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Eurobike show

Germany, August 31-September 3, 2006

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Part 9 - Campy bling and Issac's time weapon 

European Editor Tim Maloney continues to send over notes and photos from his time at the Eurobike trade show. In this installment, Maloney checks out a set of wheels from Campagnola that would put the flash back in anyone's bike and an updated carbon time-trial bike from Bristish manufacturer Isaac.

New Bling Hoops From Campagnolo For 2007

G3 spoking pattern
Photo ©: Tim Maloney
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Photo ©: Tim Maloney
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Campy's Neutron Ultra
Photo ©: Tim Maloney
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Isaac Joule-Aerotic
Photo ©: Tim Maloney
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In honor of the original 16-spoke silver Campagnolo Shamal wheels ridden by Berzin to win the 1994 Giro d'Italia and Miguelon Indurain to Tour de France victory, Campagnolo has baptised their newest 2007 wheelset Shamal Ultra and finished it in a gold retro-bling look that will stand out on any bicycle.

The Shamal Ultra comes equipped with 26mm front and 30mm rear rim that have been lightened a la Mavic by scooping out material from the rim. The rims are laced with double butted aero spokes with auminum nipples; radially in the front wheel and using Campagnolo's G3 geometry in the rear.

The Shamal Ultra is built using a hub with a carbon fibre central section, an oversize aluminium axle and with ceramic bearings available as an option. The rear Shamal Ultra hub uses an oversize, 78mm flange for improved power transmission and Campagnolo's new freewheel body with integrated pawl carriers. The manufacturer's claimed weight per pair is 1,396 grams.

Campagnolo also intorduced the Neutron Ultra wheelset at Eurobike. The new set is the most evolved version of their highly regarded Neutron range, with carbon fibre hubs and the same oversize 78mm flangein the rear. The Neutron Ultra hub body is made of 90° braided carbon fibre with CNC-machined aluminium flanges. With 22 front and 24 rear butted aero spokes, Neutron Ultra comes in at a claimed weight of 1,470 grams, 80 grams less than the original Campagnolo Neutron wheels.

Timeweapon Too: Isaac Joule-Aerotic

British and German frame manufacturer Isaac (the name, they say the chose as homage to the inspiration of Sir Issac Newton and his advanced in science and technology) calls their original time-tiral bike Joule "the Timeweapon" and this new verson - dubbed Joule-Aerotic - looks sleeker and more dangerous than ever after plenty of wind tunnel testing.

Joule-Aerotic is made in Torayaca T1000G M30S carbon fibre composite, with a monocoque aero fork with dual diameter carbon steerer and continues the integrated carbon fibre seatmast these so prevalent at Eurobike this year.


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