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Results and Reports for June 1-6, 2002


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Jacksonville Classic
Penney Farms Road Race
Port of Catoosa Spring Crit
Jefferson Cup Road Race
Spin City Criterium
Spin City Circuit Race
OBRA Banana Belt Road Racing Series #2

Washington Cup #2
Pure Austin Pace Bend Road Race
Ronde Ohop Circuit Race
Jack Frost Time Trial
UCSD Boulevard Road Race

JAR Tour of the Bahamas
RMR #2
CU criterium

Bob Hansing Cup #1



US Postal Service Clarendon Cup

Arlington, VA, June 2, 2002

Davidenko and Teutenberg by speed and power

By Rob Karman, correspondent


Susan Sonye was very aggressive early on
Photo: © Rob Karman
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Defending Clarendon Cup Champion Ina Teutenberg (Saturn) again took victory on the fast and furious 1km circuit in Arlington, VA. A valiant effort was put in by the women from Diet Rite as they tried to set up former NRC Champion Tina Mayolo-Pic for the win in front of her adopted hometown crowd. Mayolo-Pic's parents recently moved to nearby Alexandria, VA and were in attendance at the race.

Susan Sonye (Saturn) was very aggressive in the early laps with constant attacks, each marked by Diet Rite. This proved to be a Saturn tactic to wear out the other teams though as a 3 lap break with Sonye and New Zealand track Sprinter Joanne Kiesanowski (Diet Rite) was reeled in Teutenberg launched a counter attack that would see her off the front for the remainder of the race. Her Australian Saturn team mate Kristy Scrymgeour bridged up briefly with Charmain Breone (Freddie Fu) but Ina rode away from both of them to claim her second Clarendon Cup in as many years.

Back in the pack Tania Duff-Miller (Freddie Fu) attacked at the final prime and built up a small gap that she just barely managed to hold on to as a fast charging peloton led by Tina Mayolo-Pic swept her up at the line.


As the men started their 100 lap journey around the same 5 corner course as the women, the wind picked up from a pleasant breeze to a major factor on the course. The local elite teams wasted no time in making themselves known as a NCVC-Spokes rider attacked on lap 1. The field didn't want to bother and let him have his 15 minutes of fame, but it didn't even last that long as the pace picked up in anticipation of the first prime. Chad Gerlach (Sierra-Nevada) found himself off the front at this point and motored his way to a 10 second advantage picking up primes and Festina Sprint points along the way.

The strong men of the field made their way to the front and a chase group soon formed with top riders like US National Criterium Champion Kirk O'Bee (Navigators) and 2001 NRC Champion Trent Klasna (Saturn) present. Just as they caught Gerlach, Mike Tillman (Schroeder Iron) decided it was his turn for TT practice. The chase became disorganized behind and Tillman built up a gap of 28 seconds, an advantage of roughly half a lap as the gap he had to close in order to make contact with the back of the single file pack on the short course was down to 29 seconds. It was not to be though as a strong head wind on a short uphill section of the course took it's toll on the Schroeder Iron rider.

Horner, ex-goatee, led the chase
Photo: © Rob Karman
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Behind him the favourites were once again getting themselves organized and a chase group of 16 was in hot pursuit. Early season sensation Chris Horner (Prime Alliance) led the charge as he had 2 team mates of the sprinting variety in tow and Mercury's Hank Vogels had missed the break. Vogels sensed the danger of speedsters Jonas Carney and Dave McCook(Prime Alliance), Kirk O'Bee (Navigators), and Charles Dionne (7Up-NutraFig) up the road and bridged across. A few more riders bridged the gap and then the field sat up as the riders from the bigger teams had no reason to chase and the riders from the smaller teams didn't have enough gas in the tank to close the gap. It didn't take long until the field was lapped on the short course and the sprinters trains began to form at the front.

First it was Prime Alliance setting tempo to make sure that nothing got away, but Mercury snuck into their train and launched Mike Sayers off the front with 10 to go. 2 laps later he was brought back and his team mate Chris Wherry countered. Under 23 TT World Champ Danny Pate (Prime Alliance) chased furiously with the whole pack in tow, but the gap didn't come down until the massive quads of Olympic Match Sprint Gold Medalist Marty Nothstein (Navigators) began to break the wind at the front.

Nothstein pulled off as Wherry was caught with 4 to go, while at the same time Jonas Carney rolled his rear tire. His team mate Alex Candelario quickly gave him his wheel, but with less than 5 laps to go there was no free lap and Jonas was out of contention. As Prime Alliance scrambled to reorganize after their designated sprinter was suddenly gone, 7Up-Nutra Fig pulled through the start-finish looking like they had everything under control for Canadian Charles Dionne.

On the last lap though it was the Navigator's speedy Russian Vassily Davidenko accelerating for the win ahead of McCook and Dionne.

Team Saturn Report

By Giana Roberge, Team Saturn

Ina: Human Locomotive
Photo: © Rob Karman
Click for larger image

The Navigators' Vasilli Davidenko and Saturn's Ina Teutenberg put on a show at the Clarendon Cup in Arlington, VA today. Both riders are known for their wicked fast finishing speed, but Teutenberg and her Saturn Team played it safe, launching Teutenberg less than half way into the race, utilizing her horse power in lieu of her sprint. Davidenko, however, had the superb lead-out skills of his Navigator team-mates, unleashing his razor sharp jump only a few hundred meters from the line to claim the win.

The women and men's race was held on the same technical and fun criterium course. The Saturn women checked in to the race with immediate attacks. An attack from Suzanne Sonye offered Teutenberg the perfect opportunity, and soon the German was off the front with a slender gap on the determined Diet Rite team. Tanya Duff - Miller and Teutenberg's Saturn team-mate, Kristy Scrymgeour, were able to slip the chase and bridge to Teutenberg. Diet Rite put on a fierce effort, keeping the threesome close, but were unable to close the gap. As Duff-Miller and Scrymgeour fell off the pace, it was Teutenberg alone holding the chase at bay. Amazingly, she remained solo for the final 30 laps, finishing about 30 seconds up on Charmain Breone (Freddy-Fu). Breone managed to escape with two laps to go for an impressive second place just in front of a charging field lead by Diet Rite who delivered Tina Pic for the field sprint win and third place.

The men's race soon became a race of attrition after aggressive racing and several crashes swept away the high hopes of many of the teams, most notably Saturn and Mercury. The crashes, combined with the wind and the heat brought the big field of 120 to only 20 riders by the final ten laps. Prior to that, forty laps to go in the 100 kilometer race, roughly thirty riders had lapped the field, with many field sprinters still present. Saturn suffered some unfortunate luck when a crash separated Trent Klasna, Ivan Dominguez and Tim Johnson from the field. Prime Alliance did an effective job of riding tempo for the final laps of the race, blowing the remaining peloton apart. However, as they did last week at the Housatonic Classic, the Navigators team, once again delivered Davidenko to the line for the win. Prime Alliance's Dave McCook was second over 7-Up's Charles Dionne.

Almost all the teams head up to Philadelphia for the First Union series, kicking off Tuesday in Lancaster, PA. The women will race the Liberty Classic on Sunday, the same day as the men's US Pro Road Race championships in downtown Philadelphia, PA.

Another V for Vassily

Team Navigators Report

Nothstein provided the HP
Photo: © Rob Karman
Click for larger image

Vassili Davidenko of the Navigators Cycling Team notched his second major victory in as many weeks, with a blistering sprint in today's fifth edition of the 100km Clarendon Cup race, in Arlington, Virginia.

This National Racing Calendar (NRC) event is one of the most prestigious races on the domestic circuit due to its proximity to the all-important First Union series that begins on Tuesday. All of the domestic Pro squads, as well as a handful of invited Elite teams, were on hand for the race and the start list boasted an impressive 14 Olympians. The riders were greeted with strong winds and temperatures that climbed into the high 80s shortly after the noon start, a departure from the early morning start as in the past.

With 100 laps of racing on a five-corner course ahead of them, the race started out with the usual early solo move. The lone rider was soon reeled in, only to be replaced by another attack that would also prove to be short lived. Although the high speed and continuously strung-out peloton thwarted any escape attempts, every team tried its hand at breaking up the field anyway.

The first major break occurred with about 50 laps remaining as Chad Gerlach (Sierra Nevada) was being reeled in from a solo move, and a group of 14 successfully separated themselves from the speeding mass of racers. Navigators' U.S. Criterium Champion; Kirk O'Bee was soon joined by team-mate Oleg Grichkine in the split, but there was a lot of racing yet to be done.

As the break established itself in the lead, several attacks broke it into a few small groups, while back in the field a number of attacking riders were now coming up to the leaders. With a reshuffle of the players and a number of new faces in the lead, it looked as if the re-formed break had the suds to stay clear of the main bunch. This series of attacks decimated the field and the now 26-strong breakaway was highly motivated. A quick count of the leaders and the Navigators men in blue seemed to be a bit short-handed as O'Bee and Davidenko were the only representatives while most of the other teams had 4-5 in the mix. A crash at an inopportune time had cost the team some much-needed horsepower. In just a handful of fast laps, the break had successfully lapped the field, which now numbered about 60.

As the laps wound down to 20-to-go, the Prime Alliance team took control of the field in support of their two sprinters who were now one lap up on the rest of the field. In a show of solid team tactics, each of the major squads took up their positions at the front of the field in what looked to be an upcoming battle of the trains.

"V" for Vassily
Photo: © Rob Karman
Click for larger image

At 10-to-go, Mercury's Chris Wherry attacked by himself and soon was 20 seconds clear. The laps were coming down quickly, and the speed of the peloton was increasing dramatically. With two laps remaining, each team was down to their final riders with sprinters in tow. Navigators' Marty Nothstein (a lap in arrears with most of the peloton) went to the front and put his awesome sprinting power to work and closed the gap to Wherry. An attack from Mercury's strongman Henk Vogels looked to be the winning move with just under a lap remaining. However, Navigators' very dependable strongman Oleg Grichkine responded in kind, pulling Vassili clear for the mad dash from the final corner. With a perfect team effort to back him up, Vassili unleashed his sprint and took the "V" in front of thousands of excited cycling fans. Dave McCook (Prime Alliance) took the second step of the podium while 7-Up's Charles Dionne rounded out the top-3.


Images courtesy of Rob Karman/



Images courtesy Navigators Cycling Team


1 Vasili Davidenko (Navigators)
2 David McCook (Prime Alliance)
3 Charles Dionne (7-UP/Nutra Fig)
4 John  Lieswyn (7-UP/Nutra Fig)
5 Greg Henderson (7-UP/Nutra Fig)
6 Chad Gerlach (Sierra-Nevada)
7 Henk Vogels (Mercury)
8 Danny Pate (Prime Alliance)
9 Chris Horner (Prime Alliance)
10 Graeme Miller (Mercury)
11 Roberto Gaggioli (Schroeder Iron)
12 Mike Sayers (Mercury)
13 Kirk O'Bee (Navigators)
14 Kevin Monahan (7-UP/Nutra Fig)
15 Oscar Pineda (7-UP/Nutra Fig)
16 Victor Rapinski (Saturn)
17 Mike Tillman (Schroeder Iron)
18 Jexus Zarate (Mercury)
19 Soren Petersen (Saturn)
20 Mathew Svatek (Wheelworks/Cannondale)
21 Phil Zajicek (Mercury)
22 Chris Wherry (Mercury)
23 Oleg Grichkine (Navigators)
24 Derek Bouchard-Hall (Mercury)
25 Trent Klasna (Saturn)
26 Marty Nothstein (Navigators)
27 Michael Easter (US Armed Forces)
28 Plamen Stoyanov (Mercury)
29 Hilton Clarke (Schroeder Iron)
30 Justin Morgan (Sierra-Nevada)
1 Ina Teutenberg (Saturn)
2 Charmian Breon (Freddie Fu)
3 Tina Mayolo-Pic (Diet Rite)
4 Tania Duff-Miller (Freddie Fu)
5 Becky Conzelman (Freddie Fu)
6 Gina Grain (Litespeed Atlanta Velo)
7 Emily Gloeckner (VERITAS Software)
8 Roz Reekie-May (Mercy)
9 Shannon Hutchison (Litespeed Atlanta Velo)
10 Kim Davidge (Saturn)
11 Brooke O'Connor (NEBC/CYCLELOFT)
12 Sarah Uhl (Dansko/Wheelworks/IF)
13 Sandra Kolb (Las Gatos/Content Lab)
14 Rebecca McClintock (Serotta )
15 Kristy Scrymgeour (Saturn)
16 Margell Abel (VERITAS Software)
17 Mandy Poitras (Litespeed Atlanta Velo)
18 Kristy Scheffenacker (Team Snow Valley)
19 Anne Lannan (VERITAS Software)
20 Mary Georgetti (NEBC/CYCLELOFT)
21 Lynn Brotzman (Michela Fanini)
22 Susan Hefler (Lateral Stress Velo-Trek/VW)
23 Jennifer Scott (All American )
24 Joanne Kiesanowski (Diet Rite)
25 Beth Leasure (Artimes)
26 Mina Pizzini (Diet Rite)
27 Maatje Benassi (VERITAS Software)
28 Carolyn Fisher (Freddie Fu)
29 Suzanne Sonye (Saturn)
30 Kerry Soraci (Diet Rite)

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