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Photo ©: Bettini

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Los Angeles Track World Cup - CDM

ADT Velodrome, Carson, California, USA, January 20-22, 2006

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Session 1 - Morning, Friday January 20: Women: sprint qual; points race qual. Men: keirin qual; individual pursuit qual; scratch qual

Upsets in qualifying at first session

By Rob Jones in Los Angeles

Teun Mulder (Netherlands) and Shane Kelly (Australia)
Photo ©: Mitch Clinton
(Click for larger image) Teun Mulder (Netherlands) and Shane Kelly (Australia) duke it out in the Keirin

While no medals were awarded in the opening session of the third round of the Track World Cup in Los Angeles, a number of upsets livened things up. In the women's sprint Kerrie Meares (Aus), Yvonne Hijgenaar (Ned) and Tamilla Abassova (Rus) all failed to make it through the first round (1/8 Final), while Mickael Bourgain (Fra) was disqualified in the Keirin Repechage.

The session started with the Women's Sprint Flying 200M Qualification and Natalia Tsylinskaya (Blr), the final starter, took the top spot with a strong ride of 11.322 seconds, 78-hundredths ahead of Italian Elisa Frisoni. It was apparent that Meares was struggling, when she barely qualified, finishing 15th (the top 16 moved on). Abassova was also slower than expected, qualifying ninth.

Australian coach Martin Barras agreed that Meares' performance was disappointing. "She didn't impress me and she didn't impress herself (in the sprint). When she arrived yesterday she was flat, and this morning she was flatter ... Hopefully she will improve through the weekend."

Frisoni easily disposed of Meares, while further upsets were provided by China's Jinjie Gong over Hijgenaar and Dana Gloss (Ger) over Olympic sliver medalist Abassova. World Keirin champion Clara Sanchez (Fra) was the other rider to upset a higher qualifying competitor, when she beat Lyubov Shulyka (Ukr). Shulyka made the mistake of letting Sanchez get too far out in front on the first lap, and the French rider jumped, opening a gap that the Ukrainian couldn't close by the line.

Natallia Tsylinskaya (Belarus)
Photo ©: Mitch Clinton
(Click for larger image) Natallia Tsylinskaya (Belarus) had the best 200 meter time for the women with an 11.322

Three of the four quarterfinals also took a full three rides to decide, with Tsylinskaya, Sanchez and Guo (China) having to go the extra ride. The only rider to make it through in two straight was Willy Kanis (Ned), who simply overpowered the less experienced Gong.

The first round of the men's Keirin was straightforward, with the exception of Bourgain's disqualification in the repechage. As the riders came through on the final paced lap, Bourgain and Yusho Oikawa (Jpn) both sped up and went over the top of the pack, getting in front of the pace rider, resulting in instant disqualification and necessitating a rerun of the heat. One official said he couldn't recall seeing this happen before at such a high level event.

The men's pursuit qualification also had one unusual incident, in the first heat between Zach Bell (Can) and Johny Morales Aquino (Gua). Bell caught Morales Aquino with approximately six laps to go. The Guatemalan then paced behind Bell, who was unaware of his 'partner'. When Bell finished his ride, he slowed, swung up the banking and crashed into Morales Aquino who was trying to pass. Bell went down and Morales Aquino was disqualified. Jens Mouris (Ned) and Sergio Escobar (Spa) were the top qualifiers, three seconds faster than Fabien Sanchez (Fra) and Jason Allen (NZl), who will ride for bronze.

The session finished with qualification rounds for the women's Points and men's Scratch races.


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Images by Mitch Clinton/www.clintonphoto.com

Images by Mitch Friedman/www.mitchophoto.com


Women's sprint
1 Natallia Tsylinskaya (Belarus)                      11.322 (63.593km/h)
2 Elisa Frisoni (Italy)                               11.400 (63.157km/h)
3 Shuang Guo (China)                                  11.410 (63.102km/h)
4 Willy Kanis (Netherlands)                           11.507 (62.570km/h)
5 Yvonne Hijgenaar (Netherlands)                      11.560 (62.283km/h)
6 Simona Krupeckaite (Lithuania)                      11.661 (61.744km/h)
7 Lyubov Shulyka (Ukraine)                            11.666 (61.717km/h)
8 Dana Gloss (Germany)                                11.685 (61.617km/h)
9 Tamilla Abassova (Russia)                           11.709 (61.491km/h)
10 Clara Sanchez (France)                             11.794 (61.047km/h)
11 Magdalena Sara (Poland)                            11.798 (61.027km/h)
12 Jinjie Gong (China)                                11.810 (60.965km/h)
13 Jennie Reed (USA) Spike                            11.852 (60.749km/h)
14 Annalisa Cucinotta (Italy)                         12.005 (59.975km/h)
15 Kerrie Meares (Australia)                          12.021 (59.895km/h)
16 Diana Maria Garcia Orrego (Colombia)               12.036 (59.820km/h)
17 Viktorija Lomsargyte (Lithuania)                   12.065 (59.676km/h)
18 Katrin Meinke (Germany)                            12.065 (59.676km/h)
19 Chloe Macpherson (Australia)                       12.174 (59.142km/h)
20 Nancy Contreras (Mexico)                           12.401 (58.059km/h)
21 Paulina Cieslik (Poland)                           12.629 (57.011km/h)
Heat 1
1 Natallia Tsylinskaya (Belarus)                      12.150 (59.259km/h)
2 Diana Maria Garcia Orrego (Colombia)
Heat 2
1 Elisa Frisoni (Italy)                               11.969 (60.155km/h)
2 Kerrie Meares (Australia)
Heat 3
1 Shuang Guo (China)                                  12.386 (58.130km/h)
2 Annalisa Cucinotta (Italy)
Heat 4
1 Willy Kanis (Netherlands)                           12.043 (59.785km/h)
2 Jennie Reed (USA) Spike
Heat 5
1 Jinjie Gong (China)                                 12.440 (57.877km/h)
2 Yvonne Hijgenaar (Netherlands)
Heat 6
1 Simona Krupeckaite (Lithuania)                      12.489 (57.650km/h)
2 Magdalena Sara (Poland)
Heat 7
1 Clara Sanchez (France)                              12.167 (59.176km/h)
2 Lyubov Shulyka (Ukraine)
Heat 8
1 Dana Gloss (Germany)                                12.855 (56.009km/h)
2 Tamilla Abassova (Russia)
Heat 1
1 Natallia Tsylinskaya (Belarus)                      11.766        11.984
2 Dana Gloss (Germany)                                       12.062
Heat 2
1 Clara Sanchez (France)                                     12.396 12.251
2 Elisa Frisoni (Italy)                               12.346
Heat 3
1 Shuang Guo (China)                                  12.343        12.262
2 Simona Krupeckaite (Lithuania)                             12.299
Heat 4
1 Willy Kanis (Netherlands)                           11.839 12.015
2 Jinjie Gong (China)
B Quarter-finals
Heat 1
1 Tamilla Abassova (Russia)                           12.245 (58.799km/h)
2 Diana Maria Garcia Orrego (Colombia)
Heat 2
1 Lyubov Shulyka (Ukraine)                            12.192 (59.055km/h)
2 Kerrie Meares (Australia)
Heat 3
1 Magdalena Sara (Poland)                             12.391 (58.106km/h)
2 Annalisa Cucinotta (Italy)
Heat 4
1 Jennie Reed (USA) Spike                             12.402 (58.055km/h)
2 Yvonne Hijgenaar (Netherlands)
B Semi-finals
Heat 1
1 Tamilla Abassova (Russia)                           12.507 (57.567km/h)
2 Jennie Reed (USA) Spike
Heat 2
1 Lyubov Shulyka (Ukraine)                            12.437 (57.891km/h)
2 Magdalena Sara (Poland)
B finals
Heat 1
9 Tamilla Abassova (Russia)                           12.232 (58.862km/h)
10 Lyubov Shulyka (Ukraine)
Heat 2
11 Jennie Reed (USA) Spike                            12.372 (58.195km/h)
12 Magdalena Sara (Poland)
Men keirin
First round
Heat 1
1 Jamie Staff (Great Britain)
2 Josiah Ng On Lam (Malaysia)
3 Jan Van Eijden (Germany)
4 Yusho Oikawa (Japan)
5 Haseem McLean (Trinidad)
Heat 2
1 Damian Zielinski (Poland)
2 Travis Smith (Canada)
3 Mario Contreras (Mexico)
4 Roberto Chiappa (Italy)
5 Kin Chung (1986) Wong (Hong-Kong)
Heat 3
1 JosÚ Antonio Villanueva Trinidad (Spain)
1 Ricardo Lynch (Jamaica)
3 Sergey Borisov (Russia)
4 MickaŰl Bourgain (France)
5 Hernan Sanchez (Colombia)
6 Christian Stahl (USA)
Heat 4
1 Shane John Kelly (Australia)
2 Teun Mulder (Netherlands)
3 Wu Dan (China)
4 Sochon Gudiel Jose Alberto (Guatemala)
5 Stephen Alfred (USA) Spike
6 Konstandinos Pendarakis (Greece)
First round repechage
Heat 1
1 Jan Van Eijden (Germany)
2 Roberto Chiappa (Italy)
3 Sochon Gudiel Jose Alberto (Guatemala)
4 Sergey Borisov (Russia)
5 Haseem McLean (Trinidad)
6 Hernan Sanchez (Colombia)
REL Christian Stahl (USA)
Heat 2
1 Stephen Alfred (USA) Spike
2 Mario Contreras (Mexico)
3 Konstandinos Pendarakis (Greece)
4 Kin Chung (1986) Wong (Hong-Kong)
5 Wu Dan (China)
DSQ Yusho Oikawa (Japan)
DSQ MickaŰl Bourgain (France)
Men's individual pursuit qualifying
1 Jens Mouris (Netherlands)                         4.29.093 (53.513km/h)
2 Sergio Escobar Roure (Spain)                      4.29.590 (53.414km/h)
3 Fabien Sanchez (France)                           4.32.356 (52.871km/h)
4 Jason Allen (New Zealand)                         4.32.946 (52.757km/h)
5 Dominique Cornu (Belgium)                         4.33.105 (52.726km/h)
6 Charles Bradley Huff (USA) TIAA-CREF              4.34.857 (52.390km/h)
7 Alexander Khatuntsev (Rus) Omnibike Dynamo Moscow 4.37.088 (51.969km/h)
8 Vitaliy Shchedov (Ukraine)                        4.37.652 (51.863km/h)
9 Christian Bach (Germany)                          4.37.870 (51.822km/h)
10 Ivan Rovny (Russia)                              4.38.356 (51.732km/h)
11 Jorge Soto (Uruguay)                             4.40.085 (51.412km/h)
12 Gunn R. Curtis (USA)                             4.40.592 (51.320km/h)
13 Zach Bell (Canada)                               4.42.220 (51.024km/h)
14 Casper J°rgensen (Denmark)                       4.42.583 (50.958km/h)
15 Marco Pinotti (Italy)                            4.46.750 (50.217km/h)
16 Wojciech Ziolkowski (Poland)                     4.47.270 (50.127km/h)
17 Taiji Nishitani (Japan)                          4.48.674 (49.883km/h)
18 Sebastian Cancio (Argentina)                     4.49.056 (49.817km/h)
DSQ Morales Aquino Johny Eliu (Guatemala)
Men's scratch qualifying
Heat 1
1 Taiji Nishitani (Japan)
2 Walter Perez (Argentina)
3 King Wai Cheung (Hong-Kong)
4 Ioannis Tamouridis (Greece)
5 Ivan Kovalev (Rus) Omnibike Dynamo Moscow
6 Zach Bell (Canada)
7 JÚr˘me Neuville (France)
8 Steve Schets (Belgium)
9 Ivan Rovny (Russia)
10 Jorge Soto (Uruguay)
11 Alex Rasmussen (Denmark)
12 Miguel Ernesto Chacon Sosa (Venezuela)
13 Lukasz Bujko (Poland)
14 RenÚ Schibli (Switzerland)
15 Bas Eckmann (Netherlands)
DNF Rahsaan Bahati (USA) TIAA-CREF
Heat 2
1 Carlos Manuel Hernandez (Mexico)
2 Vasili Kiryienka (Belarus)
3 Gunn R. Curtis (USA)
4 Oleksandr Polyvoda (Ukr) Alpha Sport Donetsk
5 Kyle Swain (South Africa)
6 Jiri Hochmann (Czech Republic)
7 Richard Bowker (New Zealand)
8 Fabio Masotti (Italy)
9 Paul Che Altamirano (Peru)
10 Oleksandr Klymko (Ukraine)
11 Aitor Alonso Granados (Spain)
12 Christian Kux (Germany)
DNF Morales Aquino Danny Alexander (Guatemala)
DNF Ryan Luttrell (USA) Spike
DSQ Martin Liska (Slovakia)
Women points race qualifying
Heat 1
1 Jianling Wang (China)                               25
2 Rebecca Quinn (USA) Spike                            9
3 Gema Pascual Torrecilla (Spain)                      7
4 Alena Prudnikova (Russia)                            5
5 Rochelle Gilmore (Australia)                         5
6 Giorgia Bronzini (Italy)                             5
7 Mandy Poitras (Canada)                               3
8 Ine Wannijn (Belgium)                                2
9 Marlijn Binnendijk (Netherlands)                     2
10 Tina Mayolo Pic (USA)                               1
11 Iona Parks (Jamaica)
12 Katarzyna Jagusiak (Poland)
DNS Christina Becker (Germany)
Heat  2
1 Yan Li (China)                                      20
2 Tatsiana Sharakova (Belarus)                        20
3 Joanne Kiesanowski (New Zealand)                    10
4 Vera Carrara (Italy)                                 7
5 Jarmila Machacova (Czech Republic)                   6
6 Maria Luisa Calle Williams (Colombia)                5
7 Gina Grain (Canada)                                  5
8 Lauren Franges (USA)                                 5
9 Olaberria Dorronsoro Leire (Spain)                   5
10 Karelia Machado Jaimes Judith (Venezuela)           1
11 Pascale Schnider (Switzerland)
12 Karolina Janik (Poland)
13 Jessica Jurado (Mexico)
DNS Nina K÷hn (Germany)