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Results & reports from Australia

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Friday night winter track racing #11

Dunc Gray velodrome, Sydney - Friday, August 24, 2007

The Peter Bundy Cycles Fat-mans Wheelrace

The Big men came out to play on Friday for the much anticipated Peter Bundy Cycles Fat-Mans Wheelrace. Rider’s handicaps were determined primarily by the competitor’s weight with a small consideration for racing division.

The first order of business was the weigh-in. To qualify for the event you must weigh more than I do. The scary thing is that I weighed in at 95.1kg which ruled out over 90% of all competitors. The first big shock and embarrassment for me, was when big man Jason Roberts pulled up short on the weigh-in. Jason who has a leg diameter equal to that of the average women’s waist tilted the scales at a measly 93.4kg, which instantly meant that one of the top favourites would not be starting the race.

Ross Harding has been waiting all his cycling career for a race of this nature and jumped on the scales with a massive smile on his face. The smile grew even larger when the digital scales read 115.0kg, which incidentally was the weight he had predicted. Ross a Div 2 rider landed a handicap of 141m

Matty Hynes jumped on the scales and Japan recorded a small earthquake. Mathew’s weight was an impressive 123.1kg. This caused me a little concern. Part of the prize for the race, was the winner’s weight in $ coins, I had only packed $120 in the belief that this would cover anything that a bike frame could handle (credit due to Hillbrick frames). I was quick to scrape around the glove box of my car in desperation of three extra dollars just in case. Matty faired well in the handicap starting a handy 217m

Andrew Burne Weighed-in and actually had to ask me what the numbers on the scale said due to the enormous distance his eyes are from the ground. Andrew is aptly described as a Man-Mountain and at 112kg he seems more mountain than man. Andrew’s starting mark would be was 110m

Geoff Hopkins (softy) is capable of an excellent 1km time and would be dangerous off 69m with his 105.7kg of pure soft muscle.

Tony Unicombe is a short man, but he packs a heap of weight especially in his pectorals. 100.7kg scored him 49m’s.

Tim Murphy and Craig Pullen both Division 4 only scraped in above the legal weight. Starting off 39m and 71m respectively, they would find it difficult to catch the leading wheels.

Stewart Campbell (computer) became our scratch man with a measly 18m handicap.

Alastair McCausland was of much interest; on weigh-in he only equaled my weight. My wife (Monica) took the rules literally and indicated he was ineligible. Five quick gulps of the water bottle had Big Al re-weighed at 95.2.

The Race

From the gun Mathew Hynes struggled to get his carcass up to speed whilst Geoff Hopkins was by far the quickest starter. By the time Matthew got going all eyes were on Hopkins who was flying up to the leaders. However they don’t call Hopkins Softy for nothing and by the end of the second lap it was all over for him. Attention now turned to Ross Harding, who was making serious in-roads into Mathew’s lead. A quick glance behind Ross but still a distance away was Man-Mountain Andrew Burne who had his 110 inch gear wound up. Coming into the final lap it was all coming together. By the looks of pain on the rider’s faces it would come down to momentum (Momentum = Mass x Velocity) and it was Andrew Burne who’s formula delivered the highest value, followed by Ross Harding and Mathew Hynes in third.

Two presentations took place; the first one at the Velodrome was presented by Peter Bundy who provided over $400 worth of reinforced cycling equipment along with the three trophies. The perpetual trophy which was skillfully built by David Lane (Actionsnaps) featured one of the largest saddles I have ever seen.

The Second presentation was conducted in the HandleBar Tavern. Each of the Place getters received a second trophy this time full of amber liquid. Additionally Andrew Burne received his $112 in dollar coins. Before I poured the money into Andrew’s hands, I noticed that his hands must weigh a couple of Kilo’s alone.


Junior Development Demonstration
1 Daniel                                             
2 Jack                                               
3 Prncess                                            
4 Nathan                                             
Round 1 - Warm up scratch race
Div 5 
1 Ryan Bernasconi                                    
2 Kierin Hogan                                       
4 Jason Bausica                                      
5 Jenny Vaughn Floyd                                 
Div 4 heat 1 
1 Andrew Helmich                                     
2 Craig Pollen                                       
3 Ray Gorrell                                        
4 Emma Sprouster                                     
Div 4 heat 2 
1 Greg Ryan                                          
2 Wall Mullany                                       
3 Tony Burke                                         
4 Jeff Vaughn Floyd                                  
Div 3
1 Peter Gumbley                                      
2 William Loxtan                                     
3 Michelle Ferris                                    
4 Daniel Moit                                        
Div 2 heat 1 
1 Tirian McManus                                     
2 Scott Harding                                      
3 Andrew Hellmich                                    
4 Jim Gray                                           
Div 2 heat 2
1 David McMaster                                     
2 Steve Darracott                                    
3 Gary Mandy                                         
4 Griff Davis                                        
Div 1
1 J-L Rathbone                                       
2 Gavin White                                        
3 Jason Roberts                                      
4 Joseph Northey                                     
Round 2 - Peter Bundy Cycles, Fat Mans Wheelrace
1 Andrew Burne (112kg)                               
2 Ross Harding (115kg)                               
3 Matt Hynes (123.1kg)                               
4 Geoff Hopkins (105.7kg)                            
Round 3 - 1 lap Screamers
Div 5 
Heat 1
1 Ryan Bernasconi                             0.24.17
2 Keiran Hogan                                       
Heat 2
1 Matthew Pellow                              0.24.12
2 Jason Baussica                                     
3 Jenni Vaughn-Floyd                                 
Div 4 
Heat 1
1 Emma Sprouster                              0.22.81
2 Katrina Lane                                       
3 Brie Malony                                        
4 Princess                                           
Heat 2
1 David Moiler                                0.23.62
2 Jack Edwards                                       
3 Nathan Chan                                        
4 Nick Edwards                                       
Heat 3
1 Phillip Mullany                             0.23.84
2 Ray gorrell                                        
3 Brian Hopkins                                      
4 Sandra Beaumont                                    
Heat 4
1 Wal Mullany                                 0.22.93
2 Rob Parerby                                        
3 Andrew Hellmich                                    
 Mathew Hynes                                        
Heat 5
1 Greg Ryan                                   0.22.79
2 Tony Burke                                         
3 Alastaur McCausland                                
 Charles Darlymple Hay                               
Heat 6
1 Craig Pollen                                0.23.91
2 Jeff Vaughn-Floyd                                  
3 Peter Christiens                                   
4 Tim Murphy                                         
5 Matty Hynes                                        
Div 3 
Heat 1
1 Ian Aitken                                  0.22.23
2 Brian Ratcliffe                                    
3 Tom Harvey                                         
4 Ross Hayter                                        
Heat 2
1 Brian Masson                                0.21.69
2 Peter Gumbley                                      
3 Brad Craft                                         
4 Garth McInerney                                    
Heat 3
1 Dean Benedeti                               0.22.55
2 Tim Veal                                           
3 Michale Docker                                     
4 Stephen Joyce                                      
Heat 4
1 Paul Shaw                                   0.21.92
2 Daniel Moit                                        
3 William Loxton                                     
 Graham Tierney                                      
Heat 5
1 Michelle Ferris                             0.22.36
2 Simon Walsh                                        
3 Jessica Griffiths                                  
 Rick McArdle                                        
Div 2 
Heat 1
1 Gary Mandy                                  0.21.28
2 Callum Docker                                      
3 Tirian McManus                                     
4 Adriano Maradini                                   
Heat 2
1 Griff Davis                                 0.21.21
2 Keith Oliver                                       
3 Gill Carver                                        
 Michael Rand                                        
Heat 3
1 Ben Harvey                                  0.21.69
2 Alex Tomlinson                                     
3 Andrew Herilhen                                    
4 Brian Crawford                                     
Heat 4
1 David McMaster                              0.21.89
2 Joel Chant                                         
3 Scott Harding                                      
4 Tony Unicomb                                       
Heat 5
1 Jim Gray                                    0.22.41
2 Anthony O'conner                                   
3 Matt Guggisberge                                   
4 Stephen Sanders                                    
Heat 6
1 Steve Darracott                             0.22.68
2 Jeff Smith                                         
3 Stewart Campbell                                   
Div 1 
Heat 1
1 Gavin White                                 0.21.10
2 Justin Tomlinson                                   
2 Matthew Anderson                                   
4 Simon Llewellyn                                    
Heat 2
1 Jason Roberts                               0.20.90
2 Glen Elton                                         
3 Alex Frame                                         
4 Jack Bennett                                       
Heat 3
1 Geoff Hopkins                               0.21.05
2 Stuart Lane                                        
3 Ian Gardner                                        
Heat 4
1 Rob Darley                                  0.20.28
2 David Brown                                        
3 Andrew Burne                                       
4 John Deane                                         
Heat 5
1 J-L Ratbone                                 0.20.58
2 Grant Law                                          
3 Mitchell Stock                                     
Heat 6
1 Peter Barnard                               0.20.85
2 Andrew Herrmann                                    
3 Joseph Northy                                      
Round 4
Handicap Div 5
1 Jenni Vaugn Floyd                                  
2 Jason Baussica                                     
3 Ryan Bernascoi                                     
4 Kirien Hogan                                       
Mystery Div 4 12 laps  
1 Tony Burke                                         
2 Jeff Vaughn - Floyd                                
3 Phillip Mullany                                    
4 Andrew Hellmich                                    
Mystery Div 3 17 laps  
1 Peter Gumbley                                      
2 Daniel Moit                                        
3 Andrea Beer                                        
4 Brian Ratcliffe                                    
Mystery Div 2 11 laps  
1 Ben Harvey                                         
2 Stewart Campbell                                   
2 Trian Mcmanus                                      
4 Steve Darocott                                     
Mystery Div 1 13 laps  
1 Gavin White                                        
2 J-L Rathbone                                       
3 Jason Roberts                                      
4 Andrew Herrman                                     
Round 5
Faster group Combine 15laps 
1 Kieth Oliver                                       
2 Steve Darrocott                                    
3 Stephan Joyce                                      
4 Peter Gumbley                                      
Maersk Logistics + CNSW Time Blaster 
1 J-L Rathbone                                8.55.90
2 Tirian McManus                                     
3 Mitchell Stock                                     
4 Justin Tomlinson                                   
Ivan Colig Last man Standing 
1 Tirian McManus                                     
2 Alex Tomlinson                                     
3 Jack Bennett                                       
4 Brian Crawford