Six Days of Munich - 6D

Germany, November 8-13, 2001

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Day 5 - November 12

McGrory/Gilmore still in the lead...just

With one night to go in the Munich Six Days, there are still three teams in with an excellent chance of winning, with the popular combination of Erik Zabel/Silvio Martinello having the advantage, despite being in second place for the time being. The leading pair is still Scott McGrory/Matthew Gilmore, who have 316 points to Zabel/Martinello's 299. Close behind them are Bruno Risi/Kurt Betschart on 289 points. However, when these two teams pass 300 points, they get a bonus lap, putting them ahead of McGrory/Gilmore.

Risi/Betschart won the main madison of the evening in front of Zabel/Martinello and McGrory/Gilmore. The second minor chase went to Jimmi Madsen/Stefan Steinweg in front of Slippens/Stam and Baffi/Villa.

Unless McGrory and Gilmore can somehow put a lap into Zabel/Martinello and Betschart/Risi, they will probably finish up in third place overall after the Six Days of Munich finishes tomorrow night.


Standings after night 5

1 Scott McGrory (Aus)/Matthew Gilmore (Bel)        316 pts
2 Erik Zabel (Ger)/Silvio Martinello (Ita)         299
3 Bruno Risi/Kurt Betschart (Swi)                  289

1 lap behind

4 Andreas Kappes/Andreas Beikirch (Ger)            237

3 laps behind

5 Robert Slippens/Danny Stam (Ned)                 200

4 laps behind

6 Adriano Baffi/Marco Villa (Ita)                  142
7 Jimmi Madsen/Stefan Steinweg (Ger)               130

9 laps behind

8 Lars Teutenberg/Thorsten Rund (Ger)               64

12 laps behind

9 Etienne Dewilde/Frank Corvers (Bel)               65

22 laps behind

10 Jens Lehmann/Guido Fulst (Ger)                  115

24 laps behind

11 Gerd Dörich/Mario Vonhof (Ger)                  102

33 laps behind

12 Franz Stocher (Aut)/Lorenzo Lapage (Bel)         42

38 laps behind

13 Erik Weispfenning/Frank Kowatschitsch (Ger)      60

41 laps behind

14 Robert Sassone/Jérôme Neuville (Fra)             26

51 laps behind

15 Marty Nothstein/James Carney (USA)              139