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Results & reports from Australia

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Friday night winter track racing #9

Dunc Gray velodrome, Sydney - Friday, August 10, 2007

The night started with its usual warm up scratch races. The first race in every instance was superb which gave us all a taste of what was to come later in the night.

This Friday was all about one race that has been 9 weeks in the making. The TWE wheels 2km Wheel-race is an event that the top 5 on the series Points-Score from each division qualified to ride. Riders who qualified are posted below with my own pre-event pretend odds. First prize was a set of TWE wheels of the winner’s choice made specifically for them.

Clear favorite for the race was Michael Docker who has a massive lead in the Division 4 point series and consequently receives an almost unbelievable mark. From the start Michael drew away from the rest of the Div 4 riders.

Behind Michael a committed group of Division 4 riders gave a serious chase with all the riders swapping off turns in hope to maintain Docker at a respectable distance.

The scratchies knew they only had one shot at getting across the massive gap to the leaders. They formed a perfect train and were flying across the gap. The scratch group would eventually make contact with all but Michael Docker. Unfortunately they used all their effort in doing this and all were too exhausted to contend for minor placings.

Ben Harvey and Gary Mandy were the movers and shakers of the race; they exploded out of the Division 2 group to give chase, leaving Andrew Herlihan and Tirian McManus to work together in hope of catching the leading groups later in the race. Harvey and Mandy caught the lead groups and made the fatal error of sitting in for a lap before they realised that the win was still 80m in front of them with Michael Docker.

In the end Docker crossed the line with 50m to spare whilst Mandy and Harvey sprinted it out for 2nd place. Greg O’Brien crossed in 4th with scratch rider Stuart Lane doing a superb job to score 6th place.

The post race presentation was quite special as Michael Docker, in anticipation of the win, had brought his whole family including Grandma and Poppy. Greg Ryan presented a Wheel to Michael as an example of what he could order. Greg will build a set of wheels specifically for Docker’s requirements. One thing that he will take into account is that Michael being a sub junior will require race wheels that fit into the Cycling Australia wheel regulations for his age category.

After the presentation a short interview with the winner was conducted. When asked “What State titles have you won?”, Michael responded “I’ve won the criterium, the Time Trial …..well I’ve won all of ‘em” Michael was then asked about Track events and which events he has won. Michael responded “yeh I’ve won all of those as well”.

Round 3

The Kierins as always, where awesome. Many thanks to our derny rider for the night, Brad Hooker. Brad actually got a bit of a work out as he pedaled the motorised derny for 16 races.

Mike Pugh pulls a shocking face as Gordon Bradshaw contemplates an investment in some new sunglasses. Manny Cachia gets on with the business of winning this kierin whilst Carl Smith pulls an equaling shocking race face.

The Miss’N’Out Points race again produced gutsy efforts from all the winners. In Div 1 Scott Law finished 3rd in the Miss’n’Out section than backed up to win the Kierin to take the overall win

The final race, the Maersk Logistics+ CNSW TIME BLASTER, had a slightly depleted field. The time to beat was the impressive time set by Joel Stewart four weeks ago of 8 minutes and 54 seconds (50.2km)

The bunch rode well to cross the 10 lap time check 7 seconds down on schedule, however when they crossed the 20 lap time check 11 seconds down it was clear that race was for pride and not the $200 cash prize.

In the end it was Grant Fraser who was the best, crossing the line just in front of Mark Copeland. Mark later queried the result however the below photo shows that the judges got it right.

With the Maersk – CNSW Time Blaster time of 8:54 not falling for a second time that means the Jackpot prize is $300. Similarly, the Ivan Colig Last Man standing prize also Jackpots to $120.


Junior Development Demonstration
1 Nick                                                
2 Nathan                                              
3 Princess                                            
4 Mandy                                               
Round 1
Warm up scratch race
Div 4A
1 Kieran Heffenan                                     
2 Manny Cachia                                        
3 Carl Smith                                          
4 Rob Parby                                           
Div 4B
1 Michael Docker                                      
2 Garth McInerney                                     
3 Ray Gorrel                                          
4 Gordon Bradshaw                                     
Div 3
1 Hugh Morgan                                         
2 Joshun Ewan                                         
3 Alex Verdi                                          
4 Graeme Heap                                         
Div 2
1 Tiran McManus                                       
2 Steve Chapman                                       
3 D Shuttleworth                                      
4 Kieth Oliver                                        
Div 1
1 Gavin White                                         
2 Paul Conner                                         
3 Scott Law                                           
4 Mark Copeland                                       
Junior Development Demonstration/ derny 
1 Jack                                                
2 Nick                                                
3 Mandy                                               
4 Nathan                                              
Round 2 - The Orbea 1.25km wheelrace
1 Michael Docker                                   245 pts
2 Gary Mandy                                       100
3 Ben Harvey                                       110
4 Greg O'Brien                                     175
Round 3 - Kierins
Kierins Div 4 Heat 1
1 Nigel Eggins                                        
2 Llewellyn Jones                                     
3 Brian Hopkins                                       
4 Rob Parbery                                         
Kierins Div 4 heat 2
1 Manny Cachia                                        
2 Carl Smith                                          
3 Kieran Hefferon                                     
4 Mike Pugh                                           
Kierins Div4 heat 3 
1 Ray Gorrell                                         
2 Garth McInerney                                     
3 Richaed Powell                                      
4 Greg Ryan                                           
Kierins Div3 heat 1 
1 Danial Moit                                         
2 William Loxton                                      
3 Grahame Heap                                        
4 Ian Atkin                                           
Kierins Div 3 heat 2 
1 Brett Hansen                                        
2 Jeff Smith                                          
3 Greg O'Brian                                        
4 Peter Holly / Scott Carver                          
Kierins Div 2 heat 1 
1 Tirian McManus                                      
2 Andrew Herlihan                                     
3 Steve Chapman                                       
4 Scot Harding                                        
Kierins Div 2 heat 2
1 Gary Mandy                                          
2 David McMaster                                      
3 Kieth Oliver                                        
4 Joel Chant                                          
Kierins Div 1 heat 1
1 Gavin White                                         
2 Mark Copeland                                       
3 Geoff Hopkins                                       
4 Andrew Burne                                        
Kierins Div 1 heat 2 
1 Scott Law                                           
2 Jason Roberts                                       
3 Mitchel Stock                                       
4 Grant Fraser                                        
Kierins Div 1 heat 3 
1 Grant Law                                           
2 Stuart Lane                                         
3 David Browne                                        
4 Dean Preddy                                         
Round 4
Motor paced Scratch Div 4 
1 Michael Docker                                      
2 Nigel Eggins                                        
3 Garth McInerey                                      
4 Mike Pugh                                           
Miss'n' out pointscore Div3 
1 Jeff Smith                                        14 pts
2 Grahame Heap                                      13
3 Scott Carver                                      12
4 Nosh Mistry                                       11
4 Jessica Griffiths                                 11
6 Huw Morgan                                        10
7 Alex Verdi                                         8
8 Stephan Joyce                                      7
9 Peter Holly                                        6
9 Greg O'Brien                                       6
11 William Loxton                                    5
12 Daniel Moit                                       4
13 Brett Hansen                                      3
14 Ian Atkin                                          
Miss'nout pointscore Div 2 
1 Gary Mandy                                        15 pts
2 David McMaster                                    14
3 Keith Oliver                                      12
4 Scott Harding                                     11
4 Tirian McManus                                    11
6 Andrew Herlihen                                   10
7 Ben Harvey                                         8
8 D Shuttleworth                                     7
8 Gill Carver                                        7
10 Jim Brough                                        6
11 Stephen Sanders                                   5
12 Joel Chant                                        3
13 Steve Chapman                                     1
14 Callum Docker                                      
Miss'nout pointscore Div 1 
1 Scott Law                                         22 pts
2 Gavin White                                       17
3 Mitchell Stock                                    15
3 Jason Roberts                                     15
5 Grant Law                                         13
5 Mark Copeland                                     13
7 Jackson Law                                       11
8 Grant Fraser                                      10
9 Paul Connor                                        9
10 Aaron Donnelly                                    7
10 Andrew Burne                                      7
12 Simon Llewellyn                                   6
13 David Browne                                      4
14 Stuart Lane                                       3
15 Dean Preddy                                       2
16 Geoff Hopkins                                     1
17 John Deane                                         
Round 5
Fast group Combine
1 Nigel Eggins                                        
2 Michael Docker                                      
3 Garth McInerney                                     
4 Carl Smith                                          
Faster group Combine 
1 David McMaster                                      
2 Keith Oliver                                        
3 Garry Mandy                                         
4 Jeff Smith                                          
The CNSW Maersk Logistics Time Blaster Challenge 
Div 1 +Div 2 Sratch 30lapper 
1 Grant Frazer                                 9.09.00
2 Mark Copeland                                       
3 Mitchell Stock                                      
4 Tirien McManus                                      
Ivan Colig last man Standing 
1 Tirian Mc Manus                                     
2 Ben Harvey