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Delafield , WI, October 2, 2005

'Cross starts out HOT!

By Chris Setter

Bryan Smith (TIAA CREF)
Photo ©: Madcross.org
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For the second year in a row, temperatures ranged into the upper 70's to usher in the cyclocross season in Wisconsin. With the hot temperatures came hot racing and hot numbers, as nearly 150 racers attended Moe's Burrito 'Cross at Lapham Peak State Park in Delafield , WI , on Sunday, October 2.

Well known by area racers, Lapham Peak has been a home to Wisconsin 's cyclocross series debut race for each of the last 3 seasons. Although there were similarities to races past, this year's course featured a new, tough climb, leading to a wicked run-up each lap. Not everybody loved the off-camber U turn followed by steep run-up, but since when were "run-up" and "fun" supposed to be in the same sentence? Everyone did agree on one thing, the hill was hard.

Throughout the day, races were hard fought as categories posted record numbers of riders. Battles continued through to the culminating events of the day, the Women's and Men's Category-A races.

The Masters race
Photo ©: Madcross.org
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In the women's race, Team Wisconsin 's Patt Kaufmann held off Kristin Wentworth (Nova/IS Corp) and Samantha Kaplan (Capitol Velo Club) for the win. Kaufmann capitalized on her home-field advantage, as she had a sneak-peak at the run-up during the local 'cross practice in weeks leading up to the race.

The men's race came down to a heated sprint between Trek VW Midwest Factory rider Tristan Schouten, and Alan Factory's Matt Kelly. There may has well have been no barriers at all, as both riders bunny hopped their way through each lap, making the hot temps look easy!

CZ Velo would like to thank and congratulate all of the racers and spectators who showed up to open the cyclocross season in Wisconsin . Also, huge thanks goes out to event sponsors Moe's Southwest Grill, providing food for volunteers and racers, and Wheel and Sprocket, providing merchandise prizes. Lastly, special thanks to Renee Callaway and the Capitol Velo Club for co-sponsoring the Women's B and Junior Women's Categories. It's commitment like that which will bring more new women into the exciting sport of cyclocross!


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Images by Madcross.org/www.madcross.org


Women's A
1 Patt Kaufmann (Team Wisconsin )                    
2 Kristin Wentworth (Nova/IS Corp)                   
3 Samantha Kaplan (Capitol Velo Club)                
4 Kaitlen Antonneau (Nova/IS Corp)                   
5 Renee Callaway (Capitol Velo Club)                 
Men's A
1 Tristan Schouten (Trek VW Midwest Factory Team)    
2 Matt Kelly (Alan Factory Team)                     
3 Bobby Williamson                                   
4 Jason Landretti (Great Dane Velo Club)             
5 Kyle Jacobson (Beans & Barley Cycling Team)        
6 Bryan Smith (TIAA-CREF)                            
7 Kurt Refsnider (All 9 Yards)                       
8 Brian Conant (Revolution)                          
9 Jordan Roessingh (Nova/IS Corp)                    
10 Jeremy Rodriguez (Team Wisconsin )                
11 Mark LaLonde                                      
12 Chris Setter (CZ Velo)                            
13 John Acker (Wheel and Sprocket)                   
14 Dan Lionberg (One Percent More)                   
15 Randy Bailey                                      
16 John Kunert (Great Dane Velo Club)                
B Women
1 Kerry Ham                                          
2 Susan Uphill (Kenda Tire)                          
3 Brittany Night                                     
4 Colleen Westphal                                   
5 Keri Anderson (Nova/IS Corp)                       
C Women
1 Elizabeth Gore                                     
2 Karen Nelson                                       
3 Linda Seamers (Capitol Velo Club)                  
4 Juli Wagner (Capitol Velo Club)                    

B Men
1 Tom Bender (Team Wisconsin )                       
2 Aaron Brandt (Team Wisconsin )                     
3 Ron Stawicki                                       
4 Luke Batchelor- Clark                              
5 Jack Hirt (Velo Trocadero)                         
6 Damon Rinard (Brazen Dropouts)                     
7 Joe Greatens                                       
8 Ric Damm                                           
9 Chad Balthazar                                     
10 Stafford Kramer                                   
11 Bill Nigh                                         
12 Kip Spaude (Nova/IS Corp)                         
13 Craig Buechel (Hampshire CC)                      
14 Anthony Gonzalez                                  
15 Nicholas Holbus (One Percent)                     
16 Ryan Cate (Velo Squad)                            
17 David Bell (Chainsmokers)                         
18 Erich Gross                                       
19 Carl Ham                                          
20 Al Krueger (CZ Velo)                              
21 Michael Berman (Alberto’s)                        
22 David Schoenherr                                  
23 Greg Heck (XXX Athletico)                         
24 David Kockler (Athletes by Design)                
25 Jerome Daehl (Hayes)                              
26 Jason Labelle (Alberto’s)                         
27 Derek Hochstetler                                 
28 Ian Dewar                                         
29 Jason Svaldi                                       

C Men
1 Justin Braathen                                    
2 Matt Lohrentz                                      
3 Bill Street (PCW)                                  
4 Eric Knuth (Brazen Dropouts)                       
5 William O’Connell                                  
6 Richard Janisch (Hayes)                            
7 Patrick Haley (Velo Trocadero)                     
8 Jon Nelson                                         
9 Todd Kalkoske (Velo Trocadero)                     
10 Todd Hill                                         
11 Constantine Peters                                
12 Trent Ping                                        
13 Matthew Block                                     
14 Bryan McGill                                      
15 John Roberts                                      
16 Phillip Olsen                                     
17 Cory Clechenke                                    
18 Jeff Lex (Hampshire CC)                           
19 Scott Thodter                                     
20 Dan Hendricks (UW Whitewater)                     
21 Peter Tampa                                       
22 Jason Parra (2CC/Pony)                            
23 Wade Loberger                                     
24 Shawn McMahon                                     
25 Donald Engwis ( Kenosha Velo)                     
26 Scott Hempel (CZ Velo)                            
27 Ron Hein                                          
28 Lewis Clark                                       
29 Gary Bender (Bellin Health)                       
30 Russel Jobs (Hayes)                               
31 Benjamin Blair                                    
32 Daniel Backley                                    
33 Mark Sarder (Team Mack)                           
34 Tony Wagner (PCW)                                 
35 Tim Bryan                                         
36 Rob Costello                                      
37 Andrew Toumanoff                                  
38 Stuart Wong                                       
39 Leigh Jerison                                     
40 John Corbin                                       
41 Chris Moreland                                    
42 Douglas Funk                                      
43 Frank Batchelor-Clark                             
44 Thomas Hanlon                                     
45 Michael Bryan  

Junior Boys
1 Matt Brandt (Team Wisconsin )                      
2 Aristotle Peters                                   
3 Thomson Remo (Nova/IS Corp)                        
4 Nathan Labecki (Hayes)                             
5 Michael James (Nova/IS Corp)                       
Junior Girls
1 Kaitlin Antonneau (Nova/IS Corp)                   
2 Emily Antonneau                                    
Masters 30+
1 Randy Bailey                                       
2 Jeff Melcher                                       
3 Matthew Stewart (Revolution)                       
4 Mark Harms (Brazen Dropouts)                       
5 David Peters (Brazen Dropouts)                     
6 Jerry Long (Chainsmokers)                          
7 Steve Chapin                                       
8 Andrew Gardner (Brazen Dropouts)                   
Masters 40+
1 John Handlogten (One Percent More)                 
2 Bob Rozman (CZ Velo)                               
3 Greg Ferguson (Novara/REI)                         
4 James Real (Northbranch)                           
5 Robert Knutson                                     
6 Geoff Fenelon                                      
7 Paul Warloski (Team Mack)                          
8 Eric Knuth (Brazen Dropouts)                       
9 Tim Wyrick                                         
10 Lowell Kellogg (Nova/IS Corp)                     
11 Franco Panveno (Alberto’s)                        
12 Thomas Schbernagel                                
13 Ken Haines ( America ’s Dairyland)                
14 Robert Schueler (Hampshire CC)                    
15 John Spaude (Nova/IS Corp)                        
16 Keith Westphal                                    
17 Russel Jobs (Hayes)                               
18 Ted Batzer                                                                           

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