Results and Reports for November 3 - 4, 2001


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Boulder series
Urban Cyclocross
River City Bicycles Cross Crusade Round 5
REI Seattle Cyclocross Series #6
2001 Surf City Cyclocross Series #3
2nd Annual Highland Park Cyclocross Race - Mid-Atlantic Cup #6
CrossLogic Cyclocross
2001 Nebraska State Championship Cyclo-cross

2001 Boulder Cyclocross Series

Boulder, CO, November 4, 2001


Pro 1,2 
1 Marc Gullickson (Mongoose)
2 Alex Candelario (THF Reality)
3 Todd Wells (Mongoose)
4 Jonny Sundt (K2 Bikes)
5 Travis Brown (Trek/VW)
6 Frank Mapel (Yeti)
7 Alan Obye (Team Grimmace)
8 Will Black (Lonestar)
9 Todd Berger (THF Reality)
10 Brandon Dwight (Trek)
11 Mike West (Trek)
12 Kurt Rees (ABC)
13 Christian McCarthy (FRCC)
14 Scott Daubert (Fisher)
15 Richard Feldman (Durance)
16 Brian Laiho (Dean)
17 Jon Cariveau (MOOTS)
18 Ben Turner (7 -UP)
19 Andy Applegate (Cane Creek / Sub)
20 Matt Pacocha (Red Rocks Velo)
21 Jeff Wardell (Louisville Velo)
22 Tim Faia (SCCC)
23 Mitch Westall (Bike Lovers Place)
24 Alex Andel (
25 Mark Roebke
26 Jesse Swift (Dean)
27 Josh Johnson (Veloforce)
28 Jesse Riel ( )
29 Brian Krombein (Cycle Solutions)
30 Josh Harrod (Handlebar & Grill)
31 Craig Wohischlaecen (Big Shark)
32 Eric Kuo (Denver Boulder Couriers)
33 Shane Flues (I. F.)
DNF Brian Hludzinski (Jamba Juice)
DNF Clark Sheehan (7 UP)
DNF Douglas Rayden
DNF Matt Unger (Hyper)
Cat 3 Men 
1 Vincent Davis (LSR)
2 Grant Berry (Specialized)
3 Clay Harris (Red Rocks Velo)
4 Jon Alegranti (ProPeloton)
5 Robert Karman (Excel)
6 Trevor Graham
7 Elias Bachman (Excel)
8 Dean Dealy (KHS)
9 Mathew Walp (Red Rocks Velo)
10 Ryan Vaslet (The Baj)
11 Kris Arnott (Rainbow Racing)
12 Keith Novello (Red Rocks Velo)
13 Brett Batchelder (Junk)
14 Tom Hunter (Vitamin Cottage)
15 Mellisa Thomas (Red Hook Brewery)
16 Troy H. Klgove (Boulder Denver Couriers)
17 Ken Bloomer (Novo Sacie)
18 Mathew Glick (Red Hook Brewery)
19 John Moser (Zulu)
20 Stephen Flis
21 Todd Carver
22 Trevor Irons (Laurel Street Racing)
23 Paul Des Rosiers (Schwinn / Neva)
24 Neal Henderson (Power Bar)
25 Bryan Bergman (CCT)
26 Phillip Taylor (FRCA,
27 Charlie Brown  (Vail-oh-Cross)
28 Rob Lucas (Rainbow Racing)
29 Nicholas Legon (PPV)
30 Andrew Holton (Excel)
31 Devon Alvarez (Vail-oh-Cross)
32 Bryan Jew (Boulder Chaos)
33 Steve Boston (Vitamin Cottage)
DNF Eric Kuo (Boulder Denver Couriers)
DNF John Nordstrand (VBT)
DNF Patrick Walker (GS Caio)
Men Cat 4 
1 Parker Macy (Dynatek)
2 Ed Oliver (LRT)
3 Paul Jamison
4 Steve Grabbard (Swift Cycling)
5 Brett Malin (Beaver Creek)
6 John Shippey (TPRT)
7 Ryan Lynch (CU Cycling)
8 Craig McKessy
9 Dennis Lane (Red Rocks Velo)
10 Clayton Lockhart (Vitamin Cottage)
11 Kurt Achtenhaggen
12 Craig Wu (SEAR)
13 Peter Kieliszewski (Ritchey Logic)
14 Steve Gosselin
15 Todd Moyer (Eastside)
16 Darian Apollo (Pedros)
17 Allen Jones (Red Rocks Velo)
18 Joe Sullivan (Vitamin Cottage)
19 Dan Miller
20 Dave Muscianisi
21 Steven Slenker
22 John Colson (Red Rocks Velo)
24 Scott Hayashi
25 Jim Scheel (Red Rocks Velo)
26 Nick Ramey (Red Rocks Velo)
27 Seth Murray (CU Cycling)
28 Joe Brenner
29 Norm Wawzinski
30 Jeff King
31 Jeffery Olson (Single Speed Rulz)
32 Daniel McKinnon
33 Thomas Bruen (SEAR)
34 Scott Sutton (Red Rocks Velo)
35 David Lever
36 Scott DeJong (Team Dynatech)
37 Thomas Bacus (Denver Spoke)
38 Kevin Krajewski (Red Rocks Velo)
39 Michael Stenburg
40 Frances' Kelly (Red Rocks Velo)
41 Michael Beck (VIOC)
42 Darrell A. Nye
43 Jim Heuck
44 Geremy VanArker
45 Joel Terrwilliger
46 Brian Colby
47 Doug Smith
DNF Brady Kappius
DNF Jamie Ryan-White
DNF John Drake (Colorado Velo)
DNF Matthew Alford
35+ Men 
1 Dennis Farrell (Red Rocks)
2 Karl Kiester
3 Tom Clark (ZG)
4 Charlie Tarver (ABC)
5 Kevin Vincent
6 Tim Leahy (TPRT)
7 Derrick Nickel (CRT)
8 Jeff Payne (King of the Rockies)
9 Jesse Goldsmith
10 Robert Balgley (Vitamin Cottage)
11 Jon McClurg (Majic)
12 Marc Dawes (Cody Racing)
13 Michael Donahoe
14 John Talley (GSBMCT)
15 Ronald Weber (Red Rocks)
16 Bob Brown (Cody Racing)
17 Craig Roberts (Colorado Racing Club)
18 Peter Strebe (LSR)
DNF David Clair (Swift)
DNF Emery Legg (Jamba Juice)
NP Bruce Hitchcock (Vitamin Cottage)
45+ Men 
1 Doug Squires (Moots)
2 Brook Watts (CRT)
3 Dennis Collard (Rainbow Racing)
4 Tim Downing (LVC)
5 Lee Waldman (Boulder Chaos)
6 Ken Brecheisen (LRT)
7 Bryan Helstad (
8 Ed Wolph (HRCC)
9 Loren Hettinger (LRT)
Juniors (17-18)
1 James Scotto (Snow Valley)
Juniors (15-16) 
1 Brady Kappius
2 Peter Hibl (New Vista High School)
3 Lars Zimmerman (New Vista High School)
4 Alex Lieber (New Vista High School)
DNF Trevor Davis (FCRC)
Juniors (13-14) 
1 Christopher Stockbroker (Merlin / Compass Bank)
2 Peter Stetina (Y Riders)
3 Tyler Gallup (RRV)
4 Bryce Lawson (FRCC)
5 Kyle Kuh (Y-Riders)
Juniors (10-12) 
1 Daniel Summerhill (LRT)
2 Davis Balglery (Vitamin Cottage)
3 Kyle Helstad
4 Danielle Haulman (LRT)
5 Tom Madden
6 Tito Heidere
Juniors Women 
1 Kayla Martin
Women 1-3 
1 Melissa Thomas (Rocky Mounts)
2 Heather Szabo (Rocky Mounts)
3 Kerry Barnholt (Sobe)
4 Margell Abel (Veritas)
5 Lora Heckman (Laurel Street)
6 Megan Harrod (Spot / HB&G)
7 Leah Reeve (PPVelo)
Women 4 
1 Amy Jameson (Just Married)
2 Michele Pirozzi (Kind Cyclist)
3 Sarah Peterson
4 Kristina Beebe
Women 35+ 
1 Annie Fox
2 Sue Butcher
3 Jennifer Atkinson (Rocky Mountain)

Urban Cyclocross

Ridgecrest school, Los Angeles, November 4, 2001

Number two of the eight race series, racers were greeted with a wet course and cool temps courtesy of our first Fall shower, which continued throughout the day. Folding back on itself, the layout offered spectators multiple oppportunities to make noise for their favorites during the tour of the compact Ridgecrest school campus. The fun course featured the deep sand volleyball courts, concrete stair runup, steep 150ft long ramp, loamy woodchip descent, slick high speed tarmac and wet grass slog.

In the Elite men's event, MTB Pro Garnet Vertican (ODI), bolted off the start to lead the first lap. The field exploding instantly, riders were uncharacteristically strung out over half the course on the first lap. Junior prodigy Dane Jankowiak attacked on the second lap to take over the lead. At ten seconds on the third lap, the lanky Jankowiak gradually opened up the gap to his pursuers. Joel Kath, aka Dangerboy and recent transplant from the Utah cross scene, was in third chasing hard. Kath eventually teaming with Vertican in an attempt to get across to Jankowiak.

Flying back late Saturday from the UCI cross in Colorado, last weeks second place and former district champion, Brent Prenzlow (unnattached) struggled with the furious early pace on the slick course. "The course was a little slippery and tricky in spots. I ended up riding on my top tube twice, but I managed to stay upright". From a distant fifth place early on, Prenzlow worked with Scott Cochran (Trek/VW regional) to get to within striking distance of the lanky Jankowiak, who was looking over his shoulder waiting for the inevitable bridge. Prenzlow: "I finally got comfortable on the course and eventually worked up into second, but it took a lotta laps to catch Dane. That was a good, long attack he made off the front".

Mid race, Prenzlow made the first huge surge to quench 30 seconds in three laps. Jankowiak's first ever lead in Elite was about to evaporate. One lap of cat & mouse together and Prenzlow made his move. "I double punched it through the barriers/steps and the climb up the paved path". The junior was treated to a masters display of how to skim through two 16" barriers and the stair run at warp nine. Prenzlow staying away for the W "I was able to hold him off, but he (Jankowiak) is really getting strong."

Women's elite winner Dorothy Wong (Kelly Cycles) continues her domination, narrowly holding a determined Tomarra Notch (Natural Solutions) at bay for the whole race. With an MTB only backgorund, powerful Jenny Escabacher (unnattached) struggled with her first ever race using drop bars and finished a distant third. Look for a strong challenge to Wong as soon a Escabacher figures out her new lightweight cross bike. Wong harassed the master men in their race earlier just as a warmup.

It was a treat to see these sunny Southern California 'crossers half caked in sand, mud stripe up the backside and soaked after the race. Current elite district champions Emilio Cervantes and Dorothy Wong held a clinic for new racers during the festivities. Next week, the "Big Hill" at Schbarum Park. Start Running!


Men's Category A
1 Brent Prenzlow
2 Dane Jankowiak (Roger Young TC)
3 Garnet Vertican (ODI)
4 Joel Kath (Danger Boys Racing)
5 Scott Cochran (TREK/VW/Cyclery USA)
6 Brad Nadell (Foam EZ)
7 Paul Hernandez (Bicycle Johns/Michelin)
8 Andres Aguire (Cycle Tech)
9 Brent Vandenberg (TREK/VW/Cyclery USA)
10 Erik Luk (Team King's/Back On Track)
Men's Category B
1 Andrew Juskaitis (Bicycling Magazine)
2 Matias Mendigocho (La Grange/Bristol Farms)
3 Dain Zaffke (Cycle Works)
4 Greg Page (Lightning)
5 Marco Calzadilla (ABICI)
6 Gary Sanderson (Schroeder/Incycle)
Men's Category C
1 Jason Perkins
2 Mike Fantacone (JAX Racing)
3 Drew Jenkins
4 Jason Vorell (Team Velocity)
5 Mark Helms (Atomic Bikes)
6 Curt Dosier
7 John Peters
8 Henry Tonarely
9 David Bales (San Clemente Velo)
10 Art Aguilar (Atomic Bikes)
11 Shawn Lowery (Celo Pacific)
12 Richard Kim (La Grange/Bristol Farms)
13 Glenn Masuda
14 Richard Murphy (Celo Pacific)
15 James Stathas
16 Mitch Friedman (La Grange/Gbristol Farms)
Men's Category D - 30+ years
1 Lee Wilmore
Women's Category A,B & C 
1 Dorothy Wong (Kelly Bikes)
2 Tomarra Notch (Natural Solutions)
3 Jenny Eshbacher (Atomic Bikes)
Women C
1 Diana Barnes
Juniors 17-18
1 Elijah Baker (Major Motion CC)
Juniors 16 & Under
1 Chance Noble (Rocket Parts)
2 Matt Mussig
3 Travis Barnes
4 Adam Regnier
Masters - 30+ years
1 Erik Luk (Team King's)
2 Aaron Shrier (Sundance Cycles)
3 Paul Welsh (Lightning Velo)
Masters - 35+ years
1 Emilio Cervantes (Simply Fit)
2 Gary Hanson (Mercury Cycling)
3 Dan Nelson (Rocket Parts)
4 Doug McWhinney
5 Joe Hageman (Simple Green)
6 KC Wilson
7 Brian Regnier (Southbay Wheelmen)
8 Chris Gallup
9 Jessie Gascon (Team Shimano)
10 Chuck Morris (Universal Cycle)
Masters - 40+ years
1 Gregory Townsend (Velo Pasadena)
2 Mark Sauer (Radsport)
3 Dorothy Wong (Kelly Bikes)
Masters - 45+ years
1 Jonathan Livesay (Simply Fit)
2 Joe Crabtree (Open Air Bicycles)
3 Rick Swanson (Radsport)
4 Jerry Meyers (L'Equipe Cheval)
5 Willy Bondourant (Team Velocity)

River City Bicycles Cross Crusade Round 5

David Douglas Park, Vancouver, Washington, November 4, 2001

By Brian Witty

Barry Wicks (Bike Gallery) became the first two-time winner of the 2001 River City Bicycles Cyclo-Cross Crusade Series as his teammate Leah Toffolon (Bike Gallery) snared her inaugural victory of the series on November 4. The exciting day of racing held at David Douglas Park in Vancouver, Wash., highlighted the parity that is making the 2001 edition of the $10,000, eight-race series the most competitive in its 10-year history.

The redesigned three-kilometer course featured a figure-eight configuration with the opening loop that emphasized speed as it was raced primarily over grass fields and bike paths. The latter portion continued on asphalt before taking riders onto one kilometer of single-track through the woods and a pair of plunging, single-track descents and challenging run-ups.

The second run-up is the course's main challenge and the nemesis of the record 283 athletes who showed up to take it on. The steep 50-meter slope forced racers to carry their bicycles up a muddy, cleat-clogging embankment where spikes offered a distinct advantage.

The Category A Men's field got underway in a flurry as riders vied for the pole position on the opening section of the seven-lap race. The field stretched out into single-file and topped 25 miles per hour on the flat, asphalt sections.

The lead group became evident following the first time up the long run-up when last week's winner Eric Tonkin (Kona-Voicestream Wireless) and the Bike Gallery trio of Wicks, Derl Miller and Shannon Skerritt were clear by 10 seconds. Tonkin led the first lap as the four leaders would continue to pull away as they traded the lead. Jonathon Myers (Team S & M) worked hard to keep the leaders in sight.

The next three laps saw Miller and Wicks take turns attacking the group with a vigilant Tonkin closing down gaps. Miller looked threatening as he sped away and put several lapped riders between himself and the chasing lead pack heading onto the single track. However, his gap had vanished as the quartet passed through the throng of screaming, cow-bell clanging fans at the top of the run-up.

On the fourth lap, Wicks made his decisive move on the flat open loop. Wicks, who had missed the last two rounds competing at the U.S. National Collegiate Mountain Bike Championships for Oregon State University where he placed fourth in the short-track cross country event, used his great form to open his lead by 10 seconds per lap. At the bell, Wicks had a one-minute lead over Tonkin and Miller with Skerritt a further ten seconds back.

As he trudged through the sand pit preceding the finish line, Wicks' face showed the effort in taking his second victory in the Cyclo-Cross Crusade. Tonkin held off Miller for second followed by Skerritt and Myers.

The five-lap Women's race was the most hard-fought of the series with the previous three winners lining up, including U.S. National Collegiate Short-Track Cross Country gold medallist Alice Pennington (Gentle Lovers), Karen Kenlen (Sunnyside) and Rhonda Mazza (Team S & M).

On the opening lap, Pennington took charge and looked set to repeat her victory from Pier Park. The next time around Kenlen was on the front as Pennington dropped back. The Sunnyside rider held the lead for another lap as the top five riders were within 20 seconds of each other. However, on the fourth lap the spectators were surprised to see Toffolon emerge from the woods with a 15-second gap on the field.

Toffolon continued to press hard and extended her lead by the time she crossed the finish line, becoming the fifth winner in five races. Kenlen held on for second, followed by Mazza, Pennington and Gollogly.

The sixth round of the $10,000 River City Bicycles Cyclo-Cross Crusade heads to the Estacada Timber Park in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains on November 11. The popular Estacada course weaves through a scenic, forested park using the contours of the amphitheater for challenging run-ups.


Category A Men

1 Barry Wicks (Bike Gallery)
2 Eric Tonkin (Kona/Voicestream Wireless)
3 Derl Miller (Bike Gallery)
4 Shannon Skerritt (Bike Gallery)
5 Jon Myers (Team S & M)
6 Mark King
7 Zac Houghton (Presto Velo)
8 Doug Ollerenshaw (Gentle Lovers)
9 Travis Hunt (Mt. View Cycle)
10 Rich Cramer (Presto Velo)
11 Chad Swanson (Bike Gallery)
12 Chris Brandt (Collins)
13 Tim Evans (Gentle Lovers)
14 Graeme Mitchell ( Team S & M)
15 John Boelsems (G.S. Camerati)
16 Jeff Struck (Gentle Lovers)
17 Sean Garvin (G.S. Camerati)
18 Tony Kic (Gentle Lovers)
19 Michael Sylvester (Bike Gallery)
20 Samuel Richardsen (Gentle Lovers 8)


1 Leah Toffolon (Bike Gallery)
2 Karen Kenlen (Sunnyside Sports)
3 Rhonda Mazza (Team S & M)
4 Alice Pennington (Gentle Lovers)
5 Naomi Gollogly (Bike Gallery)
6 Marjon Marik (River City Bicycles)
7 Joanne Stevens (Sunnyside Sports)
8 Becky Walter
9  Emily Miazga (Hutch's)
10 Michelle Groez (Bike Gallery)

REI Seattle Cyclocross Series #6

Seatac, Seattle, November 4, 2001


1 Loren Hanson
2 Dale Knapp
3 Mark Hanson
Full results to follow


Hyun Lee waded through the trackside mud to shoot the riders sliding around in the on-course mud.

2001 Surf City Cyclocross Series #3

Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds, Watsonville, CA, November 4, 2001


Senior A
1 Ben Jacques-Maynes (Palo Alto/SC Bikes)               1.02.35
2 Justin Robinson (Palo Alto/Bullion)                      0.36
3 Justin Morgan (Clif Bar)
4 Jackson Stewart (Olympic Club)                           1.51
5 David Wyandt (Spokesman)                                 1.58
6 Gary Thompson (Bicycle Warehouse)                        2.38
7 Todd Hoefer (Steelman/ABS)                               2.47
8 John Funke (SyCip/Novo)                                  3.17
9 David Wierzba (Marathon Racing)                          3.26
10 James Coats (Steelman)                                  3.33
11 Jeff Caton (Napa Valley Velo)                           3.40
12 Chris D'Aluisio (Specialized)                           3.41
13 Mike Mathews (                             3.42
14 Dave Carr (Napa Valley Velo)                            3.43
15 Takumi Shimomura (3BRT)                                 3.46
16 Christopher Pietrzak (Specialized)                      3.55
17 Joseph McNerney (Missing Link)                          4.22
18 Doug Ott (Jamba Juice)                                  4.23
19 Anastasio Flores (ABS/Rock Lobster)                     4.38
20 Mansur Nurullah (Clif Bar)
21 Rick Hunter (Midtown Rollers)                           4.58
22 Phil Roberts (Hancock/Moto)                             5.06
23 Aaron Kereluk (Bicycle Trip/Midtown)                    5.12
24 Matt Mullins (American Cyclery)                         5.13
25 Skyler Bishop (Kelly Bike Co.)                          5.33
26 Robert Saybolt (Hancock/Moto)                           5.35
27 Aaron Odell (
28 Akira Wong (Kelly Bike Co.)                             6.25
29 Scott Ledtermann (Steelman/ABS)                         6.41
30 Simon Vickers (MTR Hunter)                              6.47
31 Brian Vernor (Santa Cruz)                               6.48
32 Jay Whelan (Kelly Bike Co.)                             6.56
33 Zachary Waddle (Sacramento GW)                          7.45
34 Dean Poshard (Kelly Bike Co.)                           7.52
35 Joe Pettinger (Spokesman)                               8.15
36 Cameron Falconer (Hunter/MTB)                           8.29
37 Nick Riddle (Titec)                                     9.20
38 Tate Howe (Spokesman)                                  10.14
One lap behind
39 Eric Richter (Giro/Rock Lobster)
40 Dan Harting (NorCal Velo)
41 Rich Sangalli (Bianchi USA)
42 Coby Larson (NorCal Velo)
43 Doug Hatfield (GGBC)
44 Monty Worthington (Team OTB)
45 Joe Lavelle (Specialized)
46 Tim Cannard (
47 Jeff Mitchell (NorCal Velo)
48 Clayton Hirst (San Jose)
49 Rob Evans (WB)
Senior B
1 Eric Neely (Mill Valley)                                49.38
2 Lance Doherty (Cal Cycling)                              0.10
3 Joel Danke (San Francisco)                               0.17
4 Mike McCloskey (Omnifit)                                 0.25
5 Brock Dickie (Armadillo Willy's)
6 Dylan Snodgrass (DFL)                                    0.44
7 Michael Campbell (3BRT-Clif Bar)                         1.14
8 Carmen D'Alusio (Volvo/Cannondale)                       1.19
9 Yujimama Shimahara (Salsa/VCM)                           1.20
10 Ian Stevenson (San Jose)                                1.28
11 Nic Sims (Cannibal)                                     1.40
12 Austin McInerny (Missing Link/Bianchi Berkeley)         1.41
13 Martin Suro (Joselyn's)                                 1.48
14 Robert Stoik (Watsonville)                              1.52
15 Din Abdullah (Missing Link)                             1.54
16 Stephen Kent (SyCip/Novo)
17 Mike Martin (SCCCC)                                     2.04
18 Gen Kogure (Berkeley)                                   2.08
19 Jason Rahlwes (Capitola)                                2.09
20 Heath Maddox (SCCCC)                                    2.10
21 Joseph Ball (Big Swingin Cycles)                        2.11
22 John Borchelt (Omnifit)                                 2.12
23 Lucas Paz (Cal Cycling)                                 2.20
24 Robert Nelson (Missing Link)                            2.30
25 Ron Gutierrez (SyCip/Novo)                              2.33
26 Patrick McAnulty (Capitola)                             2.38
27 Michael Morgan (SyCip/Novo)                             2.40
28 Raj Crow (Bicycle Warehouse)                            2.41
29 Justin Lucke (Piedmont)                                 2.45
30 Jiro Nakamura (WTB DH CX Japan)                         2.52
31 Robert Sorenson (X-Men)                                 2.55
32 Josh Bennett (Kelly Bike)                               2.58
33 Steve Ouzounian (Missing Link)                          3.04
34 John Rowen (SyCip/Novo)                                 3.13
35 Nick Llewellyn                                          3.23
36 David Yeater (Sacramento)                               3.30
37 Thomas Dittman (LGBRC)                                  3.34
38 Joseph Fortino (SyCip/Novo)                             3.36
39 Patrick Myall (San Francisco)                           3.41
40 Brent Pedersen (Cal Cycling)                            3.44
41 Bob Barwick (Family Cycling)                            3.49
42 Jean-Luc Callahan (Cannibal)                            3.51
43 Ben Dodge (Palo Alto)                                   4.12
44 Bo Barry (Calif RC)                                     4.20
45 Eric Miller (Santa Cruz)                                4.27
46 Joern Diedrichsen (Cal Cycling)
47 Evan Adams (Hancock/Moto)                               5.05
48 Johannes Schmidt (Focal)                                5.08
49 Steve Griffiths (Swingin Cycles)                        5.09
50 Jace Gifford (Hancock/Moto)
51 Greg Keller (San Francisco)                             5.30
52 Marc Wittenberg (Cal Cycling)                           5.39
53 Jerry Dischler (Kelly Bike)                             5.42
54 Jay Buenaventura (3rd Rail)                             5.44
55 Oliver Pohl (Cal Poly)                                  6.14
56 Jake Gilchrist (Oakland)                                6.16
57 Michael Jew (Berkeley)
58 Dave Keefer (Los Gatos)                                 6.21
59 Aaron Golub (Cal Cycling)                               6.22
60 Jason Salkind (Emeryville)
61 Brian Bruckner (Big Swingin Cycles)                     6.32
62 Patrick Dolden (Family Cycling)                         6.48
63 Gregory Towers (Steelman Cycles)                        6.49
64 Ari Benderly (San Francisco)                            6.57
65 Mingo Graham (Midtown Rollers)                          7.29
66 Chancie Cavendish (Grazie/Johnson)                      7.46
67 Ben Shank (Capitola)                                    7.56
68 Kevin Waggoner (UCSC)                                   8.14
69 James Rae (Trey True Wheels)                            8.30
70 Chris Fraser (San Jose)                                 9.06
71 Alexander Abbas (Cal Cycling)                          10.02
72 Jeff Shih (Cal Cycling)                                10.07
73 Paul Kerner (Grazie/Johnson)                           10.09
74 Bob Jones (San Jose)                                   10.41
75 Dave Kirkland (San Francisco)                          10.49
76 Joel Kamnitzer (Cal Cycling)                           10.55
One lap behind
77 Toshi (Heavan)
78 Mark Ramirez (Fresno)
79 David Holt (Santa Cruz)
80 Paul Thai (Focal Communication)
81 Jason Benford (Santa Cruz)
82 Thad Lieb (Lafayette)
83 Erik Thunstrom (Boulder Creek)
84 Gabriel Moy (Cal Cycling)
Women A
1 Carmen D'Alusio (Volvo/Cannondale)                      40.56
2 Christine Vardaros (Jamba Juice)                         0.02
3 Gina Hall (Kona/VoiceStream)                             1.15
4 Stella Carey (Kelly Bike)                                1.52
5 Nicole Amaral (ABS)                                      2.06
6 Sarah Kerlin (ABS/SyCip)                                 2.18
7 Janie Dalton (Missing Link)                              2.38
8 Hillary Daniels (Midtown Rollers)                        3.03
9 Julie Bramlett (Scotts Valley)                           3.51
10 Miko Maruoka (San Francisco)                            4.32
11 Allison Baumhefner (Santa Cruz)                         4.59
12 Lauren Costantini (SyCip/Novo)                          5.36
13 Shauna Potocky (Bike Trip)                              6.11
14 Sarah Bamberger (SyCip/Novo)                            6.28
15 Judy Kreiter (SyCip/Novo)                              10.01
16 Mary Mathews (Santa Clara)                             12.37
Women 35+ A
1 Shelley Whisenhant (Veltec Sports)                      44.37
2 Marguerite Meyer (Bike Trip)                             2.02
3 Andi Mackie (Colo Velo/Mook)                             2.03
4 Janel Lodge (San Jose)                                   2.27
5 Sabine Dukes (Steelman)                                  3.16
One lap behind
6 Susan Francis (Spokesman)
Women B
1 Petra Rocha (Pack Sand)                                 45.31
2 Laura Home (Santa Cruz Tri)                              0.46
3 Clair Anderson (West Coast)                              0.53
4 Michelle Wharton (San Francisco)                         4.45
5 Karen Nordstrom (Bike Trip)                              6.10
One lap behind
6 Penny Wood (Mill Valley)
7 Jennifer Bonnet (Santa Cruz)
8 Julie Brothers (Los Gatos)
9 Maureen McGuigan (Berkeley)
10 Lisa Monda (DFL)
11 Erin Lindberg (Bullion Stil)
12 Danielle Hauptman (West Coast Cycling)
13 Karen Kefauver (Santa Cruz)
14 Michelle Templeton (Santa Cruz)
15 Justine Heaton (Bike Trip)
16 Alyson Lowery (Sports Center)
17 Gail Hotten (Title 9 Sports)
18 Jill Johnson (Grazie/Johnson)
19 Cheri Poff (San Jose)
20 Kelly Solverson (Campbell)
Women 35+ B
1 Jessica Hickel (Bike Trip)                              50.40
2 Carolyn Gery (Alameda)                                     28
3 Laura Sanchez (Velo Club Monterey)                         48
One lap behind
4 Janet Martin (Bicycle Trip)
5 Elaine Dale_Lewis (Santa Cruz)
6 Rynie Quan (Grazie/Johnson)
7 Denise Jeaderzak (Santa Cruz)
Junior Women
1 Michelle Gibson (Team NSO)                              48.37
Junior A
1 Jouzas Martynaitis (GS Reno/GSR)                        48.52
2 Evan Anderson (Napa Valley Velo)                         4.30
Master 45+ A
1 Norm Kreiss (Clif Bar)                                  51.20
2 Mark Michel (Bike Brip)                                  0.23
3 Cass Laizure (3rd Rail CC)                               0.42
4 Robert Kurosawa (3rd Rail/Clif Bar)                      1.20
5 Doug Smith (SCCCC)                                       1.33
6 Chris Allen (San Jose BC)                                1.38
7 John Brown (Family Cycling)                              1.59
8 Larry Broberg (Bike Trip)                                2.26
9 Steve Lamont (cccx)
10 Kem Akol (Spokesman)                                    2.59
11 David Samples (Watsonville)                             3.35
12 Todd Olson (One gear)                                   4.06
13 Frank Cuaresma (Una mas)                                4.46
14 Paul Gibson (NSO)                                       5.36
One lap behind
15 Jonathan Sek (San Jose BC)
16 Rick Eklund (Pleasanton)
17 Brian Danbury (San Francisco)
18 Bob Lofland (Team Wrong Way)
Master 35+ A
1 Chris D'Alusio (Specialized)                            47.14
2 Gannon Myall (Mako/Silks)                                0.15
3 Rich Maile (Team Shortbus)                               0.20
4 Pat Schott (Black Market)                                0.22
5 Larry Hibbard (The Spokesman)                            0.31
6 David Eastwood (Bicycle Warehous)                        0.35
7 Jim Gentes (Giro)                                        1.43
8 Rod Hernandez (cccx)                                     1.45
9 Keith DeFiebre (Fox)                                     1.49
10 Steve Heaton (Bicycle Trip)                             2.19
11 Drew Landers (SyCip/Novo)                               2.20
12 John Senkier (ABS/Steelman)                             2.21
13 Mark Abele (Diablo Cyclists)                            3.07
14 Julian Zgoda (DFL)                                      3.19
15 Sam Giles (Clif Bar/Pacific Sup)                        3.28
16 Mike Bohn (ABS)                                         3.31
17 Steve Hess (Bicycle Trip)                               3.36
18 Anton McCready (Clif Bar)                               3.45
19 Markham Johnson (Litton Cycles)                         3.54
20 Steve Peterson (Reno Wheelman)                          3.59
21 Ron Celaya (Omnifit)                                    4.03
22 Casey O'Brien (Team Bike Trip)                          4.22
23 Mitch Bramlett (Flying Clam)                            4.24
24 Paul Siegel (Family Cycling)                            4.27
25 Kenny Clkeveland (Novo/SyCip)                           4.34
26 Mark Howland (Black Market)                             4.52
27 Jon Suzuki (Missing Link)                               5.06
28 John Kammeyer (Omnifit)                                 5.21
29 David Gill (SCCCC)                                      5.27
30 Dave Devlin (DFL)                                       5.49
31 Steve Gregorios (VSRT)                                  5.56
32 Terrence Curley (Hancock/Moto)                          5.57
33 Keith Packard (Grazie/Johnson)                          6.05
34 Mike Ferrentino (Nevada City)                           7.25
35 Eric Betz (San Anselmo)                                 7.27
36 Chip Baker (SyCyip/Novo)                                7.28
37 Dickard Sykes (Sonoma)                                  7.38
38 Willie Bullion (Palo Alto Bikes)                        8.35
39 John Eddy (San Jose)                                    8.57
40 Farid Hamidieh (Sylly's Bikes)                          9.45
41 Hans Kellner (                               10.45
42 Rob Whisenhant (VC Monterey)                           11.27
One lap behind
43 Tim Brennan (SyCip/Novo)
44 Ezra Manners (Bike Trip)
45 Dennis McGovern (SyCip/Novo)
Senior C
1 Rami Aburomia (Stanford)                                33.32
2 David Covington (Cal Road Club)                          0.18
3 Erik Teetzel (San Mateo)                                 0.55
4 Brent Chapman (Scotts Valley Cycle)                      1.07
5 Steven Hatter (Pedali Corsa)                             1.30
6 Robert Carnahan (Calabazas)                              1.36
7 Alan Gale (Scotts Valley Cycle)                          1.49
8 Phillip Sims (ABS)                                       2.07
9 Joey Howard (Sacramento)                                 2.28
10 Fred Baldi (Bike Biz Sac)                               2.38
11 Scott DeLaurentis (Sunnyvale)                           3.06
12 Antonio Diaz (Seaside)                                  3.17
13 Alan Sund (Campbell)                                    3.19
14 Bud Napolio (Calif Road Club)                           3.50
15 Todd Carpenter (Menlo Park)                             3.54
16 David Keefer (Los Gatos)                                4.06
17 Paul Pietryka (San Jose)                                4.12
18 Eliot Logan (Webcor/Alto Velo)                          5.27
19 Tim Louis (Redwood City)                                5.53
20 John Wallingford (Kensington)                           6.00
21 Steve Cartwright (Family Cycling)                       6.17
22 Johnny Stallings (Los Gatos)                            6.18
23 Mel Lindberg (Bike Trip)                                6.29
24 Zach White (Team Z video)                               6.53
25 Eric Werner (Alto Velo/Webcor)                          7.41
26 Andy Park (Santa Cruz)                                  8.24
27 Aaron Jacobs (Bicycle Trip)                             8.31
28 Clint Thelander (Salinas)                              10.21
Junior B
1 Kieran Culligan (Pen Velo)                              36.26
2 Daniel Dye (Bike Trip)                                   0.00
3 Jared Baker (LGBRC/Ciena)                                2.05
4 Russell Speirs (R.A.N.)                                  6.36
One lap behind
5 Jeremy Ferguson (Rocklin)
Master 45+ B
1 Donn Kellogg (Vetta)                                    37.11
2 Dwight Goss (Redwood Riders)                             0.26
3 David Puglia (LGBRC)                                     0.39
4 Robert Harbuck (Felton)                                  0.40
5 Daniel Spisak (BBC)                                      0.53
6 Brian Birch (BBC)                                        1.41
7 Dick Rebozzi (San Jose)                                  1.58
8 Dick Graybill (Team Graybill)                            2.26
9 Mark Brown (Santa Cruz)                                  2.41
10 Mike LeMaster (Salinas)                                 3.49
11 Norm Spiers (R.A.N.)                                    9.33
Master 35+ B
1 Richard Cadigan (Cyclopath)                             34.12
2 Jeff Stoen (Palo Alto)                                   0.16
3 Thomas Hoefel (Cyclesport)                               0.31
4 David Anthony (Fremont)                                  0.43
5 Fred Huxham (Ross)                                       1.09
6 Kevin Gallagher (Spokesman)                              1.10
7 Edwin Rambuski (Velo Solo)                               1.29
8 Steve Clifton (Aptos)                                    2.03
9 Ian Reid (Sacramento)                                    2.48
10 Randolph Osborne (Go Minerva Networks)                  2.56
11 Mark Mastoras (San Bruno)                               3.07
12 Rick Taormina (San Jose)                                3.19
13 Mike Quan (Grazie/Johnson)                              3.20
14 Curt Ferguson (Rocklin)                                 3.27
15 Steven Woo (San Mateo)                                  3.38
16 Jeffrey Green (San Francisco)                           3.47
17 Jim Parker (Carmel)                                     3.53
18 Jim Beuselinck (San Jose)                               3.56
19 Willy Dommen (Fairfax)                                  3.58
20 Thomas Hiltz (Aptos)                                    4.18
21 Chris Pearson (Team in training)                        4.54
22 J. Bramlett (Palo Alto)                                 4.56
23 Doug Blaisdell (Capitola)                               6.02
24 Jody Hutchinson (VC Monterey/Steelman)                  6.14
25 Lawrence You (San Jose)                                 9.32
Two laps behind
26 Mike Colombani (Scotts Valley Cycle)

2nd Annual Highland Park Cyclocross Race - Mid-Atlantic Cup #6

Highland Park, NJ, November 4, 2001

By Ian Anderson

Riders competed for some very peculiar prizes at The 2nd Annual Highland Park Cyclocross Race in Highland Park, NJ on Sunday while aiding burn-victims of the attack the World Trade Center.

The 160 riders present at the race, the halfway point in the Mid-Atlantic Cup Series, helped raise $1125 for the New York Firefighters Burn Center Foundation a non-profit organization of firefighters dedicated to the advancement of burn care - according to the Highland Park Hermes Cycling Team.

In addition to the $2300 in cash and merchandise offered, the riders competed for such prizes as six-packs of beer, papayas, coconuts, small pumpkins, home-baked cookies and pies, a 7-foot-tall sugarcane, and 3-foot-long loofas.

The course was fast yet technically challenging. It included innumerable 180-degree turns including several in sand and one with a potentially decapitating tree limb; triple and even quadruple barrier sections; and 3 trips up the same hill per lap with one run-up.

"The promoters were going to add a 30-foot running section through deep mud on the banks of the Raritan River when the tide began to recede," said David Yu Greenblatt of the Hermes team. "But the threat by the entire Elite Men's field to withdraw forced them to cancel these plans," said Greenblatt.

There were dramatic finishes to both the Elite Men's and Women's races. In the Elite Men's race, Kris Auer (LSV Trek VW) was the sprint-victor of the 3 leaders that included Ryan Dewald (Beans-Rheinhardt) and Greg Ferguson (Trek VW). The winner Auer now trails second-placed Dewald by 54 points in the Mid-Atlantic Cup standings.

Jennifer Leonard (Evolution Racing), now third in the women's MAC standings, won the Elite Women's race solo. Just behind, Josie Shew (First State Velo) battled with Thais Silva (Wissahickon) for second and leadership in the Cup.

Shew finished second after Silva took a crowd-startling spill in the final triple-barrier section just before the finish. Despite a dropped chain and obvious pain, Silva ran toward the line to finish third. Silva now trails present women's MAC leader Shew by 23 points.

The race promoters wish to thank James Lee of Highland Park Cyclery, the New Brunswick Farmers' Market, The Bagel Dish of Highland Park,, and the members of both the Highland Park Hermes and Rutgers University Cycling Teams who contributed prizes and helped put on this successful race.


Elite Men
1 Kris Auer (LSV Trek-Volkswagen)
2 Ryan Dewald (Beans-Rheinhardt)
3 Greg Ferguson (Trek-Volkswagen)
4 William Elliston (Jaeger Wheelmen)
5 Mike Yozell (Guy's Bicycles)
6 Robert Hacker (Bicycle Therapy)
7 Sean Groom (Team Snow Valley)
8 Bobby Lea (Fuji)
9 Szymon Niemotico (Evolution Racing)
10 Kevin Molloy (CRCA/Renaissance)
Elite Women
1 Jennifer Leonard (Evolution Racing)
2 Josie Shew (First State Velo Sport)
3 Thais Silva (Wissahickon Cyclery)
4 Caroline Hacker (Evolution Racing)
5 Christina Clay (Evolution Racing)
Men B
1 Robert Campos (Byron Lake Schwinn)
2 Ignacious Baran (Artemis)
3 Christopher Hensel (RC Cola)
4 Brent Biddle (First State Velo Sport)
5 Andrew Wolfkuhle (Wissahickon Cyclery)
6 Tom Mains (Knapps-Ready Pac)
7 Joseph Reynolds (Wissahickon Cyclery)
8 Joey Thompson (Wooden Wheels)
Masters 35+
1 Jan Wiejack (Fuji)
2 Rick Mihills (First State Velo Sport)
3 Eric Schlauch (Somerset Wheelmen)
4 Tom McDaniels (Wooden Wheels)
5 John Lux (First State Velo Sport)
6 Martin Jones (Somerset Wheelmen)
7 Robert Lyon (First Capital Velo Sport)
8 Kurt Mikeska (Wooden Wheels)
Masters 45+
1 Darrell Vreugdenhill (Team Snow Valley)
2 Bernard Kleet (Evolution Racing)
3 Patrick Kennedy (Somerset Wheelmen)
4 John Hartman (Scott Bikyle Flyers)
5 Marshal Sacks (Team Harrisburg)
6 Joe Sailing (Somerset Wheelmen)
7 Leo Pizzini (Team Delaware)
8 Nunzi Dibiasi (Team Harrisburg)
Men C
1 Darren Crupi (Unattached)
2 Henry Tremper (First State Velo Sport)
3 Braulio Jerez (Kissena)
Women B
1 Tracy Lea (Fuji)
2 Elizabeth Whitney (Somerset Wheelmen)
3 Pamela Kollar (Guy's Bicycles)
Junior Men
1 Matt Crane (Coyote Hill)
2 Joey Thompson (Wooden Wheels)
3 Adam Beattie (First State Velo Sport)
Junior Women
1 Betty Hover (3D Racing Team)
2 Betty Elizabeth (3D Racing Team)

CrossLogic Cyclocross

Parkville MO, November 4 2001

A warm Sunday for November showed lots of short sleeves on competitors. Race director Chris Locke orchestrated a fine race and post event party. Features such as a wide pavement straightaway with a roundabout, a 10 meter sand pit that most elected to run, two sets of triples, and lots of free beer and food made this a memorable event.

CrossLogic, Bicycle Adventure, KCBC racing, Boulevard Brew, Budweiser and many local Parkville businesses are the responsible folks.


Cat 1/2/3
1 Casey Crosby
2 Steve Songer
3 Jason Ozenberger
4 Ryan Halloran
DNF Doug Looney
Masters 40 - 49
1 Dean Parker
2 Mark Thomas 
3 Patrick Hautakker
4 Paul Haldeman
5 Mike Berning
6 Michael Morris
Masters 50+
1 Tom Leonard
2 James Witt
Women 1/2/3/4
1 Wanda Simchuk
2 Jean Lucas
3 Teresa Jarzemkoski
4 Sherry Adkison
Juniors 12 - 15
1 Andy Slater
Cat 4/5
1 Andy Lucas
2 Rick Finley
3 Mike Schmidt
4 Tim King
5 Jon Martinez
6 Franklin Nowlin
7 Tim Sanders
8 Mark Schoonbeck
9 Michael Young
10 Dustin Ridgway
11 Brendan Sheehan
12 Aaron Browning
13 Brain Robinson
14 Myke Borylo
15 Michael Cleveland
16 Kevin Lee
17 Tim Gauthier
18 Todd Frederick
19 Gallshue Kimoc
20 Kent Lewis
21 Jeremy Haynes 
22 Chuck Millen
23 Eric Wineinger
24 Tim Macias
25 Mark Breeding
Kids 3 - 7
1 Christopher Locke 
Kids 8 - 12
1 Hayden Sanders
2 Christian Lewis
3 Charles Harison
4 Randy Harrison

2001 Nebraska State Championship Cyclo-cross

Mahoney Park, Lincoln, November 4, 20011

Cross Finale: Schlake Closes Out On Top

By John Lefler

On a beautiful, sunny day that resembled anything but a typical November afternoon in Nebraska, Darin Schlake of OBCR rode away from the field and claimed his second consecutive Nebraska State Cyclo-cross title. Sunday's circuit at Mahoney Park was the toughest of the season with four challenging barrier configurations and a mix of technical and fast sections. That did not seem to slow down Schalke, who crushed the relatively small field of 12 riders. Kevin Wilkins of Team Kaos provided an admirable chase for a short time, but then fell off the pace a little over halfway into the competition.

Despite Schlake's dominant display, the 60 minute race had other impressive performances, including the 5th straight top finish for Wilkins in the Cat. 3 event, a strong second place showing in the Cat. 3 race by Tony Wilhelm of the Cycle Works squad and another late charge by Matt Gersib of Team Kaos. Gersib fought his way from the middle of the pack to claim a well-deserved second place finish in the Cat. 1/2 competition. "This is the kind of course I know I can excel on," explained Gersib. Schlake excelled also, explaining, "It was fun today. The course was really fast and I was able to keep it going throughout."


Cat. 1/2
1 Darin Schlake (OBCR)
2 Matt Gersib (Team Kaos)
3 Mark Savery (SNORT)
4 Christian Davenport (RCRC)
5 John Matthews (RCRC)
6 Joe McWilliams (Team Kaos)
Cat. 3
1 Kevin Wilkins (Team Kaos)
2 Tony Wilhelm (Cycle Works)
3 Matt Slaven (Team Kaos)
4 Jesse Petersen (Team Kaos)
5 Jim Winklepleck (unattached)
6 Matt Tillinghast (Team Kaos)
Cat. 4
1 Sam Rosenau (Tamer)
2 Adam Boone (Iowa) (unattached)
3 Matt Stricker (SNORT)
4 John Lefler, Jr. (Team Kaos)
5 Shawn Hansen (CCRT)
6 David Jablonski (Husker Road Club)
7 Chris Van Ooyen (unattached)
8 Rick Thompson (Athletic Junction Cycling)
9 Corey Godfrey (Cycle Works)
10 Tyler Carmichael (unattached)
11 Clint Halley (Athletic Junction Cycling)
Cat. 5
1 Brian Stocwick
2 Dustin Clements
3 TJ Carmichael
Masters 30+
1 Joe McWilliams (Team Kaos)
2 Jared Shuttleworth (Husker Road Club)
3 Jeff Hansen (Team Kaos)
4 Marc Walter (CCRT)
5 Mitch Gonzales (Team Kaos)
6 Jim Adams (Lincoln Velo)
Masters 40+
1 John Blumer (Blue's Bikes)
2 Tim Carmichael (unattached)
3 Adam Boone (Iowa) (unattached)
4 Mike Sweet (Blue's Bikes)
Masters 50+
1 John Varga (Husker Road Club)
Women Cat. 1/2/3
1 Renee Carter (OBCR)
Women Cat. 4
1 Katherine Humphrey (Mooses Tooth)
2 Kristin Siebenlist
Junior Men
1 Aaron Pool (Spin City Cyclery)
2 Jerrick Wilson (unattached)
3 Scott Kuzminski (Team Kaos)
4 Andy Boone (Iowa) (unattached)
5 Robb Hiatt (Blue's Bikes)

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