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2001 results


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World Junior Track Cycling Championships - CDM

Australia, August 21-25 2002

2001 Results    Preview     Team numbers    Past winners

Preview - Smokin' Cuban to star in world junior track championships

By Gerard Knapp
Ahmed Lopez practising in Melbourne
Photo: © Tom Balks
Click for larger image

Ahmed Lopez may be Cuba's only entrant in the upcoming World Junior Track Cycling Championships to be held in Melbourne, Australia, next week, but he's certain to be one of the stars of the event, following his stunning performance in round five of the Track World Cup in China earlier this month.

Although still a junior, Lopez entered the senior's one kilometre time trial event and won by almost a second. Lopez has been training under a scholarship at the UCI's World Cycling Centre in Aigle, Switzerland (near Lausanne), where he is working with former world champion and French track legend Frederic Magne. In the recent competition in China, Lopez posted a very hot 1.01.376 for the kilometre in Kunming on August 11.

The world record is held by French great Arnaud Tournant, who went under the one minute barrier at high altitude and out of competition in Colombia. Closer to sea level, the winning time of Britain's Jason Queally in the kilo at the Sydney 2000 Olympics was 1.01.609, slightly slower than the Cuban youngster.

However, Kunming is also at altitude (6200 feet above sea level) and the higher the track, the easier it is to set a fast time, it would seem. Nonetheless, his performance has been the talking point among coaches and officials. "It's so good for Cuba," said the Australian coach Gary Sutton, "it's just fantastic for them. They only have one rider and he's a huge talent.

"I know it was done at altitude," the experienced coach said of the junior's performance in China, "but you've still got to ride the time."

Sutton has been paying close attention to the times recently posted in international competition, particularly as the young Cuban may also compete in the sprint events, where he could challenge the returning world junior sprint champion, Australia's Mark French.

2001 junior world sprint champion Mark French
Photo: © Mike Whitman
Click for larger image

"Still, we think he'll bring home the gold," Sutton said of the Australian sprinter who won in Pennsylvania last year. The Australian coach has also been playing close attention to the times posted in recent European championships, where the Ukraine team won the men's teams pursuit in 4.15.39.

With the improving times of the juniors, Sutton expects a very high standard of racing, not just in the timed events but also the match sprints and non-timed events, such as the points, scratch and madison. "They are certainly smarter riders than in years past, and it's because they are getting a lot more competition than they did before." He said their tactics and speed were of such a standard that once they entered the senior competition, they are able to compete against far more experienced riders.

Several teams have already arrived in Melbourne, including Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Germany, France, Belgium, USA, Denmark, and Venezuela, for the five day event to be held at the Vodafone Arena, a 250metre timber track bult by legendary velodrome constructor Ron Webb.

Riders from some 26 countries will be in Melbourne for the competition, including an entrant from Uzbekistahn, the home of the "Tashkent terror", feared sprinter Djamolodin Abduzhaparov. At the other end of the scale, Germany is sending 18 young riders, including 15 men and three women. It would appear the Germans have their development program into full swing and will use the competition to groom the next group of possible Olympic and senior world champions.

The Germans recently lost one of the benchmark world records of track cycling, when a young Australian team pursuit squad also went under four minutes for the four kilometre teams pursuit in the final of the Commonwealth Games in Manchester earlier this month. One of the highlights of the 2000 Sydney Olympics track cycling was Germany's stunning time in this event, where they broke founr minutes for the first time.

But Sutton pointed out how the riders in that Australian world record squad, such as Mark Renshaw, Peter Dawson, Luke Roberts and Graeme Brown, were just starting out in their senior careers.

It would appear that not all the riders Germany has sent for the WJTCC may actually get a ride, as there is a limit to how many riders can be entered in the events. By comparison, the host nation Australia has a team of 14, made up of 11 men and three women.

Australia's 2002 squad
Photo: © Tom Balks
Click for larger image

The Australian team includes Rebecca Borgo, Belinda Goss, Alexis Rhodes and Lucy Stewart, as well as Jonny Clarke, Wade Cosgrove, Sean Finning, Mark French, Mark Jamieson, Bradley Norton, Christopher Pascoe, Nicholas Sanderson, Alex Sommer and Christopher Sutton (see photos).

The USA is sending a squad of 15 riders, while France has 11 and the Russians are also expected to have at least a dozen young riders.

Cyclingnews.com will provide complete coverage of the WJTCC.

Previous winners

Mens Sprint
      1                           2                          3
2001  Mark French (Aus)           Robert Gerhardt (Ger)      Mathieu Mandard (Fra)
2000  Ryan Bayley (Aus)           Eukasz Kwiatkowski (Pol)   Andriy Vinokourov (Ukr)
1999  Jobie Dajka (Aus)           Marco Jager (Ger)          Ben Kersten (Aus)
1998  Michael Quemeneur (Fra)     Arnaud Duble, (Fra)        Jérôme Hubschwerlin (Fra)
1997  Tim Wulf (Ger)              Kane Selin (Aus)           Andrea Garavellin (Ita)
1996  René Wolff (Ger)            A. Tournant (Fra)          Leonardo Branchi (Ita)
1995  René Wolff (Ger)            Julio Herrera (Cub)        Leonardo Branchi (Ita)
1994  Julio Herrera (Cub)         C. Bottarelli (Ita)        T. Ono (Jpn)
1993  Michael Scheurer (Ger)      I. Wlock (Aus)             D. Harry (Aus)
1992  Ivan Quaranta (Ita)         S. Bokhanisev (Rus)        Florian Rousseau (Fra)
1991  Roberto Chiappa (Ita)       P. Buran (Cze)             D. Hill (Aus)
1990  Ainars Kiksis (Urs)         P. Buran (Cze)             Roberto Chiappa (Ita)
1989  Gianluca Capitano (Ita)     H. Jerabek (Cze)           E. Grüner (Urs)
1988  Jens Fiedler (Rda)          G. Capitano (Ita)          O. Lutshishin (Urs)
1987  Eyk Pokorny (Rda)           Th. Tschage (Rda)          F. Paris (Fra)
1986  Denis Lemyre (Fra)          V. Soultanov (Urs)         E. Pokorny (Rda)
1985  Oleg Borzunov (Urs)         H. Roosen (Rda)            S. Kurack (Jpn)
1984  Michael Schulze (Rda)       D. Metshedlishwilli (Urs)  J. Glucklich (Rda)
1983  Takashi Seiko (Jpn)         N. Kovche (Urs)            R. Gullach (Den)
1982  Nikolaď Kovche (Urs)        B. Huck (Rda)              M. Krannig (Rda)
1981  Olof Arndt (Rda)            P. Rampazzo (Ita)          B. Bannes (Fra)
1980  Maic Malchow (Rda)          O. Arndt (Rda)             E. Guelachvili (Urs)
1979  Fred. Schmidtke (Rfa)       M. Cortinovis (Fra)        S. De Craene (Bel)
1978  Sergei Kopilov (Urs)        M. Hotzan (Rda)            F. Micke (Rda)
1977  Lutz Hesslich (Rda)         S. Kopilov (Urs)           D. Uibel (Rda)
1976  Lutz Hesslich (Rda)         R. Kuschy (Rda)            M. Pavirani (Ita)
1975  Ottavio Dazzan (Ita)        G. Scheller (Rfa)          R. Kuschy (Rda)

Womens Sprint  
2001  Sarah Uhl (Usa)             Christin Muche (Ger)       Valentina Alessio (Ita)
2000  Christin Muche (Ger)        Valentina Alessio (Ita)    Mathilde Doutreluingne (Fra)
1999  Céline Nivert (Fra)         Tamila Abasova (Rus)       Annamaria Scafetta (Ita)
1998  Rosealee Hubbard (Aus)      Rahna Demarte (Aus)        Daniela Claussnitzer (Ger)
1997  Katrin Meinke (Ger)         Yumari Gonzalez (Cub)      Rosealee Hubbard (Aus)
1996  Mira Kasslin (Fin)          Katrin Meinke (Ger)        Evelin Boschetto (Ita)
1995  Roberta Passoni (Ita)       Evelin Boschetto (Ita)     Megan Hughes (Gbr)
1994  Ina Heinemann (Ger)         Roberta Passoni (Ita)      Michelle Ferris (Aus)
1993  Ina Heinemann (Ger)         Michelle Ferris (Aus)      Nat. Tsilinskaia (Blr)
1992  Katrin Freitag (Rda)        Yan Wang (Chn)             Chris Witty (Usa)
1991  Katrin Freitag (Rda)        Jessica Grieco (Usa)       Jul. Raetch (Ger)
1990  Katrin Freitag (Rda)        Jul. Raetch (Rda)          Iat. Bilmasova (Urs)
1989  Magali Humbert (Fra)        Sara Felloni (Ita)         Val. Lipa (Urs)
1988  Felicia Ballanger (Fra)     Maria Evitejeva (Urs)      I. N'guyen Van Tu (Fra)
1987  Jane Eickhoff (Usa)         Nathalie Even (Fra)        Vita Brakmanee (Urs)

Mens 1km Time Trial
2001  Theo* Bos (Ned)             Mathieu Mandard (Fra)      Christian Stahl (Usa)
2000  Mark Renshaw (Aus)          Andriy Vinokourov (Ukr)    Nicolo Marelli (Ita)
1999  Ben Kersten (Aus)           Marco Brossa (Ita)         Jobie Dajka (Aus)
1998  Ben Kersten (Aus)           Yosvany Pol (Cub)          Jérôme Hubschwerlin, (Fra)
1997  Jeffery, Hopkins (Aus)      Tim Zülke (Ger)            Alberto Loddo (Ita)
1996  Damien Gerard (Fra)         Crescenzo D'amore (Ita)    Nathan Clarke (Aus)
1995  Joshua Kersten (Aus)        A. Thelen (Ger)            Luca Cortelazzi (Ita)
1994  Jan Van Eijden (Ger)        T. Homan (Aus)             D. Ortega (Esp)
1993  Michael Scheurer (Ger)      A. Ben Guerrero (Fra)      Seb. Morelon (Fra)
1992  Florian Rousseau (Fra)      D. Hill (Aus)              Michael Scheurer (Ger)
1991  Laurent Accart (Fra)        S. Kersten (Aus)           Aldo Capelli (Ita)
1990  Aleksej Khromykh (Urs)      M. Sztykiel (Pol)          S. Kelly (Aus)
1989  Konst. Smurygin (Urs)       T. Steels (Bel)            K. Melcher (Rda)
1988  Kai Melcher (Rda)           K. Valtchev (Bul)          S. Bagmat (Urs)
1987  Ronny Kirchhof (Rda)        J. Emilianov (Urs)         B. Minarro (Esp)
1986  Vladimir Soultanov (Urs)    M. Skorski (Pol)           B. Minarro (Esp)
1985  Silvio Boarin (Ita)         R. Lechner (Rfa)           J. Frank (Den)
1984  Jens Glucklich (Rda)        C. Schommer (Usa)          F. Egner (Rfa)
1983  Allan Miller (Nzl)          K. Ropke (Den)             C. Huber (Fra)
1982  Andreas Ganske (Rfa)        A. Salvini (Ita)           M. Sourmava (Urs)
1981  M. Alexandre (Arg)          D. Streicher (Rda)         S. Baudino (Ita)
1980  M. Malchow (Rda)            A. Lotsmelis (Urs)         R. Werner (Rfa)
1979  Fred. Schmidtke (Rfa)       G. Lapinch (Urs)           M. Cortinovis (Fra)
1978  Frank Micke (Rda)           S. Kopilov (Urs)           H. Isler (Sui)
1977  R. Honisch (Rda)            M. Junec (Cze)             H. Isler (Sui)
* New Junior Track Record 

Womens 500m Tt   
2001  Anna Meares (Aus)           Christin Muche (Ger)       Clara Sanchez (Fra)
2000  Kerrie Meares (Aus)         Christin Muche (Ger)       Mathilde Doutereluingne (Fra)
1999  Daniela Claussnitzer (Ger)  Kerrie Meares (Aus)        Rahna Demarte (Aus)
1998  Rahna Demarte (Aus)         Daniela Claussnitzer (Ger) Céline Nivert (Fra)
1997  Yumari Gonzalez (Cub)       Katrin Meinke (Ger)        Katie Parker (Aus)
1996  Mira Kasslin (Fin)          Nancy Contreras R. (Mex)   Yumari Gonzalez V. (Cub)
1995  Roberta Passoni (Ita)       Nancy Contreras R. (Mex)   Mira Kasslin (Fin)

Men's Points          
2001  Nikita Eskov (Rus)          Jos Pronk (Ned)            Aaron Kemps (Aus)
2000  Davide Tortella (Ita)       Peter Dawson (Aus)         Eugeni Iakovlev (Rus)
1999  Viktar Rapinski (Blr)       Devid Garbelli (Ita)       Tomas Vaitkus (Ltu)
1998  Serguei Klimov (Rus)        Jens Mouris (Ned)          Emmanuel Bertoldi (Fra)
1997  Michael Rogers (Aus)        Libor Hlavac (Cze)         Morton Christiansen (Den)
1996  Vladimir Borissov (Rus)     Matthew Meaney (Aus)       Oscare Carmona S. (Mex)
1995  Christian Leon (Arg)        Rene Saenz (Usa)           Torsten Nitsche (Ger)
1994  Marlon Perez (Col)          T. De Peuter (Bel)         R. Lauke (Ger)
1993  Thorsten Rund (Ger)         M. Trentini (Ita)          B. Mc Gee (Aus)
1992  Bernard Panton (Aus)        A. Simonenko (Ukr)         M. Mariani (Ita)
1991  Aleksej. Ivankin (Urs)      D. Hondo (Ger)             M. Zberg (Sui)
1990  Aleksander Zaitsev (Urs)    L. Van Bon (Ned)           H. Schardt (Rda)
1989  P. Vetsch (Sui)             M. Andrys (Tch)            B. Aitken (Aus)
1988  Andreas Beikirch (Rfa)      C. Camin (Ita)             D. Vassilev (Urs)
1987  Marcel Beumer (Ned)         S. Steinweg (Rfa)          J. Anashin (Urs)
1986  Stefan Steinweg (Rfa)       R. Nielsen (Den)           R. Vandevelde (Bel)
1985  Robert Waller (Aus)         P. Naessens (Bel)          L. De Koning (Ned)
1984  Vjatceslav Ekimov (Urs)     J. Devos (Bel)             P. Lucchini (Ita)
1983  Andreas Kappes (Rfa)        D. Woods (Aus)             R. Muzio (Gbr)
1982  Mauro Ribeiro (Bra)         Ph. Grival (Sui)           K.  Heng Cho (Kor)
1981  Fabio Lana (Ita)            M. Lange (Rfa)             K. Boring (Den)
1980  Uwe Messerschmidt (Rfa)     M. Lange (Rfa)             M. Youshimatz (Mex)
1979  Teun Van Vliet (Ned)        N. Trudow (Urs)            J.F. Chauvin (Fra)
1978  Ken De Maerteleire (Bel)    A. Peiper (Aus)            M. Marx (Rfa)
1977  Miroslav Junec (Tch)        R. Leitlof (Rfa)           A. Peiper (Aus)
1976  Rüdiger Leitlof (Rfa)       J. Schroeder (Den)         P. Torresan (Ita)
1975  Henri Rinklin (Rfa)         M. Marinkovic (Yug)        E. Torfs (Bel)

Womens Points  
2001  Giorgia Bronzini (Ita)      Diana Elementaite (Ltu)    Natalia Boiarskaia (Rus)
2000  Vera Kuedoder (Ned)         Ashley Kimmet (Usa)        Juliette Vandekerkove (Fra)
1999  Nadejda Vlassova (Rus)      Rochelle Gilmore (Aus)     Juliette Vandekerkove (Fra)
1998  Vera Carrara (Ita)          Olga Zabelinskaia (Rus)    Dorota Czynszak (Pol)
1997  Olga Zabelinskaia (Rus)     Vera Carrara (Ita)         Mirella Van Melis (Ned)
1996  Cornélia Cyrus (Ger)        Oksana Saprykina (Ukr)     Alessandra D'ettore (Ita)
1995  Jet Jongeling (Ned)         Tatiana Stiajkina (Ukr)    Cathy Moncassin (Fra)
1994  Sarah Ulmer (Nzl)           Ita. Kryjanovskaja (Rus)   Evi Gensheimer (Ger)
1993  Maria Jongeling (Ned)       Michelle Ferris (Aus)      Anke Wichemann (Ger)
1992  Ina-Yoko Teutenberg (Ger)   Hanka Kupfernagel (Ger)    Maria Tsal (Rus)
1991  Hanka Kupfernagel (Ger)     Simona Muzzioli (Ita)      Jes. Grieco (Usa)
1990  Ina-Yoko Teutenberg (Rfa)   Jes. Grieco (Usa)          E. Thalykhe (Urs)
1989  Sv. Samochvalova (Urs)      Sally Dawes (Gbr)          Jes. Grieco (Usa)

Mens Individual Pursuit
2001  C. Meschenmoser (Ger)       Volodymyr Dyudiya (Ukr)    Sven Krauss (Ger)
2000  Vovlodymir Dyudya (Ukr)     Tomas Vaitkus (Ltu)        Alexandre Serov (Rus)
1999  Andrew Mason (Aus)          Nicholas Graham (Aus)      Daniel Schlegel (Ger)
1998  Bradley Wiggins (Gbr)       Daniel Palicki (Ger)       Thue Hansen (Den)
1997  Marco Hesselscherdt (Ger)   Michael Rogers (Aus)       Christian Bach (Ger)
1996  Matthew Meaney (Aus)        Daniel Becke (Ger)         Timothy Lyons (Aus)
1995  Luke Roberts (Aus)          M. Meaney (Aus)            D. Becke (Ger)
1994  Bradley Mc Gee (Aus)        T. Rund (Ger)              L. Roberts (Aus)
1993  Bradley Mc Gee (Aus)        C. Bianchini (Ita)         T. Rund (Ger)
1992  Roman Saprykin (Rus)        A. Simonenko (Ukr)         B. Bondarev (Ukr)
1991  Roman Saprykin (Urs)        A. Vermaerke (Bel)         G. Hincapie (Usa)
1990  Vassili Jakovlev (Urs)      T. O'shannessey (Aus)      K. Gorbatchev (Urs)
1989  Dimitri Neljubin (Urs)      V. Jakovjev (Urs)          S. Knaven (Ned)
1988  Dimitri Neljubin (Urs)      J. Anashkin (Urs)          N. Page (Aus)
1987  Jevgeni Anashin (Urs)       M. Beumer (Ned)            M. Rich (Rfa)
1986  Sergeď Vodopianov (Urs)     G. Bortolami (Ita)         D. Solari (Ita)
1985  Arturas Kasputis (Urs)      R. Waller (Aus)            G. Anderson (Nzl)
1984  Dean Woods (Aus)            V. Ekimov (Urs)            M. Svechnikov (Urs)
1983  Dean Woods (Aus)            M. Svechnikov (Urs)        R. Knickman (Usa)
1982  Carsten Wolf (Rda)          M. Ganejev (Urs)           R. Aber (Rfa)
1981  Reinh. Alber (Rfa)          M. Ganejev (Urs)           M. Palis (Urs)
1980  Dainis Liepinch (Urs)       M. Kummer (Rda)            U. Tromer (Rda)
1979  Gadis Lapinch (Urs)         G. Lemond (Usa)            Ph. Chevallier (Fra)
1978  Axel Grosser (Rda)          V. Manakov (Urs)           T. Schnelle (Rda)
1977  Hans Pohl (Rda)             T. Schnelle (Rda)          V. Soumarokov (Urs)
1976  Robert Dill-Bundi (Sui)     G. Mortag (Rda)            M. Richards (Nzl)
1975  Robert Dill-Bundi (Sui)     J. Palma (Arg)             I. Pelitenko (Urs)
Womens Individual Pursuit
2001  Vera Koedooder (Ned)        Sarah Hammer (Usa)         Charlotte Becker (Ger)
2000  Juliette Vandekerkove (Fra) Katherine Bates (Aus)      Charlotte Becker (Ger)
1999  Juliette Vandekerkove (Fra) Katherine Bates (Aus)      Rahna Demarte (Aus)
1998  Alayna Burns (Aus)          Alison Wright (Aus)        Regina Rettke (Ger)
1997  Alayna Burns (Aus)          Gitana Gruodyte (Ltu)      Monika Tyburska (Pol)
1996  Racheal Linke (Aus)         Sabine Meyer (Ger)         Pernille Jakobsen (Den)
1995  Narelle Peterson (Aus)      Nancy Contretas R. (Mex)   Mira Kasslin (Fin)
1994  Sarah Ulmer (Nzl)           Judith Arndt (Ger)         Aurelle G'styr (Fra)
1993  Maria Jongeling (Ned)       Sarah Ulmer (Nzl)          Anke Wichmann (Ger)
1992  Hanka Kupfernagel (Ger)     Elena Tchalikh (Ukr)       Anke Wichmann (Ger)
1991  Jessica Grieco (Usa)        Hanka Kupfernagel (Ger)    Sy. Jochinke (Aus)
1990  Elena Tchalykhe (Urs)       Jessica Grieco (Usa)       Zoulfia Zabirova (Urs)
1989  Sv. Samochvalova (Urs)      Nat. Den Ouden (Ned)       Ainhoa Ostolaza (Esp)
1988  Catherine Marsal (Fra)      Svetl. Golovnia (Urs)      Gabr. Pregnolato (Ita)
1987  Jane Eickhoff (Usa)         Catherine Marsal (Fra)     Anja Fidseller (Rda)

Mens Team Pursuit
2001  France                      Germany                     Russia
2000  Lithuania                   France                      Russia
1999  Australia                   Germany                     Italy
1998  Germany                     Italy                       Czech Republic       
1997  Australia                   Germany                     Italy
1996  Australia                   Germany                     Italy
1995  Australia                   Germany                     Czech Republic       
1994  Australia                   Germany                     Italy
1993  Germany                     Czech Republic              New Zealand
1992  Russia                      Germany                     Australia
1991  Urss                        Germany                     Australia
1990  Urss                        Rda                         Australia
1989  Urss                        Australia                   Rda
1988  Urss                        Australia                   Rda
1987  Urss                        Italy                       Rda
1986  Urss                        Rda                         Italy
1985  Rda                         Italy                       Urss
1984  Urss                        Rfa                         Denmark
1983  Denmark                     Usa                         Italy
1982  Urss                        Rda                         Denmark
1981  Urss                        Rda                         France
1980  Urss                        Rda                         Great Britain
1979  Urss                        France                      Rfa
1978  Urss                        Rfa                         Rda
1977  Rda                         Rfa                         Urss
1976  Rda                         Italy                       Urss
1975  Urss                        Rda                         Italy

Mens Olympic 
2001  Australia                   France                      Germany
2000  Australia                   Russia                      Italy
1999  Australia                   Italy                       Germany
1998  France                      Australia                   Italy
1997  France                      Australia                   Italy
1996  France                      Germany                     Australia
1995  Australia                   Germany                     Italy

Team numbers

      Teams                Men/Women   Staff Total

1     Korea                4/1         3     8
2     Germany              15/3        10    28
3     Great Britain        2/0         4     6
4     Netherlands          6/4         5     15
5     Australia            10/4        11    25
6     New Zealand          7/1         6     14
7     Belgium              4/0         3     7
8     Denmark              7/0         3     10
9     Liechtenstein        2/0         7     9
10    Switzerland          1/0         1     2
11    France               9/2         8     19
12    Malaysia             2/0         2     4
13    China                0/3         3     6
14    Taiwan               5/2         4     11
15    USA                  8/7         6     21
16    Czech Rep.           7/0         4     11
17    Mexico               1/2         2     5
18    Azerbaijan           3/0         6     9
19    Cuba                 1/0         0     1
20    Japan                4/1         6     11
21    Italy                0/2         2     4
22    Colombia             3/0         1     4
23    Ukraine              4/1         4     9
24    Uzbekistan           ?/?         3     4
25    Russia               ?           ?     24
26    Venezuala            2/0         3     5
27    Greece               0/1         3     4

Totals                     100/31      106   263

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