeisson Delgado (Ven)               15 Wim Botman (Ned)
6 Jose Alirio Contreras (Ven)         16 Patrick Kos (Ned)
7 Heberth Rivas (Ven)                 17 Paul Kneppers (Ned)
8 Daniel Abreu (Ven)                  18 Dirk Van De Craats (Ned)
Gobierno De Carabobo Fundadeporte     Slovakian National Cyclo-cross Team
21 Carlos Maya (Ven)                  31 Robert Glajza (Svk)
22 Tomas Gil (Ven)                    32 Martin Frano (Svk)
23 Carlos Becerra (Col)               33 Marek Canecký (Svk)
24 Miguel Ubeto (Ven)                 34 Milan Barényi (Svk)
25 Juan Torres (Ven)                  35 Ivan Viguasai (Svk)
26 Daniel Medina (Ven)                36 Martin Haring (Svk)
27 Maximo Rojas (Ven)                 37 Vezef Palcay (Svk)
28 Alvaro Torres (Ven)                38 Maros Kovac (Svk)
GS Mastromarco Sensi Mapooro          Heraklion Nessebar Kastro
41 Damiano Caruso (Ita)               51 Christoph Springer (Ger)
42 Stefano Borchi (Ita)               52 Henrik Wolter (Ger)
43 Luciano Barindelli (Ita)           53 Alex Coutts (GBr)
44 Francesco Cipolla (Ita)            54 Georgi Georgien (Bul)
45 Gianluca Dorio (Ita)               55 Bogdan Stoytchev (Bul)
46 Salvatore Dorio (Ita)              56 Martin Grashev (Bul)
47 Samuele Galligani (Ita)            57 Spas Gyuron (Bul)
48 Andrea Zanetti (Ita)               58 Stanislav Zaraliev (Bul)
Arenas Tlaxcala Mexico                Alcaldia De San Cristobal Iandere Diamante
61 Miguel Marinez (Mex)               71 Henry Mendoza (Ven)
62 Ramon Martinez (Mex)               72 Liselfi Montoya (Ven)
63 Eder Arenas (Mex)                  73 David Soto (Ven)
64 Epifanio Cortez (Mex)              74 Wiston Camargo (Ven)
65 Luis Muñoz (Mex)                   75 William Velez (Ven)
66 Marcos Escarcega (Mex)             76 Yeckson Rios (Ven)
67 Simon Ortega (Mex)                 77 Jose Ramos (Ven)
68 Alvaro Argiro (Arg)                78 Wilmer Vasquez (Ven)
Sumiglow Gobernacion Merida           Alcaldia De Maracaibo
81 Jose Alarcon (Ven)                 91 Nelson Gelvez (Ven)
82 Edwin Becerra (Ven)                92 Victor Moreno (Ven)
83 Darwin Urrea (Ven)                 93 Adelso Valero (Ven)
84 Angel Rivas (Ven)                  94 Roberto Navas (Ven)
85 Wilmer Bravo (Ven)                 95 Francisco Landaeta (Ven)
86 Wuilmer Sepulveda (Ven)            96 Juan Jimenez (Ven)
87 Douglas Albornoz (Ven)             97 Ivan Castillo (Ven)
88 Luis Mascopolo (Ven)               98 Joengris Acosta (Ven)
Loteria Del Tachira                   Alcaldia Mun. Libertad Independencia
101 Freddy Vargaz (Ven)               111 Freddy Cardenas (Ven)
102 Ronald Gonzalez (Ven)             112 Luis Delgado (Ven)
103 Salazar Cesar  (Col)              113 Miguel Labrador (Ven)
104 Rodolfo Camacho (Ven)             114 Javier Sanguino (Ven)
105 Jonathan Camargo (Ven)            115 Jose Cañas (Ven)
106 Juan Murillo (Ven)                116 Elio Beltran (Ven)
107 Jose Chacon (Ven)                 117 Jhon Patiño (Ven)
108 Arthur Garcia (Ven)               118 Mauro Valdallo (Ven)
Fundaciclismo Trujillo                Hussein Sport Gobierno Barinas
121 Raul Saavedra (Ven)               131 Jackson Rodriguez (Ven)
122 Carlos Ochoa (Ven)                132 Jonatan Monsalve (Ven)
123 Jimmi Briceño (Ven)               133 Josmer Mendez (Ven)
124 Wladimir Briceño (Ven)            134 Josmer Cuadros (Ven)
125 Jorge Orozco (Ven)                135 Luis Diaz (Ven)
126 Leonardo Delgado (Ven)            136 Ruben Flores (Ven)
127 Guzneiver Gil (Ven)               137 Jackson Marquez (Ven)
Acme Argentina                        Kino Tachira
141 Mauricio Frazer (Arg)             151 Juan C Ruiz (Ven)
142 Javier Linder (Arg)               152 Jhon Navas (Ven)
143 Jesus Patalagoitia (Arg)          153 Jose Franco (Ven)
144 Emilio Asconeguy (Arg)            154 Oscar Luna (Ven)
145 Lisandro Ajcu (Gua)               155 Maki Roman (Ven)
146 Mario Archila (Gua)

Past winners

2008 Manuel Medina (Ven) Gobernación del Zulia-BOD
2007 Hernan Buenahora (Col) Gobernación del Zulia - Alcaldía de Cabimas
2006 Manuel Medina (Ven) Gob Zulia Alc Cabimas A
2005 Jose Rujano (Ven) Selle Italia Gob Norte de Santander
2004 Jose Rujano (Ven) Selle Italia Colombia
2003 Hernan Munoz (Col) Colombia Selle Italia
2002 Freddy Vargas (Ven) Kino Tachira A
2001 Noel Vázquez (Ven)
2000 Noel Vázquez (Ven)
1999 Aldrin Salamanca (Ven)
1998 Julio César Blanco (Ven)
1997 César Salazar (Ven)
1996 Rául Gómez (Col)
1995 Carlos Maya (Ven)
1994 Alexis Méndez (Ven)
1993 Leonardo Sierra (Ven)
1992 Luis Barroso (Ven)
1991 Angel Yesid Camargo (Col)
1990 José Vicente Díaz (Col)
1989 Luis Felipe Moreno (Col)
1988 Viacheslav Ekimov (Sov)
1987 Elio Villamizar (Ven)
1986 Eduardo Alonso (Cub)
1985 José Lindarte (Ven)
1984 Carlos Alba (Ven)
1983 Mario Medina (Ven)
1982 Ramazan Galeitdinov (Sov)
1981 Carlos Julio Siachoque (Col)
1980 Epifanio Arcila (Ven)
1979 José Duaxt Hernández (Ven)
1978 Efrain Rodríguez (Ven)
1977 Patrocinio Jiménez (Col)
1976 Fernando Fontes (Ven)
1975 Fernando Fontes (Ven)
1974 Álvaro Pachón (Col)
1973 Santos Rafael Bermúdez (Ven)
1972 Miguel Samacá (Col)
1971 Martín "Cochise" Rodríguez (Col)
1970 Álvaro Pachón (Col)
1969 Álvaro Pachón (Col)
1968 Martín "Cochise" Rodríguez (Col)
1967 Gustavo Rincón (Col)
1966 Martín "Cochise" Rodríguez (Col)

Past winners by Mario Stiehl,