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USA Collegiate MTB National Championships - CN

Banner Elk, North Carolina, USA, October 26-28, 2007

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Race 3 - October 27: Downhill finals

Collegiate cycling powerhouses fight for team omnium lead

Courtsey of USA cycling

The race for the overall team omnium awards heated up Saturday with the downhill and short track competitions in Banner Elk, N.C. In the Division I race Fort Lewis College racked up valuable points in the downhill contest, but host Lees-McRae College fought back in the short track race. The Colorado School of Mines leads the Division II competition, but North Carolina's Warren Wilson College is poised for a fight within ten points of the leader.

The second day of competition began with a one-hour delay as the 1.5-mile downhill course at Sugar Mountain Resort was socked in with fog. At around 9:00 a.m. on Saturday morning the action got underway as 20 Division II women tackled the same course the pros rode during the national mountain bike series (NMBS) earlier this summer. Ashlee Robison of nearby Warren Wilson College was the only DII woman to break six minutes, taking home the national championship with a time of 5:54.768. Leana Gerrard (Western Washington University) and Christen Boyer (Colorado School of Mines) were the only other DII women to finish the technically challenging course in under 6:30 to earn second and third place respectively. Robyn Embrey (Sierra Nevada College) and Jamie Bourgo (Michigan Tech Copper County) rounded out the top five.

"The course was technically difficult, but fair," explained Emory University's Catherine Watkins. "It is definitely one of the toughest courses in collegiate cycling, but the routes allow every rider the opportunity to go around most obstacles."

Colorado's Fort Lewis College had a strong showing in the women's Division I downhill contest, with Sage Wilderman (Fort Lewis College) and Sarah Elworthy (Fort Lewis College) taking first and second place. Wilderman completed the course that drops over 1,200 feet down the face of Sugar Mountain in just over 5:16 to take home the national championship. Elsworthy followed with a time only five seconds off the lead and Cal Poly San Luis Obispo's Karin Hanzi was around 12 seconds back to earn the bronze. Alisha Gibson (Fort Lewis College) and Neven Steinmetz (University of Colorado-Boulder) finished in under 6:00 for fourth and fifth place.

The sun began to peak out around 10:30 a.m. as the men's Division II race cranked up with Northern Michigan's Phil Ott charging down the mountain to win the USA Cycling Collegiate Downhill National Championship in just under 4:12. In a tight top-three, Chris Bateman of Western Washington University completed his run in 4:14.12 to take the silver and Brandon Turman of the Colorado School of Mines earned the bronze in 4:17.24. Mike Howse (Mesa State University) and Michael Thomas of nearby Appalachian State University finished in fourth and fifth place

Fort Lewis College continued to rack up points toward the overall DI team omnium as Cody Wilderman smoked down the mountain in 4:02.030 to win the stars-and-stripes jersey in the men's DI downhill contest. Chris Shewmake of the University of Colorado-Boulder nearly dethroned Wilderman however, posting a time only three tenths of a second behind the champion to take home second place. The depth of the men's DI downhill field was represented by the times of the top five with Eli Krahenbuhl (University of Wyoming), James Patterson (University of Vermont) and Charles Mooney (Lindsey Wilson College) all finishing within around five seconds of the winner.


Division I Downhill
1 Cody Wilderman (Fort Lewis College)                     4.02.030
2 Chris Shewmake (CU Cycling)                             0.00.365
3 Eli Krahenbuhl (UWYO Cycling Team)                      0.03.639
4 James Patterson (UVM Cycling)                           0.05.789
5 Charles Mooney (Lindsey Wilson College)                 0.06.503
6 Philip Wheeler (CU Cycling)                             0.07.113
7 Jesse Robbins (Fort Lewis College)                      0.08.272
8 Erik Nelson (Northern Arizona University)               0.09.980
9 Chris Scannell (UVM Cycling)                            0.10.132
10 Anthony Diaz (Fort Lewis College)                      0.10.246
11 Cody Stagner (Lindsey Wilson College)                  0.10.826
12 Leland O'Connor (Cal Poly San Luis Obispo)             0.11.732
13 Samuel Mellen (NU Cycling)                             0.11.794
14 Aaron Bradford (Lees McRae Cycling Team)               0.12.320
15 Nick Barton (University of California-Berkeley)        0.15.181
16 Miguel Ramos (Fort Lewis College)                      0.20.224
17 Chris Mari (CU Cycling)                                0.20.792
18 Ryan Kresich (Chico State)                             0.21.212
19 Alex Vidal (CU Cycling)                                0.22.520
20 Kyle Hickey (UVM Cycling)                              0.27.317
21 Daryl Deprey (UVM Cycling)                             0.28.157
22 Miles Lamon (Cal Poly San Luis Obispo)                 0.29.668
23 Brendan Rogers (UConn Cycling)                         0.31.239
24 Ryan Tarver (Cal Poly San Luis Obispo)                 0.34.970
25 Corey Smith (UNH)                                      0.35.117
26 Stephen Solt (Lees McRae Cycling Team)                 0.37.569
27 Colin Sad (UNH)                                        0.39.898
28 Weston Pope (Lindsey Wilson College)                   0.43.427
29 Ryan Fisher (University of Florida)                    0.47.797
30 Jay Seiter (Northeastern University Cycling)           0.49.037
31 Patrick Saunders (Northeastern University)             0.51.370
32 Brian Buell (Front Range Community College)            0.53.741
33 David Layman (West Virginia University)                0.55.130
34 Gregory Williams (UConn Cycling)                       1.03.512
35 Kevin Albert (Chico State)                             1.05.395
36 Shawn Kane (North Carolina State University)           1.10.159
37 William Still (University of Nevada, Reno)             1.10.192
38 Ben Hulse (Lees McRae)                                 1.11.056
39 Tsering Alleyne (University of California-Berkeley)    1.12.408
40 Nick Truitt (CSU Rams Cycling)                         1.17.323
41 Eddie Mcdonald (UNR)                                   1.21.822
42 Christopher Belnap (University of California-Berkeley) 1.29.441
43 Luke Rozanski (FSU Cycling)                            1.38.722
44 Andrew Mckee (KU Cycling)                              2.04.475
45 Joshua Filgate (Northeastern University)               2.05.236
46 Juan Pedraza (North Carolina State University)         2.07.560
47 Konstantinos Charizanis (University of Florida)        2.19.165
48 Sam Diaz-Munoz (University of California-Berkeley)     2.54.378
49 Brandon Krick (University of Florida)                  2.58.600
50 Benjamin Weatherly (Lindsey Wilson College)            2.59.184
51 Jorge Arango (North Carolina State University)         3.07.187
52 Alex Ogdon (University of Michigan)                   15.24.252
1 Sage Wilderman (Fort Lewis College)                     5.16.088
2 Sarah Elworthy (Fort Lewis College)                     0.04.746
3 Karin Hanzi (Cal Poly San Luis Obispo)                  0.10.989
4 Alisha Gibson (Fort Lewis College)                      0.17.321
5 Neven Steinmetz (CU Cycling)                            0.36.071
6 Danae York (CU Cycling)                                 0.41.871
7 Emma Millar (Fort Lewis College)                        0.50.643
8 Kristine Koch (Lees McRae Cycling Team)                 0.56.546
9 Jenna Kowalski (Cal Poly San Luis Obispo)               0.59.363
10 Rose Long (UVM Cycling)                                1.06.721
11 Samantha Hadley (Lindsey Wilson College)               1.09.734
12 Hannah Trimble (Lees McRae Cycling Team)               1.19.165
13 Maureen Kunz (University of California-Berkeley)       1.26.663
14 Eszter Horanyi (CU Cycling)                            2.07.863
15 Netana Hotimsky (UVM Cycling)                          2.26.101
16 Olivia Maurey (Lees McRae Cycling Team)                2.44.120
17 Margarete Jadamec (UC - Davis Cal Aggie Cyclists)      3.08.914
18 Amy Englebrecht (University of California-Berkeley)    3.38.423
19 Chole Jackson (Lees McRae Cycling Team)                3.41.872
20 Mairin Rooney (UC - Davis Cal Aggie Cyclists)          4.21.043
21 Abigail Carroll (CU Cycling)                           5.25.181
22 Corina Bigham (UC - Davis Cal Aggie Cyclists)          5.58.654
23 Chloe Forsman (University of Arizona)                  6.00.810
24 Sarah Lucas (Lindsey Wilson College)                   6.06.991
25 Emma Worldpeace (University of California-Berkeley)    6.15.525
26 Rachel Millsop (Lindsey Wilson College)                7.37.662
27 Kimberly Fong (University of California-Berkeley)      9.41.129
28 Erin Collins (Lindsey Wilson College)                  9.52.912
29 Caitlin Trahan (North Carolina State University)      11.48.344
Division II Downhill
1 Phil Ott (Northern Michigan Cycling Club)               4.11.952
2 Chris Bateman (WWU Cycling)                             0.02.168
3 Brandon Turman (Colorado School of Mines)               0.05.288
4 Mike Howse (Mesa State Cycling)                         0.07.741
5 Michael Thomas (Appalachian State U Cycling)            0.13.577
6 Vaughn Larsen (WWU Cycling)                             0.14.878
7 Nathan Work (Colorado School of Mines)                  0.20.492
8 Deider Barrick (Colorado School of Mines)               0.20.977
9 Isaiah Smith (Mesa State Cycling)                       0.23.357
10 Eric Freson (WSC Cycling)                              0.26.250
11 Marshall Roach (Mesa State Cycling)                    0.31.138
12 Luke Tikkanen (Northern Michigan Cycling Club)         0.31.659
13 Dan Casioppo (Lehigh University)                       0.33.515
14 Timothy Ruggles (WSC Cycling)                          0.35.559
15 Daniel Sapp (Appalachian State U Cycling)              0.44.448
16 Robert Thodal (Lehigh University)                      0.46.120
17 Patrick Means (WWU Cycling)                            0.49.232
18 Geoff Fryer (East Tennessee State University)          0.54.303
19 Scott Phillips (Appalachian State U Cycling)           0.55.150
20 Brad Hall (WSC Cycling)                                0.58.686
21 Brandon Sullivan (USAFA)                               1.08.009
22 Alex Prouty (WSC Cycling)                              1.11.429
23 Quinn Maxwell (Mesa State Cycling)                     1.16.335
24 Patrick Hurley (Warren Wilson College)                 1.19.665
25 Alex Ohman (East Tennessee State University)           1.23.163
26 Alexander Lewis (Warren Wilson College)                1.24.142
27 Gregy Gibson (Union College)                           1.24.384
28 Zachary Winn (Union College)                           1.29.794
29 Alejandro Padilla (Cumberland University)              1.37.539
30 Ben West (Warren Wilson college)                       1.43.301
31 Jonathan Turner (Union College)                        1.47.637
32 Marshall Burnette (East Tennessee State University)    1.54.764
33 Paige Heron (Warren Wilson College)                    1.55.495
34 Devin Rhinehart (Colorado School of Mines)             1.56.148
35 Robert Jameson (Appalachian State U Cycling)           1.58.758
36 Joel Burette (Bulter U Cycling)                        2.01.254
37 Ryan Labar (Michigan Tech Copper County)               2.29.276
38 Thomas Wilkinson (East Tennessee State University)     2.30.695
39 Andrew Kienitz (Michigan Tech Copper Country)          5.39.184
40 Zac Moore (Union College)                              6.44.026
DNS Jeremy Chambers (Cumberland University)                       
DNS Shawn Mullican (Cumberland University)                        
1 Ashlee Robison (Warren Wilson College)                  5.54.768
2 Leana Gerrard (Western Washington University)           0.06.107
3 Christen Boyer (Colorado School of Mines)               0.31.769
4 Robyn Embrey (Sierra Nevada College)                    0.45.567
5 Jamie Bourgo (Michigan Tech Copper Country)             0.55.788
6 Kate Chapman (WSC Cycling)                              1.40.092
7 Naticia Slusher (Mesa State Cycling)                    2.08.185
8 Kylie Krauss (Warren Wilson College)                    3.21.276
9 Karen Amundson (Cumberland University)                  3.23.042
10 Camille Prevost (Warren Wilson College)                3.54.694
11 Hanna Waldman (Warren Wilson College)                  5.14.403
12 Iris Tomlinson (Colorado School of Mines)              6.27.877
13 Lisa Spreitzer (Michigan Tech Copper Country)          6.46.582
14 Melissa Marts (Colorado School of Mines)               7.06.025
15 Catherine Watkins (Emory U Cycling)                    7.46.356
16 Myra Dyer (Colorado School of Mines)                  10.41.612
17 Karen Caldwell (Union College)                        11.42.886
18 Amy Russell (Union College)                           12.36.313