Results and Reports for February 23 - 24, 2002


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Illawarra Cycle Club

February 24, 2002

As usual the monthly handicap race brought out the riders, a total of thirty eight. Officials aren't quite sure whether it is the intense style of racing or the prize money on offer.

The riders were spread over six bunches, the smallest bunch being the limit bunch with only three.

With only a gap of 4.30 between them and the 7.30 bunch the limit riders of Lou Jonceski, Terry Welsh and Peter Vesel took the bit between their teeth and rode as if possessed. It was probably unfortunate for them that the bunches behind had all worked well even after combining and they were caught with about five kilometres to the finish.

On the first lap the scratch bunch caught the 1.30 bunch after the experience of John Forrest, Paul Forrest and Adam Rourke combined well with the youth of Luke Dale and Brendan Cato.

Similarly the 2.30 bunch caught the 4.30 within the first lap. The whole of the bunch was riding strongly especially Mark Scott.

The combined 2.30 and 4.30 group caught the 7.30 bunch just before the last climb up Marshal Mount. Mick Shannon from the 7.30 bunch had no problems joining in and working with the riders from the other bunches.

As the lead group descended Hooker hill Cato came through from the scratch group by himself. The whole bunch was then single file trying to follow his wheel.

Within a kilometre the rest of the scratch bunch came through led by Rourke. This then swelled the lead group to about twenty five riders.

With approximately 1km to go there was a touch of wheels that brought down about a dozen riders, luckily no one suffered any more than a few grazes.

The sprint for first place was very quick as it was between the scratch riders. Paul Forrest just held off John Forrest followed by Josh Wall, Cato, Mark Davis, Rourke and Marcus Arnold. Paul Forrest also won fastest time in 52.23.

Next week's race is a 41km scratch race which will see the riders having to climb the steep side of Marshal Mount for the first time in six months. Marshals will come from group 1.

Results - 37.5km Handicap race

1 Paul Forrest
2 John Forrest
3 Josh Wall
4 Brendan Cato
5 Mark Davis
6 Adam Rourke
7 Marcus Arnold
8 Richard Lorenc
9 Adam Hotchkis
10 Paul Dubois
11 Joe Pereira
12 Neil Midgley

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