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Photo ©: Schaaf

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Revolution 20 - NE

Manchester Velodrome, Manchester, UK, February 24, 2008


British World Championship hopes in key race action

By Gerry McManus in Manchester

British sprinters 500m team sprint ride off

Queally goes for the final lap.
Photo ©: Gerry McManus
(Click for larger image)

Jamie Staff went one step closer to securing his place in the British men's team sprint trio on Saturday night at Revolution 20 in Manchester. The 34-year- old former world track and BMX champion took part in a special 500m team sprint competition with the other key British sprinters competing for places alongside double world champion Chris Hoy.

Jason Kenny and Matt Crampton went off first with Kenny recording 17.8 seconds on lap one with the duo's final time coming in at 31.228 seconds.

Staff and Ross Edgar had drawn heat two, with Staff confirming his readiness for the world championship GB team selection when he blasted out of the blocks to record 17.48 seconds for 250m. Edgar finished the job off well and the SIS boys went top of the leader board with 30.876 seconds.

Craig MacLean (Plowman Craven) and Jason Queally (Great Britain) were the last riders to take to the track for the third and final heat. MacLean used every sinew and muscle available in his body in a bid to produce a fast 250m time but the Scotsman had to settle with the third best time of 18.09 seconds with Queally riding well for the team to record 31.441.

The GB selectors will still have a difficult time picking the third rider for the worlds squad. Whoever it may be, they will be crucial to Britain's hopes to make it on to the podium in the specialist discipline in Manchester next month.

Multiple junior European and World track sprint champion Kenny was pleased with his performance in front of thousands of people in the packed Velodrome. "My training has been in a bit of a lull recently," said the 19-year-old from Bolton. "I pulled a personal best out of the bag tonight so it was brilliant really. I can't really help the fact that Jamie (Staff) went faster and all I can do is try to improve my own times and that's what I have done. It is hard training in the stadium in the morning some times when it is cold and empty so it is good to race in the evening when it is warm and there's plenty of noise from the crowd."

Staff must have surely done enough to secure his place as lead out man in the World's team sprint. "I think I should be just about there," said Staff. "I have been feeling really good during the last eight weeks doing some PB's in the gym and on the track. You are only in control of your own performance and you get yourself prepared and feel good but you can't tell what's going to happen until the night. I couldn't be any happier. Tonight I went out there and did the business and we are looking to improve again before the World Championships. I think we have sent out a little shock to the French. We have got the individual components right and now we have to bring it all together. We can start to do that when we know who is in the team."

The team selection is expected to be made next week after more tests behind closed doors.

"The French have got a fantastic team," continued Staff. "Bourge is going out and riding 17.4's and 17.5's for the first lap and they can do a 12.9 for the second lap. We have to be within a 10th of a second of the French time for the first two laps to be in with a chance of beating them. We have still got a lot of work to do but from next week we will be able to focus as a team."

Men's Keirin

Chris Hoy showed he is truly the master of his trade when he won the men's Keirin. Hoy secured his favourite spot behind the Derny as the race set off and he carefully picked the right wheels to follow in the last three laps. Arnaud Tournant had been leading at the bell with Mickael D'Almeida on his wheel. D'Almedia was holding Hoy on the outside but the powerful Scott went around him and still had time to punch the air as he crossed the line ahead of Tournant. He will now be the favourite for the World Championship title next month.

Women's sprint omnium

Victorian Pendleton ..back in the driving seat.
Photo ©: Gerry McManus
(Click for larger image)

Victoria Pendleton must have been feeling back on top in the sprint events. She reversed the result at last weeks World Cup in Copenhagen to take the victory from Willy Kanis (Netherlands). There was no lacking in power from the British girl today and she looked like she knew she was back in the driving seat to defend her three gold medals in the World's next month when she came off the track.

Anna Blyth, the face on the 'Manchester 08 World of Sport' posters all over the city centre in Manchester, won her event against Yvonne Hijgenaar (Netherlands) but lost out to Kanis in the following match. Blyth had not made it to the Keirin final in Copenhagen last month and knows she is still improving in her relatively short career.

"It is strange seeing my photograph all over Manchester," said Blyth: "I must admit I didn't realise it was me to begin with. I was unlucky in the Keirin in Copenhagen. I got a little squashed out and lost a few revs and you can never really get back on terms after that at this level."

France v Great Britain team sprint challenge

Arnaud Tournant on form and happy with his victory.
Photo ©: Gerry McManus
(Click for larger image)

France continued to show their strength in the race against the clock when they beat Great Britain recording 44.54 seconds for three laps of the track. Gregory Bauge led off for the French with Tournant in second and D'Almeida riding the anchor leg. The Great Britain team was Craig MacLean (Plowman Craven) Edgar and Hoy. Although the Revolution event must be an opportunity for the riders to race for fun, there was still a massive competitive edge to all the riders' performances.

France edged the lead after one lap and Tournant pulled ahead of Edgar in lap two. Hoy brought the gap down to record 44.766 but couldn't make up the full deficit.


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Images by Gerry McManus/www.gerrymcmanus.co.uk


Elite Team Elimination
1 Rob Hayles / Geraint Thomas (Parker International)        6.06.18
2 Iljo Keisse / Dimitri DeFauw (Bohemia Regent)                    
3 Johnny Bellis / Peter Kennaugh (Revolution)                      
4 Steven Burke / Mark McNally (Ravenswood)                         
5 Adam Blythe / Russell Downing (SiS)                              
6 Alex Dowsett / Russell Hampson (Manchester City Council)         
7 Peter Schep / Jens Mouris (Dolan)                                
8 Pete Williams / Tom Murray (Pinarello)                           
9 Matt Rowe / Rhys Lloyd (Impsport)                                
10 Chris Newton / Dean Downing (Rapha Condor – Recycling)          
11 Erick Rowsell / Mark Christian (MEN)                            
12 Andy Fenn / Luke Rowe (Cycling Weekly)                          
13 Tom Skubala / Andrew Williams (Geoff Thomas)                    
2-up Team Sprint
1 Jamie Staff / Ross Edgar (Great Britain)                  0.31.23
2 Jason Kenny / Matt Crampton (Great Britain)               0.30.88
3 Craig Maclean / Jason Queally (Great Britain)             0.31.44
Geoff Thomas Foundation Italian Pursuit

1 Geoff Thomas                                              1.39.70
 Hannah Manley                                                     
 Dan McLay                                                         
 Anna Blyth                                                        
 Iljo Keisse                                                       
 Chris Hoy                                                         
2 Martin Johnson                                            1.39.83
 Corrine Hall                                                      
 Chris Whorrall                                                    
 Victoria Pendleton                                                
 Peter Shep                                                        
 Arnaud Tournant                                                   
DHL Future Stars Boys 
1 Luc Jones (Wales)                                         6.11.20
2 George Atkins (East Midlands Region)                             
3 Dan McLay (East Midlands Region)                                 
4 Jordan Hargreaves (Yorkshire Region)                             
5 Mark Baxter (Central)                                            
6 Sandy King (Central)                                             
7 Chris Nicholson (Yorkshire Region)                               
8 Chris Whorrall (North West Region)                               
9 Chris Legg (Central)                                             
10 Rich Forrest (Wales)                                            
11 Felix English (South East Region)                               
12 Tom Wieskowski (South/South West Region)                        
13 Simon Yates (North West Region)                                 
14 Matt Bailey (West Midlands Region)                              
15 Peter Dibben (South/South West Region)                          
16 Magnus Davidson (Scotland)                                      
17 Owain Doull (Wales)                                             
18 Tom Gosbee (Eastern Region)                                     
19 Calum Maclean (Scotland)                                        
20 Sam Fry (Eastern Region)                                        
21 Lewis Balyicki (North West Region)                              
22 Paul Fostun (East Midlands Region)                              
23 Ben Dunn (Yorkshire Region)                                     
24 Jim Lewis (South East Region)                                   
25 Tom Gregory (West Midlands Region)                              
26 Aaron Murray (Scotland)                                         
27 Steven Bradbury (South/South West Region)                       
DNF Kian Emadi (West Midlands Region)                              
DNF Oliver Rossi (South East Region)                               
Revolution Keirin
1 Chris Hoy (Great Britain)                                 0.11.38
2 Arnaud Tournant (France)                                         
3 Mickael D'Almeida (France)                                       
4 Dave Daniell (Great Britain)                                     
5 Gregory Bauge (France)                                           
6 Christian Lyte (Great Britain)                                   
Womens Sprint Omnium 
Round 1
1 Willy Kanis (Holland)                                     0.12.36
2 Becky James (ODP)                                                
1 Anna Blyth (Great Britain)                                0.12.20
2 Sandy Clair (France)                                             
1 Yvonne Hijgenaar (Holland)                                0.12.23
2 Jess Varnish (ODP)                                               
1 Victoria Pendleton (Great Britain)                        0.11.84
2 Virginie Cueff (France)                                          
Round 2
1 Virginie Cueff (France)                                   0.12.26
2 Jess Varnish (ODP)                                               
1 Sandy Clair (France)                                      0.12.38
2 Becky James (ODP)                                                
1 Victoria Pendleton (Great Britain)                        0.12.29
2 Yvonne Hijgenaar (Holland)                                       
1 Willy Kanis (Holland)                                     0.12.10
2 Anna Blyth (Great Britain)                                       
Round 3
1 Virginie Cueff (France)                                   0.12.34
2 Becky James (ODP)                                                
1 Sandy Clair (France)                                      0.12.64
2 Jess Varnish (ODP)                                               
1 Anna Blyth (Great Britain)                                0.12.21
2 Yvonne Hijgenaar (Holland)                                       
1 Victoria Pendleton (Great Britain)                        0.11.82
2 Willy Kanis (Holland)                                            
 Victoria Pendleton (Great Britain)                                
DHL Future Stars Girls - 6 Lap Dash
1 Hannah Barnes (East Midlands Region)                      2.00.84
2 Helen Scott (West Midlands Region)                               
3 Dani King (South/South West Region)                              
4 Ella Sadler (Andrews North West Region)                          
5 Harriet Owen (Central)                                           
6 Kate Calvert (South/South West Region)                           
7 Lucy Martin (North West Region)                                  
8 Hayley Edwards (West Midlands Region)                            
9 Laura Trott (Eastern)                                            
10 Ruby Miller (Wales)                                             
11 Penny Rowson (East Midlands Region)                             
12 Laura Allen (North West Region)                                 
13 Hannah Robinson (Eastern)                                       
14 Corrine Hall (South East Region)                                
15 Hannah Rich (Wales)                                             
16 Hannah Manley (Wales)                                           
17 Hannah Mayho (Yorkshire Region)                                 
18 Katie Fearnehough (Yorkshire Region)                            
Revolution Sprint - Round 1
1 Jason Kenny (Great Britain)                               0.10.96
2 Mickael D'Almeida (France)                                       
3 Pete Mitchell (ODP)                                              
1 Matt Crampton (Great Britain)                             0.11.02
2 Dave Daniell (Great Britain)                                     
3 Steve Hill (ODP)                                                 
1 Ross Edgar (Great Britain)                                0.11.38
2 Craig Maclean (Plowman Craven)                                   
3 Josh Hargreaves (Great Britain)                                  
1 Jamie Staff (Great Britain)                               0.10.58
2 Gregory Bauge (France)                                           
3 Christian Lyte (Great Britain)                                   
Semi Finals
1 Ross Edgar (Great Britain)                                0.10.73
2 Jason Kenny (Great Britain)                                      
1 Jamie Staff (Great Britain)                               0.10.72
2 Matt Crampton (Great Britain)                                    
Sprint Losers 6 Lap Dash
1 Christian Lyte (Great Britain)                            2.02.16
2 Craig Maclean (Plowman Craven)                                   
3 Gregory Bauge (France)                                           
4 Josh Hargreaves (Great Britain)                                  
5 Pete Mitchell (ODP)                                              
6 Matt Crampton (Great Britain)                                    
7 Steve Hill (ODP)                                                 
8 Jason Kenny (Great Britain)                                      
9 Mickael D'Almeida (France)                                       
10 Dave Daniell (Great Britain)                                    
1 Ross Edgar (Great Britain)                                0.10.54
2 Jamie Staff (Great Britain)                                      
Elite Team 15km Points Race
1 Iljo Keisse / Dimitri DeFauw (Bohemia Regent)                    
2 Chris Newton / Dean Downing (Rapha Condor – Recycling)           
3 Adam Blythe / Russell Downing (SiS)                              
4 Rob Hayles / Geraint Thomas (Parker International)               
5 Pete Williams / Tom Murray (Pinarello)                           
6 Steven Burke / Mark McNally (Ravenswood)                         
7 Peter Schep / Jens Mouris (Dolan)                                
8 Alex Dowsett / Russell Hampson (Manchester City Council)         
9 Johnny Bellis / Peter Kennaugh (Revolution)                      
10 Andy Fenn / Luke Rowe (Cycling Weekly)                          
11 Tom Skubala / Andrew Williams (Geoff Thomas)                    
12 Erick Rowsell / Mark Christian (MEN)                            
13 Matt Rowe / Rhys Lloyd (Impsport)                               
DHL Future Stars Boys – Points Race
1 Kian Emadi (West Midlands Region)                         5.56.95
2 Luc Jones (Wales)                                                
3 Chris Whorrall (North West Region)                               
4 Sandy King (Central)                                             
5 Dan McLay (East Midlands Region)                                 
6 Jordan Hargreaves (Yorkshire Region)                             
7 Tom Wieskowski (South/South West Region)                         
8 Chris Legg (Central)                                             
9 Simon Yates (North West Region)                                  
10 Calum Maclean (Scotland)                                        
11 Matt Bailey (West Midlands Region)                              
12 Tom Gosbee (Eastern Region)                                     
13 Peter Dibben (South/South West Region)                          
14 Tom Gregory (West Midlands Region)                              
15 Owain Doull (Wales)                                             
16 Magnus Davidson (Scotland)                                      
17 Mark Baxter (Central)                                           
18 Chris Nicholson (Yorkshire Region)                              
19 Ben Dunn (Yorkshire Region)                                     
20 George Atkins (East Midlands Region)                            
21 Aaron Murray (Scotland)                                         
22 Lewis Balyicki (North West Region)                              
23 Felix English (South East Region)                               
24 Rich Forrest (Wales)                                            
25 Sam Fry (Eastern Region)                                        
26 Jim Lewis (South East Region)                                   
27 Paul Fostun (East Midlands Region)                              
DNF Steven Bradbury (South/South West Region)                      
DNF Oliver Rossi (South East Region)                               
1km Madison Time Trial
1 Chris Hoy / Arnaud Tournant (France)                      0.54.55
2 Iljo Keisse / Dimitri DeFauw (Bohemia Regent)             0.57.81
3 Johnny Bellis / Peter Kennaugh (Revolution)               0.59.51
4 Peter Schep / Jens Mouris (Dolan)                         1.00.12
5 Chris Newton / Dean Downing (Rapha Condor – Recycling)    1.02.61
DHL Future Stars Girls – Points Race
1 Lucy Martin (North West Region)                                  
2 Harriet Owen (Central)                                           
3 Corrine Hall (South East Region)                                 
4 Hannah Manley (Wales)                                            
5 Helen Scott (West Midlands Region)                               
6 Dani King (South/South West Region)                              
7 Ruby Miller (Wales)                                              
8 Laura Trott (Eastern)                                            
9 Laura Allen (North West Region)                                  
10 Kate Calvert (South/South West Region)                          
11 Katie Fearnehough (Yorkshire Region)                            
12 Ella Sadler (Andrews North West Region)                         
13 Hannah Rich (Wales)                                             
14 Hannah Mayho (Yorkshire Region)                                 
15 Hannah Barnes (East Midlands Region)                            
16 Hannah Robinson (Eastern)                                       
DNF Penny Rowson (East Midlands Region)                            
DNF Hayley Edwards (West Midlands Region)                          
DHL Future Stars Boys - 6 Lap Dash
1 Kian Emadi (West Midlands Region)                         1.48.64
2 Chris Whorrall (North West Region)                               
3 Chris Legg (Central)                                             
4 Calum Maclean (Scotland)                                         
5 Jordan Hargreaves (Yorkshire Region)                             
6 Mark Baxter (Central)                                            
7 Simon Yates (North West Region)                                  
8 Tom Gosbee (Eastern Region)                                      
9 Dan McLay (East Midlands Region)                                 
10 Tom Gregory (West Midlands Region)                              
11 Rich Forrest (Wales)                                            
12 Luc Jones (Wales)                                               
13 Sandy King (Central)                                            
14 Matt Bailey (West Midlands Region)                              
15 Peter Dibben (South/South West Region)                          
16 Sam Fry (Eastern Region)                                        
17 Aaron Murray (Scotland)                                         
18 Lewis Balyicki (North West Region)                              
19 Tom Wieskowski (South/South West Region)                        
20 Ben Dunn (Yorkshire Region)                                     
21 Oliver Rossi (South East Region)                                
22 Felix English (South East Region)                               
23 Jim Lewis (South East Region)                                   
24 Steven Bradbury (South/South West Region)                       
25 Owain Doull (Wales)                                             
26 Paul Fostun (East Midlands Region)                              
27 Magnus Davidson (Scotland)                                      
28 George Atkins (East Midlands Region)                            
29 Chris Nicholson (Yorkshire Region)                              
DHL Future Stars Girls - 5km Scratch
1 Harriet Owen (Central)                                    6.57.88
2 Hannah Manley (Wales)                                            
3 Laura Allen (North West Region)                                  
4 Hannah Mayho (Yorkshire Region)                                  
5 Corrine Hall (South East Region)                                 
6 Katie Fearnehough (Yorkshire Region)                             
7 Laura Trott (Eastern)                                            
8 Ruby Miller (Wales)                                              
9 Dani King (South/South West Region)                              
10 Hannah Rich (Wales)                                             
11 Kate Calvert (South/South West Region)                          
12 Helen Scott (West Midlands Region)                              
13 Hannah Barnes (East Midlands Region)                            
14 Ella Sadler (Andrews North West Region)                         
15 Penny Rowson (East Midlands Region)                             
16 Hannah Robinson (Eastern)                                       
17 Hayley Edwards (West Midlands Region)                           
Isaac Galvez Memorial Elite Madison
1 Peter Schep / Jens Mouris (Dolan)                        22.29.14
2 Rob Hayles / Geraint Thomas (Parker International)               
3 Iljo Keisse / Dimitri DeFauw (Bohemia Regent)                    
4 Chris Newton / Dean Downing (Rapha Condor – Recycling)           
5 Andy Fenn / Luke Rowe (Cycling Weekly)                           
6 Alex Dowsett / Russell Hampson (Manchester City Council)         
7 Erick Rowsell / Mark Christian (MEN)                             
8 Adam Blythe / Russell Downing (SiS)                              
9 Johnny Bellis / Peter Kennaugh (Revolution)                      
10 Steven Burke / Mark McNally (Ravenswood)                        
11 Tom Skubala / Andrew Williams (Geoff Thomas)                    
12 Pete Williams / Tom Murray (Pinarello)                          
13 Matt Rowe / Rhys Lloyd (Impsport)                               
Team Sprint

1 France                                                    0.44.55
2 Great Britain                                             0.44.77
DHL Future Stars - Boys Points Table
1 Dan McLay (East Midlands Region)                              339 pts
2 Chris Whorrall (North West Region)                            307
3 Tom Wieskowski (South/South West Region)                      267
4 Jordan Hargreaves (Yorkshire Region)                          257
5 Simon Yates (North West Region)                               255
6 Chris Legg (Central)                                          254
7 Sandy King (Central)                                          248
8 George Atkins (East Midlands Region)                          222
9 Peter Dibben (South/South West Region)                        218
10 Chris Nicholson (Yorkshire Region)                           216
11 Tom Gosbee (Eastern Region)                                  210
12 Kian Emadi (West Midlands Region)                            196
13 Sam Harrison (Wales)                                         186
14 Sam Fry (Eastern Region)                                     156
15 Mark Baxter (Central)                                        156
16 Tom Gregory (West Midlands Region)                           156
17 Lewis Balyicki (North West Region)                           155
18 Callum McLean (Scotland)                                     146
19 Luc Jones (Wales)                                            146
20 Owain Doull (Wales)                                          133
21 Rich Forrest (Wales)                                         110
22 Felix English (South East Region)                            107
23 Matt Bailey (West Midlands Region)                            92
24 Patrick Galbraith (Scotland)                                  90
25 Aaron Murray (Scotland)                                       86
26 Tom Walker (South/South West Region)                          82
27 Kit Karzen (USA)                                              81
28 Rhys Matcham (West Midlands Region)                           77
29 Joe Perrett (Eastern Region)                                  69
30 Jamie Rogers (East Midlands Region)                           63
31 Tim Kennaugh (Yorkshire Region)                               62
32 Magnus Davidson (Scotland)                                    58
33 Ewan McDonald (West Midlands Region)                          53
34 John Cooper (West Midlands Region)                            52
35 Oliver Rossi (South East Region)                              39
36 Jim Lewis (South East Region)                                 38
37 Stephen Bradbury (South/South West Region)                    38
38 Ben Dunn (Yorkshire Region)                                   31
39 Brock Duncombe(-Rogers South East Region)                     26
40 Jack Salt (Yorkshire Region)                                  25
41 Jim Lewis (Eastern Region)                                    18
42 Paul Fostun (East Midlands Region)                            18
43 Perry Bowater (West Midlands Region)                          12
DHL Future Stars - Girls Points Table
1 Corrine Hall (South East Region)                              322 pts
2 Hannah Manley (Wales)                                         315
3 Katie Fearnehough (Yorkshire Region)                          275
4 Laura Allen (Central)                                         251
5 Ella Sadler (Andrews North West Region)                       239
6 Harriet Owen (Central)                                        235
7 Laura Trott (Eastern Region)                                  231
8 Penny Rowson (East Midlands Region)                           219
9 Kate Calvert (South/South West Region)                        209
10 Laura Allen (North West Region)                              206
11 Hayley Edwards (West Midlands Region)                        197
12 Hannah Robinson (Eastern Region)                             183
13 Gaby Shaw (Yorkshire Region)                                 172
14 Dani King (South/South West Region)                          153
15 Hannah Barnes (East Midlands Region)                         142
16 Hannah Rich (Wales)                                          131
17 Sarah Reynolds (West Midlands Region)                        130
18 Jess Booth (West Midlands Region)                            130
19 Ruby Miller (Wales)                                          130
20 Sophie Terry (South East Region)                             125
21 Jo Wilman (North West Region)                                109
22 Hannah Mayho (Yorkshire Region)                              106
23 Lucy Martin (North West Region)                               97
24 Ella Hopkins (South/South West Region)                        78
25 Alex Greenfield (Central)                                     78
26 Helen Scott (West Midlands Region)                            74
27 Katie Colclough (East Midlands Region)                        70
28 Daisy Sherwood (Scotland)                                     16
29 Kayleigh Brogan (Scotland)                                    14
DHL Future Stars - Region Points Table
1 North West                                                   1368 pts
2 West Midlands                                                1195
3 Wales                                                        1151
4 Yorkshire                                                    1144
5 East Midlands                                                1073
6 South/South West                                             1045
7 Central                                                      1016
8 Eastern                                                       849
9 South East                                                    636
10 Scotland                                                     410
11 USA                                                           81