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PowerNet Tour of Southland - 2.2

New Zealand, November 7-12, 2005

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Stage 8 - November 11: Winton-Te Anau, 163.6 km

McCauley in Yellow after controversial stage

By Alan Messenger

The PowerNet Tour of Southland this year has been regarded as one of the most exciting in its fifty year history but after today's 163km Stage from Winton to Te Anau it is also one of the most controversial.

With a gale blowing onto the bottom of the South Island from the Antarctic region the race manager, chief commissaire and the race police chief decided to stop the race at the top of the Blackmount Hill climb, forty eight kilometers from the stage finish.

After a meeting with team managers it was decided to restart the race from a point further down the road and only thirty kilometers from Te Anau.

When the stage was stopped , three riders - Gordon McCauley and Jaaron Poad (Trek Zookeepers) and Anthony Chapman (Creation Signs) - still held a break of 3 minutes 42 secs on the peloton though at one stage they had been seven minutes clear.

When the race restarted the trio jumped straight into their work but the peloton went into a slow cruise mode at about 25kph.

At Te Anau Chapman took the stage win from Poad with McCauley happy enough to take over the yellow jersey but he was disappointed with the attitude of the peloton riders. "John Lieswyn [last year's winner] spoke to me before the restart and said that I shouldn't ride, but what would he do in my position? I slogged my guts out all day in the wind. Who says that they would have caught us."

The new leader, as always was forthright about the situation. " I came down here to win the bike race and I made no secret of that. I've won this stage before and I picked it out as one of the hardest. The winds blew up and for me that's good and the opportunity just arose," McCauley said.

Eight times winner of the tour Brian Fowler also was disappointed at the attitude of the peloton riders. "They should have raced and got stuck in. After all there is still one day left," he told Cyclingnews.

The race finishes with the two short stages tomorrow but it is extremely hard to see anybody reducing the massive lead enough to win and McCauley looks set to become a double winner of New Zealand's most prestigious cycling event.

John Lieswyn's report from the peloton

Officials apparently knew about the dangerous wind conditions at the top of Blackmount (km 110 of 160) 90 minutes before our arrival, but waited until 25 minutes from our arrival at that point to tell the chasing bunch that we would be stopped at the summit. No further instructions were given, as in a restart was planned or that we would have final stage time taken then.

The top teams in the race excepting Gordon McCauley's Zookeepers team each had their own plans for the stage based upon a 160 kilometre distance. With such short warning, the chase was on. Subway, Calder Stewart, Rabobank and Southland Times all threw in together and pulled back the break from over 7 minutes to under 5. Shaving 2-plus minutes in just 10 kilometres of racing, it became immediately apparent that the horsepower was there to bring the breakaway back before the finish, were we allowed to continue.

The commissaires got everyone in the vans and we were driven 30 kilometres closer to the finish, although there was no difference in wind strength at the base of the mountain or 30 kilometres down the road. The further we drove, the less time there would be to chase back the breakaway.

Incredulously, the officials made no adjustment for distance covered and set us all off at the same time gaps that existed at kilometre 110. Their decision favoured the two teams in the break at the expense of the other top teams. Why stop at 20 kilometres to go then? Why not keep driving to 10 kilometre to go point, and set us off with an even more impossible task?

The yellow jersey team of Calder Stewart was justifiably incensed by the unfair decision. Along with most of the other top teams set to lose out heavily, we supported their on-the-bike protest.

McCauley is a champion New Zealand cyclist. He and his Zookeepers team simply followed the commissaires orders and cannot be faulted. Unfortunately for him, we will never know if his win is true or hollow.

An analogy from the world of cricket: when the game is rained out, the officials reduce the number of wickets to go. I'm told it's called a Duckworth Lewis. Any other solution is grossly unfair to one side or the other.

John Lieswyn


1 Anthony Chapman (NZl) Creation Signs            4.12.30
2 Gordon McCauley (NZl) Trek/Zookeepers Cafe             
3 Jaaron Poad (Aus) Trek/Zookeepers Cafe                 
4 Joe Chapman (NZl) Creation Signs                  15.01
5 David Thomson (NZl) Cycle Surgery                 15.05
6 Stephen Tilford (USA) Hilo Decorating             18.39
7 Neil Wylie (NZl) Rabobank                              
8 Christof Bischof (Swi) Share the Road                  
9 Lex Nederlof (Ned) Share the Road                      
10 Andrew Wyper (Aus) Sycamore Print                     
11 Matt Gilbert (NZl) KiwiVelo                           
12 Gustavo Carrillo (USA) Hilo Decorating                
13 Werner Riebenbauer (Aut) Subway                       
14 Karl Menzies (Aus) Calder Stewart                     
15 Glen Mitchell (NZl) Southland Times                   
16 Sergio Hernandez (USA) Hilo Decorating                
17 Philippe Schnyder (Swi) Subway                        
18 Logan Hutchings (NZl) Rabobank                        
19 Miles Watson (NZl) Jackson::Wills                     
20 Greg Henderson (NZl) Southland Times                  
21 Richard England (Aus) Calder Stewart                  
22 Richard Bowker (NZl) KiwiVelo                         
23 Clinton Avery (NZl) Pro4 CycleOps                     
24 Aaron Strong (NZl) Team MG XPower                     
25 Marcus Roy (NZl) Fulton Hogan                         
26 Sam Bewley (NZl) Subway                               
27 Ashley Whitehead (NZl) Fulton Hogan                   
28 Robin Reid (NZl) Rabobank                             
29 Geoff Burndred (NZl) Rabobank                         
30 Will Alexander (NZl) Jackson::Wills                   
31 Matt Haydock (NZl) Pro4 CycleOps                      
32 Paul Odlin (NZl) Winton's Middle Pub                  
33 Michael Northey (NZl) KiwiVelo                        
34 Hayden Godfrey (NZl) Subway                           
35 Mick Tolhurst (Aus) Team MG XPower                    
36 John Lieswyn (USA) Southland Times                    
37 Marc Williams (Aus) Team MG XPower                    
38 Travis Kane (NZl) Southwest Helicopters               
39 Fraser Macmaster (NZl) Subway                         
40 Ryan Cull (NZl) Ascot Park Hotel                      
41 Jack Bauer (NZl) Fulton Hogan                         
42 Karl Murray (NZl) Calder Stewart                      
43 Jeremy Vennell (NZl) Calder Stewart                   
44 Tim Gudsell (NZl) Southland Times                     
45 Kieran Langley (NZl) Riverside Rentals                
46 Darren Lapthorne (Aus) Team MG XPower                 
47 Eric Wohlberg (Can) Calder Stewart                    
48 Chris Burr (NZl) Riverside Rentals                    
49 Philip Dickinson (NZl) SIT - Zero Fees                
50 Peter Latham (NZl) Southland Times                    
51 Mathew Gorter (NZl) Riverside Rentals                 
52 Ross Mackintosh (NZl) SIT - Zero Fees                 
53 Phillip Thuaux (Aus) KiwiVelo                         
54 Justin Ralph (NZl) Riverside Rentals                  
55 Eugene Moriarty (Irl) Sycamore Print                  
56 Heath Blackgrove (NZl) Trek/Zookeepers Cafe           
57 Scott Wilder (NZl) Winton's Middle Pub                
58 Brian Fowler (NZl) Winton's Middle Pub                
59 Jason Allen (NZl) Pro4 CycleOps                       
60 Dayle Cheatley (NZl) Trek/Zookeepers Cafe             
61 Marc Ryan (NZl) Trek/Zookeepers Cafe                  
62 Josh Akarsu (Aus) Share the Road                 19.57
63 Aaron Rusden (NZl) Sycamore Print                20.09
64 Scott Hodges (NZl) Southwest Helicopters              
65 Paul Kircher (NZl) Ascot Park Hotel                   
66 Nick Atkinson (NZl) Southwest Helicopters             
67 Logan Hunn (NZl) KiwiVelo                             
68 Paul Gough (NZl) Cycle Surgery                        
69 Andrew McQuaid (Irl) Sycamore Print                   
70 Steven Hands (NZl) Jackson::Wills                     
71 Ben Oleson (NZl) SIT - Zero Fees                      
72 Joseph Cooper (NZl) Creation Signs                    
73 Jonathan Atkinson (NZl) Team Ultimo              20.39
74 Ray Dunstan (NZl) Cycle Surgery                  25.40
75 Craig Scott (NZl) Ascot Park Hotel               26.09
76 Dave Beadle (NZl) Southwest Helicopters               
77 Daryl Cleghorn (NZl) Southwest Helicopters            
78 Chris O'Connor (NZl) Cycle Surgery                    
79 Craig Padman (NZl) Cycle Surgery                 36.09
80 Andrew Wells (NZl) Jackson::Wills                     
81 Heath Turnbull (NZl) SIT - Zero Fees                  
82 Ben McKinnon (NZl) Team Ultimo                        
83 Courtney Black (NZl) Sycamore Print                   
84 Mike Anderson (NZl) Fulton Hogan                      
85 Chris Van Houtte (NZl) Creation Signs                 
86 David Comerford (NZl) Winton's Middle Pub        36.38
87 Oliver Pearce (NZl) Winton's Middle Pub               
88 Geoff Mackle (NZl) SIT - Zero Fees               46.07
DNF  Eliot Crowther (NZl) Rabobank                       
DNF  Tony Mann (Aus) Team MG XPower                      
DNF  Darren Shea (NZl) Pro4 CycleOps                     
DNF  Ross Machejefski (NZl) Share the Road               
DNF  Adam Coker (NZl) Share the Road                     
DNF  Robert Coble (USA) Hilo Decorating                  
DNF  William Stolte (USA) Hilo Decorating                
DNF  Scott Allen (NZl) Creation Signs                    
DNF  Richard Scott (NZl) Ascot Park Hotel                
DNF  Garry Smith (NZl) Ascot Park Hotel                  
DNF  Jon Richardson (NZl) Fulton Hogan                   
DNF  Sam Horn (NZl) Team Ultimo                          
DNF  Tim Pearce (NZl) Jackson::Wills                     
General classification after stage 8
1 Gordon McCauley (NZl) Trek/Zookeepers Cafe     17.40.10
2 Jaaron Poad (Aus) Trek/Zookeepers Cafe             4.43
3 Anthony Chapman (NZl) Creation Signs               5.27
4 Jeremy Vennell (NZl) Calder Stewart               17.35
5 Greg Henderson (NZl) Southland Times              18.10
6 Glen Mitchell (NZl) Southland Times               18.37
7 Werner Riebenbauer (Aut) Subway                   18.47
8 Karl Menzies (Aus) Calder Stewart                 18.59
9 Robin Reid (NZl) Rabobank                         19.48
10 Fraser Macmaster (NZl) Subway                    20.10
11 Aaron Strong (NZl) Team MG XPower                20.11
12 Joe Chapman (NZl) Creation Signs                 20.17
13 Logan Hutchings (NZl) Rabobank                   20.20
14 Geoff Burndred (NZl) Rabobank                    20.58
15 Ryan Cull (NZl) Ascot Park Hotel                 21.34
16 Peter Latham (NZl) Southland Times               21.50
17 Phillip Thuaux (Aus) KiwiVelo                    21.57
18 Sam Bewley (NZl) Subway                          22.08
19 Philippe Schnyder (Swi) Subway                   22.49
20 Stephen Tilford (USA) Hilo Decorating            23.24
21 Eugene Moriarty (Irl) Sycamore Print             23.42
22 Eric Wohlberg (Can) Calder Stewart               23.56
23 Lex Nederlof (Ned) Share the Road                23.59
24 Andrew Wyper (Aus) Sycamore Print                24.12
25 Clinton Avery (NZl) Pro4 CycleOps                24.28
26 Miles Watson (NZl) Jackson::Wills                25.21
27 Tim Gudsell (NZl) Southland Times                25.47
28 Christof Bischof (Swi) Share the Road            26.57
29 Marcus Roy (NZl) Fulton Hogan                    27.10
30 Richard Bowker (NZl) KiwiVelo                    27.14
31 John Lieswyn (USA) Southland Times               27.56
32 Darren Lapthorne (Aus) Team MG XPower            27.59
33 Michael Northey (NZl) KiwiVelo                   28.15
34 Matt Haydock (NZl) Pro4 CycleOps                 28.44
35 Heath Blackgrove (NZl) Trek/Zookeepers Cafe      29.40
36 Ashley Whitehead (NZl) Fulton Hogan              30.13
37 Kieran Langley (NZl) Riverside Rentals           30.39
37 Chris Burr (NZl) Riverside Rentals                    
39 Hayden Godfrey (NZl) Subway                      30.42
40 Dayle Cheatley (NZl) Trek/Zookeepers Cafe        31.15
41 Marc Ryan (NZl) Trek/Zookeepers Cafe             31.24
42 Joseph Cooper (NZl) Creation Signs               31.29
43 Gustavo Carrillo (USA) Hilo Decorating           32.13
44 Scott Wilder (NZl) Winton's Middle Pub           32.18
45 Steven Hands (NZl) Jackson::Wills                32.20
46 Travis Kane (NZl) Southwest Helicopters          32.21
47 Sergio Hernandez (USA) Hilo Decorating           32.49
48 Marc Williams (Aus) Team MG XPower               33.05
49 Josh Akarsu (Aus) Share the Road                 33.16
50 Logan Hunn (NZl) KiwiVelo                        33.24
51 Jason Allen (NZl) Pro4 CycleOps                  33.31
52 Paul Odlin (NZl) Winton's Middle Pub             33.52
53 Philip Dickinson (NZl) SIT - Zero Fees           34.02
54 Mick Tolhurst (Aus) Team MG XPower               34.49
55 Will Alexander (NZl) Jackson::Wills              35.23
56 Brian Fowler (NZl) Winton's Middle Pub           38.51
57 Matt Gilbert (NZl) KiwiVelo                      38.55
58 Ross Mackintosh (NZl) SIT - Zero Fees            39.59
59 Neil Wylie (NZl) Rabobank                        40.15
60 Jonathan Atkinson (NZl) Team Ultimo              41.22
61 Nick Atkinson (NZl) Southwest Helicopters        42.40
62 Paul Gough (NZl) Cycle Surgery                   43.24
63 Justin Ralph (NZl) Riverside Rentals             46.29
64 Andrew McQuaid (Irl) Sycamore Print              46.55
65 Richard England (Aus) Calder Stewart             48.28
66 Mathew Gorter (NZl) Riverside Rentals            48.57
67 Jack Bauer (NZl) Fulton Hogan                    50.20
68 Scott Hodges (NZl) Southwest Helicopters         51.49
69 Aaron Rusden (NZl) Sycamore Print                52.58
70 Karl Murray (NZl) Calder Stewart                 54.29
71 Chris Van Houtte (NZl) Creation Signs            55.51
72 Geoff Mackle (NZl) SIT - Zero Fees               57.57
73 Craig Scott (NZl) Ascot Park Hotel               59.02
74 Andrew Wells (NZl) Jackson::Wills                59.13
75 Paul Kircher (NZl) Ascot Park Hotel            1.00.50
76 Dave Beadle (NZl) Southwest Helicopters        1.04.43
77 Oliver Pearce (NZl) Winton's Middle Pub        1.05.45
78 Ben Oleson (NZl) SIT - Zero Fees               1.06.13
79 David Thomson (NZl) Cycle Surgery              1.16.32
80 David Comerford (NZl) Winton's Middle Pub      1.18.10
81 Mike Anderson (NZl) Fulton Hogan               1.22.02
82 Heath Turnbull (NZl) SIT - Zero Fees           1.23.19
83 Daryl Cleghorn (NZl) Southwest Helicopters     1.29.30
84 Ben McKinnon (NZl) Team Ultimo                 1.32.06
85 Courtney Black (NZl) Sycamore Print            1.36.48
86 Craig Padman (NZl) Cycle Surgery               1.37.18
87 Chris O'Connor (NZl) Cycle Surgery             1.39.22
88 Ray Dunstan (NZl) Cycle Surgery                1.54.46
Sprints classification
1 Hayden Godfrey (NZl) Subway                          62 pts
2 Jaaron Poad (Aus) Trek/Zookeepers Cafe               44
3 Stephen Tilford (USA) Hilo Decorating                32
4 Anthony Chapman (NZl) Creation Signs                 25
5 Ryan Cull (NZl) Ascot Park Hotel                     25
6 Darren Shea (NZl) Pro4 CycleOps                      23
7 Paul Odlin (NZl) Winton's Middle Pub                 17
8 Gordon McCauley (NZl) Trek/Zookeepers Cafe           15
9 John Lieswyn (USA) Southland Times                   13
10 Aaron Rusden (NZl) Sycamore Print                   13
11 Greg Henderson (NZl) Southland Times                12
12 Andrew McQuaid (Irl) Sycamore Print                 11
13 Werner Riebenbauer (Aut) Subway                     10
14 Joseph Cooper (NZl) Creation Signs                   9
15 Geoff Burndred (NZl) Rabobank                        8
16 Phillip Thuaux (Aus) KiwiVelo                        8
17 Eric Wohlberg (Can) Calder Stewart                   7
18 Aaron Strong (NZl) Team MG XPower                    6
19 Peter Latham (NZl) Southland Times                   6
20 Dave Beadle (NZl) Southwest Helicopters              6
21 Karl Menzies (Aus) Calder Stewart                    5
22 Fraser Macmaster (NZl) Subway                        5
23 Robin Reid (NZl) Rabobank                            5
24 Jason Allen (NZl) Pro4 CycleOps                      5
25 Joe Chapman (NZl) Creation Signs                     5
26 Darren Lapthorne (Aus) Team MG XPower                5
27 Marc Ryan (NZl) Trek/Zookeepers Cafe                 5
28 Dayle Cheatley (NZl) Trek/Zookeepers Cafe            5
29 Richard Bowker (NZl) KiwiVelo                        4
30 Ben Oleson (NZl) SIT - Zero Fees                     4
31 Andrew Wyper (Aus) Sycamore Print                    3
32 Tony Mann (Aus) Team MG XPower                       3
33 Glen Mitchell (NZl) Southland Times                  3
34 Philippe Schnyder (Swi) Subway                       2
35 Heath Blackgrove (NZl) Trek/Zookeepers Cafe          2
36 David Thomson (NZl) Cycle Surgery                    2
37 Sam Bewley (NZl) Subway                              2
38 Jeremy Vennell (NZl) Calder Stewart                  1
39 Richard England (Aus) Calder Stewart                 1
40 Richard Scott (NZl) Ascot Park Hotel                 1
41 William Stolte (USA) Hilo Decorating                 1
42 Tim Gudsell (NZl) Southland Times                    1
43 Ashley Whitehead (NZl) Fulton Hogan                  1
44 Mick Tolhurst (Aus) Team MG XPower                   1
45 Travis Kane (NZl) Southwest Helicopters              1
Mountains classification
1 Anthony Chapman (NZl) Creation Signs                 34 pts
2 John Lieswyn (USA) Southland Times                   28
3 Joseph Cooper (NZl) Creation Signs                   28
4 Jaaron Poad (Aus) Trek/Zookeepers Cafe               14
5 Robin Reid (NZl) Rabobank                            12
6 Aaron Strong (NZl) Team MG XPower                    10
7 Tim Gudsell (NZl) Southland Times                    10
8 Andrew McQuaid (Irl) Sycamore Print                   8
9 Werner Riebenbauer (Aut) Subway                       8
10 Gordon McCauley (NZl) Trek/Zookeepers Cafe           6
11 Joe Chapman (NZl) Creation Signs                     6
12 Logan Hutchings (NZl) Rabobank                       6
13 Gustavo Carrillo (USA) Hilo Decorating               6
14 Fraser Macmaster (NZl) Subway                        6
15 Karl Menzies (Aus) Calder Stewart                    6
16 Christof Bischof (Swi) Share the Road                4
17 Hayden Godfrey (NZl) Subway                          4
18 Heath Blackgrove (NZl) Trek/Zookeepers Cafe          2
19 Andrew Wyper (Aus) Sycamore Print                    2
20 Glen Mitchell (NZl) Southland Times                  2
21 Jeremy Vennell (NZl) Calder Stewart                  2
Teams classification
1 Trek/Zookeepers Cafe                           53.30.22
2 Creation Signs                                    24.55
3 Southland Times                                   28.25
4 Calder Stewart                                    29.59
5 Rabobank                                          30.35
6 Subway                                            31.12
7 Team MG XPower                                    34.37
8 KiwiVelo                                          43.21
9 Share the Road                                    51.47
10 Pro4 CycleOps                                    52.12
11 Hilo Decorating                                  54.04
12 Jackson::Wills                                 1.02.06
13 Sycamore Print                                 1.02.19
14 Winton's Middle Pub                            1.06.56
15 Fulton Hogan                                   1.11.18
16 Riverside Rentals                              1.16.02
17 SIT - Zero Fees                                1.16.08
18 Ascot Park Hotel                               1.19.26
19 Southwest Helicopters                          1.34.46
20 Cycle Surgery                                  2.19.49

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