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So Cal 'cross series #5

Glendale, CA, October 23, 2005

Noble(s), Popovic and the kids rule the grass

By Sam Ames

Jon Miller (Amgen)
Photo ©: Mitch Clinton
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Brittany Van Vleet (KHS/Swamis)
Photo ©: Mitch Clinton
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Ryan Ferro (PAA/Merrill Lynch)
Photo ©: Mitch Clinton
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A group clears the triple barrier
Photo ©: Mitch Clinton
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Father & Son....again!
Photo ©: Mitch Clinton
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Verdugo park in Glendale was the site of the fifth round of the Southern California Cyclocross Cup. The event saw the highest turnout ever in SoCal Cross with 182 entrees! The Glendale Adventist Medical Center Verdugo Cross was a classic style course with its numerous turns, moist dirt, with some off camber corners. A rider favourite, the great course was lots of fun and very challenging. The mostly grass layout and barriers provided 25 turns and sweeps along its 7-8 minute lap. The race was hosted by Verdugo Cycling and the PAA/Merrill Lynch team with refreshments and free hot dogs!

The "SCCX" Booth also displayed series sponsors, Lemond Poprad to be given away in a drawing as part of the fundraising drive for the Lance Armstrong Foundation. Demo Day Redline Conquest cross bikes were available to racers throughout the day and were supported by the Official Series Bike Shop, Incycle.

Racing got under way at 9am with Master men 50+, single speed and junior racing. Jon Miller battled with Jon Livesay of PAA/Merrill Lynch with Miller of team Amgen taking the win for the 50+. In single speed action it was Ryan Ferro of PAA/Merrill Lynch who took the win. The junior races, which are seeing increased field sizes, were won by Brittany Van Vleet of KHS/Swamis in the girls and Didier Jaurdain of SDBC/Karl Strauss in the boys.

In other Masters racing action, the 40+ race saw a great two man show with Chris Gallup of Celo Pacific taking the win and Robert Abell of Durango Wheel Club taking second. In the 30+ race it was Jeff Prinz/Celo Pacific who rolled away on the first lap from a group of four and never looked back. The men's C and B race again saw large fields and both were exciting races and hotly contested to the line. Taking the men's B race in a sprint was Jason Vorrell of Encore Cycling and in the C race it was Dale Holmes for the win.

The women of SoCal came out in force with the highest turnout ever! In women's A race action, series director Dorothy Wong a.k.a. "sparkplug" was dealt her second loss of the series by race winner Carolyn Popovic of Evamo. A fast start saw the two in the lead with Popovic making a surge midway through the race to take the win. The women's B race was won by Martine Sturm in solid fashion.

The family featured event at the Verdugo Cross was the hugely fun Kids cross race, complete with barriers!. A small field of small kid crossers, some complete with training wheels, made a short lap on the grass around one of the trees and one set of barriers with a sprint down the finishing straight. A truly unique event and it had the largest cheers of the day. The race was won by little Jake Yung out sprinting Brenna Cannulla (go girl!).

In men's A racing action a super fast asphalt start strung out the field with the father and son duo of Mark and Chance Noble (Scaryfast) leading the pack. The two rode like one as they gained 10 then 20 seconds on a chase group of 4. They continued their smooth ride with pappa Mark (Amgen) taking the win on the last lap. Behind the battle for third was determined by the twists and turns of the course as Mike Easter (Shoreline Cycles) took third place from John Behrens (Celo Pacific/Salsa). Behrens put in a gutsy performance as he raced twice taking second in the masters 30+ race earlier in the day.

Racing action continues next weekend for the famed "Black Cat Cross" hosted by Back on Track Productions and the Urban Cross Series. For details check out: www.socalcyclocross.org.




Men A
1 Mark Noble (Amgen Cycling Club)                       1.02.02
2 Chance Noble (Scary Fast Racing)                         1.49
3 Michael Easter (Unattached)                              2.27
4 John Behrens (Celo Pacific)                                  
5 Ryan Lane (Unattached)                                   2.41
6 Christopher Gallup (Celo Pacific)                        5.15
7 Jeff Herring (Celo Pacific)                              5.24
8 Bill Dean (Veloworx)                                         
1 lap down                                                
9 Garnet Vertican (ODI)                                        
10 Heath McGee (ODI)                                           
11 Bryan VanVleet (Maumee Valley Wheelmen)                     
12 Lawrence Leonard (Tangelo Velo)                             
13 Andy Bestwick (High Desert Cycling Club)                    
2 laps down                                               
14 Paul Hernandez (Bicycles Johns Serious Cycling)             
15 Kevin Ryan (Amgen Cycling Club)                             
DNS Michael Bennett (Unattached)                               
DNF Leonardo Sandoval                                          
Women A
1 Carolyn Popovic                                         45.17
2 Dorothy Wong (Bicycles Johns Serious Cycling)                
3 Mandy Eakins (Velosport)                                     
4 Molly Hartsough (Warriors Society)                           
5 Christie Pleiss (Unattached)                                 
6 Carol Ruckle (Jelly Belly/Pool Gel)                          
7 Brittney Van Vleet (Swami's Cycling Club)                    
8 Keli Roberts (Pasadena Athletic Assoc (PAA)                  
9 Kendall Ryan (Scary Fast Racing)                             
DNF Monique Sawicki (Team Mata)                                
Men B
1 Jason Vorell (Velocity Inc)                             44.35
2 Bernard Georges (Hup United)                                 
3 Mark Damaske (SC Velo)                                       
4 Roger Wotten (Big Orange)                                    
5 Lyle Warner (Subaru Helen's)                                 
6 Frederick Bottger (Pasadena Athletic Assoc/Merrill Lynch)    
7 Andrew Juskaitis (Unattached)                                
8 Alex Ter-Vrugt (Celo Pacific)                                
9 Phillip Gray (Celo Pacific)                                  
10 Jermaine Brown (Kona/Velo Pro)                              
11 Jamie Stathas (PAA/Merrill Lynch)                           
12 Al Morinaka (Velocity Cycling Team)                         
13 Michael Hotten (South Bay Wheelmen)                         
14 David Bales (Celo Pacific)                                  
15 R Lee Willmore (Celo Pacific)                               
16 Dan Breyer (Celo Pacific)                                   
17 Paul Welsh (Celo Pacific)                                   
18 Rich Holtzman (Unattached)                                  
19 Ned Browne (Long Beach Elite)                               
20 Scott Joiner (Unattached)                                   
21 Nicholas Westlund (XXX Racing)                              
22 Jon Stinzel (socalcycling.com)                              
23 Tom McDonald                                                
24 Jeffrey Steinhart (Bicycle Johns Serious Cycling)           
25 Michael Mascott (Pasadena Athletic Assoc/Merrill Lynch)     
26 Jeff Rowe (Unattached)                                      
DNF Michael Bennett (Unattached)                               
DNF Glenn Masuda (South Bay Wheelmen)                          
DNF Gregory Hammond (Monticello Cycling Club)                  
DNF Charles Morris (Celo Pacific)                              
DNF Joshua Wiggins (Veloworx Racing)                           
Men C
1 Dale Holmes (KHS)                                       30.05
2 Jason Fitzgibbon (Vans)                                      
3 Stephen Fitzgerald                                           
4 Jason Lowetz (Unattached)                                    
5 Eduardo Nilo (Unattached)                                    
6 Peter Cohn (Pasadena Athletic Assoc (PAA)                    
7 David Gibson (Team Velocity)                                 
8 Todd Morton                                                  
9 Ron McKiernan (Pasadena Athletic Assoc/Merrill Lynch)        
10 Cameron Dickinson (Unattached)                              
11 Brent Kious (UCLA Triathalon)                               
12 Steven Smith (Team Tailwinds)                               
13 Jose Nilo (Unattached)                                      
14 Matt Hale (Celo Pacific)                                    
15 Alex Hall (South Bay Wheelmen)                              
16 Matt Conne (AFP Velosport)                                  
17 Sean Zook (Unattached)                                      
18 Sameer Kawash                                               
19 Pip Hancox (IE Bikes)                                       
20 James Keiser (Adams Avenue Bicycles)                        
21 Matthew Gunnell (Pasadena Athletic Assoc/Merrill Lynch)     
22 Dale Raymond (Southern California Velo)                     
23 Joe Espinosa (PAA/Merrill Lynch)                            
24 Brian Carrico (Pasadena Athletic Assoc/Merrill Lynch)       
25 Kyle Schwarz (Vams)                                         
26 Kyle Cleveland (Team Cyclist)                               
27 Jim Padilla (Pasadena Athletic Assoc (PAA)                  
28 Michael Lutzker (ProBikeSupport.com)                        
29 Roberto Jourdain (Unattached)                               
30 Chris Sharp (Backbone Adventure Cycling)                    
31 David Collins (Team Velocity)                               
32 Randall Putz (3 Pines/BV Biker)                             
33 Paul Avila (Garden City Cyclists)                           
34 Craig Pittman (Pasadena Athletic Assoc/Merrill Lynch)       
35 Todd Whitehouse (ADT Event Center)                          
36 Araim Kurchian                                              
37 Geoffrey Albert (Unattached)                                
38 Mike Shaw                                                   
39 George Korn (Equinox)                                       
40 Paul Theriot                                                
41 Michael Baldivino (Southbay Wheelman)                       
42 Kenneth Avchen (South Bay Wheelmen)                         
Wmn B
1 Martine Sturm                                          39.07
2 Megan Cordes (Unattached)                                    
3 Heidi Kanayan (Bear Valley Bikes)                            
4 Lisa Vorell (Encore)                                         
5 Donna Bertiger (Unattached)                                  
6 Sara Gordon (Unattached)                                     
7 Lisa Lapuch                                                  
8 Shelly Sjobeck (Celo Pacific)                                
9 Eryn Stinzel (So Cal Cycling)                                
10 Karen Nay (Southbay Wheelman)                               
Mst 30+
1 Jeff Prinz (Celo Pacific)                               43.43
2 John Behrens (Celo Pacific)                                  
3 Robert Weyman (Century Road Club Association)                
4 Samuel Ames (Simply Fit/Action Sports)                       
5 Mark Vandermolen (Coast Velo Cycling)                        
6 Alex Ter-Vrugt (Celo Pacific)                                
7 Michael Eaton (Amgen Cycling Club)                           
8 Jon Stinzel (socalcycling.com)                               
9 Steve Ford (Euskadi)                                         
10 David Boulton (Met-Rx/ Alliance)                            
DNF James Jakubowski                                           
DNF Mark Moromisata                                            
Mst 40+
1 Christopher Gallup (Celo Pacific)                       44.08
2 Rob Abell (Durango Wheel Club)                               
3 Keith Neu (Unattached)                                       
4 Charles Morris (Unattached)                                  
5 Jay Wolkoff (Sonance/Specialized)                            
6 David Bales (Celo Pacific)                                   
7 Brad House (Bike Palace/Keller Williams/Back on Trac)        
8 Mark Tucker (Amgen Cycling Club)                             
9 Alan Braff (Non-Stop Ciclismo)                               
10 Mark Luke (Echelon Santa Barbara)                           
11 Bart Blanchett                                              
12 Wayne Cottrell (Ogden One Cycling Club)                     
13 John Furlong (Unattached)                                   
14 Marq Prince (South Bay Wheelmen)                            
15 Greg Townsend                                               
16 Mike Leone (Swami's Cycling Club)                           
17 Richard Murphy (Celo Pacific)                               
18 Bryan VanVleet (Maumee Valley Wheelmen)                     
DNF Samuel Ames (Simply Fit/Action Sports)                     
Mst 50+
1 Jon Miller (Amgen Cycling Club)                         48.22
2 Jonathan Livesay (Pasadena Athletic Assoc (PAA)              
3 Rick Swanson (Radsport)                                      
4 Thomas Reilly (Pasadena Athletic Assoc (PAA)                 
5 Howard Miller (Paramount Racing)                             
6 Bob Conklin (Radsport)                                       
7 Rickey Russell (Met-Rx/ Alliance)                            
8 Kevin Ryan (Amgen Cycling Club)                              
9 Robert Llamas (Pasadena Athletic Assoc/Merrill Lynch)        
10 Randi Perkins (Amgen Cycling Club)                          
11 Richard Bustos (Southern California Velo)                   
12 R Lee Willmore (Celo Pacific)                               
13 John Rahn (Amgen Cycling Club)                              
Jr Men
1 Didier Jourdain (Karl Strauss/SDBC)                     40.39
2 Miles Ludi (Karl Strauss/SDBC)                               
3 Ben Bertiger (Pasadena Athletic Assoc/Merrill Lynch)         
4 Peter Morris (Celo Pacific)                                  
5 Sander Putz (Spines/BU Bikes)                                
Jr Women
1 Brittney Van Vleet (Swami's Cycling Club)               40.39
2 Kendall Ryan (Scary Fast Racing)                             
3 Amanda Duarte (Karl Strauss/SDBC)                            
Single Speed
1 Ryan Ferro (Pasadena Athletic Assoc (PAA)               46.58
2 Bert Blanchette (Backbone)                                   
3 Paul Hernandez (Bicycles Johns Serious Cycling)              
4 Dale Raymond (Southern California Velo)                      
5 Todd Munson (Steller)                                        
6 Michael Brown (Frank Xray)                                   
7 Todd Whitehouse (ADT Event Center)                           
DNF Joshua Wiggins (Veloworx Racing)                           
DNF Geoffrey Albert                                            
DNF Tom McDonald                                               
1 Jake Yung                                                    
2 Brenna Cannulla                                              
3 Jackson Totleben                                             
4 Theo Chamberlain                                             
5 Sofia Avila                                                  
6 Keiloh Domenico                                              
7 Keegan Ferro                                                 
8 Eris Albert-Minckler                                         
9 Mya Ludi                                                     
10 Siena Avila                                                 

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