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USA Cycling Mountain Bike National Championships - CN

USA, July 19-22, 2007

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Race 2 - Friday, July 20: Semi-Pro Men Cross Country

Phillips wins first national title of the weekend

By Jackson Weber in West Dover, Vermont

Winner Mike Phillips
Photo ©: Jackson Weber
(Click for larger image)

Thirty-year old Mike Phillips (Alterra/Specialized) of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, earned the weekend's first stars and stripes jersey with a win in the men's semi-pro cross country race.

Phillips emerged from the woods early in the first lap ahead of the field. Unhampered by the slick mud that covered course after yesterday's deluge, he proceeded to extend the distance for the remaining two and a half laps. Phillips finished nearly a minute and half ahead of second place Weston Shempf (VisitPA.com). Ryan Iddings (Lapierre), who at one point was neck and neck with Schempf, rounded out the podium, finished nearly 10 minutes off the winning time.


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Images by Jackson Weber / Cyclingnews


1 Mike Phillips (Alterra)                       2.04.40
2 Weston Schempf (Visitpa.Co)                      1.27
3 Ryan Iddings (Lapierre)                          9.24
4 Aaron Oakes (James Fram)                         9.48
5 Robert Marion (Bmc/Kenda)                       11.11
6 Brett Nichols (River City)                      11.59
7 Chris Peariso (Titus)                           13.11
8 Brooke Scatchard (Bliss)                        14.28
9 Jeffrey Whittingham (Independent)               15.06
10 Olivier Bock (Jamis/Garmin)                    15.26
11 David Wilson (Titus/Clif)                      17.42
12 Brent Mellen (Omer And B.)                     17.59
13 Kurt Schmid (Landrys)                          18.39
14 Scott Simmons                                  18.49
15 Michael Mooradian (Spin Bike)                  18.59
16 Jason Cyr (Blackwater)                         19.04
17 Thomas Dinunzio (Team Bulld)                   19.21
18 Andrew Gorski (Agisko-Vin.)                    20.06
19 Nathan Wyatt (Carolina F.)                     21.17
20 Julian Hunter (Team Bulld)                     21.50
21 Jon Husk (Coyote Hill)                         23.08
22 Matt Googe (Baylor Cycles)                     24.30
23 John Burns (Bikeman.Co)                        24.58
24 Art Degraw                                     25.32
25 Robert Kelley (Pawling Cycles)                 26.26
26 Brian Lariviere (Tm Bulldog)                   27.16
27 Terry Blanchet (Bearnaked/Cannondale           28.16
28 Joseph Azze (Campmor)                          28.48
29 Lyle Warner                                    28.55
30 Daniel Hock (Campmor)                          32.24
31 Brian Wolff (Gbsc)                             37.53
32 Justin Swett (Northstar)                       43.16
33 Donald Snoop (Verge Spt.)                      44.40
34 Andrew Crooks (NYC Velo)                       55.08
DNF Ty Kady (Sho-Air)                               
DNF John Davis (Spinbikes)                            
DNF Ryan Leech (Visitpa.Co)                            
DNF Stephen Humphreys (KHS)                            
DNF Mathew Katz (Giant/Alpine)                           
DNF Justin Raynes (Bikes Unlimited)                         
DNF Brandon Frazier (Titus Cycles)                       
DNF Josh Wiegand (Team Dean)                           
DNF Don Galligher (Chiropower)                         

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