50th Vuelta a Colombia - 2.5

Colombia, June 11 - 26, 2000

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Stage 15 - June 25: Villa de Leiva - Tunja ITT, 36 km


Tunja,12:45 p.m. Palacio yields all but 2 seconds to team mate Herrera. While it was Raúl Montaña who posted the best time in today's 36.6 km ITT between Villa de Leiva and Tunja, the biggest story was Herrera's performance. He edged within two seconds of overall race leader Héctor Iván Palacio. Tomorrow's stage will decide the Vuelta between them. That is, if there are no other changes along the way. There will be plenty of climbing left before descending back into the "Sabana de Bogotá" (The Bogotá plateau). Three sprint primes and three mountain primes could give valuable time bonuses to any of the two leaders even if neither cross the finish line first in Bogotá.

In today's TT Raúl Montaña's winning time of 1-09-27 bested Álvaro Sierra by 11 secs., and Héctor Manuel Castaño by 38.

Report by Haroldo Camacho


1. Raúl Montaña (Col) Aguardiente Nectar     	     1.09.27 (31.79 km/h)
2. Álvaro Sierra (Col) Lotería de Boyacá		0.11
3. Héctor Manuel Castaño (Col) 05-Orbitel		0.38
4. Elder Herrera (Col) 05-Orbitel			0.42
5. Jair Bernal (Col) Lotería de Boyacá			0.55
6. Federico Muñoz (Col) Ciclistas de Jesucristo		1.10
7. Dubán Ramírez (Col) 05-Orbitel			1.23
8. Germán Ospina (Col) Aguardiente Antioqueño-LM	1.42
9. Héctor Iván Palacio (Col) 05-Orbitel			1.49
10. Javier Zapata (Col)	05-Orbitel			2.28

General classification after stage 15:

1. Héctor Iván Palacio (Col) 05-Orbitel		    52.23.18
2. Elder Herrera (Col) 05-Orbitel			0.02
3. Héctor Manuel Castaño (Col) 05-Orbitel		1.37
4. Dubán Ramírez (Col) 05-Orbitel			4.45
5. Jair Bernal (Col) Lotería de Boyacá			7.29
6. Alexis Rojas (Col) Aguardiente Cristal-Chec		7.48
7. Uberlino Mesa (Col) Lotería de Boyacá		8.47
8. Julio César Aguirre (Col) 05-Orbitel 		9.56
9. Federico Muñoz (Col) Ciclistas de Jesucristo	       11.08
10. Germán Ospina (Col) Aguardiente Antioqueño-LM      13.18