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Results and Reports for June 8-14, 2002


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Jacksonville Classic
Penney Farms Road Race
Port of Catoosa Spring Crit
Jefferson Cup Road Race
Spin City Criterium
Spin City Circuit Race
OBRA Banana Belt Road Racing Series #2

Washington Cup #2
Pure Austin Pace Bend Road Race
Ronde Ohop Circuit Race
Jack Frost Time Trial
UCSD Boulevard Road Race

JAR Tour of the Bahamas
RMR #2
CU criterium

Bob Hansing Cup #1



Blue Bell Cycling Classic

Philadelphia, PA, June 8, 2002

Big hitters warm up for USPRO

Report and results courtesy Thomas Nagy

A Navigator and two Mercuries
Photo: © Thomas Nagy
Click for larger image

A prize list of $5000 brought out 150 of the top international, national and local racers to compete in the Blue Bell Cycling Classic on June 8, 2002. The race started on a cool and bright morning in suburban Philadelphia on the roads of Blue Bell, PA. The 5-mile "Belgian kermesse " type loop had two very distinctive sections. The first three miles were contested on gently rolling roads and the final two miles in a technical section that included 15 turns.

The opening miles were uneventful with teams trying to position themselves for the eventual early attacks through the tight neighborhood section. On lap two several promising groups developed, but everyone knew that early breaks had a history of sticking so moves were not allowed to get to far up the road. The speeds were high, but this did not stop the constant attacks off the front. As the riders came through start-finish the first few times riders were already in trouble, having to cover gaps in a strung out field.

At the half way mark all was still together, but the undulating roads and all the turns had made about 50 riders call it a day. After a few attacks, leading up to the climb, a group was able to finally shake the field. This group included Scott Moninger (Mercury), Brain Sheedy (Navigators), Graeme Miller (Mercury), Joe Papp (UPCM- Fuji), Juan Jose Haedo (Colavita) and Russ Langley (Snow Valley). This group had the right mix and a lot of power and began to put time on a chasing peloton

With a gap of about 1 minute back to the field Moniger and Sheedy decided to give it a go, thus the attacks began. They worked well together putting 45 seconds on the remaining break riders with 10 miles to go.

At this point the peloton was spending most of the loop strung out, especially on the home stretch section where high speeds forced riders to pull out of line, making it difficult for trailing riders. With riders constantly having to cover gaps the peloton was now at 50 riders. With 5 miles to go there was still a lot of power back in the field and teams were setting up their fastest man to take the field sprint and a piece of the $5000 purse, which paid down to 20th.

With about 3 miles to go the race was clearly going to be between Moniger and Sheedy. Moniger did not want a head to head final dash so he attacked on the final rise and was able to hold off Sheedy in the final 2 miles to take the victory. Sheedy rolled in, right behind Moniger, for second. The remaining break of 4 was setting up to duke it out for the last podium spot but Miller did not want any part of that as he used the tight turns of the final kilometer to launch an attack which lead to 3rd on the day.

After the race Moniger stated, "This is exactly what I needed to open up my legs for the US Pro Championships in Philadelphia tomorrow."


Images courtesy of Thomas Nagy

Images courtesy of Zui Hanafusa


Lincoln Mercury Pro 1-2-3
1 Scott Moninger (Mercury)
2 Brian Sheedy (Navigators)
3 Graeme Miller (Mercury)
4 Joe Papp UPCM (Fuji)
5 Juan Jose Haedo (Colavita)
6 Russ Langley (Snow Valley)
7 Gustaro Artacho (Colavita)
8 John Wordin (Mercury)
9 Todd Herroitt (Think)
10 Johh Wirsing (Snow Valley)
11 Charlie Issendorf (Mengoni)
12 Adham Sbigh (Mercury)
13 Wison Vasquez (Mengoni)
14 Jeff Hopkins (Jittery Joes)
15 Greg Bare UPCM (Fuji)
16 Sebastian Alexandre (Colavita)
17 Rainiel Sanchez (Snow Valley)
18 Jonathan Erdelyi (Ideal Tile)
19 Ryan Leech (Nittany Velo Club)
20 Leigh Bryan 
21 Ryan Gray (Navigators)
22 Todd Nezefski (East Coast Velo)
23 Adam Myerson (Mengoni)
24 Gerado Castro (Colavita)
25 Steve Roszko (NCC
26 Donny Lopez (Ideal Tile)
27 Mark Earnsting (Snow Valley)
28 Dan Larson (Cycle Science)
29 Jason Moore (Beans/Lite Bites)
30 Adam Pantastico
31 Reed Tanger (Power)
32 Alain Ferry (East Coast Velo)
33 Allen Horton (Procyles (Giant)
34 Horace Burrows (Century Road Club)
35 Ben Haldeman (Fuji)
36 Kris Hedges (Snow Valley)
37 Kevin Bouchard Hall (Mengoni)
38 Ryan Pinkham (Mengoni)
39 Jacob Loverich (Nittany Velo Club)
40 Steve Speaks (Mercury Atlantic)
41 Szymon Niemotko (Watchung Wheelmen)
42 Jason Smith
43 George Menard (Snow Valley)
44 Mark Walchhinsky (Nittany Velo Club)
45 Rafal Urzedowski (Watchung Wheelmen)
46 Guilluame Nelesser (Fuji)
47 Dave Black (Beans/Lite Bites)
48 Jason Baer (Mengoni)
49 Steven Ward (Colavita)
50 Rob Hacker (Bicycle Therapy)
51 Scott Zwwwwwwizanski (Snow Valley)
52 Jesse Anthony (Saturn Development)
53 Hugh Moran (Cycle Science)
53 Chris Peck Wheelworks (Cannondale)
54 Joe Alachoyan (Ideal Tile)
55 Jason Schneider (Think)
57 Josh Beck (Beans/Lite Bites)
58 Matt Myers (Boola)
59 Curt Davis Wheelworks (Cannondale)
60 Patrick McNamara (Ridgefield Bank)
61 Mike Hebe (Monkey Hill)
62 Wayne Work (Beans/Lite Bites)
63 John Lenart (Beans/Lite Bites)
64 Yory Koy (Guys)
65 Colin Sandberg (ESSM)
66 Michael Norton (UPCM (Fuji)
67 Todd Hostemar (Monkey Hill)
68 Pete O'Mara (Ideal Tile)
69 Jerald Yu Team (Express (Pro Pedals)
70 James Blattner (Bike USA)
71 Steve Wright (Quaker City Wheelmen)
72 Chris Young (Ideal Tile)
73 Chadd Davis (Think)
74 Bill Cook 
75 Glenn Krotich (Guys)
76 Darrell Vreugdenhil (Snow Valley)
77 John McGill (Patuxent Velo)
78 Marcus Moloney (Trek)
Past Winners:
2001 Chris Wherry (Mercury)
2000 John Peters (Mercury)
CycleOps 3-4 Women
1 Kristy Gomes (NCVC)
2 Elizabeth Tyrell (Somerset Wheelmen)
3 Jacquiline Somerset (Wheelmen)
4 Susan Duff (3D Racing)
5 Caroline Hacker (Bicycle Therapy)
6 Elizabeth Reap (Fuji)
7 Linda LaSalle (Nittany Velo)
8 Nonnie Howard (Evolution)
9 Laury Saliginan (NCVC)
10 Betsy Schauer (ESSM)
11 Leslie Jennings (Century Road Club)
12 Marcy Diem (GS Lancaster)
13 Regina Hammond (MIV)
14 Laura Henlow (Sports Team)
15 Monique Rodenburgh (All American)
16 Jen Olbrich (Dansko)
17 Sue Heckler (Evolution)
18 Kathy Graust (Tri State Velo)
19 Shannon Korcnal (First Capital Velo)
20 Jen Kriebs (Team Harrisburg)
21 Jill Morgan (Evolution)
22 Bodnie Stoeckd (Evolution)
23 Tammy Ebersole (Evolution)
24 Jamie Pettinato (East Coast Velo)
25 Annalise Paaby (U of P Cycling)
26 Rebecca Koh (CRCA)
27 Dawn Smith (3D Racing)
28 Cheryl Osbourne (Artemis)
29 ?
30 Michelle Suplich (Guys)
31 Susan Law (ESSM)
32 Lori Kort (University of Vermont)
33 Nancy Shapiro (unattached)
34 Donna Anderson (Evolution)
35 Abby Chryst (EVC Cycledrome)
Cat 5
1 Jaume Cabruja (Guys)
2 James Danvers (Tioga Velo)
3 Jon Royal (Wilmington)
4 Mike Whitarer (Aquafina)
5 John lancione (Harrisburg)
6 Mark Hafner (Unattached)
7 John Craig (American)
8 Joel Speakman (First State Velo)
9 Kirk Reisnger (Wissahickon)
10 Sean Ott (U of Penn)
11 Hohn Howe (Unattached)
12 Pete Smith (Evolution)
13 Duncan Granger (Unattached)
14 Steve Heede (First Capital)
15 Steve Schofer (Lehigh Wheelmen)
16 Tom Imborone (Finger Lakes)
17 Charles Carter (Nittany Velo)
18 Marcos Pinto (Unattached)
19 George Harriot (Lehigh Wheelmen)
20 Matthew Kupsky (Beacon)
21 Andrew Earl (Scott Bikyle Flyers)
22 Matthew Derstine (Wes Ben - Bohemian)
23 Tim Swift (SVVC)
24 Dan Bikel (U of Penn)
25 Daniel Konalchuck (SVVC)
26 Tim Dowling (First State Velo)
27 ? ?
28 John Sellinger (Unattached)
29 Mike Webber (Scott Bikyle Flyers)
30 John Hickey (BCBC)
31 TS Mitchell (Kissena)
32 Charles Wall (Unattached)
33 Matthew Reece (Quacker City Wheelmen)
34 John Kane (Scott Bikyle Flyers)
1 Ryan Eiler (Tri State)
2 Ryan Nelman (Sun and Ski)
3 Ben Balczewski (EVC)
4 Elliott Gaunt (SVVC)
5 Mike Chauner (Beans/Lite Bites)
6 Max Hoener (Mercury)
7 Taylor Brown (Tri State)
8 Alex Scott (Beans/Lite Bites)
9 Chris Ruhl (EVC)
CycleOps  3-4 Men
1 John Murray ( Beans Lite Bites)
2 Larry Dettis ( East Coast Velo)
3 Patrick Gellineau ( Team Sguiggle)
4 Aubrey Gorden ( Team Sguiggle)
5 Trevor Matulys ( East Coast Velo)
6 John Spittal (GS Lancaster)
7 Bradley Viera ( Red Rose Rockets)
8 David Wiswell ( East Coast Velo)
9 Keith Gerber ( Main Line Cycling)
10 Mike Rabe ( UPCM/Fuji)
11 Michael Cody (NCCSA/FUJI)
12 Ian Ayers (3D Racing)
13 Kareem Harris ( UPCM/Fuji)
14 Josh Wier ( Major Motion Cycling)
15 Jason "The Kid" Thomas ( Harrisburg)
16 Tom Coupe ( UPCM/Fuji)
17 David Tomasso (Team Beacon)
18 David Brown ( Beans Lite Bites)
19 Tim Tobbe ( FCCC)
20 Garrett Scheier ( GS Lancaster)
21 Genn Murray ( Tri State Velo)
22 Greg Hodge (Main Line Cycling)
23 Ryan Graff ( Main Line Cycling)
24 Erick Rodenburgh ( First State Capital)
25 Glenn Turner ( Main Line Cycling)
26 Dan Abbey ( QCW)
27 Elliott Holland ( Princeton Univ.)
28 Scott Hannon ( Chris Cookies)
29 Kenn Belz ( Exide - Frisco Cycling)
30 dave Neibauer (Tri State Velo)
31 Rodney Rios ( Team Beacon)
32 Matt Poll ( Snow Valley)
33 Jesus Espitia ( CRCA Moneygram)
34 Steve Hobson (Boston Cycling Club)
35 Steve Soltes ( Golds Gym)
36 Adam Szczepanski ( Nittany Velo)
37 ??
38 Chris Mayhew  (ESSM)
39 Mike Beers ( East Coast Velo)
40 Joe Lanza ( Guys)
41 Marky Mark Moskovich  (Mercury Atlantic)
42 Norman Morrison ( QWC)
43 Adam Steelman ( Snow Valley)
44 Chris Hensel ( Time Cycle Couriers)
45 Gregg Loprete (Colavita)
46 Matt Ferus ( Team Express)
47 Nathan Deibert ( Harrisburg)
48 Tim Hancock (On Track Cycling)
49 Ernie Lapp ( unattached)
50 Steve Sambrano ( Main Line Cycling)
51 Ken Smith ( Team Express)
52 Claudie Mucci ( Fordi Fritta)
53 Chris Skinner ( Team Beacon)
54 Bill Cook ( All American)
55 Larry Dettis ( East Coast Velo)
56 Jay Longenecker (Jay Monkey Hill Cycling)
57 James Rowe ( Davis Bike Club)
58 Tucker Brown ( Tri State Velo)
59 James Escobar (Honeywell Cycling)
60 Anthony Cipolla ( Fordi Fritta)
61 Mark Gorman ( Amoroso)
62 Dan Hoover ( QCW)
Rudy Project 30+
1 Kenny Willimas (Pazzo Velo)
2 David Steddje (Best of Ray)
3 Bryan Chilotas (Monkeyhill)
4 Brad Ober (GS Lancaster)
5 Jon Clifton (Moore Wissihickon)
6 Karl Woitas (Bean - Lite Bites)
7 John Spital (GS Lancaster)
8 Dave Black (Bean - Lite Bites)
9 Ted Inoue (Mercury)
10 David Walker (Liberty Cycles)
11 Scott Farmer (Lehighe Wheelmen)
12 Dewaybe Fox (Pro Pedals- Team Express)
13 Garrett Schreier (GS Lancaster)
14 Abdul Kabia (???????????)
15 Bart Yassmate (Guys)
16 Dwayne Clinton (GS Lancaster)
17 Rich Liebfried (Mercury)
18 Bahl Arshad (Guys)
19 Paul Swinond (Higher Gear)
20 David Whitney (Somerset Wheelmen)
21 Tim Yost (Liberty Cycles)
22 John Lux (First Capital Velo)
23 Keith Hahbaugh (First Capital Velo)
24 Scott Holden (Summit Cycling)
25 Curt Hecht (Club Biciclette)
26 Ron Ferrizzi (Guys)
27 Jim Blahner (Bike USA)
28 John Lenart (Bean - Lite Bites)
29 Heath Deal (Mercury)
30 Darell Vreugdenhill (Snow Valley)
31 James Escobar (Honeywell Cycling)
32 Tom Nagy (Mercury)
33 Mark Gorman (Tri State Velo)
34 Kirk Lindshey (First Capital Velo)
35 Andrew Albright (Oscar Myers)
36 Jay Longenecker (Monkeyhill)
37 Don McCaughan (QCW)
38 Mike Miller (Mercury)
39 Tom McMemin (Somerset Wheelmen)
1 Aubrey Gordon (Team Squggle)
2 Patrick Gellineau (Team Squggle)
3 George Theall (QCW)
4 Joe Manacchio (Tri State Velo)
5 Jeff Gustafson (Tri State Velo)
6 Steve Schneider (Tri State Velo)
7 Jay Gaust (SVVC)
8 Keith Cramer (Bike Works)
9 Scott Butler (Bike Line / LWA)
10 Brian Johnston (Capital Velo)
11 Bob Kehl (Tri State Velo)
12 Paul Pearson (Tru Brew)
13 John Weller (Bike Line / LWA)
14 Jerrold Adler (QCW)
15 Dave Nesbitt (DC Velo)
16 Doug Long (ERA Cycling)
17 Desmond Slattery (QCW)
18 Don McCaughan (QCW)
19 Dan Matchett (Tri State Velo)
20 Jocquim Carualho (QCW)
21 Doug Gray (First State Velo)
22 Darrell Vreugdenhill (Snow Valley)
23 Dan Stockhard (ERA Cycling)
24 Kevin St. (Claire QCW)
25 Curti Mease (Bike Line / LWA)
26 Tom Borits (Evolution)
27 James Weidner (Tri State Velo)
28 Leonard Trolio (Bike Line / LWA)
29 Paul Inglis (Wilmington Velocity)
30 Raynor Miles (Somerset Wheelmen)
31 Ivan Solero (Phila Bicycle)
32 Ron Livingston (Main Line Cycling)
33 Karl Goebel (QCW)
34 Dalzell Bike (Addicts)
35 Shreeman Bike (Line / LWA)
36 Mike Tacci (Tioga Velo)
37 Peter Breuninger (Main Line Cycling)
38 ? ?
39 David Sergas (Guys)
40 William Hurni (???)

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