Results and Reports for March 9 - 10, 2002


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Jock Wadley Memorial

March 10, 2002

McCauley sets the pace

By David Cowie

Two factors split the field apart in the 20th Jock Wadley Memorial race apart: the 35 knot southerly gales and the relentless pace of New Zealand Road champion, Gordon McCauley (RDM Flanders). The course around the Abberton Reservoir, crossed exposed causeways (geese hazard included) and was subject to the winds of the North Sea.

Visiting from Belgium, McCauley was certain to take an active part in the result. On the 2nd lap of 12, a group of 10 had broken away, using the shelter for the front few and leaving the remainder of the peleton in the gutter. The majority of riders were called off early, when the organisers waved the finish flag and quoted the oft heard Belgian phrase 'einde van reisie'.

McCauley, in his black and white NZ champion jersey, made a solo break and stayed away. Chased by a select group, from which Welsh Commonwealth hopeful Huw Pritchard (Angliasport/Condor Cycles) only made an impression. Colin Roshier (Team Quest) used his experience and led in the chasing group.

Memorial: Jock Wadley began cycling journalism in the thirties, his career following the directing of the "Sporting Cyclist", a share in the creation of "International Cycle Sport" and finally, as "The Daily Telegraph" cycling expert. As familiar with the Continental scene as with the British one, Jock, more than any other journalist, introduced British readers to the thrill of big-time professional cycling. His qualities were recognised by no less a newspaper than "L'Equipe" when he became the only British journalist to be allowed the special medal struck for regular followers of the Tour de France.

Results, 138km

1 Gordon McCauley (RDM Flanders)              3.39.17
2 Huw Pritchard (Angliasport/Condor Cycles)      0.55
3 Colin Roshier (Team Quest)
4 Rowan Horner (VC St Raphael)
5 Paul Sheppard (Angliasport/Condor Cycles)
6 Chris Spence (Caesarean CC)                    3.41
7 Neil Smith (VC Lincoln)                        8.01
8 John Ibbotson (RDM Flanders)
9 Roger Morgan (Liphook Cycles)
10 Geoff Betham (Angliasport/Condor Cycles)
11 Barry Elcombe (Festival RC)                  20.00
12 Chris Birch (Vc St Raphael)
13 Julian Newton (Interbike Rt/Schils)
14 Scott Gamble (Ashfield RC)
15 Mark Daly (Team Omega)
16 Adam Broyad (Arctic 2000)
17 Ray Palin (Kingsnorth Int.)
18 Chris Macnamara (Cycleweb.Co.Uk/Synergy)
19 Peter Dickason (Twickenham CC)
20 Paul Mill (Team Edwards)
21 Russell Williams (Geoffrey Butler Cycles)
22 Damian Coleman (Arctic 2000)
23 Keir Williams (Kingsnorth Int.)              40.00
24 Jason Streather (Vc St Raphael)
25 Geoff Kapp (Shaftesbury CC)
26 Simon Oliver (Interbike Rt/Schils)
27 Tony Woodcock (Glendene CC)
28 John Bartram (Interbike Rt/Schils)
29 Matthew Wells (Angliasport/Condor Cycles)
30 Paul Crook (Sigma Sport)
31 Simon Whiten (Twickenham CC)
32 Andrew Meilak (Team Omega)
33 David Staff (North Road CC)
34 John Veness (Twickenham CC)
35 Kevin Chambers (Api Bikes.Com)
36 Daniel Woodcock (Interbike Rt/Schils)
37 Mark Hill (Arctic 2000)
38 David Newton (Interbike Rt/Schils)
39 Tony Couchman (Glendene CC)
40 Vincent Halpern (Twickenham CC)
41 David Cowie (Twickenham CC)
42 Simon Macnamara (Cycleweb.Co.Uk/Synergy)
43 Simon Cope (34th Nomads)
44 Philip Starr (Starr Guttering RT)
45 Simon Lawn (Sigma Sport)
70 Starters

Past winners

2001 Cancelled
2000 Andy Proffitt (Anglia Sport)
1999 Andy Lyons (BCF-PM)
1998 Joe Bayfield (Controlware)
1997 Brian Fleming (Cannons Sports Clubs)
1996 Julian Ramsbottom (North Wirral Velo)
1995 Andy Lyons (Wembley RC)
1994 Gary Baker (Olympia Sport)
1993 Glenn Holmes (Rennrad Club Norwich)
1992 Matthew Illingworth (GS Strada)
1991 Matthew Illingworth (Olympia Sport)
1990 Alan Gornall (Manchester Wheelers)
1989 Peter Longbottom (Manchester Wheelers)
1988 Ben Luckwell (Team Zoyland)
1987 Tim Stevens (34th Nomads)
1986 Neil Miller (Olympia Sport)
1985 Tim Stevens (34th Nomads)
1984 Alaric Gayfer (Archer RC)
1983 Steve Lawrence (Archer RC)
1982 Mike Ford (34th Nomads)

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