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Revolution #14 - NE

Manchester Velodrome, Great Britain, November 18, 2006


Road stars thrill the crowds at Revolution

By Ben Atkins in Manchester

David Millar made a popular return to Revolution 14
Photo ©: Richard Robotham
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Stars of the road were the main attraction at Revolution 14 at the Manchester velodrome this weekend. A sell out crowd (apparently there were five standing tickets still available) were there to witness some of the finest riders that the venue has seen for a long time.

Three of Britain's top road riders - Bradley Wiggins (Cofidis), David Millar (Saunier Duval) and Roger Hammond (Discovery) each managed to persuade one of their international team mates to join them for the latest Revolution meeting.

Multiple world and Olympic track medallist Wiggins was joined by Jimmy Casper, the wily Cofidis sprinter who outfoxed the peloton to win stage one of this years' Tour de France. Casper has a pedigree on the track, growing up on it in Northern France before earning his road contract.

Roger Hammond (Discovery) is experienced on the track (not least the one at the Roubaix Velodrome at the end of Paris - Roubaix), but recently more accustomed to riding 'cross at this time of year. He was joined by Ukrainian prodigy and touted successor to Lance Armstrong (at least before Ivan Basso joined the Discovery team), who, like Casper, has his roots firmly embedded in track racing and really enjoys the opportunity to have a go on the boards wherever possible.

David Millar is a relative newcomer to the track scene, but he's proved himself pretty proficient by winning the British national pursuit championships earlier this year, his partner was much more of a surprise. Two-time Giro d'Italia winner Gilberto Simoni has ridden on the track perhaps four or five times prior to this weekend and was visibly nervous. However, the Saunier Duval veteran has been expanding his repertoire this year with some MTB racing in events like the Roc d'Azur, so perhaps the temptation to try something new as a favour to his British team mate was too much to resist.

Brad McGee gives it some gas
Photo ©: Richard Robotham
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A late entering wild card of Brad McGee (Francaise des Jeux), who seems to have put this season's physical problems behind him, added some spice to the endurance mix. The rest of the elite men’s endurance field was made up of some of the top domestic roadies including veteran sprinter Malcolm Elliot and Ireland’s David O’Loughlin.

The first event was a new one to the Revolution series, but one that used to be very popular when announcer Hugh Porter was racing; the Italian Pursuit. It basically consists of an overcrowded team sprint, with - on this occasion - seven riders on each team. Each rider rides one lap on the front before peeling off letting the next man go. The event organisation of both teams exposed the ad-hoc informal nature of the event, splits occurred all over the place as riders either dropped or were dropped by their team mates. In the end it cam down to a one on one between Wiggins and Millar with the former taking victory after his team provided him with a massive lead into the final lap.

The next event for the elite men was the devil/scratch race - usually the opener for Revolution events. This consists of an elimination race until the field is down to size, then the rest of the riders finish like a standard scratch race. Yaroslav Popovych looked genuinely disappointed to be eliminated quite early. Once the devil had taken his last rider, Roger Hammond put in a fierce attack, but he was eventually reeled in just before the bell and the sprint was taken by Wiggins, from a fast closing McGee.

Yaroslav Popovych
Photo ©: Richard Robotham
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The remaining elite races were far less predictable in their results. The 10 km points race was won by Isle of Man junior rider Peter Kennaugh of Glendene CC. After a dramatic race full of attacks Kennaugh put the hammer down towards the end and managed to take a lap and the win.

The biggest surprise result came in the four station 2km pursuit. Everyone expected a repeat of Revolution 11’s battle of the Brads, but the race was taken by Irish rider David O’Loughlin - who looked on paper to be the one who was making up the numbers with McGee, Wiggins and Millar on the bill. Brad McGee pushed him to within 0.059 of a second, but the Irishman held on for the victory.

The final elite event of the night went a similar way to the earlier points race. A multitude of attacks only succeeded in dropping riders off the back - Casper included - and it was a last minute surge from Adam Blythe (Science in Sport) that won it from two British Cycling Academy riders; Steve Burke and Jonny Belllis.

As well as the elite programme there were events for men and women sprinters. The women’s omnium was taken by Anna Blyth after she won the first event time trial with a blistering personal best of 11.590 and then both of her heats against German and Dutch riders. The men's sprint competition was taken by Britain’s Jason Kenny from compatriot Dave Daniell after they had both seen off other British, plus German, French and Dutch riders in a series of heats and semi-finals. Kenny, the world junior keirin champion was defeated for the first time in a long while by French sprinter Ghislain Boirin in the second of two races - the first was taken by Briton Christian Lyte.

As ever, the Revolution series also featured the DHL Future Stars Series, featuring events for boys and girls from British Cycling’s regions. As ever the competition was fierce with boys’ table leaders Andy Fenn and Mark Christian trading points during the evening. Scoring also remains tight at the top of the girls’ table as Alex Greenfield, Helen Clayton, Jess Varnish and Katie Fearnehough all scored well.


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Images by Richard Robotham


Elite Italian Pursuit
1 Team 1 (Home Straight)                             
 Gilberto Simoni (Saunier Duval)                     
 Bradley Wiggins (Cofidis )                          
 Bradley McGee (Française des Jeux)                  
 Roger Hammond (Discovery Channel)                   
 Adam Blythe (SIS-Trek )                             
 Matt Rowe (Glendene CC)                             
 Pete Kennaugh (Glendene CC)                         
2 Team 2 (Back Straight)                             
 David Millar (Saunier Duval)                        
 Jimmy Casper (Cofidis )                             
 Yaroslav Popovych (Discovery Channel)               
 Ian Stannard (BC Academy)                           
 Jonny Bellis (BC Academy)                           
 Steve Burke (BC Academy)                            
 David O’Loughlin (Ireland )                         
Revolution Womens Sprint Omnium
200m Time Trial
1 Anna Blyth (Great Britain)                         
2 Lucy Ayres (Great Britain)                         
3 Sandie Clair (France )                             
4 Charleen Delev (Germany )                          
5 Jess Varnish (Olympic Development Programme)       
6 Elise van (Hage Holland)                           
7 Becky James (Olympic )                             
8 Hannah Welte (Germany )                            
9 Anouk Ligthart (Holland )                          
DHL Future Stars Boys Points Race
1 Ben Plain (South/South West Region)                
2 Mike Webb (Wales )                                 
3 Tom Skubala (Yorkshire Region)                     
4 Toby Meadows (South/South West Region)             
5 Mark Christian (North West Region)                 
6 Rhys Matcham (West Midlands Region)                
7 Alex Aldham Breary (South East Region)             
8 Chris Whorrall (North West Region)                 
9 Andy Williams (Wales )                             
10 Tom Buck (Yorkshire Region)                       
11 Erick Rowsell (South East Region)                 
12 Andy Fenn (South East Region)                     
13 Michael Wilmott (Central Region)                  
14 James Ison (East Midlands Region)                 
15 Rob O'Loughlin (Eastern Region)                   
16 Sam Patrick (South/South West Region)             
17 Sam Freeman (East Midlands Region)                
18 Alex King (Central Region)                        
19 George Atkins (East Midlands Region)              
20 Joe Perrett (Eastern Region)                      
21 Sam Fry (Eastern Region)                          
22 Aaron Murray (Scotland )                          
23 Matt Jones (North West Region)                    
24 Dom Jelfs (West Midlands Region)                  
Elite Devil-Scratch
1 Bradley Wiggins (Cofidis )                         
2 Bradley McGee (Française des Jeux)                 
3 Pete Kennaugh (Glendene CC)                        
4 Tony Gibb (Plowman Craven)                         
5 Jonny Bellis (BC Academy)                          
6 Adam Blythe (SIS-Trek )                            
7 Alex Dowsett (BC Academy)                          
8 Tom Smith (Wales )                                 
9 Pete Williams (Kinesis UK)                         
10 Roger Hammond (Discovery Channel)                 
11 Mark McNally (Le Coq Sportif-Dolan-SIS)           
12 Matt Rowe (Glendene CC)                           
13 Ian Stannard (BC Academy)                         
14 David Millar (Saunier Duval)                      
Revolution Sprint Round 1
Heat 1
1 Sacha Hubner (Germany )                            
2 Steven Hill (Olympic Development Programme)        
3 Nicolas Bourin (France )                           
Heat 2
1 Dave Daniell (Great Britain)                       
2 Pete Mitchell (Olympic Development Programme)      
3 Tobias Wachter (Germany )                          
Heat 3
1 Ghislain Boiron (France )                          
2 Christian Lyte (Great Britain)                     
3 Jeffrey Kuipers (Holland )                         
Heat 4
1 Jason Kenny (Great Britain)                        
2 Josh Hargreaves (Olympic Development Programme)    
3 Yorick Bos (Holland )                              
DHL Future Stars Girls - Devil
1 Alex Greenfield (Wales )                           
2 Laura Trott (Eastern Region)                       
3 Alice Monger Godfrey (South East Region)           
4 Helen Clayton (West Midlands Region)               
5 Katie Fearnehough (Yorkshire Region )              
6 Emma Trott (Eastern Region)                        
7 Tegan Millington (North West Region)               
8 Katie Colclough (East Midlands Region)             
9 Jess Booth (West Midlands Region)                  
10 Sarah Reynolds (West Midlands Region)             
11 Dani King (South/South West Region)               
12 Amy Gallacher (Eastern Region)                    
13 Lucy Martin (North West Region)                   
14 Corrine Hall (South East Region)                  
15 Ella Hopkins (South/South West Region)            
16 Hannah Rich (Wales )                              
17 Jess Alllen (Wales )                              
Revolution Womens Sprint Omnium - Round 1
1 Anna Blyth (Great Britain)                         
2 Charleen Delev (Germany )                          
3 Elise van (Hage Holland)                           
4 Lucy Ayres (Great Britain)                         
5 Sandie Clair (France )                             
6 Hannah Welte (Germany )                            
7 Jess Varnish (Olympic Development Programme)       
8 Anouk Ligthart (Holland )                          
9 Becky James (Olympic Development Programme)        
Revolution Sprint - Semi Finals
1 Dave Daniell (Great Britain)                       
2 Sacha Hubner (Germany )                            
3 Jason Kenny (Great Britain)                        
4 Ghislain Boiron (France )                          
Royles Elite 10k Points Race
1 Pete Kennaugh (Glendene CC)                        
2 Tony Gibb (Plowman Craven)                         
3 Jonny Bellis (BC Academy)                          
4 Ian Stannard (BC Academy)                          
5 Andy Griffiths (Glendene CC)                       
6 Bradley McGee (Française des Jeux)                 
7 Pete Williams (Kinesis UK)                         
8 David O’Loughlin (Ireland )                        
9 Adam Blythe (SIS-Trek )                            
10 Bradley Wiggins (Cofidis )                        
11 Jimmy Casper (Cofidis )                           
12 Matt Rowe (Glendene CC)                           
13 Shane Charlton (Scotland )                        
14 Roger Hammond (Discovery Channel)                 
15 Tom Smith (Wales )                                
16 Alex Dowsett (BC Academy)                         
17 Luke Rowe (Glendene CC)                           
18 Mark McNally (Le Coq Sportif-Dolan-SIS)           
19 Steve Burke (BC Academy)                          
20 Malcolm Elliott (Plowman Craven)                  
21 Yaroslav Popovych (Discovery Channel)             
22 Gilberto Simoni (Saunier Duval)                   
23 Tom Murray (Kinesis UK)                           
24 David Millar (Saunier Duval)                      
DHL Future Stars Girls 5km Scratch
1 Laura Trott (Eastern Region)                       
2 Alex Greenfield (Wales )                           
3 Katie Fearnehough (Yorkshire Region)               
4 Lucy Martin (North West Region)                    
5 Jess Booth (West Midlands Region)                  
6 Hannah Rich (Wales )                               
7 Ella Hopkins (South/South West Region)             
8 Tegan Millington (North West Region)               
9 Sarah Reynolds (West Midlands Region)              
10 Alice Monger (Godfrey South)                      
11 Helen Clayton (West Midlands Region)              
12 Amy Gallacher (Eastern Region)                    
13 Dani King (South/South West Region)               
14 Katie Colclough (East Midlands Region)            
15 Jess Alllen (Wales )                              
16 Corrine Hall (South East Region)                  
17 Emma Trott (Eastern Region)                       
Revolution Womens Sprint Omnium - 2nd Round
1 Lucy Ayres (Great Britain)                         
2 Jess Varnish (Olympic Development Programme)       
3 Charleen Delev (Germany )                          
4 Sandie Clair (France )                             
5 Elise van (Hage Holland)                           
6 Becky James (Olympic Development Programme)        
7 Anna Blyth (Great Britain)                         
8 Anouk Ligthart (Holland )                          
9 Hannah Welte (Germany )                            
DHL Future Stars Boys - Devil
1 Andy Fenn (South East Region)                      
2 Mark Christian (North West Region)                 
3 Mike Webb (Wales )                                 
4 Tom Skubala (Yorkshire Region)                     
5 Dane Percival (West Midlands Region)               
6 Tom Buck (Yorkshire Region)                        
7 Chris Whorrall (North West Region)                 
8 Alex Aldham Breary (South East Region)             
9 Ben Plain (South/South West Region)                
10 George Atkins (East Midlands Region)              
11 Sam Fry (Eastern Region)                          
12 Matt Jones (North West Region)                    
13 Andy Williams (Wales )                            
14 Erick Rowsell (South East Region)                 
15 Rob O'Loughlin (Eastern Region)                   
16 Michael Wilmott (Central Region)                  
17 Alex King (Central Region)                        
18 Dom Jelfs (West Midlands Region)                  
19 James Ison (East Midlands Region)                 
20 Sam Freeman (East Midlands Region)                
21 Toby Meadows (South/South West Region)            
22 Rhys Matcham (West Midlands Region)               
23 Sam Patrick (South/South West Region)             
24 Joe Perrett (Eastern Region)                      
SIS Elite 4 Station Pursuit 2km
1 David O’Loughlin (Ireland )                        
2 Bradley McGee (Française des Jeux)                 
3 Bradley Wiggins (Cofidis )                         
4 David Millar (Saunier Duval)                       
Revolution Sprint
Losers 1 Mile Dash
1 Ghislain Boiron (France )                          
2 Christian Lyte (Great Britain)                     
3 Steven Hill (Olympic Development Programme)        
4 Nicolas Bourin (France )                           
5 Josh Hargreaves (Olympic Development Programme)    
6 Sacha Hubner (Germany )                            
7 Yorick Bos (Holland )                              
8 Jeffrey Kuipers (Holland )                         
9 Tobias Wachter (Germany )                          
1 Jason Kenny (Great Britain)                        
2 Dave Daniell (Great Britain)                       
DHL Future Stars Girls - Points Race
1 Helen Clayton (West Midlands Region)               
2 Jess Booth (West Midlands Region)                  
3 Alice Monger Godfrey (South East Region)           
4 Jess Alllen (Wales )                               
5 Hannah Rich (Wales )                               
6 Lucy Martin (North West Region)                    
7 Emma Trott (Eastern Region)                        
8 Ella Hopkins (South/South West Region)             
9 Amy Gallacher (Eastern Region)                     
10 Katie Fearnehough (Yorkshire Region)              
11 Laura Trott (Eastern Region)                      
12 Alex Greenfield (Wales )                          
13 Tegan Millington (North West Region)              
14 Corrine Hall (South East)                         
15 Sarah Reynolds (West Midlands Region)             
16 Katie Colclough (East Midlands Region)            
Revolution Womens Sprint Omnium Round 3
1 Charleen Delev (Germany )                          
2 Anouk Ligthart (Holland )                          
3 Becky James (Olympic Development Programme)        
4 Elise van (Hage Holland)                           
5 Jess Varnish (Olympic Development Programme)       
6 Hannah Welte (Germany )                            
7 Anna Blyth (Great Britain)                         
8 Lucy Ayres (Great Britain)                         
9 Sandie Clair (France )                             
DHL Future Stars Boys - 5km Scratch
1 Toby Meadows (South/South West Region)             
2 Sam Freeman (East Midlands Region)                 
3 Chris Whorrall (North West Region)                 
4 Dane Percival (West Midlands Region)               
5 Mark Christian (North West Region)                 
6 Tom Buck (Yorkshire Region)                        
7 Tom Skubala (Yorkshire Region)                     
8 Ben Plain (South/South West Region)                
9 Mike Webb (Wales )                                 
10 Rhys Matcham (West Midlands Region)               
11 Alex Aldham Breary (South East Region)            
12 Andy Williams (Wales )                            
13 James Ison (East Midlands Region)                 
14 Dom Jelfs (West Midlands Region)                  
15 Andy Fenn (South East Region)                     
16 Michael Wilmott (Central Region)                  
17 Erick Rowsell (South East Region)                 
18 Rob O'Loughlin (Eastern Region)                   
19 Alex King (Central Region)                        
20 Sam Fry (Eastern Region)                          
21 Sam Patrick (South/South West Region)             
Revolution Keirin - 8 Laps
Race 1
1 Christian Lyte (Great Britain)                     
2 Steven Hill (Olympic Development Programme)        
3 Jeffrey Kuipers (Holland )                         
4 Sacha Hubner (Germany )                            
5 Nicolas Bourin (France )                           
6 Pete Mitchell (Olympic Development Programme)      
Race 2
1 Ghislain Boiron (France )                          
2 Jason Kenny (Great Britain)                        
3 Josh Hargreaves (Olympic Development Programme)    
4 Dave Daniell (Great Britain)                       
5 Yorick Bos (Holland )                              
Plowman Craven Elite 15km Scratch Race
1 Adam Blythe (SIS-Trek )                            
2 Steve Burke (BC Academy)                           
3 Jonny Bellis (BC Academy)                          
4 Pete Kennaugh (Glendene CC)                        
5 Bradley Wiggins (Cofidis )                         
6 Luke Rowe (Glendene CC)                            
7 Yaroslav Popovych (Discovery Channel)              
8 Andy Griffiths (Glendene CC)                       
9 Malcolm Elliott (Plowman Craven)                   
10 Ian Stannard (BC Academy)                         
11 Matt Rowe (Glendene CC)                           
12 Rhys Lloyd (Merlin RT)                            
13 Tom Murray (Kinesis UK)                           
14 Bradley McGee (Française des Jeux)                
15 Alex Dowsett (BC Academy)                         
16 Tom Smith (Wales )                                
17 Mark McNally (Le Coq Sportif-Dolan-SIS)           
18 David O’Loughlin (Ireland )