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USA Cycling Mountain Bike National Championships - CN

Mt. Snow, Vermont, USA, July 17-22, 2008

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Race 13 - Saturday, July 19: Elite / semi-pro dual slalom  

Buhl and Carter win gold medals again

By Dave McElwaine in West Dover, Vermont

Eric Carter (Mongoose)
Photo ©: Dave McElwaine
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Cycling legends Melissa Bush (KHS) and 38 year-old Eric Carter (Mongoose) won national championship titles at Mount Snow. Both looked very impressive in their outings. Geritt Beytagh and Kathy Pruitt (Jamis) took the silver medals.

The course at Mount Snow was quite challenging for the riders. The first turn had developed some deep ruts and had only one narrow line. It was the scene of many crashes this weekend. The tight rollers were spaced such that most racers had to ride them all. In very few cases riders were seen trying to jump multiple bumps as it clearly was not the fastest way down the course.

Carter commented after the race that he was feeling tired during the event and took every chance to sit down between runs. The weather was warm and humid which seemed to affect many of the riders during the night of racing. Buhl felt that Pruitt had pushed her quite hard, and was looking forward to facing off with her again in the downhill event on Sunday.

Melissa Buhl recently won the World 4X Championship in Val di Sole, Italy. She is also undefeated this season in the NMBS Dual Slalom series.


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Images by Dave McElwaine/www.trailwatch.net

Images by Jamie Lau/www.jamielau.com


Elite men

1 Eric Carter
2 Geritt Beytagh

Elite women

1 Melissa Buhl
2 Kathy Pruitt
3 Darien Harvey
4 Jessica Vogt

Jr Expert 15-18
1 Phillip Kmetz (USA) Mt Snow/Mongoose/E13                             
2 Joey Schusler (USA) Yeti/Fox                                         
3 Neko Mulally (USA) Specialized/Decline                               
4 Zach Faulkner (USA) Drummer Racing/Sinister Bikes                    
5 Kevin Aiello (USA) Yeti So Cal                                       
6 Will Collins (USA) Morewood/Fox/Smith                                
7 Ethan Quehl (USA) Khs/Kenda/Thomson                                  
8 Charlie Meynet (USA)                                                 
9 Christian Wright (USA) Commencal                                     
10 Parker Worthington (USA) Puma/Platekill Mtn                         
11 Evan Powell (USA) The Fix/Transition                                
12 Ryan Quinn (USA)                                                    
13 Nate Furbee (USA) Wtb/Arts/Odi                                      
14 Nathan Pensler (USA) Inspired Athletes                              
Expert Men 19-29
1 Kyle Karpuska (USA) Need For Speed                                   
2 Joseph Roberson (USA) Fox Shox Maxxis                                
3 Christopher Ries (USA) Global Bikes/Michelin Tires                   
4 Nicholas Barton (USA) Supercede                                      
5 Chris Flynn (USA) 3 Point Racing/Landrys                             
6 Graham Flinn (USA) Oakley                                            
7 Kevin Green (USA) Ne Soverign/Morewood                               
8 Tim Rosenfeld (USA) Tht                                              
9 Daryl Deprey (USA) Crankfire/Centralwheel                            
10 Dan Phillips (USA) Crankfire Racing                                 
11 Chris Brown (USA) Hot Fire Racing                                   
12 Joseph Baomann (USA) Fox Racing Shox/ 661                           
Expert Men 30-39
1 Jon Houde (USA) The Hub                                              
2 Kyle Kutzler (USA) Team Martys                                       
3 Keith Wentworth (USA) Genuine Innovations                            
4 Chad Lawrence (USA) Overlook Mtn Bikes/Intencse                      
Expert Men 40+
1 Derek Pierce (USA) Teambikerag.Com                                   
2 Jacob Dallegro (USA) Keswick Cycle/Synicle Racing                    
3 Darrell Szlachetka (USA) Bikerag                                     
4 Todd Plessel (USA)                                                   
Jr Sport 15-18
1 Max Syron (USA) Sinsiter/United Freeride                             
2 Jamie Knight (USA) Team Bents/Hayes Group/Giant                      
3 Aaron Gordon (USA) Cycle Therapy                                     
4 Sam Pensler (USA) Inspired Athletes                                  
5 Evan Mallory (USA) Windham Mtn Outfitters                            
6 Rob Suter (USA) Inspired Athletes                                    
7 Jacob Branney (USA) Mojo Wheels                                      
8 Sean Pritchardthorpe (USA) Mongoose/Voncooper/Smith/Michlen/Evomo    
Sport Men 19-39
1 Joshua Faber (USA)                                                   
2 Trevor Peckham (USA) Northeastern Univ                               
3 Casey Swanson (USA) Crankfire                                        
4 Chris Hounsell (USA)                                                 
5 Harris Navelski (USA) Bergers Bike Shop                              
6 Nicholas Girard (USA) Elevate Cycles                                 
Jr Beginner Men 15-18
1 Ian Keller (USA) Global Bikes                                        
2 Danny Mears (USA) Sinister/United Freeride                           
3 Eric Guggisberg (USA)                                                
4 Alex Leich (USA) Michelin                                            
Jr Men 14 & Under
1 Logan Mulally (USA) Specialized/Decline                              
2 Ray Syron (USA) United Freeride Sinister                             
3 Khaner Smith (USA) Ridesfo Faction                                   
4 Matthew Branney (USA) Rpm/Yeti/Fox/Team Volkaino                     
Beginner/Sport Men 40+
1 Clark Wright (USA) Dh Reno                                           
2 Robert Pratt (USA) Highlander Cycleshop                              
3 Al Gildner (USA) Svb Racing/Azonic/Kenda/Hayes Brakes/Marzoochi      
All Expert Women
1 Lainey Aldridge (USA) Gravity Addix                                  
2 Vicki Koch (USA) Morewood/Cmi/661/Sic/Scott/Magura/Odi               
3 Johanne Tuttle (USA) Sycamore Cycles                                 
4 Katelyn Parhiala (USA)                                               
All Sport/Beginner Women
1 Kristine Koch (USA) Team Cmi/Morewood                                
2 Kathleen Herde (USA)                                                 
3 Amy Somers (USA) Sinical Racing                                      
4 Taylor Allison (USA) Nmrodventures                                   
5 Rebecca Bagley (USA)                                                 
6 Molly Seal (USA)                                                     

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