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Team Journal Entry - December 20, 2005, by Cody Stevenson

New beginnings back home

Hello to all - I hope the festive season is treating you well.

The 2006 FRF-Caravello squad
Photo ©: Les Clarke
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This will be my last diary entry as a Team Cyclingnews rider as I have recently signed a deal with a new team, FRF Couriers/Caravello cycling team; it's a new Australian-based venture which has some well thought out ambitions that have been presented in a very professional manner.

The team launch was a great experience for me and I am sure for all involved with the team. It was a great atmosphere and good for the entire group; from managers to riders and personnel, to be able to put a face to a voice and names to faces. Also on an evening such as this it's good to take a look at the new equipment, and the package which has been presented will serve very well indeed. We are decked out on Argon 18 bikes with Vuelta wheels, Vittoria shoes clipped to Speedplay pedals, and Selle Bassano saddles under our bums. It was a very well run team launch and something I am really happy to be involved with.

The team looks to have a good mix of riders, some of whom I have previously known and some guys who I will get to know. The team consists of;

Brendan Brooks, Robbie Cater, Troy Glennan, Jason Hegert, Brendan Jones, Aaron Little, Peter McDonald, Joe McDonnell, Tony Mann, Josh Marden, Peter Herzig

...and little ol' me

Dominic Caravello (holding bike)
Photo ©: Les Clarke
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I am sure as the season progresses the riders will pick up nicknames, and will for ever after only answer to or be described as that nick name - this is commonly the case in every cycling team I have been involved in. Riders generally pick up a name due to a common theme with their current name, a comment on their appearance, or due to some random act of stupidity that incurs during the season...and trust me, it will happen!

As I write I've just stepped off the bike after five hours. As are most riders at this time of the year, I am in my preparation stage for the upcoming season. It all starts with what I hope will be a bang for the new team at the Bay Series Criteriums in January followed by the Australian Championships which will be once again held in Adelaide.

I am sure all the boys and management involved in the FRF Couriers/Caravello cycling team will be keen to get some runs on the board and build a good foundation for the rest of the season which will see the team compete in South Africa, Canada, and all the domestic racing.

As is the case at this time of year it will be head to the grindstone to build a good foundation for 2006.

Have a great Christmas...and don't drink too much - that sun can really get to you!


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