Results and Reports for March 2 - 3, 2002


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Dulwich Primavera Road Race

County of Kent, March 3, 2002

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Kelly leads
Photo: © Wally Gimber

The land of Oasthouses and hops saw the start of the Dulwich Primavera Road Race for the Wally Gimber trophy. Based in the county of Kent, 70 riders lined up for five laps of a course around Leigh Green, Appledore and Brook Street with the finish on a double ramp climb into Tenterden.

Notable starters included: Rob Hurd (Team Peleton/formerly a Belgian pro with Bio Agrico), John Ibbotson and Jan Richter of RDM Flanders, British Derny Champion Simon Cope, former track professional now coach and EuroSport commentator Russell Williams (Geoffrey Butler Cycles) and South African hour record holder James Louter (In Gear RT).

The race start was brisk! 50-60kmph on the flat, followed by a punishing pace on the two short climbs. The NE wind was not enough to cause the bunch to split and a motorcycle accident at halfway caused a 5 minute halt to the race. In the final laps, Rowan Horner and Chris Burch (both of VC St. Raphael/Waite Contracts) were off the front with Rob Hurd. A small chase group of five riders almost succeeded in catching them on the final hill, as tactics slowed the front three. However, Rob Hurd enjoyed his first win of the season, with Colin Roshier leading in the following group.

James Kelly (Twickenham CC - on loan from Team Mittiga) won the 'Emmy'. This is a special prize dedicated to the memory of Emmy Robinson for the most elegant rider. James (an Australian winemaker) was more than happy to receive his bottle of Belgian LaChouffe beer and cash award.


Photos courtesy Wally Gimber

Results - 105km

1 Robert Hurd (Team Peloton)                         2.22.05
2 Rowan Horner (VC St Raphael/Waite Contracts)
3 Chris Birch (VC St Raphael/Waite Contracts)
4 Colin Roshier (Team Quest/the BIKE shop)
5 Jan Richter (RDM Flanders)
6 Barry Elcome (Festival RC/Nico Lapage/Chelsea Audio)
7 Richard Eastham (
8 James Scoular (Owens Cycles)
9 John Ibbottson (RDM Flanders)
10 Philip Starr (Starr Guttering RT)
11 Simon Lawn (Sigmasport Pro Cycle Shop)
12 Simon Whiten (Twickenham CC/Stairmaster/Evans Cycles)
13 Vincent Halpern (Twickenham CC/Stairmaster/Evans Cycles)
14 James Louter (In Gear RT)
15 Martin Markowski (VC Bayeux)
16 Adam Broyad (Arctic/Shorter Rochford Racing Team/RSI Imports)
17 Ivan Jordan (Team Omega/Omega Frames)
18 Roger Morgan (Liphook Cycles RT/Briko)
19 Richard Whitehorn (Glendene CC)
20 Mark Scoular (Liphook Cycles RT/Briko)

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