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So Cal Cyclocross Series #2

Torrance, CA, October 2, 2005

So. Cal Cross Series continues to break records!

Sunny and 78 degrees. Not your average cross race forecast but that's what greeted riders at race #2 or the Southern California Cyclocross Series in Torrance, CA.

Back on Track Productions and the Urban Cyclocross played host to So Cal Cross Series race #2 with another record breaking day of 175 entrees on Sunday Oct. 2nd. The race was held at Entradero Park and featured a combination of sand, loose gravel and a very challenging 70 meter run up. The technical and demanding course took its toll as running was reduced to walking on the sandy, steep hill. Hairpin turns in the sand and gravel added to the excitement as riders and their skills were put to the test.

Redline Bicycles hosted Bike Demo Day with a collection of Conquest Pro bikes hot off the red Vegas dirt! Riders were given a chance to test out the bikes firsthand. A record setting field of Juniors lined up and were led by Didier Jourdain of San Diego Bicycle Club/Karl Strauss who dominated the boys race while racing on one of the Redline Conquest Pro demo bikes! Newly crowned National MTB champion, Brittany Van Vleet of KHS/Swamis (San Diego) took the win for the girls.

The women's B race was won by Beth Gentry of Team Pro Cyclery and the ever lively, ever working series director, Dorothy Wong of Kelly Bike Company won the women's A race.
Taking the men's B race was Ty Cady of team Rock N Road. The largest field of the day, also record attendance, was the Men's C event which was won by 16 year old Grant Van Horn of team Action Sports/Cannondale (Bakersfield) who not only came from behind to take the win, but also competed in his first ever cyclocross race!

In masters racing it was Jeff Prinz of SDBC taking his second straight win of the series in the 30+ race, Santa Cross race promoter, Gary Hanson of team Amgen winning the 40+ race in commanding fashion, and Jonathan Livesay of PAA/Merril Lynch winning the 50+ race, also his second win of the series.

The men's A race was hotly contested but handily won by Celo Pacific team rider Tony Smith….on a single speed FIXED gear bike! Handling the dismounts, sand and tough run ups is no easy task let alone doing it on a fixed gear bike with one brake! Coming in second was Shoreline cycles rider Mike Easter and rounding out the top three was Shawn Olin of the U.S. Armed Forces.

So Cal Cross welcomes: InCycle, Protech Skincare, Elete Water, 3 Pines Lodge - Big Bear, Warner Springs Ranch, Slime, Alpha Q/True Temper, Brave Soldier, Adventure Sports Magazine, and Endless Pursuit to our series sponsor family. Thanks for your support!

The SCCX series continues next weekend with race #3 Adams Ave. in San Diego, CA on the grounds of Morely Field and the San Diego Velodrome and will both start and finish inside the velodrome, ala Paris Roubaix!

Check out: www.socalcyclocross.org for all the details.


Men A
1 Antony Smith (Celo Pacific)                
2 Mike Easter (Shoreline Cycles)             
3 Brent Prenzlow (Celo Pacific/Salsa)        
4 John Behrens (Celo Pacific)                
5 Shawn Olin (US Armed Forces)               
6 Jeff Herring (Celo Pacific)                
7 Leonardo Sandoval (Bicycle Johns/Salsa)    
8 Bill Dean (Veloworx Racing)                
9 Garnet Vertican (ODI)                      
10 Ryan Lane (Khala/La Grange)               
 Larry Vanzant (Echelon SB)                  
 Thad Sparrow (Celo Pacific)                 
 Paul Hernandez (Bicycle Johns)              
 Sam Ames (Action Sports/Cannondale)         
 Brett Hondorp (Sycip Racing)                
 Lawrence Leonard (Shoreline Cycles)         
 Michael Lilly (Shoreline Cycles)            
 Josh Wiggins (Veloworx Racing)              
 Dan Breyer (Celo Pacific)                   
 Erik Burgan (Team Kinesys)                  
 Austin Carroll (Balance Bar/Devo)           
 Curt Dosier (Monex)                         
 Chris Gallup (Celo Pacific)                 
 Ron Gutierrez (Sycip)                       
 Greg Hammond (Monticello)                   
 Gary Hanson (Amgen)                         
 John Kammeyer (Redline/Ritchey)             
 Dan Nelson (Amgen)                          
 Chance Nobel (Scary Fast Junior Racing)     
 Mark S. Noble (Amgen)                       
 Perry Paolini (Amgen)                       
 Jeff Sanford (Canyon Velo)                  
 Jeff Schmela (Team Adalante)                
Women A
1 Dorothy Wong (Kelly Bike Company)          
2 Amy Bowen (Platinum)                       
3 Mandy Eakins (AFP/Velosport)               
4 Dede Moore (Mission Hosp)                  
5 Nicette Quintero (La Grange)               
6 Brittany Vanvleet (KHS Bicycles/Swamis)    
7 Carol Ruckle (Jelly Belly)                 
8 Keli Roberts (PAA/Merrill Lynch)           
Men B
1 Jason Vorell (Encore Cycling)              
2 Ty Cady (Rock N Road)                      
3 James Lowe (Ranchos Cycling)               
4 Andrew Juskaitis (Giant Bicycles)          
5 Blaine Maas (Ranchos)                      
7 Darin Taniwaka (Unattached)                
8 Sameer Kawash (Unattached)                 
9 Jason Eddy (Ranchos)                       
10 Alex Ter-Vrugt                            
11 Mark Damaske (SC Velo)                    
12 Iain Paterson (Unattached)                
13 Craig Mann (Veloworx Racing)              
14 Bernard Georges (HUP United)              
15 Al Morinaka (Team Velocity)               
 Eric Barlevav (Bicycle Johns)               
 Michael Bennet (Gold Coast Velo)            
 Fritz Bottger (PAA)                         
 Alan Braff (Bicycles of Ojai)               
 Dan Breyer (Celo Pacific)                   
 Greg Castaneda (Lightning Velo)             
 Bill Dean (Veloworx Racing)                 
 Ryan Ferro (PAA/Merrill Lynch)              
 Steve Ford (Huangoche SVR)                  
 Matthew Glick (Hazards Cycle Sports)        
 Matthew Gunnell (PAA)                       
 Brian Hill (SBW)                            
 Chris Hipwell (Big Orange Racing)           
 Rick Hoak (Unattached)                      
 Ty Kady (Velocity)                          
 Michael Lilly (Shoreline Cycles)            
 Gregory Page (Lightning Velo)               
 Jason Perkins (Ravens)                      
 Juan Quintero (Kahala/La Grange)            
 Kevin Reilly (SDBC)                         
 Jeff Rowe (B&L Bike & Sports)               
 Morgan Ryan (Scary Fast)                    
 Tony Sataman (SC Velo)                      
 Jeff Schmela (Team Adalante)                
 Jeff Sullivan (Trek SD/Clif Bar)            
 Paul Welsh (Celo Pacific)                   
 Jeffrey M. Wilson (Alliance/MetRX)          
 Roger Wotton (Big Orange Racing)            
 Sean Zook (Unattached)                      
Women B
1 Martha Brown (Columbia River Velo)         
2 Beth Gentry (Team Pro Cyclery)             
3 Lisa Vorell (Encore Cycling)               
4 Sara Gordon                                
5 Madeleine Saran (UCLA)                     
6 Karen Nay                                  
7 Maria Fahie (Switchback)                   
8 Gina Bittschof                             
Men C
1 David Fulkerson (Team Mom & Dad)           
2 Grant Vanhorn (Simply Fit)                 
3 Jermaine Brown (Velo Pro/Kona)             
 Jason Darby (AFP/VeloSport)                 
4 Daniel Fahie (Switchback)                  
5 Jason Fitzgibbon (Vans)                    
6 Michael Bennett (Gold Coast Velo)          
7 James M. Keiser (GS Adams Avenue)          
8 Ryan Ferro (PAA/Merrill Lynch)             
9 Rick Hoak (Giant)                          
10 Didier Jordan (Karl Strauss/SDBC)         
11 Brent Kious (UCLA)                        
12 Matt Hale (Celo Pacific)                  
13 Alex Hall (South Bay Wheelman)            
14 Bruce Anderson (Unattached)               
15 Paul Avila (Garden City Cyclists)         
16 Michael Baldivino (Lightning Velo)        
17 Olin Borrow (Unattached)                  
18 Ty Buckenberger (Unattached)              
19 Matthew Callender (Unattached)            
20 Jay Cryderman (Cryderman Racing)          
21 Brian Dallas (Shoreline Cycles)           
22 William Daly (South Bay Wheelman)         
23 Tom Davis (Pro Cyclery)                   
 Drew Englemann (B&L Bike & Sports)          
 Sean Fenner (Landmark Insurance)            
 Rich Fersch (Race Haus)                     
 John Furlong (Lagona Rads)                  
 Matt Gunnell (PAA)                          
 Forrest Hayashi (PMBC)                      
 Rick Hobbs (Unattached)                     
 Noah Holcomb (Cannondale)                   
 Killain Jones (Encino Velo)                 
 Scott Junker (Knights Cycling)              
 David Kimsey (Knights Cycling)              
 Mike Leone (Swamis)                         
 Ryan Levison (SDBC)                         
 Eric Matthies (Squadra Obscure)             
 Benjamin Mauceri (Kahala/La Grange)         
 Al Morinaka (Velocity)                      
 Jim Padilla (PAA/Merrill Lynch)             
 Tim Panttaja (Switchback Cyclry)            
 Merlyn Plumlee (South Bay Wheelman)         
 Marq Prince (SBW)                           
 Juan Quintero (La Grange)                   
 Jeff Red (Christian Cycling)                
 David Reilly (Celo Pacific)                 
 Jeremy Robinson (Unattached)                
 Ervin Roydog (Shoreline Cycles)             
 Brian Sabel (Anthony's Cyclery)             
 Frank Sison (AFP/VeloSport)                 
 Bruce Temesy (South Bay Wheelman)           
 Ed Testa (Unattached)                       
 Martin Vanderveen (PMBC)                    
Masters 30+
1 Jeff Prinz (SDBC)                          
2 Mark Vandermolen (Coast Velo Cycling)      
3 Mike Mcmahon (Team Velocity)               
4 Ted Posch (Team Velocity)                  
5 Sam Ames (Action Sports/Cannondale)        
6 Thad Sparrow (Celo Pacific)                
7 James Jakubowski (Amgen)                   
8 Daniel Mcglynn (JAX)                       
9 Darin Tanikawa (Unattached)                
 Andy Bestwick (Matt Smith HDCC)             
 Dahveed Boolton (MetyRX/Alliance)           
 Mark Fluss (Met RX)                         
 Cameron Dickinson (Encore Cycling)          
 Matt Gunnell (PAA/Merrill Lynch)            
 Paul Welsh (Celo Pacific)                   
 Mark Newton (Veloworx)                      
 Ryan Ferro (PAA/Merrill Lynch)              
Jr Men
1 Didier Jourdain (SDBC/Karl Strauss)        
2 Morgan Ryan (Scary Fast)                   
3 Ben Bertiger (PAA/Merrill Lynch)           
4 Kyle Schwarz (Rock N' Road/Vans)           
5 Blake Vanvleet (KHS/Swamis)                
6 Peter Morris (Celo Pacific)                
7 Ian Moir (Major Motion)                    
8 Russell Nosco (Scary Fast)                 
9 Sander Putz (Three Pines Lodge)            
Jr Women
1 Kendall Ryan (Scary Fast)                  
2 Alexis Ryan (Scary Fast)                   
3 Brittany Vanvleet (KHS/Swamis)             
Masters 40+
1 Chris Gallup (Celo Pacific)                
2 Eddie Arnet (MBA)                          
3 Gary Hanson (Amgen Cycling)                
4 Charles Morris (Celo Pacific)              
5 Keith Ney (Non-Stop)                       
6 David Bales (Celo Pacific)                 
7 Robert Abel (Durango Wheel Club)           
8 Jeff Moreton (PAA/Merrill Lynch)           
9 Alan Braff (Nonstop Ciclismo)              
10 Jim Pappe (Action Sports/Cannondale)      
11 Vern Smith (Elemeito)                     
12 Brad House (Back On Track/Bike Palace)    
 Paul Bracken (Bicycle Johns)                
 Martin Byrne (Velo Allegro)                 
 Rich Fersch (Race Haus)                     
 Tom Hanson (Back On Track/Bike Palace)      
 Steve Landry (Hitech/Specialized)           
 Jonathan Livesay (PAA/Merrill Lynch)        
 Shawn Lowery (Unattached)                   
 Richard Murphy (Celo Pacific)               
 Dan Nelson (Amgen)                          
 Chip Ross (Unattached)                      
 Frank Said (Velo Allegro)                   
 Don Scales (Specialized Tricross)           
 Larry Vanzant (Echelon)                     
Masters 50+
1 Jonathan Livesay (PAA/Merrill Lynch)       
2 Rick Swanson (Radsport)                    
3 Howard Miller (Paramount Racing)           
4 Ricky Russell (Met Rx/Alliance)            
5 Bob Conklin (RADS )                        
6 Willy Bondurant (Team Velocity)            
7 Kevin Ryan (Amgen)                         
8 Steve Brown (Covina Valley Racing)         
9 John Rahn (Amgen)                          
10 Bob Llamas (PAA/Merrill Lynch)            
11 R. Lee Willmore (Celo Pacific)            
 Charles Anderson (Lightning Velo)           
 Richard Bustos (SC Velo)                    
 Brian Olson (Bicycle Johns)                 
 Paul Springer (San Diego Bicycle Club)      
 Michael Jenkins (SDBC)                       

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