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2008 Australian Senior Track Championships - CN

Dunc Gray Velodrome, Sydney, February 4-10, 2008

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Day 2 - February 5: Men, Men U19, Women, Women U19 individual pursuit, Men 1 lap TT and 1km finals, MU19 sprint qualification, Women team sprint

Rosemond emerges as future star

A Queensland-centered podium
Photo ©: John Veage
(Click for larger image)
Former Olympic short track speed skater, Emily Rosemond, tonight posted a world class time to anchor Queensland to the gold medal in the women's team sprint at the Australian Track Cycling Championships at Sydney's Dunc Gray Velodrome.

Rosemond, 21, rode second wheel behind Kerrie Meares, who has won gold in the event every year since it's introduction in 2002. On four of those occasions she was teamed with her sister Anna. But with Anna sidelined due to injuries sustained in a crash at the recent Los Angeles World Cup, Rosemond stepped up for her first Australian Championships event and posted two sub-15 second rides to ensure Queensland's unbroken run of team sprint success.

Rosemond's lap times are comparable to those ridden by the top five second wheel riders at last year's World Championships and mark her as a cyclist to watch.

"I am just speechless," said the 21-year-old who has been track cycling for just six months. "This is just great, I didn't expect this, its beyond my wildest dreams and it's just an honour to ride with Kerrie."

Meares was more than happy to lead out the emerging speedster who at the Torino Winter Olympic Games in 2006 skated through to the quarter finals in the 1000m event.

"All credit to Emily, I mean that ride was amazing," said Meares after the final in which the Queenslander's rode a time of 34.797 seconds to defeat the New South Wales pair of Kaarle McCulloch and Cassandra Kell (35.098). The bronze medal was won by South Australian U19 riders Annette Edmondson and Stephanie Morton in a time of 36.330.

Leonard takes kilo gold at long last

Joel Leonard wins the
Photo ©: John Veage
(Click for larger image)

In the men's kilometre time trial, Victorian Joel Leonard finally won the gold after three consecutive years of silver medal performances in the event.

Leonard, a Melbourne dental technician, rode a personal best time of 1.02.890, just six hundredths of a second outside Shane Kelly's Championship record, to win gold ahead of Queensland's Jackson-Leigh Rathbone (1.03.911) with fellow Victorian Steven Sansonetti (1.05.057) claiming bronze.

"I have always been competitive for the past few years, I mean Ben Kersten and I have been slogging it out for the past three and it's always been really close," said Leonard who has finished second to Kersten since 2005. "I have always wanted the title, but never quite got there so this is just great."

Leonard admits he would have liked to been up against six time winner Kersten, who is not competing at the Championships due to illness, but that takes none of the gloss off his victory.

"It would have been great for him to be here for extra competition and to see where I am at, but I know that now, because I rode a PB, it was a great ride and I am really happy with that," he added.

Jamieson bids for Olympic selection with pursuit title

Jamieson set a blistering pace.
Photo ©: John Veage
(Click for larger image)

In the men's 4km individual pursuit, Tasmania's Mark Jamieson claimed the title for the fourth time since 2003 defeating first year senior, Leigh Howard from Victoria, in the gold medal final. The 23-year-old rode 4.25.400 to finish more than two seconds faster than Howard who claimed the silver medal in 4.27.502. The bronze medal ride off was won by Victorian Zakkari Dempster (4.27.502).

"To ride that time and also with World (Championships) selection on the line, it's a big thing for me this week," said Jamieson. "Both tonight's win and the teams pursuit win at the LA world Cup are both crucial factors and I have proven that I can be worthy of the time and ride the Manchester Worlds (March 26-30) with my head held high."

Jamieson also realises competition for coveted Olympic Games places in the teams pursuit is going to be fierce and wants to ensure he impresses every time he steps on the track.

"With (reigning Olympic Chamions) (Luke) Roberts, (Graeme) Brown and (Brad) McGee all coming back it's a no-holds-barred game at the moment," said Jamieson. "They are trying to take back spots they had and we are trying to take their spots, so its going to be tough."

Tomic graduates to senior pursuit win

Tomic on the podium.
Photo ©: John Veage
(Click for larger image)

West Australian, Josephine Tomic stepped up to the senior ranks with apparent ease to win the women's 3km individual pursuit crown. The 18-year-old, who won three gold medals at last year's junior World Championships and holds the junior World Record over 2000m, made light work of the extra kilometre overtaking her Victorian opponent, Tess Downing, on the final lap of the gold medal ride to record a time of 3.41.953, almost 10 seconds faster than Downing's silver medal time of 3.51.365.

"I am really happy," said Tomic. "My first senior title is great, though I would have liked to do a sub three minutes 40.

"That extra kilometre, it doesn't sound like much, but it really takes its toll (and) hopefully next time I do it I will do a sub 3.40," she added.

Kent brings West Australia gold in U19 pursuit

In the U19 women's 2km individual pursuit Western Australia's Sarah Kent won gold with a time more than eight seconds faster than silver medallist Ashlee Andkudinoff (NSW).

Kent, who was the silver medallist behind Tomic at last year's Junior World and Australian Championships, rode a time of 2.25.911 compared with Andkudinoff's 2.34.510. 16-year-old Megan Dunn (NSW), who last month became the youngest rider to win Victoria's Bay Criterium Series in the 19 year history of the event, showed she also has promise on the track claiming the bronze medal (2.39.212).

Dennis blazes to U19 pursuit win

In the U19 men's individual pursuit, South Australian Rohan Dennis rode a blistering time in the gold medal final to cover the 3km in 3.18.701, just one second shy of the world record set by Victorian Michael Ford on the same track in 2004. Luke Davison took the silver medal (3.27.181), with West Australian Luke Durbridge winning ride off for bronze (3.27.125).


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Images by John Veage


MU19 - 3000m Individual Pursuit Qualification
1 Rohan Dennis (SA)                         3.20.053 (53.99 km/h)
2 Luke Davison (NSW)                        3.23.358
3 Luke Durbridge (WA)                       3.24.011
4 Trevor Griffiths (VIC)                    3.24.709
5 Matthew Meisel-Dennis (ACT)               3.25.340
6 Thomas Palmer (ACT)                       3.26.424
7 Michael Hepburn (QLD)                     3.26.472
8 Sean Boyle (SA)                           3.28.175
9 Jamie Crass (VIC)                         3.28.764
10 Silas Fisher (VIC)                       3.30.126
11 Michael Freiberg (WA)                    3.30.168
12 Ben Grenda (TAS)                         3.30.360
13 Thomas Richards (QLD)                    3.30.634
14 Peter Loft (TAS)                         3.30.893
15 Aaron Donnelly (NSW)                     3.31.407
16 Benjamin Harvey (NSW)                    3.32.201
17 Michael Matthews (ACT)                   3.32.277
18 Daniel Mcintyre (VIC)                    3.32.930
19 Alex Carver (NSW)                        3.33.642
20 Alastair Loutit (ACT)                    3.36.433
21 Andrew Dolan (TAS)                       3.39.498
W19 2000m Individual Pursuit Qualification
1 Sarah Kent (WA)                           2.25.516 (49.48 km/h)
2 Ashlee Ankudinoff (NSW)                   2.26.107
3 Megan Dunn (NSW)                          2.29.019
4 Melissa Hoskins (WA)                      2.29.939
5 Sophie Ootes (SA)                         2.30.921
6 Camille Pallett (WA)                      2.33.121
7 Carly Mccoombe (VIC)                      2.34.905
8 Jessica Sedunary (SA)                     2.35.818
9 Kendelle Hodges (VIC)                     2.36.473
10 Chloe Hosking (ACT)                      2.37.195
11 Lauren Kitchen (NSW)                     2.37.616
12 Veronica Dudderidge (ACT)                2.39.882
13 Myfanwy Galloway (ACT)                   2.43.237
Women 3000m Individual Pursuit Qualification

1 Josephine Tomic (WA)                      3.42.804 (48.47 km/h)
2 Tess Downing (VIC)                        3.46.993
3 Helen Kelly (VIC)                         3.47.915
4 Vicki Whitelaw (ACT)                      3.51.129
5 Jessie Maclean (ACT)                      3.53.429
6 Rebecca Barwick (ACT)                     3.55.037
7 Davina Summers (WA)                       4.04.060
Men 4000m Individual Pursuit Qualification
1 Mark Jamieson (TAS)                       4.23.973 (54.55 km/h)
2 Leigh Howard (VIC)                        4.28.335
3 Jack Bobridge (SA)                        4.29.136
4 Zakkari Dempster (VIC)                    4.29.893
5 Phillip Thuaux (NSW)                      4.31.324
6 James Langedyk (VIC)                      4.32.916
7 Robert Lyte (NSW)                         4.33.043
8 Cameron Wurf (TAS)                        4.33.326
9 Sean Finning (VIC)                        4.37.453
10 Dale Scarfe (NSW)                        4.38.178
11 Travis Meyer (WA)                        4.41.831
12 Tyson Lawrence (WA)                      4.55.294
Open Men 1 Lap TT final
1 Daniel Ellis (ACT)                        0.17.730 (50.76 km/h)
2 Mark French (VIC)                         0.17.768
3 Shane Perkins (VIC)                       0.17.857
4 Jason Holloway (WA)                       0.18.419
5 Alex Bird (ACT)                           0.18.737
6 Peter Lewis (NSW)                         0.18.903
7 Toby Dite (VIC)                           0.19.124
8 Gary Ryan (ACT)                           0.19.381
9 John-Paul Orchison (ACT)                  0.19.698
10 Aaron Box (VIC)                          0.19.809
11 Michael Phelan (ACT)                     0.20.335
Open Women  1 Lap TT final
1 Caitlin Todd (ACT)                        0.21.828 (41.23 km/h)
W19 2000m Individual Pursuit Final
1 Sarah Kent (WA)                 2.25.911 (49.35 km/h)
2 Ashlee Ankudinoff (NSW)         2.34.510
Third place race
3 Megan Dunn (NSW)                2.29.212
4 Melissa Hoskins (WA)            2.32.790
Women 3000m Individual Pursuit Final
1 Josephine Tomic (WA)            3.42.953 (48.66 km/h)
2 Tess Downing (VIC)              3.51.365
Third place race
3 Vicki Whitelaw (ACT)            3.48.490
4 Helen Kelly (VIC)               3.49.733
MU19 200m Sprint Qualification
1 Scott Law (NSW)                 0.10.735 (67.07 km/h)
2 Ben Sanders (VIC)               0.10.849
3 Paul Fellows (NSW)              0.10.945
4 Peter Lewis (NSW)               0.10.990
5 Stephen Hall (WA)               0.11.006
6 James Glasspool (SA)            0.11.071
7 Toby Dite (VIC)                 0.11.093
8 Ivan Cook (QLD)                 0.11.410
9 Aaron Box (VIC)                 0.11.460
10 Ethan O'dell (QLD)             0.11.530
11 John-Paul Orchison (ACT)       0.11.700
12 Michael Phelan (ACT)           0.11.870
DNS Trevor Griffiths (VIC)                
Men 1000m Time Trial Final
1 Joel Leonard (VIC)              1.02.890 (57.24 km/h)
2 Jackson-Leigh Rathbone (NSW)    1.03.911
3 Steven Sansonetti (VIC)         1.05.057 
4 Adrian Sansonetti (VIC)         1.06.113
5 Byron Davis (QLD)               1.06.683
6 Kyle Bateson (QLD)              1.07.185
7 David Miller (SA)               1.09.4387
Open Women Team Sprint Qualification

1 Kerrie Meares (QLD)             0.34.857 (51.64 km/h)
 Emily Rosemond (QLD)                     
2 Cassandra Kell (NSW)            0.34.928
 Kaarle Mcculloch (NSW)                   
3 Annette Edmondson (SA)          0.36.430
 Stephanie Morton (SA)                    
4 Josephine Butler (WA)           0.36.773
 Teegan Morton (WA)                       
5 Philippa Hindmarsh (QLD)        0.37.115
 Kirsty Broun (QLD)                       
6 Naomi Pinto (VIC)               0.38.372
 Esther Pugh-Uren (VIC)                   
MU19 Sprint Round 1
1 Scott Law (NSW)                      0.11.890 
 Michael Phelan (ACT)                          
2 Ben Sanders (VIC)                    0.11.440
 John-Paul Orchison (ACT)
3 Paul Fellows (NSW)                   0.11.700
 Ethan O'Dell (QLD)                             
4 Peter Lewis (NSW)                    0.11.700
 Aaron Box (VIC)                               
5 Ivan Cook (QLD)                      0.11.550
 Stephen Hall (WA)                            
6 Toby Dite (VIC)                      0.11.540
 James Glasspool (SA)                         
MU19 3000m Individual Pursuit Final
1 Rohan Dennis (SA)               3.18.701
2 Luke Davison (NSW)              3.27.181
Third place race
3 Luke Durbridge (WA)             3.27.125
4 Trevor Griffiths (VIC)          3.30.618
Men 4000m Individual Pursuit Final
1 Mark Jamieson (TAS)             4.25.400
2 Leigh Howard (VIC)              4.27.922
Third place race 
3 Zakkari Dempster (VIC)          4.27.502
4 Jack Bobridge (SA)              4.28.506
MU19 Sprint Round 1 Repechage
1 Aaron Box (VIC)                  0.11.920
2 James Glasspool (SA)                     
3 Michael Phelan (ACT)                     
1 Stephen Hall (WA)                0.11.980
2 John-Paul Orchison (ACT)                 
3 Ethan O'dell (QLD)                       
Open Women Team Sprint Final
1 Kerrie Meares (QLD)             0.34.797
 Emily Rosemond (QLD)                     
2 Cassandra Kell (NSW)            0.35.098
 Kaarle Mcculloch (NSW)                   
3 Annette Edmondson (SA)          0.36.330
 Stephanie Morton (SA)                    
4 Josephine Butler (WA)           0.36.564
 Teegan Morton (WA)                     

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