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Team Journal Entry - May 9, 2005, by Glen Chadwick

Time on your side

Last weekend was a big one for Team Cyclingnews, and Glen Chadwick gives us his rundown on a weekend of travelling and riding - and not much else, really.

Hi everyone,

There isn't too mush reporting to be done as the other lads managed to get their diaries in before me! So I won't keep you too long! I just wanted to mention something - TIME! I'll begin two weekends ago with a brisk eight hour drive south-west to Switzerland, travelling through no fewer than three countries on the way! Back home I can drive the same distance and still be in Queensland! One country happened to be Luxembourg; luckily I managed not to blink and saw it! So we arrived in Berne, jumped on the bikes in the rain for about an hour and a half to roll the legs a bit and scout out the course! Lined up the next day and thrashed in the rain for 168km. It rained all day; the course involved a couple of climbs - so there were corners that needed braking into, which led to having bugger-all brake pads left. It also led to my brush with a footpath and several spectators on the last lap whilst on the attack! Straight after the race it was a shower and another eight hours back to Belgium! So time spent that weekend in the A-team van and on the steed a total of 22 hours! (oh, did I mention I'm not that good at sleeping in cars...?)

The next weekend we departed on Friday for a good trip trip north - 10 hours to be exact! Once again cruising through a few more countries - luckily Germany doesn't have a speed limit on the highways! The team cars were cruising at a mild 150km and it still looked like we were standing still compared to them! So we arrived at our destination in Denmark, jumped on the bikes and snuck in another 'loosen the legs up' hour! Lined up the next day for the Danish version of Roubaix; although no cobbles, just 18 sections of dirt roads! Spent 200km (five hours) in the saddle that day, sneaking across in 39th!

After the finish it was straight into the van and travel to the next hotel about an hour away! Time check so far - 17 hours. Next race; a rolling 200km near Arhus (still in Denmark) - the pace was off and on all day, but I managed to finish again with Cam in the main group! Slightly over five hours, but close enough! So it was back into the hotel for a quick shower, one last check to see if Mary [Donaldson - the Australian Danish Princess] had come to see us off, and just before we left I ran into Bjarne Rijs and got him to sign an old original Tour de France yellow jersey that I have been getting tour winners to sign! Lovely! (It's not going on eBay so don't worry, its a keeper) So at 3am - after 10 hours of travelling - we arrive back at the team house, with ol' Chady still needing to do another 30km to get back to my little missus! Time check - 31 hours in total in the car and on the saddle!

The next day, (actually, the same day) I got up and went for a cruise with some of the lads to reflect on the weekend and swap stories with the other lads who raced here in Belgium while we were away!

So from just the two weekends we clocked up 36 hours in the car and 14 hours or 578km on the bikes, not including our little token 'roll the legs out' rides! Might have to have a word to Qantas next year and see if we can borrow somethin?

Next big event for me is a day I've been waiting a while for; Isabelle and I are getting married on the 13th of May! It's been a while in the planning as it's quite difficult to marry someone from another country! But we have jumped the final hurdles and are all set to go. It should be a great time with a Belgian and Aussie mixed attendance.The lads will add a bit of spice to it for sure!! There will be some pics for coming for sure from Australian Pie - The Wedding! Lleyton and Kim eat your heart out!

All the best,

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