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USA Collegiate MTB National Championships - CN

Banner Elk, North Carolina, USA, October 26-28, 2007

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Race 4 - October 27: Short Track

Short track action

Courtesy USA cycling

The action quickly moved three miles down North Carolina Highway 194 to the campus of Lees-McRae College for the USA cycling collegiate short track national championship races. With temperatures warming up into the 50s, just over 20 DII women took off on the one-mile loop course around the athletics facility at Lees-McRae College. Five women including Colorado College's Kay Sherwood quickly separated themselves from the field.

Eighteen minutes into the race which would conclude after 25 minutes plus three laps, Sherwood built a gap of around 15 seconds over a pair of chasers which included Colorado School of Mines' Melissa Marts and yesterday's cross country champion Kylie Krauss (Warren Wilson College). Sherwood was able to hold her lead in the final three laps to take the Division II short track national championship. Marts and Krauss finished in second and third with Kate Chapman (Western State University) and Karen Amundson (Cumberland College) crossing the line within two minutes of the winner to take fourth and fifth respectively.

"I have only done a few short track races before, so I just went as hard as I could from the gun," said Sherwood. "It was scary fun, but I did think the Mines girl was going to catch me."

The men's Division II short track race was up next, again with Friday's cross country champion playing a big role. After Sherwood's victory on the women's side, her male counterparts held up their end of the bargain, as a pair of Colorado College riders went one and two in the men's race, giving them a tremendous boost in the overall team omnium standings. Colin Cares took off from the start to ride away with the national championship and leave the crowd cheering for a close race for second place. Western Washington University's Kyle McGilvary was holding on to second until the final flat when CC's Mitchell Hoke overtook him on the sprint for the finish to take the silver by less than one second. Union College's Greg Gibson crossed the line less than 30 seconds later in fourth and Western Washington's Logan Wetzel finished fifth.

Eszter Horanyi of the University of Colorado-Boulder displayed a dominating performance in the women's Division I race, growing her lead over the multi-time national champion from the University of Arizona, Chloe Forsman, as the race continued. The host Lees-McRae College showed its strength in the form of Carla Swart who finished third, less than a minute behind Forsman. Maureen Kunz (University of California-Berkeley) and Fort Lewis' Teal Stetson-Lee also had strong races finishing in fourth and fifth place respectively.

"I had a really hard time yesterday, so I figured I had nothing to lose," explained Horanyi. "I knew I had a gap, but it is so easy to screw up and lose it, especially with a field of such strong riders, so I didn't want to let up."

After 25 minutes in the men's DI race, the field of 75+ had dwindled and it all came down to the home team's Mike Anderson (Lees-McRae College) who had a 30 second gap over a small chase group with three laps to go. With Friday's commanding cross country victor Benjamin Sonntag of the arch-rival Fort Lewis squad charging hard, Anderson saw several of the Lees-McRae faithful running along the barricades to cheer him through the final lap. He was able to hold off the powerful Sonntag to earn the stars-and-stripes jersey and even more importantly valuable points toward the team omnium. Tim Allen (Northern Arizona University) finished a strong third while two of Sonntag's team-mates, Rick Wetherald (Fort Lewis College) and Adam Snyder (Fort Lewis College) took fourth and fifth place respectively.

"It was an awesome race," said Lees-McRae's Eric Thompson. "I am so proud of my team-mate Mike who pounded it right from the gun. The entire team did a great job to help make this all happen."

The day's competition wrapped up with the spirit of collegiate cycling on display as coaches and riders alike fought it out in the "B" short track race Saturday afternoon. The teams went on to conclude Saturday's festivities with a banquet honouring the weekend's best.


Division 1
1 Mike Anderson (Lees McRae Cycling Team)              32.49
2 Benjamin Sonntag (Fort Lewis College)                 0.26
3 Tim Allen (NAU/VooDoo)                                0.45
4 Rick Wetherald (Fort Lewis College)                   1.10
5 Adam Snyder (Fort Lewis College)                      1.22
6 Charles Pendry (North Carolina State University)      1.37
7 Eric Thompson (Less McRae Cycling Team)               1.57
8 Yuki Saito (Metro State College of Denver)            2.00
9 Noah Singer (Fort Lewis College)                      2.07
10 Benjamin Moore (UW-Madison)                          2.11
11 Bryan Alders (CU Cycling)                            2.16
12 McConnell Franklin (Middlebury College)              2.26
13 Michael Bartlett (University of Michigan)            2.32
14 Evan Hyde (University of Arizona)                    2.36
15 Dallas Fowler (UW Madison)                           4.00
16 Robert Giannini (University of Georgia)              4.02
17 Kyle Colavito (University of Arizona Cycling)        4.14
18 Chris Hamlin (UVM Cycling)                           4.21
19 Aaron Bradford (Less McRae Cycling Team)             4.41
20 Chris Hall (CSU Rams Cycling)                        5.24
21 Nick Truitt (CSU Rams Cycling)                       5.28
22 Jake Zimmerman (Lindsey Wilson College)              6.29
23 Jon Jakupcak (UWYO Cycling Team)                     6.36
24 Shawn Kane (North Carolina State University)         6.49
25 Michael Viertel (FSU Cycling)                       23.55
26 Nicholas Dornik (University of Illinois)                 
27 Chris Peterson (CU Cycling)                              
28 Caley Fretz (CSU Rams Cycling)                           
29 Eric Breckinridge (Texas State University)               
30 Mitchell Hall (University of Florida)                    
31 Rob Dahl (University of California-Berkeley)                
32 Jon Vivolo (CSU Rams Cycling)                            
33 Randy Laparire (Less McRae Cycling Team)                 
34 Brendan Benson (University of Michigan)                  
35 Kip Spaude (Lindsey Wilson College)                      
36 Tyler Hawes (Clemson University)                         
37 Brian Firliet (UConn Cycling)                       23.56
38 Spencer Paxson (Middlebury College)                      
39 Daniel Stuart (UC - Davis Cal Aggie Cyclists)            
40 Luke Rozanski (FSU Cycling)                              
41 James Allen Ii (Penn State U Cycling)                    
42 James Brown (Lindsey Wilson College)                     
43 Sean Murphy (University of Michigan)                     
44 John-Matthew Hattaway (Texas A&M)                        
45 Chet-mun Liew (West Virginia University)                 
46 David Altare (Virginia Tech)                             
47 Ryan Smolko (Penn State U Cycling)                       
48 Nick Boswell (University of Michigan)                    
49 Christopher Belnap (University of California-Berkeley)      
50 Nic Magliocco (UVM Cycling)                              
51 Stephen Jayanathan (University of California-Berkeley)      
52 Andrew Valestrino (University of Nevada, Reno)           
53 Andy Pace (Texas State University)                       
54 Chris Farmer (UVM Cycling)                               
55 Brendan Connors (UC - Davis Cal Aggie Cyclists)          
56 Sean Berry (UNH)                                         
57 Devin Carroll (Texas A&M)                                
58 Alex Luce (University of Arizona)                        
59 Stefan Swecker (Lindsey Wilson Colege)                   
60 Ross Berger (CU Cycling)                                 
61 Joseph Gracia (Texas State Cycling)                      
62 Geoff Pendry (University of North Carolina)            
63 Steven Gordon (Virginia Tech)                            
64 Brian Mayer (Virginia Tech)                              
65 Brian Meyer (University of Arizona)                      
66 Blake Harlan (CU Cycling)                                
67 Steven Nutt (West Virginia University)                   
68 Nicholas Reeves (North Carolina State University)         
69 Jacob Arvizu (UWYO Cycling Team)                         
70 Tsering Alleyne (University of California-Berkeley)         
71 Jake Mestre (University of Nevada, Reno)                 
72 Christopher Carroll (UWYO Cycling Team)             23.57
73 Peter Dempster (UC - Davis Cal Aggie Cyclists)           
1 Eszter Horanyi (CU Cycling)                          36.23
2 Chloe Forsman (University of Arizona)                 1.22
3 Carla Swart (Lees McRae Cycling Team)                 1.59
4 Maureen Kunz (University of California-Berkeley)      2.16
5 Teal Stetson-Lee (Fort Lewis College)                 2.17
6 Amanda Miller (CSU Rams Cycling)                      2.31
7 Jamie Dinkins (University of Tennessee - Chat)        2.48
8 Ally Stacler (Lees McRae Cycling Team)                3.19
9 Christine Joe Markham (Lees Mcrae Cycling Team)       3.38
10 Corina Bigham (UC - Davis Cal Aggie Cyclists)        4.25
11 Anne Craig-Pena (FSU Cycling)                        4.32
12 Rose Long (UVM Cycling)                              4.59
13 Rachel Millsop (Lindsey Wilson College)              6.09
14 Emma Millar (Fort Lewis College)                     6.23
15 Steph White (UNH)                                    6.25
16 Emma Worldpeace (University of California-Berkeley)  6.28
17 Danae York (CU Cycling)                              6.39
18 Erin Collins (Lindsey Wilson College)                6.55
19 Jennifer Strasser (UConn Cycling)                    8.01
20 Sabina Kraushaar (Fort Lewis College)                8.11
21 Kathryn Declercq (University of California-Berkeley) 9.10
22 Kristi Henne (Lees McRae Cycling Team)              16.17
23 Jean Schneider (Lindsey Wilson College)                  
24 Jessica Lathrop (Fort Lewis College)                     
25 Kimberly Fong (University of California-Berke)           
26 Abigail Carroll (CU Cycling)                             
27 Rita Borelli (FSU Cycling)                               
28 Megan Cassidy (CSU Rams Cycling)                         
29 Sarah Lucas (Lindsey Wilson College)                     
30 Caitlin Trahan (North Carolina State University)          
31 Kim Trenbath (CU Cycling)                                
32 Gwynn Barrows (UWYO Cycling Team)                        
33 Jessica Kimball (UWYO Cycling Team)                      
34 Kate Blake (U of Nevada, Reno Cycling Team)              
35 Sarah Rawley (CSU Rams Cycling)                          
36 Netana Hotimsky (UVM Cycling)                            
37 Mairin Rooney (UC - Davis Cal Aggie Cyclists)            
38 Alexandra Vanderhoff (University of Nevada, Reno)        
39 Jennifer Jordan (University of Nevada, Reno)             
40 Kelli Michalk (Texas A&M)                                
41 Lizzie Yarina (University of Michigan Cycling)           
Division 2
1 Colin Cares (Colorado College)                       36.37
2 Mitchell Hoke (Colorado College)                      0.30
3 Kyle Mcgilvray (WWU Cycling)                          0.31
4 Gregy Gibson (Union College)                          0.53
5 Logan Wetzel (WWU Cycling)                            1.27
6 Robert Jameson (Appalachian State U Cycling)          2.12
7 Zak Grabowski (Colorado School of Mines)              2.27
8 Christopher Parrish (WWU Cycling)                         
9 Tristan Cowie (Brevard College)                       2.47
10 Patrick Means (WWU Cycling)                          2.48
11 Patrick Hurley (Warren Wilson college)               4.00
12 Nate Keck (Mesa State Cycling)                       4.30
13 Garrett Martin (WSC Cycling)                         4.45
14 Matt St Marie (Brevard College)                      6.04
15 Jonathan Turner (Union College)                      6.05
16 Jerid Gooding (Appalachian State U Cycling)          6.06
17 Alejandro Padilla (Cumberland University)            6.44
18 Jeremy Chambers (Cumberland University)              7.05
19 Zachary Winn (Union College)                         7.09
20 Joe Schneider (Colorado School of Mines)             7.47
21 Peter Fairbanks (Cumberland University)             12.23
22 Harrison Precourt (Colorado College)                13.28
23 Duncan Oliver (West Virginia Wesleyan College)           
24 Zachary Ramras (Colorado College)                   13.29
25 Gattis Tyler (Brevard College)                           
26 Lewis Hannah (Appalachian State U Cycling)               
27 David Forkner (Appalachian State U Cycling)              
28 Matthew Williams (Warren Wilson college)                 
29 Justin Varaljay (WSC Cycling)                            
30 Alex Ohman (East Tennessee State Universit)              
31 Shaun Higgins (Colorado School of Mines)                 
32 Ryan Labar (Michigan Tech Copper County Cy)              
33 Mark Fraser (USAFA)                                      
34 Topher Hurley (Colorado School of Mines)                 
35 linden Blaisus (Warren Wilson college)                   
36 Preston Moon (USAFA)                                     
37 Isaiah Smith (Mesa State Cycling)                        
38 Chip Wiegand (WSC Cycling)                               
39 Brandon Moscho (Michigan Tech Copper Country C)          
40 Kyle Bordeau (Michigan Tech Copper Country C)            
41 Ryan Morra (Warren Wilson college)                       
42 Zac Moore (Union College)                                
43 Steven Spiewak (Mesa State Cycling)                      
44 Eric Anderson (Cumberland University)                    
45 Katriel Statman (Bard College)                      13.30
46 Andrew Kramer (Bulter U Cycling)                         
1 Kay Sherwood (Colorado College)                      35.41
2 Melissa Marts (Colorado School of Mines)              0.10
3 Kylie Krauss (Warren Wilson college)                  0.22
4 Kate Chapman (WSC Cycling)                            1.18
5 Karen Amundson (Cumberland University)                2.02
6 Lauren Parker (Warren Wilson college)                 2.46
7 Naticia Slusher (Mesa State Cycling)                  3.30
8 Iris Tomlinson (Colorado School of Mines)             5.00
9 Hanna Waldman (Warren Wilson college)                 5.17
10 Johanna Tuttle (Brevard College)                     5.40
11 Lisa Spreitzer (Michigan Tech Copper Country C)      5.50
12 Amy Krull (Colorado College)                         6.04
13 Morgan Moore (Mesa State Cycling)                    7.19
14 Nan Pugh (Brevard College)                           7.34
15 Camille Prevost (Warren Wilson college)                  
16 Mary Craighead (Emory University)                        
17 Christina Moon (Mesa State Cycling)                      
18 Karen Caldwell (Union College)                           
19 Amy Russell (Union College)                              
20 Christen Boyer (Colorado School of Mines)                
21 Myra Dyer (Colorado School of Mines)                     
22 Jamie Bonza (Union College)                              
23 Catherine Watkins (Emory U Cycling)