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7th Jacob's Creek Tour Down Under - 2.HC

Australia, January 18-23, 2005

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Race 2 - January 20: Goolwa circuit, 30 mins + 3 laps

Gilmore takes over lead as Bates wins round 2

By Gabriella Ekström in Goolwa

Victory in stage 2
Photo ©: Rachel Burke
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The rain just stayed off the Fleurieu Peninsula as Rochelle Gilmore (NSW) took over The Advertiser's leader's jersey in the second round of the women's criterium series in Goolwa. Gilmore finished fifth, and when those points were added to her second place from Tuesday's crit, it became clear that she was the new leader on equal points as Emma Rickards (Vic). Gilmore was awarded the jersey thanks to having higher placings than Rickards.

"This race is a bit different to what I'm normally used to because I'm here on my own, while some other riders aren't," Gilmore told Cyclingnews after her win. "Kate and Natalie Bates and Sara Carrigan from Ton Van Bemmelen make up one very powerful team for example. On Saturday, I have to read the race very well, because I am outnumbered. I feel that I am the strongest one here by far, but they have the safety in numbers. I think that Kate Bates will be my hardest competition for the winner's jersey."

Kate Bates did not only manage to impress Gilmore, but also won today's stage thanks to a well-calculated attack. Bates thanked her teammates for the win as she spoke to Cyclingnews after the stage.

"Since there were three of us, we sort of worked together of course. We had decided that we'd try to cover every break from the start, and as soon as we got one back, we'd counter attack. It turned out to be perfect for me, as I attacked just after my sister had come back to the bunch. The tactics for the last leg of the crits are the same, since unfortunately, women's racing is rather predictable."

How it unfolded

The bunch
Photo ©: Rachel Burke
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The women, with Alexis Rhodes (SA) in yellow, were to race 30 minutes + 2 laps on a 680 metre course with start and finish on Cadell Street in Goolwa. The wind blew in hard from the right over the finishing straight, and made positioning important.

The race got started on the third lap when Sally Cowman (Qld) launched the first attack, followed by recent Australian road champion Lorian Graham (Qld). Kate Nichols (NSW), Katherine Bates and Emma Rickards also showed early on that they wanted to be involved in the action, but the peloton was able to close in on them pretty quickly, and things got more relaxed by lap 5.

Kate Nichols then attacked again, and built up a few seconds lead ahead of the bunch now lead by Natalie Bates, who rode according to the plan and countered as soon as Nichols was caught. Bates wasn't allowed much space by the other riders though, and she was shortly overtaken by Jessie McLean (ACT) who built up the biggest lead in the race, a maximum of 12 seconds.

Halfway through the race, McLean was caught, and Katie Brown, Candice Sullivan (Qld) and Emma Rickards were showing off their colours at the front of the group. Olympic champion Sara Carrigan then attacked without an initial reaction from the others. Natalie Bates then decided to go after her alone, and the two riders soon built up a lead of 8 seconds. The pace was now increasing, and the girls were doing lap times just under a minute.

As the two riders were caught at lap 23, Katherine Bates saw her opportunity and took off. Carrigan saw the danger too late, and went in a lone pursuit of her, but couldn't get closer than half a dozen seconds before the bell rang. Bates raised her hands as the unthreatened winner, while Kate Nichols fought Emma Rickards down for second behind her.


Women's Race 2 - January 20: Goolwa circuit, 30 mins + 2 laps

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Images by CJ Farquharson

Images by Rachel Burke/www.maximumattack.biz


1 Katherine Bates (NSW) Ton Van Bemmelen/AA Drink     40 pts
2 Kate Nichols (NSW)                                  38
3 Emma Rickards (Vic)                                 36
4 Candice Sullivan (Qld)                              34
5 Rochelle Gilmore (NSW) Safi-Pasta Zara-Manhattan    32
6 Bridget Evans (Qld)                                 30
7 Jenny Macpherson (Vic)                              28
8 Katie Brown (NSW)                                   26
9 Alexis Rhodes (SA)                                  24
10 Sara Carrigan (Qld)                                22
11 Lorian Graham (Qld)                                20
12 Claire Baxter (Vic)                                18
13 Amanda Spratt (NSW)                                16
14 Sally Cowman (Qld)                                 14
15 Natalie Bates (NSW) Ton Van Bemmelen/AA Drink      12
16 Rachel Sherborne                                   10
17 Emma James (NSW) Randwick Botany/FRF Couriers       8
18 Emma Mackie                                         6
19 Kirsty Bortolini                                    4
20 Leeanne Mandersen                                   2
21 Hannah Banks (Qld)                                   
22 Jenny Manefield (NSW)                                
23 Jessie Mclean (ACT)                                  
24 Louise Yaxley (Tas) TIS/Cyclingnews.com              
DNF Lisa Payne                                          
DNF Nadia Auletta                                       
DNF Genna Crean                                         
DNS Melinda Wood                                        
DNS Bianca Rogers                                       
Overall standings after race 2
1 Rochelle Gilmore (NSW) Safi-Pasta Zara-Manhattan    70 pts
2 Emma Rickards (Vic)                                 70
3 Kate Nichols (NSW)                                  68
4 Katherine Bates (NSW) Ton Van Bemmelen/AA Drink     66
5 Alexis Rhodes (SA)                                  64
6 Jenny Macpherson (Vic)                              64
7 Claire Baxter (Vic)                                 46
8 Katie Brown (NSW)                                   46
9 Amanda Spratt (NSW)                                 38
10 Bridget Evans (Qld)                                38
11 Candice Sullivan (Qld)                             34
12 Bianca Rogers                                      32
13 Emma James (NSW) Randwick Botany/FRF Couriers      32
14 Lorian Graham (Qld)                                32
15 Natalie Bates (NSW) Ton Van Bemmelen/AA Drink      26
16 Sara Carrigan (Qld)                                22
17 Kirsty Bortolini                                   20
18 Sally Cowman (Qld)                                 20
19 Hannah Banks (Qld)                                 18
20 Emma Mackie                                        16
21 Rachel Sherborne                                   10
22 Jessie Mclean (ACT)                                 4
23 Leeanne Mandersen                                   2