Goodwill Games - TR

Brisbane, Australia, September 1-2, 2001

The Schedule

  • Day 1 - September 1: Women: 15km Points Race, Elimination Race; Men: 10km Scratch Race, 20km Points Race, Match Sprint
  • Day 2 - September 2: Women: 10km Scratch Race, Match Sprint; Men: Elimination Race, Keirin, 30km Madison
  • Triathlon - September 2


Day 2 - September 2


By Sharon Payne, Coastal Bike News

A sell-out crowd witnessed the final day of cycling in the Goodwill Games and cheered on the Australians who won overall teams tally. After winning two gold, two silver and one bronze yesterday, Australia continued on Sunday, September 2, to take one gold, two silver and a bronze.

All eyes will now focus on the World Championships in Antwerp in Belgium.

Men's Elimination Race

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Brett Aitken
Photo: © AFP

Olympic gold medalist, Brett Aitken added a Goodwill Games gold medal to his already impressive collection of Olympic, World, Commonwealth Games and National gold medals. The 30 year old South Australian backed up Saturday's silver and bronze with a gold in the men's Elimination.

Even though it was a quality field, some of the more fancied riders found the going tough and were eliminated early. Australia's Danny Day and Darren Young were among the early casualties, and a crash midway through the race eliminated a further four riders. The elimination of Ashley Hutchinson left Aitken as the only remaining Australian and with two American riders, Marty Nothstein and Jame Carney, it appeared the American's could have an advantage. However, Carney was removed in the last four laps closely followed by Nothstein, leaving the strong Juan Curuchet for Aitken to out sprint.

Once again American star Marty Nothstein could not stay out of trouble, receiving a $500 fine for allegedly causing the crash. When asked about being involved in crashes, Nothstein said, "I have a bigger upper body. The problem is when people hit me they usually fall down."

"Elimination races and Madison races are incredibly notorious for crashes therefore it's wise to ride a very good position to avoid those crashes," commented Aitken.

1 Brett Aitken (Aus) 
2 Juan Curuchet (Arg)
3 Marty Nothstein (USA) 
4 Jame Carney (USA) 
5 Andries Verspeeten (Bel) 
6 Gabriel Curuchet (Arg)
7 Ashley Hutchinson (Aus) 
8 Marc Altmann (Ger) 
9 Mike Tillman (USA) 
10 Hayden Roulston (NZl) 
11 Matthew Randall (NZl) 
12 Darren Young (Aus) 
13 Danny Day (Aus) 
14 Nikolai Dmitriyev (Rus) 
15 Jan Meeusen (Bel) 
16 Gregorio Bare (Uru) 
17 Milton Wynants (Uru) 
Men's Keirin
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Rene Wolff in the men's Keirin
Photo: © AFP

German, Renee Wolff won gold in the Keirin ahead of the two Australians, Danny Day and winner of yesterday's sprint gold medal, Sean Eadie. Wolff and fellow German, Stefan Nimke, were attempting to outsmart the two Australians and seemed to succeed when they boxed Eadie in during the second last lap. Day came from behind but lost his speed in the final half lap giving Wolff a clear win.

After only three months of preparation, Day was pleased with silver but has vowed to win the Nationals and cement his spot on the Australian Commonwealth Games team for Manchester. Eadie had expected some trouble from the German riders after Nimke and Matthias John had tried to eliminate him by working together in earlier rounds. A rally from the crowd spurred Eadie on to win his heat and demonstrate his appreciation of the home crowd support.

In the first round, American favourite, Marty Nothstein, was extremely disappointed when officials' relegated him to last place after crossing the line second. This gave 17 year old Belgian, Nicky Cocquyt second place and a start in the second round. Nothstein claimed the decision was the 'worst call he'd received in his life'.


Round 1
Heat 1
1 Rene Wolff (Ger) 
2 Sean Eadie (Aus) 
3 Iljo Keisse (Bel) 
4 Vladimir Kiriltsev (Rus) 
5 Cho Hyun Ock (Kor) 
Heat 2
1 Stefan Nimke (Ger) 
2 Sergei Borisov (Rus) 
3 Garth Blackburn (USA) 
4 David Giancola (Bel) 
Heat 3
1 Jame Carney (USA) 
2 Julio Herrera (Cub) 
3 Matthias John (Ger) 
4 Jonathan Hamlin (NZl) 
5 Ashley Hutchinson (Aus) 
Heat 4
1 Danny Day (Aus) 
2 Marty Nothstein (USA) 
3 Nikolai Dmitriyev (Rus) 
4 Nicky Cocquyt (Bel) 
5 Jason Allen (NZl) 
Round 2
Heat 1
1 Rene Wolff (Ger) 
2 Julio Herrera (Cub) 
3 Danny Day (Aus) 
4 Garth Blackburn (USA) 
5 Nicky Cocquyt (Bel) 
6 Sergei Borisov (Rus) 
Heat 2
1 Sean Eadie (Aus) 
2 Stefan Nimke (Ger) 
3 Jame Carney (USA) 
4 Matthias John (Ger) 
5 Nikolai Dmitriyev (Rus) 
6 Iljo Keisse (Bel) 
1 Rene Wolff (Ger) 
2 Danny Day (Aus) 
3 Sean Eadie (Aus) 
4 Jame Carney (USA) 
5 Julio Herrera (Cub) 
6 Stefan Nimke (Ger) 

Men's 30 km Madison

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Madison action!
Photo: ©

In the final cycling event of the Goodwill Games, New Zealander Greg Henderson from Dunedin took home his second gold in as many days. Partner Hayden Godfrey from Christchurch returned to the track after a crash in the men's scratch race yesterday to win the 30km Madison. The Kiwi pair knowing the strength of the Australians, Brett Aitken and Mark Renshaw, broke away at ten laps to go, to gain double points in the final sprint.

Henderson and Godfrey had featured in seven out of nine sprints during the race giving them 28 points, beating the Australians by just one point.

Australia's Olympic Madison gold medalist Brett Aitken and kilo rider Mark Renshaw were in the lead coming into the last sprint. The second Australian team of Ashley Hutchinson and Darren Young also attempted to pull back the New Zealanders. Unaware the Kiwis were so close and having difficulty controlling the race. The silver medal now gives Aitken a full set after gold in the elimination and bronze in the scratch race yesterday.

Aitken had praise for young Renshaw, "We won a couple of hard sprints today. He's such a fast guy and he's perfect for setting up for sprints." Aitken will stay closer to home this year and ride the Sun Herald Tour. "It's the first time in 12 years I won't be going overseas," claimed Aitken.


1 Greg Henderson/Hayden Godfrey (NZ l)   28 pts
2 Brett Aitken/Mark Renshaw (Aus)        27
3 Jame Carney/Colby Pearce (USA)         24
4 Juan Curuchet/Gabriel Curuchet (Pan)   12
5 Hayden Roulston/Matthew Randall (NZ 2)  7
1 lap behind
6 Andrei Minachkine/Valeri Potapov (Rus)  6
7 Marc Altmann/Leif Lamparter (Ger)       6
8 Jan Meeusen/Andries Verspeeten (Bel)    0
8 David Giancola/Nicky Cocouyt (Bel 2)    0
8 Garth Blackburn/Mike Tillman (USA)      0 
DNF Amir Zargari/Alireza Haghi
Women's 10 km Scratch Race

In her only race at the Goodwill Games, 35 year old Canadian, Lori Ann Muenzer took the gold in the Women's Sprint. Qualifying fastest in 11.553, she also broke the Australian flying 200m outdoor record held previously by Lucy Tyler-Sharman.

Muenzer found the track similar to her hometown track in Edmonton, Alberta and she said she felt like she was in front of her home crowd. Only last weekend, Muenzer won the sprint and 500m time trial at the World Cup in Ipoh, Malayasia. She beat German favourite Katrin Meinke in the final, but still considers her a threat at the upcoming World Championships in Belgium.

Fifth to eighth positions were decided in a sudden death four up sprint, with Australian Rosalie Hubbard winning to take fifth.


1 Susan Panzer (Ger) 
2 Mandy Poitras (Can) 
3 Erin Mirabella (USA) 
4 Becky Quinn (USA) 
5 Yuliya Arustamova (Rus) 
6 Kim Yong Mi (Kor) 
7 Katherine Bates (Aus) 
8 Elizabeth Williams (NZl) 
9 Joanne Kiesanowski (NZl) 
16 Yoanka Gonzalez (Cub) 
11 Tatyana Makarova (Rus) 
12 Rosalee Hubbard (Aus) 
DNF Chloe Jack (Aus) 
DNF Katrin Meinke (Ger) 
DNS Ashley Kimmet (USA) 
DNS Catherine Sell (NZl) 
Women's Sprint
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Battle for 1st
Photo: ©

A push across the line gave German Susan Panzer her first medal at the Goodwill Games ahead of Canadian Mandy Poitras. In the final laps the Australian Katherine Bates headed the field but was soon swamped by a group of riders lead by American duo Erin Mirabella and Rebecca Quinn. German sprinter and silver medalist, Katrin Meinke found the sprint final just one event earlier too much and did not finish the 10km race.


1 Lori-ann Muenzer (Pan)            11.553
2 Katrin Meinke (Ger)               11.737
3 Tamilla Abassova (Rus)            11.771
4 Susan Panzer (Ger)                11.962
5 Rosalie Hubbard (Aus)             12.159
6 Tatyana Makarova (Rus)            12.399
7 Rebecca Quinn (USA)               12.428
8 Chloe Jack (Aus)                  12.430
9 Elisabeth Williams (NZL)          12.456
10 Joanne Kiesanowski (NZL)         12.718
11 Ashley Kimmet (USA)              12.946
DNS Mandy Poitras (Can) 
Heat 1
1 Susan Panzer (Ger) 
2 Rosalee Hubbard (Aus) 
Heat 2
1 Tatyana Makarova (Rus) 
2 Tamilla Abassova (Rus) 
Heat 3
1 Katrin Meinke (Ger) 
2 Becky Quinn (USA) 
Heat 4
1 Lori-Ann Muenzer (Can) 
2 Chloe Jack (Aus) 
Heat 1
1 Lori-Ann Muenzer (Can) 
2 Susan Panzer (Ger) 
Heat 2
1 Katrin Meinke (Ger) 
2 Tatyana Makarova (Rus) 
For 1st and 2nd   
1 Katrin Meinke (Ger) 
2 Lori-Ann Muenzer (Can) 
For 3rd and 4th   
1 Susan Panzer (Ger) 
2 Tatyana Makarova (Rus)