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Bayern Rundfahrt
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28th Olympic Games - JO

Athens, Greece, August 14-28, 2004

Results    Track 101

August 24: Men's Points Race

Russian rouleur

Mikhail Ignatiev (Russia)
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Russia's Mikhail Ignatiev used strength and tactics to win gold in the men's points race, beating Joan Llaneras of Spain and Guido Fulst of Germany. Australian track cyclist Mark Renshaw missed out on the medals in the Olympic points race, finishing in sixth place. Renshaw earned 60 points with strong riding mid-race, but was too far off the pace in the final stages, with Russian Mikhail Ignatiev taking four laps on the field and winning gold with 93 points.

Spain's Joan Llaneras was second with 82 points and Germany's Guido Fulst took the bronze with 79. Ignatiev went out with the plan to build up points by lapping the field and went with every attack on the bunch to protect his position. Colby Pearce of the United States went on the attack with an early group but never accumulated enough points to challenge for the medals.


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1 Mikhail Ignatiev (Russia)                 93 Pts
2 Joan Llaneras (Spain)                     82
3 Guido Fulst (Germany)                     79
4 Greg Henderson (New Zealand)              68
5 Milan Kadlec (Czech Republic)             65
6 Mark Renshaw (Australia)                  60
7 Peter Schep (Netherlands)                 58
8 Angelo Ciccone (Italy)                    49
9 Milton Wynants (Uruguay)                  46
10 Franck Perque (France)                   43
11 Marco Arriagada (Chile)                  25
12 Yauheni Sobal (Belarus)                  24
13 Juan Esteban Curuchet (Argentina)        23
14 Colby Pearce (USA)                       23
15 Alexey Kolessov (Kazakhstan)             22
16 Makoto Iijima (Japan)                    13
17 Franz Stocher (Austria)                   9
18 Matthew Gilmore (Belgium)                 7
19 Vasyl Yakovlev (Ukraine)                  3
20 Kam-Po Wong (Hong Kong)                   2
DNF Chris Newton (Great Britain)
DNF Mahdi Sohrabi (Iran)
DNF Tomas Vaitkus (Lithuania)

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