Results and Reports for February 16 - 17, 2002


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Mildura-Coomealla Cycling Club

February 19, 2002

By Peter Winton
Tuesday, 19 February, 2002 was more like a Sunraysia summer's day with a maximum of 38.9 degrees Celcius reached and a light wind. The Club's safety policy was not breached (No racing when the temperature reaches 39 degrees), how close is that!

A gathering of 12 masochists arrived at the Riverside start/finish line for another go at the "race of truth" over a two lap / 16km journey. Time Trial series sponsor, "Party Balloons & Hire's" Bob Knudsen was present as was the Triathlon Club President, Peter Mulhearn, recruiting perhaps?

Barry Pollock, still off the bike, organised the participants at one minute intervals, no drafting now you people someone's watching you! The event was graced by Christophe Baudry, back in the saddle after a self imposed exile. He was even showing off on the rollers before hand, didn't do him any good though. Mark Phillips flew in on Qantas to be with us, he loves time trials, so he said! And Michael Vaughan found yet another way to come unstuck by managing to get a stone lodged in his rear derailleur and posted a non-personal-best time. Peter Mills made a bold statement for the over 50's with his swift time (see below). Truly a rider on rails.

What else should be mentioned?. Oh yes, there is one thing, at Bikes & Trikes there is a sole red Cannondale waiting for a "big engine" to step astride it's top tube. Certain other A grade riders are looking forward to that moment with glee (not!). Will we see a lap record set this summer by this fellow?

This Sunday, February 24, 2002, is a criterium during the Emergency Services Triathlon at Mildura's Rowing Club lawns. Riders be there by 9:30am please.

Results - 16 km Time Trial

1 Kevin Tankard                  22.37
2 Peter Mills                     0.37  (Personal Best)
3 Rob McNally                     0.48
4 Chris Baudry                    1.03
5 Damian Wells                    1.42  (PB)
6 Arthur Anderson                 1.50
7 Peter Winton                    2.24  (PB)
8 Adam Wightwick                  2.29
9 Jack Lokan                      2.32  (PB)
10 Mark Phillips                  3.30  (PB)
11 Al Aylward                     3.44  (PB)
12 Michael Vaughan                8.02

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