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Team TIAA-CREF - 2005

Team Journal Entry - February 17, 2005, by Ian MacGregor

The joy of out-of-competition testing...

TIAA-CREF's Ian MacGregor has a hard time peeing on command. So what happens when USADA turn up to his doorstep the day of SuperBowl, with all his roommates and friends around?

TIAA-CREF's Ian MacGregor.
Photo ©: Beth Seliga
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Just as I was getting comfortable on the couch, settling in to watch the last football game of the year, the doorbell rang. My roommate got the door and to my surprise it was none other than my favorite 'watch you pee in a cup' USADA people. And of course it had to be during the SuperBowl. I love football, but the patriots and eagles; who cares? However those commercials, I was expecting some laughs. But, I guess it was not to be, tonight I would be peeing in a cup...

I don't know why but I always seem to have a hard time peeing on command. When a race slows down and everyone starts to do their business I can't. I have a hard time peeing off the bike. Ask Todd Yezefski, I've gotten him dropped off the back of more than one race because it took me so long. Bottom line, I just have a hard time. Today, however, I had no choice. To make matters worse, I was definitely dehydrated. Not because I didn't want to drink any water but because the entire time I was out riding today, my bottles were frozen. Sure I stopped to put them in the microwaves, but they would just re-freeze in a matter of minutes.

Laying it on the line.
Photo ©: Beth Seliga
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As soon as I handed over my ID I started drinking water, knowing that this would take some time. After fifteen minutes of drinking as much water as I could (while hoping that I didn't drink too much, as to ruin the pH and specific gravity) I started watching the game, or should I say the commercials, I had waited all day for. Only know I had two people standing over my shoulder watching my every move. All my roommates and their friends thought it was funny. They made jokes about it and tried to offer the USADA people a beer. I didn't think it was a joke; I just wanted that water to work its way through my body so I could do what had to be done.

It took about three hours before all was said and done. Three hours sharing our superbowl Sunday with strangers who just wanted a urine sample. Three hours I would give everyday if it meant that people would not cheat! Every time I fill out my 'USADA experience form' I let them know this. Today the guy asked my to put my thoughts regarding blood test on the form. I for one would be all for blood-based drug tests if they would be a more effective way of catching those who take the easy road!

Just about a week later during our team launch, USADA struck again! This time getting a wine-ridden sample from teammate Blake Caldwell, I'm sure he will share his story with all of you...

Thanks for your time!

Ian D. MacGregor


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