Team Cyclingnews.com - 2005

Team Journal Entry - August 1, 2005, by Cody Stevenson

The crew's raring to go!

While the boys are off in China, the rest of the Cyclingnews boys:

Hamish and little ole' me have been doing a bit of bicycle practice...and to good effect!

Hamish has been flying in the past month, winning another pro kermis race and always placing in the front of the other ones we have attended. This brings Hamish's total to five wins this year, the guy is soooo strong! And he has a completely different approach to racing than any other person I know. He goes to the beat of a different drum, and respect to that! Time and time again we see riders who are too busy worrying about what they look like (we've all been there, I know I have!) too busy worrying about doing things the way others do it, and not getting on with the job at hand...winning races!

He is like Neo in The Matrix; if you believe it, it can happen!

Kane, Dan and Henry have all had a bit of bad luck of late.
Kane has almost fully recovered from his leg injury and has been getting stuck back into the training and racing.
Dan had a bit of a chest infection, and it took the poor bugger nearly a month to get over it. He is healthy again and will be looking forward to the coming races.

Henry...it happens in sets of three mate! Race 1, two punctures. Race 2, one puncture. Race 3, broken handelbars! In the latter Henry was lucky to not have come down like a sack of potatoes! Broken bars are something you wince at when you witness it, and you do other things in your pants when it happens to you!

As for Cody - well I have been training really hard lately and racing a lot better. After what has been a "different" season for me...to say the least, I am motivated and ready to see the fruition of my hard work. I spent almost eight hours in the saddle today and I don't have blurred vision and hunger knock, so I guess the hard work is paying off.

Next stop, Tour of Hungary...and we all know what happened there last year - it's time for a repeat!


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