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Jacksonville Classic
Penney Farms Road Race
Port of Catoosa Spring Crit
Jefferson Cup Road Race
Spin City Criterium
Spin City Circuit Race
OBRA Banana Belt Road Racing Series #2

Washington Cup #2
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JAR Tour of the Bahamas
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Children's Museum Criterium

Washington, DC. August 10, 2002

Reports by Bill Luecke

Pro 1/2/3

The pros mopped up most of the cash primes but let the locals escape to win the race. A trio of Russ Langley (Snow Valley) Zach Zimmerman (LSV/Trek/VW) and John Whittington (NCVC/Spokes Etc) got away after the final prime with 10 laps to go. Whittington had marked a number of moves toward the end of the race, but didn't realize that he was in the winning move "until Russ started yelling at me that we weren't going to stay away unless we started working." The group never got more than about a 10-15 second lead, but it was enough. Langley dispensed with Zimmerman and Whittington with a stylish last lap attack through the start finish to finish 5 seconds ahead of the duo, who rolled in just ahead of the field.

Cat 3/4

Jacob Stephens won his 6th D20 race this weekend when he outsprinted 3 companions from a breakaway that formed with about 8 laps to go.


The Master 40+ and 50+ rode together for separate prize lists. Although there were little breakaways for nearly the entire race, the winning split came late in the race when the first 5 went clear.


Jenn Scott won in a dramatic finish that was eerily reminscent of Betsy Seller's victory in 2001. At the bell she launched while the field was setting up for the final lap. Through the back stretch she held a tenuous 40 meter gap, which the field eroded all the way down to 2 meters by the line.


Category 3/4 74 Riders $500 20 miles 
1 Jacob Stephens (Lanterne Rouge)
2 Brian Sjoberg (Bayside/Bike Dr)
3 Andy Shaw (NCVC/Spokes)
4 John Lollar (MVC/Powerbar)
5 Aubrey Gordon (Team Squiggle)
6 Steve DonTigny (Evolution)
7 Mike Birner (All American)
8 Paul Mica (NCVC/Spokes)
9 Allen Pritchard (Squadra Coppi)
10 Nigel Chinemilly (Evolution)
11 Dale Bemis (Squadra Coppi)
12 Jeff Beall (NCVC/Spokes)
13 Scott Gibbons (VCB/RacePace/Legg Mason)
14 Steve Soltes (BBC/Gold's Gym)
15 John Gaudio (Richmond Ciclismo)
16 Matt Rinard (NBO)
17 Devin Grosh (Main Line)
18 Kevin Gallo (Squadra Coppi)
19 Jay Cummins (AVC/Clifbar)
20 Alex Barry (BRBC)
1st Mica, Gibbons, DonTigny, Lollar, Johnson 
2nd Jouet, Lollar, Gordon,  
Category 4/5 95 Riders $300 20 miles 
1 Arthur Mitchell (Squadra Coppi)
2 Erik Leaver (NCVC/Spokes)
3 Nigel Chinemilly (Evolution)
4 John Calgiano (Dream Racing)
5 Brian Kall (Red Lantern)
6 Charley Hardman (Pax Velo)
7 Rich Gizzi (Unattached)
8 Matthew Becker (Bayside/Bike Dr)
9 David Studner (NCVC/Spokes)
10 Robb Hampton (Red Lantern)
11 Mitchell Luck (Artemis)
12 Rob Holt (NCVC/Spokes)
13 Ted Dorsey (Artemis)
14 Chris Davidson (Rt 1 Velo)
15 Rob Campbell (NCVC/Spokes)
16 unknown (Unknown)
17 Victor Siegfried (Evolution)
18 Steve Gurney (Evolution)
19 Joseph Rudolph (Squadra Coppi)
20 John Tegeris (Rt 1 Velo)
Category P/1/2/3 75 Riders $2,300 35 miles 
1 Russ Langley (ABRT/Snow Valley)
2 Zach Zimmerman (LSV/Trek/VW)
3 John Whittington (NCVC/Spokes)
4 Ray Sanchez (Bayside/Bike Dr)
5 Eddy Gragus (Sierra Nevada)
6 Jon Wirsing (ABRT/Snow Valley)
7 Chad Gerlach (Sierra Nevada)
8 Jason Snow (Fuji)
9 Ramon Benitez (Artemis)
10 Zach Browne (NCVC/Spokes)
11 Jay Moglia (NCVC/Spokes)
12 Scott Zwizanski (ABRT/Snow Valley)
13 Matt Barkley (MVC/Powerbar)
14 Shaun O'Neill (Northern District)
15 Chris Schmidt (NCVC/Spokes)
16 Ken Wheeler (SBS/B&L)
17 Brian Moroney (LSV/Trek/VW)
18 Craig Dodson (Bayside/Bike Dr)
19 Marc Frazer (All American)
20 James Marsh (Pax Velo)
21 Nicholas Reistad (ISCorp Cycling)
22 Aubrey Gordon (Team Squiggle)
23 Michael Price (ABRT/Snow Valley)
24 Tod Schmidt (NCVC/Spokes)
Primes: 8 2 place $115, $60 
1st Gragus (x4) Frick, Langley Zwizanski Gerlach 
2nd Zwizansky (x2) O'Malley, Myers, Gerlach, Snow, O'Neill (x2) 
Junior 16 Riders 10 miles 
1 Adam Steelman (ABRT/Snow Valley)
2 Jonathan Swain (Evolution)
3 Matthew Pollard (ABRT/Snow Valley)
4 Patrick Ryland (Evolution)
5 Chris Saxton (ABRT/Snow Valley)
6 Bryan Deli (ABRT/Snow Valley)
7 James Harris (Artemis)
8 Alexander Arnold (Squadra Coppi)
9 Brandon Lyles (NCVC/Spokes)
10 S Schollenberger (ABRT/Snow Valley)
11 Arthur Page (Squadra Coppi)
12 Greg Zielske (ABRT/Snow Valley)
13 Jimmy Talley (NCVC/Spokes)
14 Keith Monroe (Evolution)
15 Lionel Burton (Artemis)
16 Carlos Galloway (NCVC/Spokes)
Junior 10-14 11 Riders 25min+2lap 
1 Curtis Winsor (Artemis)
2 Nick Bax (Artemis)
3 Alexander Heymann (NCVC/Spokes)
4 Jesse Moore (PVC/A1 Cycling)
5 Eleanor Nagle (Artemis)
6 Burke Nash (NCVC/Spokes)
7 Erik Soma (ABRT/Snow Valley)
8 Anna Holt (NCVC/Spokes)
9 Travis Via (Mt Airy)
10 Lynnette Waters (NCVC/Spokes)
Master 40+ 33 Riders $200 20 miles 
1 Joe Deaton (ABRT/Snow Valley)
2 Keith Mitchell (BBC/Gold's Gym)
3 Phil Hepburn (BBC/Gold's Gym)
4 Tim Lung (PoWER/MAMA)
5 Curtis Southern (NCVC/Spokes)
6 Merrill Johnson (All American)
7 Grant Soma (ABRT/Snow Valley)
8 Brian Johnston (NCVC/Spokes)
9 Paul Langlois (PoWER/MAMA)
10 Tom Meyer (VCB/RacePace/Legg Mason)
11 Jeff Chown (NCVC/Spokes)
12 Bill Luecke (NCVC/Spokes)
13 Walter Risse (CTS)
14 James Bellora (Squadra Coppi)
15 Chris Mobley (Squadra Coppi)
Master 50+ 15 Riders $100 20 miles 
1 Bruce Oliver (NCVC/Spokes)
2 Bobby Phillips (ABRT/Snow Valley)
3 Scott Haverstick (Era Cycling)
4 Rich Pfleiderer (ABRT/Snow Valley)
5 Rick Schiesz (ABRT/Snow Valley)
6 John Clarke (VC York)
7 Kerry Scanlon (DC Velo)
8 Peter Nye (NCVC/Spokes)
9 Bob Walters (ABRT/Snow Valley)
10 J-C Laboudigue (NCVC/Spokes)
Women, 38 Riders $1,500 20 miles 
1 Jen Scott (All American)
2 Ashley Kimmet (Serotta/Xgirlsport)
3 Lenora Felker (TSV/Amoroso's)
4 Sheba Farrin (LSV/Trek/VW)
5 Beth Leasure (Artemis)
6 Kerry Cohen (Northern District)
7 Christine Huff (LSV/Trek/VW)
8 Sue Hefler (LSV/Trek/VW)
9 Catherine Powers (Terry)
10 Kristy Gomes (NCVC/Spokes)
11 Cassandra Ramirez (TSV/Amoroso's)
12 Tina Skelley-Kunstback (
13 Brooke O'Conner (NEBC/Cycle Loft)
14 Liz Begosh (Girosportiva)
15 Aimee de Guehery (All American)
16 Sarah Uhl (Dansko)
17 Janelle Hubbard (Evolution)
18 Kristy Scheffenacker (ABRT/Snow Valley)
19 Dana Walton (ABRT/Snow Valley)
20 Lisa Jellett (Crandford/CTS)

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