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Results & reports from Australia

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Friday night winter track racing #10

Dunc Gray velodrome, Sydney - Friday, August 17, 2007

Last Friday was our annual Teams night which saw riders allocated in one of six teams that they would earn points for throughout the night. The teamís point-score after round 4 determined which position they would ride off for in the final round. The final round was the infamous Italian Pursuit where the top two teams rode off to determine the Teams night champions.

The eventual team results were

1. Team Green
2. Team Red
3. Team Purple
4. Team Orange
5. Team Yellow
6. Team Blue

The Green team was involved in a four way tussle for the lead throughout the night with Team Red, Team Purple and Team Orange. However it was the Green teamís dedication in the final round that secured the victory. Congratulations to all Team Green members for a fantastic unified effort.

In this race team Blue took the lead on the first lap and they continued to build on their advantage over the ensuing laps. The Blue team had built a massive lead and looked like they would ride this race out to victory however when Keith Oliver of Team Yellow got a sniff of the front the balance of power began to change as the gap began to narrow. By the time Glen Elton hit the front Yellow were in front for the first time of the race and John Deane made sure that Jackson Law (Blue) would see no glory tonight.

In this event Team orange were dominant in the early stages, it seemed they were a well drilled squad of professionals as they opened a huge lead over the opposing team purple. Than suddenly just when I thought the race was over a crack appeared in the orange strategy. The crack got bigger as a midfield rider began to struggle and a few laps later the crack became a gaping hole as the rider pulled out of the pace line. This effectively disqualified the team and they were only left with pride to race for. Team Purple to their credit rode a consistent race and came within a whisker of taking the out right victory. But in the end they were all happy to take the technical victory simply by following the rules.

For Victory Team Red Vís Green:

Red started well and almost caught the Green team after three laps however; the Green team fought back hard and clawed their way back into contention. After 6 laps the teams where level pegging. Green finally hit the front for the first time after 7 laps. From this point Green increased it leads to go into the final four riders with a significant lead. Despite having a dream team anchor of McMaster Gardiner, White and Roberts the Red team could only reduce the lead but not take the victory.


Junior Development Demonstration
1 Team Red                           
2 Team Green                         
3 Team Orange                        
4 Team Blue                          
Junior Development Demonstration
1 Team Orange                        
2 Team Purple                        
3 Team Green                         
4 Team Yellow                        
Round 1
Warm up scratch race
Div 5
1 A. Cahir                           
2 Keiran Hogan                       
3 Alex Duyckers                      
4 Jason Baverstock                   
Div 4
1 Wal Mullany                        
2 Ray Gorrell                        
3 kieran Heffernan                   
4 Emma Sprouster                     
Div 3 A
1 Jeff Smith                         
2 Matt Worley                        
3 Jim Veal                           
4 Grahame Heap                       
Div 2
1 Gary Mandy                         
2 Jim Brough                         
3 David Shuttleworth                 
4 Stephan Sanders                    
Div 1
1 Scott Law                          
2 Grant Law                          
3 Gavin White                        
4 Mitchell Stock                     
Round 2
No Race 
Round 3
Sprint Div 5 Heat 1 
1 Ryan Bernasconi                    
2 Jason Baverstock                   
3 Bruce Richards                     
Sprint Div 5 Heat 2 
1 A. Cahir                           
2 Keiran Hogan                       
Sprint Div 4 Heat 1
1 Brian Hopkins                      
2 Matt Hynes                         
3 Emma Sprouster                     
4 Tony Burke                         
Sprint Div 4†heat 2
1 Kieren Heffenan                    
2 Jeff Vangel Floyd                  
3 Rob Parbery                        
4 Wall Mullany                       
Sprint Div 4†heat 3 
1 Manny Cachia                       
2 Alistair McCausland                
3 Ray Gorrell                        
4 Alex Duychers                      
Sprint Div3†heat1 
1 Garth McInerny                     
2 Jeff Smith                         
3 Graeme Heap                        
4 Huw Morgan                         
Sprint Div 3 Heat 2
1 Matt Worley                        
2 Tom Harvey                         
3 Chris Timson                      
4 Michael Docker                     
Sprint Div 3†heat 3
1 Matt Guggispere                    
2 Daniel Moit                        
3 Grahame Tiereny                    
4 Simon Walsh                        
Sprint Div 2 Heat 1
1 Tirian Mcmanus                     
2 Andrew Herlihan                    
3 Ben Harvey                         
4 Neil Liefles                       
Sprint Div 2†heat 2
1 Garry Mandy                        
2 113                                
3 Adriano Maradini                   
4 Alex Tomlinson                     
Sprint Div 2†heat 3 
4 David Shuttleworth                 
1 Kieth Oliver                       
2 David McMaster                     
3 Stephan Sanders                    
Sprint Div 1 Heat 1
1 Jackson Law                        
2 Mitchell Stock                     
3 Simon llewellyn                    
4 Scott Law                          
Sprint Div 1†heat 2
1 Jason Roberts                      
2 Geoff Hopkins                      
3 Glen Elton                         
4 Stuart Lane                        
Sprint Div 1 heat 3 
1 Grant Law                          
2 David Browne                       
3 Gavin White                        
4 John Deane                         
Round 4
Handicap Div 5
1 Ryan Bernasconi                    
2 Bruce Richards                     
3 A Cahir                            
4 Keirin Hogan                       
Winners Race 
 Div 4 
1 Alex Duychers                      
2 David Ruffers                      
3 Jeff Vaugn-Floyd                   
4 Emma Sprouster                     
1 Michael Docker                     
2 Huw Morgan                         
3 Matt guggispare                    
4 Matt Worley                        
 Div 2 
1 Tirian Macmanus                    
2 Gary Mandy                         
3 Kieth Oliver                       
4 Jim Brough                         
 Div 1 
1 Scott Law                          
2 Mitchelle Stock                    
3 Jason Roberts                      
4 Grant Law                          
Div 5 1 lap screamer 
1 Ryan Bernasconi                    
2 A Cahir                            
3 Keirin Hogan                       
Round 5
1 Team Green                         
2 Team Red                           
3 Team Purple                        
4 Team Orange                        
5 Team Yellow                        
6 Team Blue