Results and Reports for February 16 - 17, 2002


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Eastern Suburbs Summer Criterium Series - Round 7

February 19, 2002

As the 2002 Trek Bikes Summer Criterium Series hit the half way mark, not even the presence of all three medal winners from Sunday night's NSW Poinstcore Title, Mark Renshaw, Mike Tillman and Warren Doyle, together with the rest of the NSWIS Track team could get the quality A grade bunch up for line honours.

B grade got off to flying start, helped mainly by a 40 strong bunch, but also by the presence of Kristy Scrymgeour, Petra Rossner, Kimberley Bruckner and Cathy Marsal from the Saturn womens team who are using Tuesday night racing as part of their preparation for next weeks World Cup opener in the Snowy Mountains. The competition for sprint points at seven, five and three laps to go is starting to be very keenly contested, but once again Brent Jenkins showed what four years as a pro in Holland can do when he took maximum points in all three sprints - A grade next week?

The surprise of the night was the ease at which B grade caught C grade with five laps to go and still no sign off the chasing A grade field, who by this stage had begun to fragment with Laurie Vignes (Northern Suburbs), Stuart Dangerfield (UK) and Mike Tillman (Net Zero) trying to close the gap on their own.

Three against a 50 strong bunch on a relatively fast night is a difficult task and with a clean strike at overall points for the second week in a row, B grade started thinking about the outright win when the red and white St George train of Warren Scott, Troy Glennon lead out team mate John Sunde for the solo win.

However, 400m into a headwind is a long way and in another perfectly timed power sprint Charlie Topfer (Parramatta) grabbed his second impressive win in as many weeks to go 1st equal in the Series Pointscore with King, Anthony Spurgeon (Caravello).

The results for A & C grade were also an exact repeat of last weeks when super vet Laurie Vignes outsprinted his two international breakaway companions for the A grade win and Clive Hammerson backed up with another C grade win to go to the head of the C grade Series pointscore.


1 Charlie Topfer (Parramatta)
2 Peter Carscadden (Sutherland)
3 Paul Duncan (Sutherland)
4 John Sunde (St George)
5 Todd Sinclair (Northern Suburbs)
A Grade
1 Laurie Vignes (Norther Suburbs)
C Grade
1 Clive Hammerson (Randwick Botany)
Trek Bikes Summer Series Poinstcore
1 Anthony Spurgeon (A Grade)      14 points
1 Charles Topfer (B Grade)
2 Peter Carscadden (B)            10
3 Steve Wooldridge (A)             7
3 Luke Picton (C Grade)
3 David Stewart (A)
4 Jose Rodriguez (A)               5
4 Liam Kelly (A)
5 Alan Bozunovic (C)               4
5 Mark Renshaw (A)
5 Nathan Russell (A)
5 Brent Jenkins (B)
6 Antonio Iannacito (B)            3
6 Warren Doyle (A)
6 Paul Duncan (B)
7 David Gowty (B)                  2
7 John Sunde (B)
8 Campbell Kerr (A)                1
8 Brent Dawson (A)
8 Todd Sinclair (B)
8 Stewart Campbell (A)
A/B Grade Sprint King
1 Peter Carscadden (B)            30
2 Todd Sinclair (B)               24
3 Bob Hampshire (B)               22
4 Brent Jenkins (B)               21
5 Adam Radford (B)                15
6 Antonio Iannacito (B)           12
7 M Fleming (B)                   11
8 Charles Topfer (B)              10
9 Anthony Spurgeon (A)             9
10 Steve Williams (A)              8
11 Liam Kelly (A)                  7
11 Matt Bazzano (B)
12 David Gowty (B)                 6
13 Steve Wooldridge (A)            5
13 Stuart Dangerfield (A)
13 David Stewart (A)
14 John Sunde (B)                  4
15 Wayne Anderson (A)              3
15 Jose Rodriguez (A)
15 Jono Davis (A)
16 David Harrigen (A)              2
17 David Johanson (B)              1
17 Mark Renshaw (A)
17 Paul Duncan (B)
17 Nathan Jones (B)
17 Warren Doyle (A)
C Grade Poinstcore
1 Clive Hammerson                 16
2 Craig Dempsey                   12
3 Luke Picton                      5
3 Justin Case
3 Paul Duncan
4 Alan Bozunovic                   4
5 John Percy                       1
5 Chris Jenkins
5 Belinda Smith

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