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Results and Reports for July 6 - July 13, 2002


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Jacksonville Classic
Penney Farms Road Race
Port of Catoosa Spring Crit
Jefferson Cup Road Race
Spin City Criterium
Spin City Circuit Race
OBRA Banana Belt Road Racing Series #2

Washington Cup #2
Pure Austin Pace Bend Road Race
Ronde Ohop Circuit Race
Jack Frost Time Trial
UCSD Boulevard Road Race

JAR Tour of the Bahamas
RMR #2
CU criterium

Bob Hansing Cup #1



Paramount Racing's/Bianchi Rancho Dominguez Crit

Santa Ana, California, July 6, 2002

Tea for the Tillman

Schroeder Iron dominated the Pro/1/2/3 race with 4 riders lapping the field (Michael Tillman, Ryan Barrett, Jamie Paolwatti & Jason Bausch).

Michael Johnson was on another 2 man break with Dane Jankowiak of Mercury and rounded out a top 5 sweep by Schroeder Iron.

DARE took the top 3 spots in the field sprint with Evan Teske, Victor Ayala and Gregg Medinilla. Harm Jansen of Saturn took the final top ten spot.


Pro 1/2/3
1 Michael Tillman (Schroeder Iron Pro Cycling)
2 Ryan Barrett (Schroeder Iron Pro Cycling)
3 Jamie Paolwatti (Schroeder Iron Pro Cycling)
4 Jason Bausch (Schroeder Iron Pro Cycling)
5 Michael Johnson (Schroeder Iron Pro Cycling)
6 Dane Jankowiak (Mercury)
7 Evan Teske (Dare)
8 Victor Ayala (Dare)
9 Gregg Medinilla (Dare)
10 Harm Jansen (Saturn)
11 Paul Che (Helen's Cycles)
12 Anthony Galven (Schroeder Iron Pro Cycling)
13 Pete Knudsen (Schroeder Iron Pro Cycling)
14 Rob Kamppia (Helen's Cycles)
15 Thurlow Rogers (Mercury)
16 Randan Coxworth (Simple Green)
17 Stuart Press (Minute Maid/Dasani/LaGrange)
18 Nicholas Trusty (Viejas)
19 Kaz Szkalak (Simple Green)
20 Joseph Pasqualetto (PAA/Merill Lynch)
21 Marco Huenta (Minute Maid/Dasani/LaGrange)
22 Antonio Cruz (US Postal Service)
23 Josh Horowitz (Dare)
24 Mark Vandermolen (Simple Green)
25 Ron Peterson (Labor Power)
26 John Woundin (Mercury)
Men 50+
1 Theodore O'Miela (PAA/Merill Lynch)
2 David Lang (Team Dare)
3 Ken Snowden (Simple Green/Mazda)
4 Howard Miller (Paramount)
5 Rocco Orsini (Peninsula)
6 Richard Keegan (Team Helens)
7 Cully White 
8 John McKee (Paramount)
9 Rernie Hoffer (PAA/Merill Lynch)
10 William Carvin 
11 Mike Noggle (Paramount)
12 Richard Butz (Paramount)
13 Richard Rodrigez (Pacific Sunset Velo)
14 Dan Lipnisky (Paramount)
15 Michael Edwards (PAA/Merill Lynch)
Women 3/4
1 Carol Neal (Simple Green)
2 Kristin Thomas (Santa Clarita Velo)
3 Cathy Keeley (MMLA Orange)
4 Alisha Lopez (Lightning Velo)
5 Lauren Beastall (Santa Clarita Velo)
6 Sue Buck (Paramount)
7 Irene Thomas-Johnson (Santa Clarita Velo)
8 Rebecca Kotch (Team Zombies)
9 Kristine Fuller (South Bay Wheelmen)
10 Arcli Garcia (Schroeder Iron)
Men 40+
1 David Worthington (Labor Power)
2 Joe Wenninger (Paramount)
3 Chuck Gendry (Simply Fit)
4 Greg Page (Lightning Velo)
5 Greg Castaneda (Lightning Velo)
6 Tony Sells (Delta Cases)
7 Richard Johnson (Delta Cases)
8 Jeff Newman (Simply Fit)
9 Richard Simpson (Simple Green)
10 Gary Prideaux (Lightning Velo)
11 Jeff Scarlon (Lightning Velo)
12 Manuel Felix (Savandra Carrera)
13 Ken Strickland (Velo Avanti)
14 Charles Simmons (Major Motion)
15 Micheal Neal (Simple Green)
16 Darrell Askey (Simply Fit)
17 Joe Mastro (Paramount)
18 Alan Sponholz (Major Motion)
Women 1/2/3
1 Katie Safford (Minute Maid/Dasani)
2 Nicole Brandt (Minute Maid/Dasani)
3 Dotsie Cowden (T-Mobil)
4 Laura Downey (Minute Maid/Dasani)
5 Julia Whiteside (Paramount)
6 Jacque Scott (Minute Maid/Dasani)
7 Sharon Beckman (Harbour Lights)
8 Maria Fahrenholz (South Bay)
9 Kimberly Kemp (Team Zombies)
10 Amy Hunter (Minute Maid/Dasani)
11 Donna Johnson-Flores (Harbour Lights)
12 Lisa Watkins (La Grange)
13 Alexandra Tabata (Team Velocity)
14 Carol Neal (Simple Green)
Men 3
1 Paul Che (Heler's Cycle)
2 Dean Middleton (Team Zombies)
3 Dan Reback (Velocity)
4 Joe Coglianese (Minute Maid/Dasani)
5 Frank Schroeder (Schroeder Iron)
6 Ali Camara (Major Motion)
7 Rob Satterthwaite (Minute Maid/Dasani)
8 Brian Matsumoto (BB/Wings)
9 James Salazar (Simple Green)
10 Billy Cubillas (Eon Bike)
11 Jeremy Keller (Minute Maid/Dasani)
12 Jaques DeVae (Team Zombies)
13 Roberto Vado (Velocity)
14 Joe Wells (Honeywell Cycling)
15 Marco Calzadilla (Mercury Masters)
16 Tony Wang (Southbay Wheelmen)
17 William Buckley (Team Zombies)
18 Don Purnell (Encho Cyclery)
19 Joe Mastro (Paramount)
20 Tom Farley (Comerica Bank)
21 Kent Chow (CactusValley Velo)
22 Greg Page (Lightning Velo)
23 Fred Hoblit (Labor Power)
24 Paul Tiango (Island Boy Racing)
Men 30+
1 Randan Coxworth (Simple Green)
2 Thurlow Rogers (Mercury)
3 David Brinton (Mercury)
4 Mike McMahon (Velocity)
5 Tomo Hamasaki (Simple Green)
6 Sean Watkins (Taylor Made)
7 Kaz Szkalak (Simple Green)
8 Kirk Bausch (Taylor Made)
9 Ron Peterson (Labor Power)
10 David Worthington (Labor Power)
11 John Woundin (Mercury)
12 Mark Klingsberg (Velocity)
13 Dan Reback (Velocity)
14 Eric Johnson (Cyclery USA)
15 Joseph Wells (Simple Green)
16 Scott Woods (Labor Power)
17 Jaques DeVae (Tri-Zombies)
18 Jim Wiznura (Velocity)
19 Brian Matsumoto (B3/Wings)
20 Eric Broussard (Vegas Velo Racing)
21 Randall Broussard (Minute Maid/Dasani)
22 Dan Mitni (Minute Maid/Dasani)
23 Mark Vandermolen (Simple Green)
24 Richard Johnson (Delta Cases)
Men 4/5
1 Ken Yamakoshi (Minute Maid/LaGrange)
2 Ben Collins (Amgen Cycling)
3 Kevin Shrive (7Up)
4 Shawn Walters (Southbay Wheelmen)
5 Scott Lipe (Minute Maid/LaGrange)
6 Chris Thompson (Canyon Velo)
7 Jason First (Simply Fit)
8 Daniel Vinson (SDBC)
9 Dean Yonemori (Southbay Wheelmen)
10 Tim Rayer (SDBC)
11 Jose Lorini (Helen's Cyclery)
12 Steve Yurosek (Team Helens)
13 Randall Broussard (Minute Maid/Dasani)
14 Kevin Barber (SDBC)
15 Craig DeBellefeuville (Paramount)
16 Carlos Garcia (Velocity)
17 Eric Spencer (MMCC)
18 Eric Broussard (Vegas Velo Racing)
19 Ryan White 
20 Robert Coronel (IB Racing)
21 Manuel Toledo (Diamond Bar Cyclery)
22 Michael Levine (Velo Allegro)
23 William Carvin 
24 Tom Rieber (Team Helens)
25 Brad Goodson (Alto Velo)
26 Mark Houseberg (Southbay Wheelmen)
27 Eric Belgum (Ranchos Cycling)
28 Charles Simons (Paramount)
29 Mark Ming 

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