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Levy Challenge Road Race

Bronson, Florida, February 16, 2003

By Team Florida Racing

The second weekend of the Florida racing season took place under cool and wet conditions. It featured many top riders from around the country, many presumably warming up for the next weekend's National Racing Calendar opener in nearby Gainesville, FL.

The 125 mile pro-am race served up conditions ranging from cloudy to downpour throughout the course of the day. The eventual outcome was decided by a chess match of sorts that allowed a day long breakaway to survive to the line. The winning move formed early in day as seven riders, Saul Raisin(Ofoto/Lombardi), Michael Starr (True Blue Racing), Ken Tabaczka (Outspoken), Joe Fernandez (Cycle Science), Shawn Moffett(ASV), Jason Vandermay(Ford), and Chad Arnholt (Locos), quickly built a huge five and a half minute lead after only 50 miles.

The field did not go without response and nearly reeled the group over the next 30 miles, led by stalwart Kent Bostick, Mark Light, and many others. Under the pressure, the breakaway was reduce to four riders but still kept their noses to the grindstone. The main group came not only within sight of the breakaway, but also within 15 second of reforming the entire race. At the end of this charge, the field proceeded to begin a costly waiting game for the honors of finishing the task. This allowed the gap to reopen to the finish and after 110+ miles out in front Saul Raisin outlasted his breakaway companions come across the line alone. Starr, Tabaczka, and Fernandez limped home for 2nd-4th respectively. Jason Snow(Cycle Science) won the field sprint handily ahead of the wet and weary main group of forty riders.

Thanks to a shortage of caravan officials the Women's 1,2,3 event was forced to ride piggyback with the large category 3 men's field. Racing together but scored separately, the top women were all able to work around the extra male bodies in the field to earn their prizes for the day. The race eventually came to the line in one enormous group, and after the wet 75 mile race Rebecca McClintock(Colavita-Bolla) was not only the top woman, but also finished an impressive 7th in the hectic sprint. Jeff Lyon(Aerospace Engineering) won the overall sprint to claim the men's Category 3 prize.

McClintock's collegiate teammate Lori Palmer(UF) won the women's category 4 event in a similar fashion, by out sprinting many of the Category 5 men to win the women's title. The top category 5 man, Gainesville resident Brad Suhr, finished off the front however, alone and over 3 minutes ahead. The next two men's spots were also taken by UF riders, Ryan Strickland and Brock Adams respectively.

The men's category 4 event featured another long breakaway. The final meters saw a three way sprint between Chad Schiferl (ASV) and two more UF riders Logan Biniak, and Reid Savid. Schiferl managed to overcome the numerical advantage to win by a narrow margin over Biniak.

The small masters 30+ event win was taken solo by Jacksonville's James Sweeny(Red Hills Racing). The masters 40+ and 50+ groups raced together and while Kent Lofton managed to beat Frank Jennings in a two up sprint for the 40+ win, Ian Jackson came in as the top 50+ competitor. The Junior race was claimed by Ben Sheridan(American Classic) ahead of a slew of Orlando Road Club racers.


Pro,1,2 (125 miles, 70 starters)
1 Saul Raisin (Ofoto/Lombardi)                  4.58.00
2 Michael Starr (TrueBlue Cycling)                 0.10
3 Ken Tabaczka (Outspoken)                         0.12
4 Joe Fernandez (Cycle Science)                    0.17
5 Jason Snow (Cycle Science)                       2.00
6 Phil Southerland (Locos/PTT)
7 Ricardo Hernandez (Jet Network)
8 Frank Lopez (LightningFast)
9 John Murphy (Krystal)
10 Dan Larson (Cycle Science)
11 Mark Light (Lite Bites)
12 Adam Baskin (Ford Cycling)
13 Ray MacNamara (Atomic)
14 David Reilly (
15 Alejandro Garcia (Damiani)
16 Carlos Soler (ASV)
17 Darrell Pounders (Outspoken)
18 Josh Seldman (Krystal)
19 Steve Mlujeak (U.S. Armed Forces)
20 Daniel Holt (Locos/PTT)
21 David Stedje (BBC)
22 Andy Woodruff (LightningFast)
23 Brian Weightman (Team Trispeed)
24 Wayne Scott (Winners Edge/Bermuda)
25 Andy Mills (ORC)
Cat 3 (75 miles, 70 starters)
1 Jeff Lyon (Aerospace Engineering)             3.02.00
2 Allison Anjos (Mapei)
3 Gabriel Larrea (unattached)
4 Wayne Burgess (Mapei)
5 Kevin Link (Orlando Velo)
6 Alex Frietas (Mapei)
7 Glen Peroni (unattached)
8 William Tittle (Mapei)
9 Darren Black (ASV)
10 James Weightman (unattached)
11 ? (Aero Engineering)
12 Wendell Montgomery (ORC)
13 John Hutchinson (Aero Engineering)
14 Mike McCollum (Majic)
15 Troy Watson (BBC)
16 Lorne Johnson (Bike Route)
17 Brian Davis (ASV)
18 Ryan Phelps (ORC)
19 Andy Hemmings (Bike Route)
20 Joel Metsker (unattached)
Cat 4 (50 miles, 30 starters)
1 Chad Schiferl (ASV)                           1.59.00
2 Logan Biniak (Team Florida)
3 Reid Savid (Team Florida)
4 AJ Sikes (BBC)                                   0.30
5 Steven Fritz (BBC)                               1.15
6 JD Herlihy (Team Florida)                        4.00
7 Mark Kiester (Team Florida)                      6.00
8 Kirby Johnson (Gearlink)
9 Matt Radula (ASV)
10 JP Shores (BBC)
11 John Gissal (BBC)
12 Jeb Stuart (BBC)
13 Chris Vedral (ORC)
14 Rome Reiswig (Team Florida)
15 Jim Long (Olympus)
Cat 5 (25 miles, 25 starters)
1 Brad Suhr (unattached)                          59.00
2 Ryan Strickland (Team Florida)                   3.00
3 Brock Adams (Team Florida)
4 Leonardo Miralles (unattached)
5 Kenyon Rice (unattached)
6 Luis Lopez (unattached)
7 555
8 Neil Durham (Gearlink)
9 Michale Pyles (ORC)
10 584
11 Domink Girovard (Team Florida)
12 586
13 Fred Arnold (Gearlink)
14 Daniel Limehan (unattached)
15 585
16 579
17 Ben Zappa (unattached)
Juniors (25 miles, 12 starters)
1 Ben Sheridan (American Classic)
2 David Bush (ORC)
3 Gabriel Mendez (Damiani)
4 Wesley Irons (ORC)
5 David Wright (ORC)
6 Steven Welch (ORC)
7 Mitch Gammon (ORC)
8 Jacob Irons (ORC)
9 Will Willis (ORC)
10 Jacques Martinez (ORC)
Junior Women
1 Melissa Irons, ORC
Women 1,2,3 (75 miles, 15 starters)
1 Rebecca McClintock (Colavita)                 3.02.00
2 Cindy Musselwhite (Outspoken Cat3)
3 Tina Elliot (Cycle Science)
4 Kritine Bileau (Ford)
5 Megan Esmonde (Cat3)
6 Elizabeth Morse (Ford)
7 Sherri Stedje (BBC)
8 ?
9 Rebecca Clark (ORC Cat3)
10 Kristin Linton (Cycle Science)
11 Robin Kavan (BBC)
12 Katerine Parks (unattached)
13 Lesley Welch (ORC Cat3)
14 Michelle Young (ORC Cat3)
15 Racheal Hallum (ORC Cat3)
Women 4 (25 miles, 15 starters)
1 Lori Palmer (Team Florida)                    1.02.00
2 Valentina Tischenko (Aerospace Engineering)
3 Valerie Parks (Team Florida)
4 Julie Simmons (ORC)
5 Cynthia ?ings (Treasure Coast Racing)
6 Charisse Squadrito (Treasure Coast Racing)
7 Dana Tinney (Treasure Coast Racing)
8 Carrie Fritz (BBC)
9 Julie Holt (Ringling)
Masters 30+ (50 miles, 8 starters)
1 James Sweeny (Red Hills Racing)
2 Miroslavo Magdziak (Gearlink)
3 Pablo Santa Cruz (Gearlink)
4 Andrew Cruz (Gearlink)
5 Bill Cosgray  (Gearlink)
6 Todd Pye (Jax Racing)
7 James Hirschberger (Gearlink)
Masters 40+ (50 miles)
1 Kent Lofton (Jax Racing Club)
2 Frank Jennings (unattached)
3 Chuck Jerabek (Jax Racing Club)
4 Peter Carlos (Jet Network)
5 John D'Agostino (Mapei)
6 Jeff Fleming (Mapei)
7 Jim Wright (Jax Racing Club)
8 Mike Plunridge (unattached)
9 Bill Schneider (ORC)
10 Mike Rigby (ASV)
11 Winston Edwards (American Classic)
12 Mark Schuman (unattached)
13 Peter Pavelic (Mapei)
14 Robert Cutts (ORC)
15 Thomas Katheder (ORC)
Masters 50+ (50 miles)
1 Ian Jackson (OLP Racing)
2 Samuel Payson (Cycle Science)
3 Pedro Barzago (City Bike)
4 Marty Clemens (American Classic)
5 Manny Aguilera (Cycle Science)
6 Peter Browning (unattached)
7 Bob Tyler (ORC)
8 Frank Colaricci (ORC)
9 Scott Bullfinch (ORC)
10 Steven Witham (Jax Racing Club)
11 Jon Sathe (Polk)
12 Robert Brown (Jax Racing Club)
Results and report courtesy of Team Florida Cycling

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