Results and Reports for February 16 - 17, 2002


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Illawarra Cycle Club time trial

February 17, 2002

Running man Hall still as quick on wheels

By Garry Doughty

It appeared to be a near perfect day for time trialing, very little wind and not too hot, but most of the riders said that the humidity made the ride quite difficult.

Jono Hall again showed a blistering pair of wheels to his competitors riding another sub 25 minute time for the 18km time trial. His time of 24:57 was only 3 seconds different to his time in January. Seeing that he has been doing a lot of running training in preparation for his upcoming duathlons in America the time was very good.

Brendan Cato gave a glimpse of why he has been selected to join the U/23 Australian team in Italy next month in recording a very quick time of 25:31. Cato is happy with his training so far and is looking forward to return to racing in Europe.

Even though Adam Rourke has been concentrating on track racing of late, with some very good results at Dunc Gray velodrome, he still managed to ride his third successive sub 27 minute with a 26:59.

It is difficult to compare riders when there are exceptional times being set by Hall and Cato but basically anyone who can ride a sub 29 minute is going very well. These included Paul Forrest, Simon Gay, Mark Walters, Rob Calladine(a masters 4 competitor), Josh Wall(still an U/17) and Chad Balding.

Over the three time trials some of the riders have shown large improvements. Dave Morris 32:10 to 31:03, Joe Chiaverini 33:11 to 31:35 and Jeff Gray 32:36 to 30:55. Other riders such as Richard Lorenc, Phil Jones and Lionel Covington managed to shave over 30 seconds off their times.

Next weeks race will be a 37.5km handicap with group 10 providing the marshals. There will also be a presentation made to the riders and support crew leaving the next week on the Canteen fundraising ride from Adelaide to Wollongong.

Results, 18km

1 Jono Hall                   24.57
2 Brendan Cato                 0.34
3 Adam Rourke                  2.02
4 Paul Forrest                 2.39
5 Simon Gay                    2.45
6 Mark Walters                 3.12
7 Rob Calladine                3.29
8 Josh Wall                    3.43
9 Chad Balding                 4.01
10 Mark Davis                  4.07
11 Marcus Arnold               4.22
12 Dave Russel                 4.42
13 Richard Lorenc              4.57
14 Tony Clifford               5.16
15 Tony Pulo                   5.29
16 Joe Pereira                 5.43
17 Lionel Covington            5.46
18 Jeff Gray                   5.58
19 Dave Morris                 6.06
20 Michelle Vermande           6.10
21 Scott Turnbull              6.30
22 Joe Chiaverini              6.38
23 Sally Watts                 7.03
24 Phil Jones                  7.41
25 Wayne Farrugia              8.16
26 Kerry Moroz                 8.20
27 Emma Ringer                10.07

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