Goodwill Games - TR

Brisbane, Australia, September 1-2, 2001

The Schedule

  • Day 1 - September 1: Women: 15km Points Race, Elimination Race; Men: 10km Scratch Race, 20km Points Race, Match Sprint
  • Day 2 - September 2: Women: 10km Scratch Race, Match Sprint; Men: Elimination Race, Keirin, 30km Madison
  • Triathlon - September 2


Day 1 - September 1


By Sharon Payne, Coastal Bike News

The prize list of $75,000 US was partly divided out today amongst the 65 competitors from Australia, Germany, USA, Belgium, Pan America, Asia, New Zealand and Russia.

A total of 47 men and 18 women will race over two days on the outdoor velodrome at Chandler in Brisbane. Women ride the 15 km Points Race and Elimination on Saturday with the Sprint and 10 km Scratch Race on Sunday. The men started Saturday with the Sprint followed by the 10 km Scratch Race and 20 km Points Race. On Sunday the men compete in the Keirin, Elimination and finish with the 30 km Madison.

Many of the teams used the Games as preparation for the World Championships in three weeks time.

Women's 15 km Points Race

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Erin Mirabella
Photo: © AFP

Winning the final sprint gave American Erin Mirabella a gold medal in the first women's cycling event of the Goodwill Games. Australia's Katherine Bates was leading in points coming into the final sprint but failed to place, taking the silver. Katrin Meinke's win in the second and fifth sprint gave the German the advantage on count back over Canadian Mandy Poitras (Pan America).


1 Erin Mirabella (USA)                23 pts
2 Katherine Bates (Aus)               13
3 Katrin Meinke (Ger)                 12
4 Mandy Poitras (Can)                 10
5 Yuliya Arustamova (Rus)             7
6 Becky Quinn (USA)                   4
7 Elizabeth Williams (NZl)            5
8 Joanne Kiesanowski (NZl)            4
9 Yoanka Gonzales (Cub)               3
10 Chloe Jack (Aus)                   3
11 Ashley Kimmet (USA)
12 Tatyana Makarova (Rus)
13 Susan Panzer (Ger)
14 Kim Yong Mi (Kor)
15 Catherine Sell (NZl)

Women's Elimination Race

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Elimination lunge
Photo: © Tim Francis

Twelve riders headed into the Elimination race with 21 year old German sprinter, Katrin Meinke taking the gold medal. Meinke showed that fatigue from the flight to Australia had not affected her final lap sprint to beat Australian pursuiter, Katherine Bates. Bates had led the elimination race for most of the twelve laps fearing her lack of speed may have gotten her caught further back in the field. American, Erin Mirabella was a surprise elimination in the last 5 laps but her teammate Rebecca Quinn took the bronze.


1 Katrin Meinke (Ger)
2 Katherine Bates (Aus)
3 Becky Quinn (USA)
4 Joanne Kiesanowski (NZl)
5 Erin Mirabella (USA)
6 Rosalee Hubbard (Aus)
7 Elizabeth Williams (NZl)
8 Tamilla Abassova (Rus)
9 Yoanka Gonzales (Cub)
10 Kim Yong Mi (Kor)
11 Mandy Poitras (Can)
12 Tatyana Makarova (Rus)
DNS Catherine Sell (NZl)
DNS Susan Panzer (Ger)

Men's 10 km Scratch Race

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10k action
Photo: © AFP

The Australian men's team used strong tactics in the final laps to get Mark Renshaw Australia's first cycling medal of the Games. Brett Aitken claimed silver while helping Renshaw to victory. Team mate, Ashley Hutchinson of Queensland, lead out at 4 laps to go to bring Aitken and Renshaw home. Marty Nothstein came through just before the finish line to collect what was to be the Olympic Champion's only medal of the day. In the final 2 laps New Zealander, Hayden Godfrey fell after clashing with Nothstein.

Officials fined Nothstein US$100 for causing the crash but American officials were not placing importance on the fine as Nothstein received $US1,000 for his Bronze Medal. Godfrey was forced out of the remainder of Saturday's program but is expected to line up on Sunday in the Madison.


1 Mark Renshaw (Aus)
2 Brett Aitken (Aus)
3 Marty Nothstein (USA)
4 Juan Curuchet (Pan)
5 Rene Wolff  (Ger)

Men's Sprint

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Sean Eadie
Photo: © Tim Francis

Sean Eadie had won the crowd even before he won Australia's second gold for the day in the Men's Sprint. Eadie, one of the oldest competitors at 32 years of age, showed his experience when he won 2-0 in the best of three final against German, Matthias John. Eadie surprised himself with the quickest 200 metre qualifying time of 10.630 as his preparation for the Worlds has mostly been for the Olympic Sprint Race.

Germans Stefan Nimke (10.654)and John (10.710) were the next two fastest qualifiers with Olympic gold medalist, Marty Nothstein fourth fastest in 10.868. Nothstein was visibly disappointed with his final fourth place overall however since winning gold in Sydney he has been concentrating on the kilo and keirin for the World Championships. Julio Herrera Cabrera outsprinted Brisbane's Danny Day in a one off sprint to take fifth place.



1 Sean Eadie (Aus)                   10.630
2 Stefan Nimke (Ger)                 10.654
3 Matthias John (Ger)                10.710
4 Marty Nothstein (USA)              10.868
5 Danny Day (Aus)                    10.913
6 Julio Herrera Carbrera (Cub)       11.042
7 Sergei Borisov (Rus)               11.104
8 Vladimir Kiriltsev (Rus)           11.197
9 Cho Hyun Ock (Kor)                 11.259
10 Garth Blackburn (USA)             11.280
11 Jonathan Hamlin (NZl)             11.300
12 Jason Allen (NZl)                 11.670
13 Nicky Cocquyt (Bel)               11.814
14 Yoel Merino (Cub)                 12.154


Heat 1

1 Marty Nothstein (USA)
2 Danny Day (Aus)

Heat 2

1 Matthias John (Ger)
2 Julio Herrera Carbrera (Cub)

Heat 3

1 Stefan Nimke (Ger)
2 Sergei Borisov (Rus)

Heat 4

1 Sean Eadie (Aus)
2 Vladimir Kiriltsev (Rus)


Heat 1

1 Matthias John (Ger)
2 Stefan Nimke (Ger)

Heat 2

1 Sean Eadie (Aus)
2 Marty Nothstein (USA)

For 5th and 6th 

1 Danny Day (Aus)
2 Julio Herrera Carbrera (Cub)

For 7th and 8th 

1 Sergei Borisov (Rus)
2 Vladimir Kiriltsev (Rus)


For 1st and 2nd

1 Sean Eadie (Aus)
2 Matthias John (Ger)

For 3rd and 4th

3 Stefan Nimke (Ger)
4 Marty Nothstein (USA)

Final ranking

1 Sean Eadie  (Aus)
2 Mathias John (Ger)
3 Stefan Nimke (Ger)
4 Marty Northstein (USA)
5 Julio Herrera Cabrera (Pan)

Men's 20 km Points Race

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Sprint for final points
Photo: © AFP

Greg Henderson is believed to be the first New Zealander to win a gold medal at any Goodwill Games when he won the men's 20 km Points Race today. Henderson's endurance preparation and help from team mates Hayden Roulston and Matthew Randall saw him win a total of 25 points. Henderson held Australia's Brett Aitken on his hip in the last lap to win 10 points with Valeri Potapov second and Aitken third. Juan Curuchet was leading with 16 points before the last sprint where he failed to place.

Aitken was disappointed with his placing but has vowed to secure a more prestigious medal on the following day in the Madison or the Elimination Race. The race had many breakaways but they were always contained by the stronger teams.


1 Greg Henderson (NZl)                25 pts
2 Juan Curuchet (Arg)                 16
3 Brett Aitken (Aus)                  15
4 Valeri Potapov (Rus)                12
5 Colby Pearce (USA)                  11
6 Mike Tillman (USA)                  10
7 Aleksei Shmidt (Rus)                5
8 Jame Carney (USA)                   5
9 Marc Altmann (Ger)                  5
10 Darren Young (Aus)                 3
11 Alireza Haghi (Iri)                2
12 Matthew Randall (NZl)              2
13 Andries Verspeeten (Bel)           1
14 Suh Seok Kyu (Kor)                 1
15 Bernhard Wachter (Ger)             1
16 Amir Zargari (Iri)                 0
17 Andrei Minashkin (Rus)             0
18 Jan Meeusen (Bel)                  0
19 Milton Wynants (Uru)               0
20 Iljo Keisse (Bel)                  0

1 lap behind

21 Hayden Roulston (NZl)              4
22 Leif Lamparter (Ger)               1
23 Mark Renshaw (Aus)                 0

2 laps behind

24 Gabriel Curuchet (Arg)             2