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Good Friday International Track Meeting - IM

Herne Hill Velodrome, Great Britain, April 6, 2007

2006 Results     Results

Wiggins and Pendleton take the applause at Good Friday track meeting

By Gerry McManus

No catching Wiggins
Photo ©: Gerry McManus
(Click for larger image)

World Track Championship gold medal winners Bradley Wiggins and Victoria Pendleton were the star attractions at the Good Friday international track meeting at Herne Hill in South London.

The British pair boast five gold medals won at the world championships in Palma on the previous weekend. The glorious weather and thousands of spectators was the perfect backdrop to their lap of honour on the outdoor track.

Pendleton was a guest and prize presenter for the day whilst Wiggins rode proudly in his world champions jersey for the first time on the track he rode as a boy. Wiggins won the ten-minute pursuit against former Tour de France stage winner Sean Yates, New Zealander Jason Allen and Alex Dowsett (100% ME).

Spectators were treated to rapid fire events. The sprinters had only one lap of the large outdoor track and there was no time for track stands or finessing. Anthony Gill (Yasumitsu-Schlapp) won the White Hope sprint final and Jan van Eijden showed he can race as well as coach by winning the invitation sprint in the fastest 200m time of the day in 11.18 seconds. Van Eijden had been coaching the British track team on the run up to the world championships.

Victoria Pendleton
Photo ©: Gerry McManus
(Click for larger image)

A crash in the men's devil take the hindmost race saw one rider taken to hospital and Bradley Wiggins won his second event after the race was re-started to finish in a six-lap scratch format. Tony Gibb (Plowman Craven) just couldn't make it past the Cofidis professional as he eased up before the line.

Rebecca James (Pinarello RT) won the women's Keirin event beating Jess Varnish (Halesowen A & CC) and Janet Birkmyre (Planet X) in the mass gallop for the line.

The £1,000 first prize ensured a lot of activity in the final event of the day - the Golden Wheel scratch race. The first serious break went when Stefan Steinweg and Emilien Clere broke free and stayed clear with a determined effort. Wiggins made his move towards the leaders in the closing stages causing havoc in his wake and forming the race winning break in the process with Steinweg, Tony Gibb, Alex Dowsett, and Jason Allen. Clere had paid for his early efforts dropping back to the main field. The five leaders set about putting in an unassailable lead and even had to drop the pace to avoid catching the main field. Wiggins made the first move with an attack with two laps to go. Gibb put the hammer down in pursuit with Allen on his wheel. Allen came through in the home straight holding off a fast finishing Dowsett with Gibb holding on for third and £500 as compensation for the lead out.

The Plowman Craven boys
Photo ©: Gerry McManus
(Click for larger image)

"It has been really good today," said Wiggins: "I started racing as a kid at Herne Hill and it is always nice to come back, especially as world champion. It was nice to relax a little after the competition last weekend. There has not been a lot of pressure on me today. My road racing programme starts next weekend and I have got a very busy schedule in May and June. I may be able to put in some specific training before the Tour de France prologue but it is going to be difficult with some much racing beforehand. It will be simply about going as hard as possible really. I have done a lot of track work which is good for that."

Wiggins' road schedule begins on the Circuit de la Sarthe next weekend. "I am really looking forward to getting back on the road," continued Wiggins: "I love the track but I couldn't do what I do on the track without the road work. Road racing is just as important to me."


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Images by Gerry McManus/www.gerrymcmanus.co.uk


White Hope Sprint 200m TT

1 Anthony Gill (Yasumitsu - Schlapp)                  11.523
2 Tom Buck (Sport City Velo)                          11.639
3 Steven Hill (Brooks Cycles)                         11.782
4 Pete Mitchell (Team Terminator)                     11.920
5 Felix English (Team Kontour Cycles)                 12.050
6 Luc Jones (Nomads - Bush Health Care)               12.119
7 Michael Partridge (CC Cardiff)                      12.294
8 James Van Der Lubt (Alcmaria Victrix HOLLAND)       12.330
9 Richard Lambert (Cottingham Coureurs Wheelers)      12.588
10 Rhydian Page (CC Cardiff)                          12.660
11 Dan Woolfenden (Yasumitsu - Schlapp)               12.688
12 Samuel Serruya (A W Cycles.co.uk)                  12.708
13 Kian Emadi (Tunstall Wheelers - Brian Rouke)       12.835
14 Rob O'loughlin (VCL)                               12.897
15 Dave Percival (Cardiff Ajax CC)                    12.936
16 Rebecca James (Pinarello RT)                       12.969
17 Thomas Gregory (Halesowen C&AC)                    13.056
18 Osian Meilyr (CC Cardiff)                          13.072
19 Nathan May (Team Quest - The Bike Shop)            13.095
20 Kevin Stewart (Dundee Discovery Junior Club)       13.151
21 Jess Varnish (Halesowen A & CC)                    13.194
22 Dani King (I.Team.co.uk)                           13.199
23 James Driscoll (San Fairy Anne CC)                 13.259
24 Andrew Hewitt (Brooks Cycles)                      13.297
25 Ali Carter (InGear Development Squad)              13.396
26 Rob Tyas (Maldon & District CC)                    13.396
27 Samuel Fry (Interbike RT)                          13.433
28 Joe Perrett (Glendene - Biketrax)                  13.496
29 Janet Birkmyre (Planet X)                          13.539
30 Kyleigh Manners (Newport Pheonix)                  13.680
31 Jack Kirk (Wyre Forest CRC)                        13.823
32 Gabriella Coates (Evans CRT)                       13.998
33 Alice Godfrey-Monger (VCL)                         14.417
34 Melissa O'reilly (Planet X)                        14.527
35 Alice Godfrey-Monger (VCL)                         14.886

Invitation Sprint 200m TT

1 Jan Van Eijden (Germany)                            11.204
2 Christian Lyte (Sport City Velo)                    11.367
3 Tomas Babek (Czech Republic)                        11.476
4 Robin Thompson (CC Cardiff)                         11.547
5 Denis Spicka (Czech Republic)                       11.567
6 Jonathan Norfolk (Yasumitsu - Schlapp)              11.658
7 Sebastian Baanders (Alcmaria Victrix HOLLAND)       11.687
8 Josh Hargreaves (Sport City Velo)                   11.737
9 David Daniel (Cleveland Wheelers)                   11.795
10 Bruce Croall (City of Edinburgh RC)                11.857
11 Marco Brossa (Italy)                               11.861
12 Jelger Bischop (Alcmaria Victrix HOLLAND)          12.071
13 Giovanni Alaia (Italy - K.M.Cycling Team)          12.210
14 Ynus Taylor (Alcmaria Victrix HOLLAND)             12.240
15 Lee Povey (Team Terminator)                        12.358
16 Anthony Stirrat (City of Edinburgh RC)             12.387
17 Mark Zambarda (Medway Velo)                        12.630
18 David Dentus (Team Quest - The Bike Shop)          12.906
19 George Olive (North Road CC)                       12.935

Adept Handicap Sprint Heats

Heat 1

1 Bruce Croall (City of Edinburgh RC)
2 David Daniel (Cleveland Wheelers)

Heat 2

1 Denis Spicka (Czech Republic)
2 Anthony Stirrat (City of Edinburgh RC)

Event 2 Ed Taylor Points Race

1 Tony Gibb (Plowman Craven - Evans)                 25 pts
2 Stefan Steinweg (Germany)                          19
3 James Taylor (Plowman Craven - Evans)              10
4 Bradley Wiggins (Cofidis)                          10

White Hope Sprint Heats

Heat 1

1 Anthony Gill (Yasumitsu - Schlapp)
2 Dan Woolfenden (Yasumitsu - Schlapp)

Heat 2

1 Tom Buck (Sport City Velo)
2 Samuel Serruya (A W Cycles.co.uk)

Heat 3

1 Steven Hill (Brooks Cycles)
2 Kian Emadi (Tunstall Wheelers - Brian Rouke)

Heat 4

1 Pete Mitchell (Team Terminator)
2 Jame Van Der Lubt (Alcmaria Victrix HOLLAND)

Heat 5

1 Michael Partridge (CC Cardiff)
2 Luc Jones (Nomads - Bush Health Care)

Invitation Sprint Heats

Heat 1

1 Jan. Van Eijden (Germany)
2 Simon Lewis (VCL)

Heat 2

1 Christian Lyte (Sport City Velo)
2 Marco Brossa (Italy)

Heat 3

1 Keith Richardson (Mildenhall CC)
2 Bruce Croall (City of Edinburgh RC)

Heat 4

1 Robin Thompson (CC Cardiff)
2 David Daniel (Cleveland Wheelers)

Heat 5

1 Denis Spicka (Czech Republic)
2 Josh Hargreaves (Sport City Velo)

Heat 6

1 Jonathan Norfolk (Yasumitsu - Schlapp)
2 Giovanni Alaia (Italy - K.M.Cycling Team)

Ten Minutes Pursuit

1 Bradley Wiggins (Cofidis)
2 Alex Dowsett (100% ME)
3 Jason Allen (Plowman Craven - Evans)
4 Sean Yates (In Gear RT)

White Hope Sprint Repechage

1 Luc Jones (Nomads - Bush Health Care )

Catford CC Devil Take the Hindmost

1 Alex Aldham-Breary (PCA Ciclos Uno)
2 Daniel Rudd (Citihub)
3 Adam Gent (InGear Development Squad)
4 Erick Rowsell (Team Corridori)
5 Michael Wilmot (Team Quest - The Bike Shop)
6 Rob O'loughlin (VCL)
7 Alice Godfrey-Monger (VCL)
8 Osian Meilyr (CC Cardiff)
9 Jack Kirk (Wyre Forest CRC)
10 George Olive (North Road CC)

Invitation Sprint Repechage

1 David Daniel (Cleveland Wheelers)
2 Marco Brossa (Italy)
3 Giovanni Alaia (Italy - K.M.Cycling Team)

White Hope Sprint Final

1 Anthony Gill (Yasumitsu - Schlapp)
2 Luc Jones (Nomads - Bush Health Care)
3 Tom Buck (Sport City Velo)
4 Michael Partridge (CC Cardiff)
5 Pete Mitchell (Team Terminator)
6 Steven Hill (Brooks Cycles)

Motor Paced Race - 50 laps

1 Timo Scholz (Germany - Liepzig)
2 Florian Fernow (Germany - Berlin)
3 Tim Van Der Zanden (HOLLAND)

4 Lap Dash 1-65

1 Jason Allen (Plowman Craven - Evans)
2 Jonathan Norfolk (Yasumitsu - Schlapp)
3 Bradley Wiggins (Cofidis)

Invitation Sprint Semi-Finals

Final 1

1 Jan Van Eijden (Germany (Duedenhofen)
2 David Daniel (Cleveland Wheelers)

Final 2

1 Denis Spicka (Czech Republic)
2 Christian Lyte (Sport City Velo)

Final 3

1 Robin Thompson (CC Cardiff)
2 Marco Brossa (Italy)

Women's Keirin

1 Rebecca James (Pinarello RT)
2 Jess Varnish (Halesowen A & CC)
3 Janet Birkmyre (Planet X)
4 Alice Godfrey-Monger (VCL)
5 Dani King (I.Team.co.uk)
6 Michael Mcmahon (Yasumitsu -Schlap)
7 Helen Scott (Halesowen C&AC)
8 Melissa O'reilly (Planet X)
9 Thomas Gregory (Halesowen C&AC)

Elimination Race

1 Bradley Wiggins (Cofidis)
2 Tony Gibb (Plowman Craven - Evans)

4 Lap Dash 66+

1 Pete Mitchell (Team Terminator)

Invitation Sprint Finals

Minor Final

1 Marco Brossa (Italy)
2 Christian Lyte (Sport City Velo)
3 David Daniel (Cleveland Wheelers)


1 Jan Van Eijden (Germany)
2 Robin Thompson (CC Cardiff)
3 Denis Spicka (Czech Republic)

Ron Beckett Scratch Race

1 Alex Aldham-Breary (PCA Ciclos Uno)
2 Tom Buck (Sport City Velo)
3 George Olive (North Road CC)
4 Christian Lyte (Sport City Velo)

Golden Wheel Scratch Race 40 laps

1 Jason Allen (Plowman Craven - Evans)
2 Alex Dowsett (100% ME)
3 Tony Gibb (Plowman Craven - Evans)
4 Bradley Wiggins (Cofidis)
5 Stefan Steinweg (Germany)
6 Jonathan Norfolk (Yasumitsu - Schlapp)
7 James Taylor (Plowman Craven - Evans)
8 Dominic Hill (Bec CC)