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Revolution 24 - IM

Great Britain, February 21, 2009

Revolution reaches successful season finale

Revolution 24 lived up to the expectations of the sell-out crowd on Saturday, and was platform for the spectacular last race from Arnaud Tournant. Revolution series six came to a close for the season, with the race enjoying sell-out crowds in every single event held.

The night kicked off with the Elite Team Devil Scratch, after the Madison-style elimination section of the race, those left in the race continued to inject more pace for a fantastic finish. Rising star Peter Kennaugh and established endurance specialist, Rob Hayles were the only riders to mount a challenge to the pro team combination of Geraint Thomas and Bradley Wiggins, who finished ahead in the standings. Thomas just managing to come off better in the sprint from Kennaugh.

It's no surprise riders were pulling some amazing times out of the bag with a full capacity cheering on the Revolution sprinters. Many of the riders were carrying some form from the recent Copenhagen World Cup. Matt Crampton proved to be star of the show when he produced a time of 10.131. A familiar face to some, 400 metre runner, Iwan Thomas also had a go around the track in a respectable 13.079.

The Future Stars Girls 5 Lap Dash was won by Hannah Barnes, with series leader Ruby Miller nowhere to be seen. But Ruby quickly got back on track and won the 5km Scratch Race and Points Race. In the boy's event, John Paul won the Future Stars Boys 5km Scratch. The Future Stars Points Race was won by eventual series winner Simon Yates, with Josh Papworth winning the 6 Lap Dash.

Dave Daniell took the win in the Revolution Sprint Final despite excellent form earlier in the evening from Matt Crampton. Daniell took the race from the front but Crampton used the banking to his advantage, his final rush not quite enough to come past the powerful Daniell.

The 12.5km Points Race also had a team aspect, with each partner completing half of the race. We know Chris Newtonis pretty proficient in points races, and his young partner Luke Rowe added some value too as they took the win with 21 points. Geraint Thomas and Bradley Wiggins were narrowly behind with 18 points and David Muntaner and Unai Elorriaga were third with 14 points.

The 1km Madison Time Trial is always a popular event at the Revolution. Ed Clancy and Steven Burkehad already proved to be formidable in the earlier Team 1 Lap Flying Time Trial. The 1km event was no different, and they achieved a superb time of 54.779. Jason Kenny and David Daniell could have been contenders, but Daniell suffered a crash during the change leaving him with a DNF.

The Isaac Galvez Memorial Elite Madison was the last endurance event of the evening, with a lot of the competitors having competed in the national championships that afternoon. Rapha Condor team mates Chris Newton and Luke Rowe, representing O2, had the edge on track specialists David Muntaner and Unai Elorriaga.

It wouldn't have been right to have so many British and French sprinters without having a showdown between the two nations. English pride was maintained in the form of Jason Kenny, Ross Edgar and Jamie Staff in front of the home crowd. The French received an excellent reception and thoroughly enjoyed their evening in Manchester. Arnaud Tournant, in particular, received a fantastic send-off from the riders and crowd, to the tune of 'Allo 'Allo!


Elite team devil-scratch 
1 Geraint Thomas/Bradley Wiggins (uSwitch)                                     
2 Rob Hayles/Pete Kennaugh (Thomson Reuters)                                   
3 Ed Clancy/Steven Burke (Sky)                                                 
4 David Muntaner/Unai Elorriaga (Perform Group)                                
5 Alex Dowsett/Russell Hampton (Science In Sport)                              
Revolution Sprint 200m time trial 
1 Matt Crampton (SIS)                                                          
2 Jason Kenny (Sky+ HD)                                                        
3 Gregory Bauge (France)                                                       
4 Jamie Staff (Sky+ HD)                                                        
5 Ross Edgar (Sky+ HD)                                                         
6 Christian Lyte (Sportcity Velo)                                              
7 Dave Daniell (Cleveland Wheelers)                                            
8 Francois Pervis (France)                                                     
9 Pete Mitchell (Team Terminator)                                              
10 Arnaud Tournant (France)                                                    
11 Steven Hill (Brooks Cycles)                                                 
12 Iwan Thomas                                                                 
DHL Future Stars Girls – 6 Lap Dash 
1 Hannah Barnes (East Midlands Region)                                         
2 Hannah Manley (Wales)                                                        
3 Hannah Layland (Yorkshire Region)                                            
4 Penny Rowson (East Midlands Region)                                          
5 Laura Trott (Eastern Region)                                                 
6 Ruby Miller (Wales)                                                          
7 Rebecca Womersley (Yorkshire Region)                                         
8 Jess Crampton (North West Region)                                            
9 Harriet Owen (Central)                                                       
10 Lucy Garner (East Midlands Region)                                          
11 Natalie Hill (Central)                                                      
12 Amy Roberts (Wales)                                                         
13 Melissa Bury (North West Region)                                            
14 Bryony Darbon (South East Region)                                           
15 Hannah Shenton (Yorkshire Region)                                           
16 Hannah Walker (Eastern Region )                                             
Elite Team 1 Lap Flying TT
1 Tony Gibb/Tom Murray (Plowman Craven-Madison Plowman Craven-Madison)         
2 Andy Tennant/Mark McNally (Adidas Adidas)                                    
3 Andy Fenn/Erick Rowsell (Manchester City Council Manchester City Council)    
4 Dan McLay/Chris Whorral (Pannone Pannone)                                    
5 Sandy King/John Mould (Dair Dair)                                            
6 Johnny McAvoy/Mark Christian (J.W. Lees J.W. Lees)                           
7 George Atkins/Tim Kennaugh (Rehau Rehau)                                     
Revolution Sprint - Round 1 
Heat 1 
1 Matt Crampton (SIS )                                                         
2 Mickael D'Almeida (France)                                                  
3 Steven Hill (Brooks Cycles)                                                  
Heat 2
1 Francois Pervis (France)                                                    
2 Ross Edgar (Sky+ HD)                                                        
3 Pete Mitchell (Team Terminator)                                              
Heat 3
1 Jamie Staff (Sky+ HD)                                                       
2 Christian Lyte (Sportcity Velo)                                             
3 Arnaud Tournant (France)                                                     
Heat 4
1 Dave Daniell (Cleveland Wheelers)                                           
2 Gregory Bauge (France)                                                       
3 Jason Kenny (Sky+ HD)                                                        
Semi Final
Heat 1
1 Matt Crampton (SIS)                                                  
2 Jamie Staff (Sky+ HD)                                                                  
Heat 2
1 Dave Daniell (Cleveland Wheelers)                                           
2 Francois Pervis (France)                                                     
Minor Final
1 Francois Pervis (France)                                                    
2 Jamie Staff (Sky+ HD)                                                        
1 Dave Daniell (Cleveland Wheelers )                                           
2 Matt Crampton (SIS)                                                          
DHL Future Stars Boys 5km Scratch
1 John Paul (South/South West Region)                                          
2 Jack Penrice (Yorkshire Region)                                              
3 Chris Nicholson (North West Region)                                          
4 Patrick Galbraith (Scotland)                                                 
5 Simon Yates (North West Region)                                              
6 Adam Yates (North West Region)                                               
7 Owain Doull (Wales)                                                          
8 Jamie Rogers (East Midlands Region)                                          
9 Matt Bailey (West Midlands Region)                                           
10 Josh Papworth (South/South West Region)                                     
11 Charlie Heffernan (South East Region)                                       
12 Ewan Macdonald (West Midlands Region)                                       
13 Rich Forrest (Wales)                                                        
14 Lewis Balyickyi (South East Region)                                         
15 Ben Dunn (East Midlands Region)                                             
16 Felix English (South East Region)                                           
17 Oliver Rossi (Eastern Region)                                               
18 Alistair Slater (East Midlands Region)                                      
19 Martin Woffindin (Central)                                                  
20 Tom Moses (Yorkshire Region)                                                
21 Lewsi Oliva (Wales)                                                         
22 Stephen Bradbury (Central)                                                  
23 Sean Wheddon (South/South West Region)                                      
24 Greg Brown (Scotland)                                                       
25 Jim Lewis (Eastern Region)                                                  
26 Matthew Gittings (Central)                                                  
27 Dan Snow (Eastern Region)                                                   
28 Robert Lambton (West Midlands Region)                                       
29 Scott Woodhead (Yorkshire Region )                                          
Elite Team Points 12.5km
1 Chris Newton/Luke Rowe (O2)                                               
2 Geraint Thomas/Bradley Wiggins (uSwitch)                             
3 David Muntaner/Unai Elorriaga (Perform Group)                  
4 Toni Tauler/Carlos Torrent (Bicycle Repairmann)             
5 Rob Hayles/Pete Kennaugh (Thomson Reuters)                   
6 Tony Gibb/Tom Murray (Plowman Craven-Madison)         
7 Ed Clancy/Steven Burke (Sky)                                             
8 Dan McLay/Chris Whorral (Pannone)                                    
9 Sam Harrison/Mark McNally (Adidas)                                    
10 Alex Dowsett/Russell Hampton (Science In Sport)            
DHL Future Stars Girls- 5km Scratch 
147 Ruby Miller (Wales)                                                        
142 Laura Trott (Eastern Region)                                               
135 Lucy Garner (East Midlands Region)                                         
134 Hannah Barnes (East Midlands Region)                                       
146 Natalie Hill (Central)                                                     
145 Harriet Owen (Central)                                                     
138 Melissa Bury (North West Region)                                           
144 Hannah Walker (Eastern Region)                                             
146 Natalie Hill (Central )                                                    
151 Hannah Manley (Wales)                                                      
143 Jess Anderson (Eastern Region)                                             
131 Hannah Layland (Yorkshire Region)                                          
136 Jess Crampton (North West Region)                                          
133 Penny Rowson (East Midlands Region)                                        
137 Sophie Gore (North West Region)                                            
149 Amy Roberts (Wales)                                                        
141 Bryony Darbon (South East Region)                                          
130 Hannah Shenton (Yorkshire Region )                                         
DNF Kate McCullough (Young Scotland)                                           
DNF Morag Eagleston (Scotland )                                                
Revolution Sprint - Losers Keirin
1 Mickael D'Almeida (France)                                                   
2 Jason Kenny (Sky+ HD)                                                        
3 Christian Lyte (Sportcity Velo)                                              
4 Ross Edgar (Sky+ HD)                                                         
5 Gregory Bauge (France)                                                       
DHL Future Stars Boys Points Race 
1  Simon Yates (North West Region)                                             
2  Josh Papworth (South/South West Region)                                     
3  Adam Yates (North West Region)                                              
4  Felix English (South East Region)                                           
5  Owain Doull (Wales)                                                         
6  Matt Bailey (West Midlands Region)                                          
7  Ewan Macdonald (West Midlands Region)                                       
8  Ben Dunn (East Midlands Region)                                             
9  John Paul (South/South West Region)                                         
10  Chris Nicholson (North West Region)                                        
11  Jamie Rogers (East Midlands Region)                                        
12  Patrick Galbraith (Scotland)                                               
13  Alistair Slater (East Midlands Region)                                     
14  Jim Lewis (Eastern Region)                                                 
15  Jack Penrice (Yorkshire Region)                                            
16  Charlie Heffernan (South East Region)                                      
17  Tom Moses (Yorkshire Region)                                               
18  Rich Forrest (Wales)                                                       
19  Robert Lambton (West Midlands Region)                                      
20  Matthew Gittings (Central)                                                 
21  Stephen Bradbury (Central)                                                 
22  Oliver Rossi (Eastern Region)                                              
23  Lewis Balyickyi (South East Region)                                        
24  Martin Woffindin (Central)                                                 
25  Greg Brown (Scotland)                                                      
26  Sean Wheddon (South/South West Region)                                     
27  Stewart McCluskey (Scotland)                                               
28  Dan Snow (Eastern Region)                                                  
29  Scott Woodhead (Yorkshire Region )                                         
1km Madison Time Trial 
1 Ed Clancy/Steven Burke (Sky)                                             
2 Rob Hayles/Pete Kennaugh (Halfords)                                 
3 Geraint Thomas/Bradley Wiggins (uSwitch)                             
4 David Muntaner/Unai Elorriaga (Perform Group)                  
5 Toni Tauler/Carlos Torrent (Bicycle Repairman)             
DHL Future Stars Girls – Points Race 
1  Ruby Miller (Wales)                                                         
2  Lucy Garner (East Midlands Region)                                          
3  Laura Trott (Eastern Region)                                                
4  Harriet Owen (CentraL)                                                      
5  Hannah Barnes ( East Midlands Region)                                       
6  Jess Anderson ( Eastern Region)                                             
7  Hannah Walker ( Eastern Region)                                             
8  Natalie Hill (Central)                                                      
9  Hannah Manley (Wales)                                                       
10  Hannah Shenton (Yorkshire Region)                                          
11  Hannah Layland (Yorkshire Region)                                          
12  Amy Roberts (Wales)                                                        
13  Jess Crampton (North West Region)                                          
14  Penny Rowson (East Midlands Region)                                        
15  Bryony Darbon (South East Region)                                          
16  Melissa Bury (North West Region)                                           
17  Sophie Gore (North West Region)                                            
18  Rebecca Womersley (Yorkshire Region)                                       
19  Morag Eagleston (Scotland )                                                
DHL Future Stars Boys – 6 Lap Dash 
1  Josh Papworth (South/South West Region)                                     
2  Adam Yates (North West Region)                                              
3  Simon Yates (North West Region)                                             
4  Rich Forrest (Wales)                                                        
5  Martin Woffindin (Central)                                                  
6  Oliver Rossi (Eastern Region)                                               
7  Matt Bailey (West Midlands Region)                                          
8  Stephen Bradbury (Central)                                                  
9  John Paul (South/South West Region)                                         
10  Patrick Galbraith (Scotland)                                               
11  Lewsi Oliva (Wales)                                                        
12  Felix English (South East Region)                                          
13  Tom Moses (Yorkshire Region)                                               
14  Chris Nicholson (North West Region)                                        
15  Ewan Macdonald (West Midlands Region)                                      
16  Robert Lambton (West Midlands Region)                                      
17  Sean Wheddon (South/South West Region)                                     
18  Charlie Heffernan (South East Region)                                      
19  Owain Doull (Wales)                                                        
20  Jack Penrice (Yorkshire Region)                                            
21  Greg Brown (Scotland)                                                      
22  Dan Snow (Eastern Region)                                                  
23  Scott Woodhead (Yorkshire Region)                                          
24  Jamie Rogers (East Midlands Region)                                        
25  Lewis Balyickyi (South East Region)                                        
26  Ben Dunn (East Midlands Region)                                            
27  Jim Lewis (Eastern Region)                                                 
28  Alistair Slater (East Midlands Region)                                     
29  Matthew Gittings (Central)                                                 
30  Stewart McCluskey (Scotland )                                              
Elite Team 1 Lap Flying Time Trial
1 Alex Dowsett/Russell Hampton (Science In Sport)             
2 Toni Tauler/Carlos Torrent (Bicycle Repairman)             
3 David Muntaner/Unai Elorriaga (Perform Group)                  
4 Rob Hayles/Pete Kennaugh (Thomson Reuters)                   
5 Chris Newton/Luke Rowe (O2)                                               
6 Geraint Thomas/Bradley Wiggins (uSwitch)                             
7 Ed Clancy/Steven Burke (Sky)                                             
Isaac Galvez Memorial Elite Madison – 80 Laps 
1 Chris Newton/Luke Rowe (O2)                                                  
2 David Muntaner/Unai Elorriaga (Perform Group)                                
3 Ed Clancy/Steven Burke (Sky)                                                 
4 Alex Dowsett/Russell Hampton (Science In Sport)                              
5 Geraint Thomas/Bradley Wiggins (uSwitch)                                     
Revolution Team Sprint
1 Great Britain                                                                
2 France                                                                       
DHL Future Stars Final Classification – Boys 
1 Simon Yates (North West Region)                                              
2 Adam Yates (North West Region)                                               
3 Chris Nicholson (North West Region)                                          
4 Owain Doull ( Wales)                                                         
5 Matt Bailey (West Midlands Region)                                           
6 John Paul (South/South West Region)                                          
7 Jamie Rogers (East Midlands Region)                                          
8 Ben Dunn (East Midlands Region)                                              
9 Jordan Hargreaves (Yorkshire Region)                                         
10 Felix English (South East Region)                                           
11 Sam Harrison ( Wales)                                                       
12 Tom Gregory (West Midlands Region)                                          
13 Patrick Galbraith (Scotland)                                                
14 Ewan McDonald (West Midlands Region)                                        
15 Richard Forrest (Wales)                                                     
16 Alex Murison (South/South West Region)                                      
17 Ashley Marshall (Yorkshire Region)                                          
18 Josh Papworth (South/South West Region)                                     
19 Jonathan Dibben (South/South West Region)                                   
20 Charlie Heffernan (South East Region)                                       
21 Martin Dawkins (Central)                                                    
22 Stephen Bradbury (Central)                                                  
23 Greg Brown (Scotland)                                                       
24 Mark Baxter (Central)                                                       
25 Paul Fostun (East Midlands Region)                                          
26 Jim Lewis (Eastern Region)                                                  
27 Robert Lampton (West Midlands Region)                                       
28 Kian Emadi (West Midlands Region)                                           
29 Oliver Rossi (Eastern Region)                                               
30 Lewis Balyckyi (South East Region)                                          
31 Lewis Oliva (Wales)                                                         
32 Chris Sherriffs (Eastern Region)                                            
33 Jack Penrice (Yorkshire Region)                                             
34 Laurie Brooking (Eastern Region)                                            
34 Scott Mulder (Canada)                                                       
36 Tom Gallagher (Eastern Region)                                              
37 Martin Woffindin (Central)                                                  
38 Sam Matthews (Scotland)                                                     
39 Tom Moses (Yorkshire Region)                                                
40 Alistair Slater (East Midlands Region)                                      
41 Kyle Yates (Scotland)                                                       
42 Sean Wheddon (South/South West Region)                                      
43 Stu McCluskey (Scotland)                                                    
44 Allan Leparskas (Canada)                                                    
45 Angus Gillies (Scotland)                                                    
46 Matthew Gittings (Central)                                                  
47 Dan Snow (Eastern Region)                                                   
48 Scott Woodhead (Yorkshire Region)                                           
49 Brock Duncombe Rogers (South East Region)                                   
DHL Future Stars Final Classification – Girls 
1 Ruby Miller (Wales)                                                          
2 Laura Trott (Eastern Region)                                                 
3 Harriet Owen (Central)                                                       
4 Hannah Walker (Eastern Region)                                               
5 Penny Rowson (East Midlands Region)                                          
6 Natalie Hill (Central)                                                       
7 Hannah Layland (Yorkshire Region)                                            
8 Jess Crampton ( North West Region)                                           
9 Hannah Barnes (East Midlands Region)                                         
9 Lucy Garner (East Midlands Region)                                           
11 Melissa Bury (North West Region)                                            
12 Jess Anderson (Eastern Region)                                              
13 Bryony Darbon (South East Region)                                           
14 Hannah Shenton (Yorkshire Region)                                           
15 Sophie Gore (North West Region)                                             
16 Amy Roberts (Wales)                                                         
17 Hannah Manley (West Midlands Region)                                        
18 Elinor Barker (Wales)                                                       
19 Hannah Ferguson (Scotland)                                                  
20 Beth Crumpton (West Midlands Region)                                        
21 Kate Winton (Scotland)                                                      
22 Sarah Mitchell (Scotland)                                                   
23 Morag Eagleston (Scotland)                                                  
24 Rebecca Womersley (Yorkshire Region)                                        
25 Gaby Shaw (Yorkshire Region)                                                
25 Kate McCullough Young (Scotland)                                            
25 Hannah Manley (Wales)