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Revolution 11 - NE

Manchester Velodrome, Great Britain, January 21, 2006


No Revenge at Revolution as Wiggins defeats McGee

Bradley Wiggins
Photo ©: Nick Rosenthal
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A sell out crowd in the Manchester Velodrome were treated to an awesome display of pursuit riding by Olympic champion Bradley Wiggins at Revolution 11 on Saturday evening. Nearly 4000 spectators saw Wiggins ride a phenomenal time of 4 minutes 21 seconds to defeat Australian challenger Bradley McGee by 7 seconds.

"I'm really pleased with the ride tonight," commented Wiggins. "I wanted to set a good time to prove to myself that I could before concentrating on the road, so to ride a 4.21 is great". McGee was also impressed with Wiggins' ride, "Brad did really well, I was expecting him to ride around a 4.26 so his ride was impressive. Riding a pursuit so early in my season is never easy, so it was quite tough going, so all credit to Brad."

This result makes it two nil to Wiggins, but at the beginning of an important season for both riders, McGee will be planning on settling the score in the Paris-Nice prologue, "I'll be focusing on getting some good wins this season with the Paris-Nice prologue my first target and then later the Tour prologue," commented McGee. Wiggins has similar objectives setting up the next head to head, "the Paris-Nice prologue is a major objective and I will be focusing all my training on that, it's a short distance so I think it will be a good opportunity for me."

It wasn't just about the two Brads though as there was plenty of other action during the night. Birthday boy Rob Hayles won the Devil and the Scratch Race showing great form in advance of the Commonwealth Games but perhaps the most entertaining victory was by Arnaud Tournant and Craig MacLean, who won the 1km Madison Time Trial defeating all the endurance specialists. It was an impressive sight to see the sprint giants hand slinging each other into action and a sight that delighted the Revolution crowd.

With another successful meeting over the Revolution organisers are now looking ahead to the season finale which is only four weeks away on February 18th, "Revolution 12 is shaping up to be an excellent finale with more international riders than any of the previous three events", said James Pope of Face Partnership. "There will be a few surprises thrown in so we can guarantee another excellent night of racing."


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Images by Nick Rosenthal/www.fatnick.com

  • Remembrance - Rob Hayles and Craig MacLean during the minute's silence at the start of Revolution to remember five British club cyclists who died on the roads in early January.
  • Brad McGee waits for the racing to start in Manchester.
  • Tom Smith of Wales demonstrates the correct use of a black armband.
  • Dean Downing shows off his new racing strip.
  • John Bellis makes Rob Hayles work hard for victory in the Elite Devil/Scratch race.
  • Matthieu Mandard of France leads Scotland's Marco Librizzi during a sprint heat.
  • Josh Hargreaves makes Craig MacLean work hard.
  • Girls in bunch race action at Revolution 11.
  • Welsh girls on the front of the bunch.
  • Pursuit - Brad McGee waits for the off...
  • Bradley McGee in pursuit action at Manchester.
  • Bradley Wiggins has not forgotten how to ride a pursuit.
  • Full speed ahead - McGee the pursuiter.
  • Pain barrier - McGee starts to feel it.
  • More pain - Wiggins grits his teeth and gets on with it.
  • Pursuit results on the score board at Revolution 11.
  • Victory flowers for Bradley Wiggins.
  • Top sprinters Craig MacLean and Arnauld Tournant go head to head.
  • French sprinters Arnaud Tournant (top) and Matthieu Mandard meet in the sprint semis.
  • Hayles and Wiggins in a bunch race at Revolution 11.
  • Brad McGee mixed it with regular British trackies in the bunch races. Here he follows Tom Murray.
  • Ross Dingley makes McGee work hard for a sprint in the points race.
  • Rob Hayles leads out a sprint, with Adam Blythe trying to get past on the outside.
  • Winning smile - Brad McGee was a popular visitor to Revolution 11.
  • Franck Durivaux of France enjoys the rewards for winning the one-mile dash.
  • Tournant at speed.
  • Full-on - Craig MacLean shows how to ride with commitment against Arnault Tournant.
  • Flower boy - MacLean came round Tournant to win the sprint competition.
  • Crowd-pleaser - birthday boy Rob Hayles took time to sign autographs for the crowd and to pose for photos.
  • Ever-popular Craig MacLean signs autographs for adoring fans.
  • A brace of Brads - Bradley Wiggins leads Brad McGee in the Madison kilometre event.
  • Late entry - Arnauld Tournant and Craig MacLean teamed up together for the Madison kilometre, and won it in style. There are rumours that they are now planning to enter pursuit events...
  • Brad McGee in the thick of the action in the 15km scratch race.
  • Birthday boy Rob Hayles celebrates his win in the scratch race.
  • Keirin action - with three French riders in the final, do we think the winner might perhaps be in a French jersey?
  • Keirin winner Matthieu Mandard.

Images by Ben Atkins/Cyclingnews.com


Event 1 Elite Devil-Scratch 
1 Rob Hayles (robhayles.com)                              6.37.271
2 John Bellis (Glendene CC)                                       
3 Tom Smith (Wales)                                               
4 Bryan Taylor (VC des Londres)                                   
5 Russell Hampton (Glendene CC)                                   
6 Adam Blythe (Pinarello RT)                                      
7 Ben Hallam (DFL)                                                
8 Ross Sander                                                     
9 Matt Rowe (Glendene CC)                                         
10 Dean Downing (DFL)                                             
11 Alex Dowsett (Glendene CC)                                     
DNF James Notley (Cyclestore UK)                                

Ray Clarke (Ireland)                                             
Peter Williams (Kinesis UK)                                      
Tom Murray (Batley CC)                                           
Ross Dingley (Halesowen C&AC)                                    
Anthony Stirrat (City of Edinburgh)                              
John Blackwell (Team Murphy & Gunn)                              
Martin Monroe (Ireland)                                          
Miceal Concannon (Ireland)                                       
Event 2 Revolution Sprint – Round 1 
Heat 1 
1 Franck Durivaux (France)                                  11.578
2 Barney Storey (VC St Raphael)                                   
3 Dave Daniell (Cleveland Wheelers)                               
4 Cristiano Federici (Italy)                                      
Heat 2 
1 Matthieu Mandard (France)                                 11.308
2 Marco Librizzi (City of Edinburgh)                              
3 Kieran Leahy (Ireland)                                          
4 Christian Lyte (Sportcity Velo)                                 
Heat 3 
1 Arnaud Tournant (France)                                  11.131
2 Jason Kenny (Sportcity Velo)                                    
Heat 4 
1 Craig Maclean (Dolan)                                     11.903
2 Josh Hargreaves (Sportcity Velo)                                
3 Shane Charlton (Kingdom RT)                                     
Semi Finals 
Heat 1 
1 Franck Durivaux (France)                                        
2 Craig Maclean (Dolan)                                           
Heat 2 
1 Matthieu Mandard (France)                                       
2 Arnaud Tournant (France)                                        
Event 3 - Raleigh Future Stars Girls 5km Scratch 
1 Katie Curtis (Wales)                                    7.00.112
2 Lucy Richards (Wales)                                           
3 Hannah Mayho (Yorkshire Region)                                 
4 Alex Greenfield (Wales)                                         
5 Emma Trott (Eastern Region)                                     
6 Jess Varnish (West Midlands Region)                             
7 Helen Scott (West Midlands Region)                              
8 Annie Last (East Midlands Region)                               
9 Katie Colclough (East Midlands Region)                          
10 Anna Blyth (Yorkshire Region)                                  
11 Lucy Aires (Sportcity Velo)                                    
12 Ella Hopkins (South Region)                                    
13 Eileen Roe (Scotland)                                          
14 Gaby Coates (South East Region)                                
15 Greta Junker (South Region)                                    
16 Lucy Martin (Raleigh ERV)                                      
17 Amy Gallagher (Eastern Region)                                 
18 Lara Wann (South Region)                                       
19 Amy Thompson (Evans RT)                                        
20 Sophie Terry (South East Region)                               
21 Laura Trott (Eastern Region)                                   
22 Tegan Millington (Sportcity Velo)                              
23 Annabel Simpson (Yorkshire Region)                             
24 Sarah Reynolds (West Midlands Region)                          
25 Lorna Marlow (East Midlands Region)                            
26 Elliw Mostyn (Wales)                                           
27 Rachel Davis (Cardiff Ajax)                                    
28 Kayleigh Brogan (Scotland)                                     
1 lap behind
29 Corrine Hall (South East Region)                               
Event 4 4km Pursuit 
1 Bradley Wiggins (Cofidis)                               4.21.874
2 Bradley McGee (Francaise des Jeux)                      4.28.403
Event 5 Raleigh Future Stars Boys 1 mile Dash 
1 Pete Kennaugh (Manx RC)                                 1.55.822
2 Dan Woolfenden (North West Region)                              
3 Andy Fenn (Agisko-Viner)                                        
4 Rhys Lloyd (Wales)                                              
5 Tom Price (South Region)                                        
6 Luke Marlow (East Midlands Region)                              
7 Tom Skubala (Yorkshire Region)                                  
8 Ross Yates (Scotland)                                           
9 Alex Aldham Breary (South East Region)                          
10 Tom Buck (Yorkshire Region)                                    
11 Andrew Magnier (West Midlands Region)                          
12 Tim Morris (North East Region)                                 
13 Ed Allen (Central Region)                                      
14 Steven Guymer (North West Region)                              
15 Mark McNally (North West Region)                               
16 Luke Rowe (Wales)                                              
17 Rob O'Loughlin (Eastern Region)                                
18 Jack Hibberd (West Midlands Region)                            
19 Steve Hill (West Midlands Region)                              
20 Garath James (Wales)                                           
21 Alex Wise (East Midlands Region)                               
22 Andrew Griffiths (Eastern Region)                              
23 Simon Lewis (South East Region)                                
Event 6 Revolution Sprint Semi Finals 
Heat 1 
1 Craig Maclean (Dolan)                                     11.499
2 Franck Durivaux (France)                                      
Heat 2 
1 Arnaud Tournant (France)                                  11.690
2 Matthieu Mandard (France)                                       
1 Craig Maclean (Dolan)                                           
2 Arnaud Tournant (France)                                        
Event 7 Elite Men 10km Points Race 
1 Bradley McGee (Francaise des Jeux)                             8 pts
2 Ross Sander                                                    6
3 Bryan Taylor (VC des Londres)                                  5
4 John Bellis (Glendene CC)                                      5
5 Adam Blythe (Pinarello RT)                                     5
6 Peter Williams (Kinesis UK)                                    3
7 Rob Hayles (robhayles.com)                                     3
8 Ross Dingley (Halesowen C&AC)                                  3
9 Dean Downing (DFL)                                             3
10 Tom Smith (Wales)                                             2
11 Russell Hampton (Glendene CC)                                 1
Event 8 Revolution Sprint – Losers 1 Mile Dash 
1 Franck Durivaux (France)                                2.05.496
2 Matthieu Mandard (France)                                       
3 Marco Librizzi (City of Edinburgh)                              
4 Barney Storey (VC St Raphael)                                   
5 Jason Kenny (Sportcity Velo)                                    
6 Shane Charlton (Kingdom RT)                                     
7 Christian Lyte (Sportcity Velo)                                 
8 Kieran Leahy (Ireland)                                          
9 Dave Daniell (Cleveland Wheelers)                               
10 Cristiano Federici (Italy)                                     
11 Josh Hargreaves (Sportcity Velo)                               
Event 9 Revolution Sprint – Final 
1 Craig Maclean (Dolan)                                     11.794
2 Arnaud Tournant (France)                                        
Event 10 Raleigh Future Stars Boys – 5km Scratch 
1 Rhys Lloyd (Wales)                                      6.16.493
2 Pete Kennaugh (Manx RC)                                         
3 Luke Marlow (East Midlands Region)                              
4 David Sinclair (South Region)                                   
5 Mark McNally (North West Region)                                
6 Ed Allen (Central Region)                                       
7 Dan Woolfenden (North West Region)                              
8 Alex Aldham Breary (South East Region)                          
9 Andrew Magnier (West Midlands Region)                           
10 Steven Guymer (North West Region)                              
11 Jack Hibberd (West Midlands Region)                            
12 Tom Buck (Yorkshire Region)                                    
13 Tom Price (South Region)                                       
14 Ross Yates (Scotland)                                          
15 Tim Morris (North East Region)                                 
16 Kirk Jenns (South East Region)                                 
17 Rob O'Loughlin (Eastern Region)                                
18 Garath James (Wales)                                           
19 Alex Ainsley (North East Region)                               
20 Andy Fenn (Agisko-Viner)                                       
21 Andrew Griffiths (Eastern Region)                              
22 Luke Rowe (Wales)                                              
23 Simon Lewis (South East Region)                                
 Event 11 1km Madison Time Trial 
1 Team 3a                                                         
 Craig Maclean (Dolan)                                      57.880
 Arnaud Tournant (France)                                       
2 Team 2                                                        
 Adam Blythe (Pinarello RT)                                 59.387
 Matt Rowe (Glendene CC)                                        
3 Team 5                                                        
 Bradley Wiggins (Cofidis)                                  59.467
 Bradley McGee (Francaise des Jeux)                               
4 Team 3                                                          
 Ross Sander                                              1.00.208
 Pete Kennaugh (Manx RC)                                          
4 Team 4                                                          
 Rob Hayles (robhayles.com)                               1.00.208
 Dean Downing (DFL)                                               
5 Team 1                                                         
 John Bellis (Glendene CC)                                1.06.847
 Russell Hampton (Glendene CC)                                    
Event 12 Raleigh Future Stars Girls - Devil 
1 Lucy Richards (Wales)                                           
2 Alex Greenfield (Wales)                                         
3 Katie Curtis (Wales)                                            
4 Lucy Aires (Sportcity Velo)                                     
5 Rachel Davis (Cardiff Ajax)                                     
6 Jess Varnish (West Midlands Region)                             
7 Gaby Coates (South East Region)                                 
8 Greta Junker (South Region)                                     
9 Anna Blyth (Yorkshire Region)                                   
10 Eileen Roe (Scotland)                                          
11 Annie Last (East Midlands Region)                              
12 Lucy Martin (Raleigh ERV)                                      
13 Hannah Mayho (Yorkshire Region)                                
14 Alice Monger Godfrey                                           
15 Tegan Millington (Sportcity Velo)                              
16 Lucy Aires (Sportcity Velo)                                    
17 Laura Trott (Eastern Region)                                   
18 Lara Wann (South Region)                                       
19 Helen Scott (West Midlands Region)                             
20 Annabel Simpson (Yorkshire Region)                             
21 Elliw Mostyn (Wales)                                           
22 Katie Colclough (East Midlands Region)                         
23 Sophie Terry (South East Region)                               
24 Amy Thompson (Evans RT)                                        
25 Amy Gallagher (Eastern Region)                                 
26 Kayleigh Brogan (Scotland)                                     
27 Corrine Hall (South East Region)                               
28 Emma Trott (Eastern Region)                                    
29 Lorna Marlow (East Midlands Region)                            
Event 13 Revolution Keirin - Heats 
Heat 1 
1 Arnaud Tournant (France)                                  11.365
2 Franck Durivaux (France)                                      
3 Dave Daniell (Cleveland Wheelers)                             
4 Josh Hargreaves (Sportcity Velo)                              
Heat 2 
1 Matthieu Mandard (France)                                 11.227
2 Jason Kenny (Sportcity Velo)                                    
3 Barney Storey (VC St Raphael)                                   
4 Marco Librizzi (City of Edinburgh)                              
5 Kieran Leahy (Ireland)                                          
6 Craig Maclean (Dolan)                                           
Event 14 Raleigh Future Stars Boys – Devil 
1 Pete Kennaugh (Manx RC)                                         
2 David Sinclair (South Region)                                   
3 Tom Scubala (Yorkshire Region)                                  
4 Rhys Lloyd (Wales)                                              
5 Luke Rowe (Wales)                                               
6 Ed Allen (Central Region)                                       
7 Mark McNally (North West Region)                                
8 Dan Woolfenden (North West Region)                              
9 Luke Marlow (East Midlands Region)                              
10 Steven Guymer (North West Region)                              
11 Andy Fenn (Agisko-Viner)                                       
12 Andrew Magnier (West Midlands Region)                          
13 Tom Price (South Region)                                       
14 Kirk Jenns (South East Region)                                 
15 Steve Hill (West Midlands Region)                              
16 Garath James (Wales)                                           
17 Jason Crombie (East Midlands Region)                           
18 Alex Aldham Breary (South East Region)                         
19 Alex Wise (East Midlands Region)                               
20 Ross Yates (Scotland)                                          
21 Simon Lewis (South East Region)                                
22 Tom Buck (Yorkshire Region)                                    
23 Tim Morris (North East Region)                                 
24 Rob O'Loughlin (Eastern Region)                                
25 Jack Hibberd (West Midlands Region)                            
26 Alex Ainsley (North East Region)                               
27 Andrew Griffiths (Eastern Region)                              
Event 15 Raleigh Future Stars Girls – 1 Mile Dash 
1 Katie Curtis (Wales)                                            
2 Jess Varnish (West Midlands Region)                             
3 Lucy Aires (Sportcity Velo)                                     
4 Lucy Richards (Wales)                                           
5 Alex Greenfield (Wales)                                         
6 Rachel Davis (Cardiff Ajax)                                     
7 Greta Junker (South Region)                                     
8 Anna Blyth (Yorkshire Region)                                   
9 Hannah Mayho (Yorkshire Region)                                 
10 Gaby Coates (South East Region)                                
11 Sarah Reynolds (West Midlands Region)                          
12 Annie Last (East Midlands Region)                              
13 Alice Monger Godfrey (South East Region)                       
14 Helen Scott (West Midlands Region)                             
15 Lara Wann (South Region)                                       
16 Ella Hopkins (South Region)                                    
17 Katie Colclough (East Midlands Region)                         
18 Kayleigh Brogan (Scotland)                                     
19 Sophie Terry (South East Region)                               
20 Lucy Martin (Raleigh ERV)                                      
21 Eileen Roe (Scotland)                                          
22 Lorna Marlow (East Midlands Region)                            
23 Amy Gallagher (Eastern Region)                                 
24 Gaby Coates (South East Region)                                
25 Laura Trott (Eastern Region)                                   
26 Annabel Simpson (Yorkshire Region)                             
27 Sarah Reynolds (West Midlands Region)                          
28 Tegan Millington (Sportcity Velo)                              
1 lap behind
29 Amy Thompson (Evans RT)                                        
Event 16 Revolution Keirin – Minor Final 
1 Craig Maclean (Dolan)                                     11.705
2 Dave Daniell (Cleveland Wheelers)                               
3 Cristiano Federici (Italy)                                      
4 Marco Librizzi (City of Edinburgh)                              
5 Shane Charlton (Kingdom RT)                                     
6 Josh Hargreaves (Sportcity Velo)                                
7 Kieran Leahy (Ireland)                                          
Event 18 Elite 15k Scratch Race 
1 Rob Hayles (robhayles.com)                             18.12.434
2 Ross Sander                                                     
3 Adam Blythe (Pinarello RT)                                      
4 Dean Downing (DFL)                                              
5 Matt Rowe (Glendene CC)                                         
6 John Bellis (Glendene CC)                                       
7 Tom Smith (Wales)                                               
8 Bryan Taylor (VC des Londres)                                   
9 Bradley McGee (Francaise des Jeux)                              
10 Russell Hampton (Glendene CC)                                  
11 Ben Hallam (DFL)                                               
12 Tom Murray (Batley CC)                                         
13 Ross Dingley (Halesowen C&AC)                                  
Event 19 Revolution Keirin – Final 
1 Matthieu Mandard (France)                                 10.781
2 Arnaud Tournant (France)                                        
3 Franck Durivaux (France)                                        
4 Jason Kenny (Sportcity Velo)                                    
5 Josh Hargreaves (Sportcity Velo)                                
6 Barney Storey (VC St Raphael)                                   
 Raleigh Future Stars Boys Points Table after Revolution 11 
1 Peter Kennaugh (Manx RC)                                     127 pts
2 Rhys Lloyd (Wales)                                            88
3 Jack Hibbert (West Midlands Region)                           45
4 Tom Skubala (Yorkshire Region)                                45
5 Mark McNally (North West Region)                              43
6 Dan Wolffenden (North West Region)                            42
7 Jason Crombie (East Midlands Region)                          36
8 Luke Rowe (Wales)                                             31
9 Luke Marlow (East Midlands Region)                            28
10 Alex Ainsley (North East Region)                             22
11 David Sinclair (South Region)                                21
12 Tom Buck (Yorkshire Region)                                  21
13 Tom Price (South Region)                                     20
14 Ross Yates (Scotland)                                        20
15 Tom Hibbert (West Midlands Region)                           18
16 Ross Dingley (West Midlands Region)                          17
17 Steven Hill (West Midlands Region)                           16
18 Ed Allen (Central Region)                                    14
19 Andy Fenn (Agisko - Viner)                                   12
20 Alex Aldha-Breary (South East Region)                         9
21 Steven Guymer (North West Region)                             9
22 Andrew Magnier (West Midlands Region)                         8
23 Christian Lyte (North West Region)                            8
24 Alex Wise (East Midlands Region)                              8
25 Gareth James (Wales)                                          5
26 Charlie Porter (East Midlands Region)                         5
27 Tim Morris (Mid Shropshire Wheelers)                          3
28 Joe Troughton (East Midlands Region)                          1
29 Simon Lewis (South East Region)                               
30 Peter Mitchell (South East Region)                            
31 Stephen Jefferson (Yorkshire Region)                          
32 Scott Elliott (Agisko - Viner)                                
33 Richard Meadows (North East Region)                           
34 Rhys Kerr (Wales)                                             
35 Josh Hargreaves (North West Region)                           
36 Kyle Tilley (South East Region)                               
37 Andrew Whitehall (Scotland)                                   
38 Peter Ettles (Scotland)                                       
39 David Daniell (North East Region)                             
40 Rob O'Loughlin (Eastern Region)                               
41 Rob Minting (Eastern Region)                                  
42 Matt Jones (Eastern Region)                                   
43 Thomas Martin (Cycling Ulster)                                
44 Simon Williams (Cycling Ulster)                               
45 Kevin Barclay (Scotland)                                      
46 Vince Cartwright (Yorkshire Region)                           
47 Kirk Jenns (South East Region)                                
48 Andrew Griffiths (Eastern Region)                             
 Raleigh Future Stars Girls Points Table after Revolution 11 
1 Lucy Richards (Wales)                                        117 pts
2 Katie Curtis (Wales)                                          96
3 Alex Greenfield (Wales)                                       92
4 Jessica Varnish (West Midlands Region)                        70
5 Lucy Aires (Sportcity Velo)                                   48
6 Greta Junker (South Region)                                   38
7 Gabriella Coates (South East Region)                          35
8 Rachel Davis (Cardiff Ajax)                                   30
9 Rebecca James (Wales)                                         26
10 Elliw Mostyn (Wales)                                         23
11 Helen Scott (West Midlands Region)                           19
12 Hannah Mayho (Yorkshire Region)                              14
13 Eileen Roe (Edinburgh Racers)                                14
14 Anna Blyth (Yorkshire Region)                                12
15 Lucy Martin (Raleigh ERV)                                    11
16 Sophie Terry (South East Region)                             10
17 Alix Chester (Sportcity Velo)                                10
18 Emma Trott (Eastern Region)                                   8
19 Annie Last (East Midlands Region)                             8
20 Tegan Millington (Sportcity Velo)                             8
21 Alice Monge-Godfrey (South East Region)                       8
22 Louise Mahe (Sutton CC)                                       8
23 Katie Fernehough (Eastlands Velo)                             6
24 Jenny Middlehurst (Raleigh ERV)                               6
25 Sarah Byrne (West Midlands Region)                            5
26 Katie Colclough (East Midlands Region)                        4
27 Monica Eden (Sportcity Velo)                                  3
28 Sarah Reynolds (West Midlands Region)                         2
29 Kim Robinson (Yorkshire Region)                               1
30 Laura Trott (Eastern Region)                                  1
31 Ella Hopkins (South Region)                                   1
32 Helen Clayton (West Midlands Region)                          
33 Lorna Marlow (East Midlands Region)                           
34 Corrine Hall (South East Region)                              
35 Kayleigh Brogan (Scotland)                                    
36 Bridie Hindle (VC St Raphael)                                 
37 Lara Wann (South Region)                                      
38 Jessica Allen (Abergavenny RC)                                
39 Amy Gallagher (Eastern Region)                                
40 Annabel Simpson (Yorkshire Region)                            
41 Amy Thompson (Evans RT)