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87th Giro d'Italia - Grand Tour

Italy, May 8-30, 2004

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Stage 16 - May 25: San Vendemiano - Falzes, 217 Km

Commentary by Jeff Jones, with additional reporting from Tim Maloney

Complete live report

Live coverage starts: 14:30 CEST
Estimated finish time: 17:15 CEST

12:39 CEST   
Welcome to Cyclingnews' coverage of the 16th stage of the Giro d'Italia, the first of four difficult mountain stages that will determine the outcome of this race. Today the riders travel 217 km between San Vendemiano and Falzes over four mountain passes Forcella Staulanza (km 83), Valparola (km 115), Passo Furcia (km 160) and Terento (km 207). Although there is no summit finish, the final 7 km climb up Terento averages 7.1 percent and once over the top, there are just 10 km of descent left to the finish in Falzes. This stage will really test the mettle of Maglia Rosa wearer Yaroslav Popovych and his Colnago-Landbouwkrediet team.

The Intergiro point comes quite early in the stage, before any of the climbs have started. It's located at Longarone (km 47), about 35 km from the foot of the first climb.

14:09 CEST    110km/107km to go
Today's stage has been under way for just over three hours, with 110 km having been covered by the leading riders. There were 147 starters this morning in San Vendemmiano, the only non-starter being Robbie McEwen, the Lotto-Domo sprinter who flew back to Belgium yesterday.

Although Lotto-Domo's primary role in this Giro has been to work for McEwen, they now have Christophe Brandt in 19th place on GC at 6'14 down, and guess who has made the leading breakaway of 17 riders that currently has 14'30 on the peloton? That's right, the freckle-faced Brandt himself, which means that he is currently in the virtual Maglia Rosa.

The break formed at the 21 km mark and has the following riders in it: Eddy Mazzoleni, Andrea Tonti (Saeco), Rinaldo Nocentini (Acqua & Sapone), Alessandro Bertolini (Alessio-Bianchi), Julio A. Perez Cuapio, Fortunato Baliani (Ceramiche Panaria-Margres), Raffaele Illiano (Colombia-Selle Italia), Michele Gobbi, Charly Wegelius (De Nardi), Giuseppe Di Grande, Luis Filipe Laverde Jimenez (Formaggi Pinzolo Fiave'), Fabian Wegmann (Gerolsteiner), Christophe Brandt (Lotto-Domo), Niki Aebersold, Alexandre Moos (Phonak), Rubens Bertogliati (Saunier Duval) and Oscar Mason (Vini Caldirola). Notably absent are any Colnago-Landbouwkrediet members, but race leader Popovych will need them all around him today to protect him on the climbs.

A group of five riders have been in pursuit of the 17 leaders from about km 25: Ruggero Marzoli (Acqua & Sapone), Mariano Piccoli (Lampre), Renzo Mazzoleni and Oscar Pozzi (Tenax), Alberto Loddo (Saunier Duval-Prodir). They have been fighting a losing battle, hovering between 4 and 6 minutes behind the leaders.

14:19 CEST    114km/103km to go
Note the presence of Rafaele Illiano in this break. The Italian has been trading places with Daniele Righi (Lampre) in the Trofeo Fuga Piaggio classification. Righi took it back yesterday after spending 190 km in the lead, but Illiano might be able to regain the lead today.

Illiano also took first place at the Intergiro ahead of Rubens Bertogliati and Rinaldo Nocentini. That won't affect Crescenzo d'Amore's lead in that classification today.

14:24 CEST    115km/102km to go
The 17 leaders are at the top of the second climb of the day, the Passo di Valparola, with the peloton now 12'00 behind them and a group of four riders: Ruggero Marzoli (Acqua & Sapone), Mariano Piccoli (Lampre), Renzo Mazzoleni and Oscar Pozzi (Tenax) about 4'30 behind them. The group contained Alberto Loddo (Saunier Duval-Prodir), but he was dropped and is now on his own between the break and the peloton.

14:31 CEST    118km/99km to go
At the top of the Cat. 1 Passo di Valparola, it was mountains leader Fabian Wegmann crossing first ahead of Luis Laverde, Fortunato Baliani, Alexandre Moos and Giuseppe Di Grande.

On the day's first climb, the Cat. 2 Forcella Staulanza, it was again Wegmann who summited first ahead of Moos and Laverde. That will significantly strengthen Wegmann's lead in the mountains competition, and if he can pick up some more points on the third climb, then Damiano Cunego certainly won't be taking the jersey away from him in a hurry.

14:34 CEST   
There has been one retirement so far in today's stage: Christophe Detilloux (Lotto-Domo), who stepped off after 82 km. 146 riders left in the race.

14:35 CEST   
Back in the peloto, Alessandro Petacchi (Fassa Bortolo) is in a bit of difficulty on the Valparola. The winner of eight stages so far in this Giro doesn't like it when the roads go up.

14:38 CEST    125km/92km to go
On the descent of the Valparola, Alessandro Bertolini (Alessio) attacked the break, but he was countered by Eddy Mazzoleni (Saeco). Bertolini has been fairly active today, although he's nearly an hour down on GC, so he's not a threat for the Maglia Rosa. But he might be able to stay ahead to help Noe and Pellizotti in the finale.

14:39 CEST   
Bertolini has been recaptured by the 17 man break on the descent, and meanwhile Alberto Loddo, who was part of the small chasing group with Marzoli, Piccoli, R. Mazzoleni and Pozzi, has been caught by the main peloton.

14:50 CEST    145km/72km to go
The main peloton crossed the Valparola (km 115) exactly 10 minutes behind the 17 leaders, who are still all together on the descent as they approach the day's third climb, Passo Furcia (12 km at 6.2%).

14:53 CEST   
It's a beautiful day in the Dolomiti, with bright blue skies and sunshine accompanying the riders as they navigate the snow laden climbs.

15:00 CEST    140km/77km to go
In the peloton, it's Alessio and Saeco riding tempo. Interesting that Colnago isn't doing too much yet. The Saeco riders in the break aren't really doing much work. Wegmann, Brandt and Laverde are doing a lot of the tempo making in the break.

15:01 CEST    145km/72km to go
The peloton is still 10'40 behind the break, while the chasing group of four is at 4'36.

15:04 CEST    148km/69km to go
The average speed after four hours of racing is 33.65 km/h. Jan Svorada (Lampre) attacked the peloton on the descent of Valparola and got a minute, which he can easily get rid of on the next climb. Saeco is still towing the peloton, with Maglia Rosa Popovych well placed in about 6th wheel.

15:07 CEST    150km/67km to go
In the front group, Rubens Bertogliati is doing a turn, just after Nocentini pulls off. Still it's Christophe Brandt (Lotto-Domo) who is the virtual maglia rosa, starting the day in 19th at 6'14.

The riders in front: Eddy Mazzoleni, Andrea Tonti (Saeco), Rinaldo Nocentini (Acqua & Sapone), Alessandro Bertolini (Alessio-Bianchi), Julio A. Perez Cuapio, Fortunato Baliani (Ceramiche Panaria-Margres), Raffaele Illiano (Colombia-Selle Italia), Michele Gobbi, Charly Wegelius (De Nardi), Giuseppe Di Grande, Luis Filipe Laverde Jimenez (Formaggi Pinzolo Fiave'), Fabian Wegmann (Gerolsteiner), Christophe Brandt (Lotto-Domo), Niki Aebersold, Alexandre Moos (Phonak), Rubens Bertogliati (Saunier Duval), Oscar Mason (Vini Caldirola).

The chasers: Ruggero Marzoli (Acqua & Sapone), Mariano Piccoli (Lampre), Renzo Mazzoleni and Oscar Pozzi (Tenax).

Then Jan Svorada is about a minute ahead of the peloton.

They are on the Furcia Pass now.

15:11 CEST    152km/65km to go
Svorada is now 9'12 behind the front riders, who are on the Passo Furcia. Julio Perez Cuapio does a short turn on the front, before Bertogliati and Tonti come though. Eddy Mazzoleni is sitting on the back of the group.

15:17 CEST    154km/63km to go
Panaria's two riders in the break, Perez Cuapio and Baliani, will be useful allies for Figueras and Sella if and when the peloton catches them. Saeco seems to be determined to catch the break, as they are riding tempo on the front of the still large peloton. Petacchi is back in the bunch, despite crossing the Valparola in last position.

15:20 CEST   
The break is still working quite well together on the Passo Furcia, and with 17 riders in it, it's not such a bad place to be. A break of 17 gives you a lot more of a chance to rest than a break of three. They're not killing themselves at the moment either, just swapping off on the climb, which is quite steep.

15:23 CEST    156km/61km to go
The leaders are now on the steepest part of the Furcia, which has a maximum gradient of 17 percent. They're still together...for now.

The four chasers (Marzoli, Piccoli, Mazzoleni and Pozzi) are still a good 4'13 back. They have been riding in no-man's land all day. The peloton is back at 10'48.

Aebersold attacks the break.

15:26 CEST    157km/60km to go
Aebersold has opened up a very nice gap on the 17 man break, which also contains his teammate Alexandre Moos.

Nearly 11 minutes back in the peloton, there are two Saecos on the front still, with Popovych in about sixth wheel. The pace has lifted though, and the peloton is strung out.

15:30 CEST    157km/60km to go
Aebersold is 3 km from the top of the climb, but still has a lot of altitude to gain. It's really steep here and there is no let up. The crowds aren't so big either. Aebersold has a good minute's lead on his earlier breakaway companions.

The peloton has swallowed up Svorada, and is 8'50 behind Aebersold.

Simoni accelerates on the Furcia!

15:32 CEST   
Immediately Belli and Popovych are on Simoni's wheel, as is Cunego and Garate. Interesting move. It's a race within a race. The peloton has exploded completely with that attack. About 15 men are left.

Garzelli and Pellizotti are in trouble, and are chasing. McGee has been dropped.

15:36 CEST    159km/58km to go
Aebersold, still in the lead, has 1'23 on the 16 men in the first break. Then Marzoli, Piccoli, R. Mazzoleni and Pozzi at at 4'00.

Then the 20 man gruppo maglia rosa at 7'00. Popovych is right on Simoni's wheel. Garzelli is there, but is struggling a lot. Spezialetti leads. It looks like most of the GC riders are there, except for Pellizotti and McGee. Pellizotti is dangling about 30 m off the back with Moreni and Tonkov. It's super steep here.

15:38 CEST    160km/57km to go
Aebersold has 1 km to go to the summit, as behind him Cunego attacks. Popovych doesn't react, and sticks to Simoni's wheel. His tactics are set. Cunego has 15 seconds, but now Figueras lifts the pace.

It's Cunego, Simoni, Popovych, Belli and Garate left, chasing Cunego. The rest are in bits.

Aebersold is at the summit of the Furcia now. There are 20 men between him and Cunego.

15:42 CEST    161km/56km to go
Aebersold is over the top of the Furcia, as behind him the fight is on for the mountain points. Laverde, Moos, Baliani and Brandt are the next three across, 1'25 behind Aebersold.

Cunego is 7'12 behind Aebersold, while Popovych's group has grown to seven with Simoni, Garate, Belli, Cioni, Figueras and Gontchar. They are 28 seconds behind Cunego.

Oscar Pozzi is caught and passed by Cunego, who will pick up the rest of that break now.

15:43 CEST    164km/53km to go
The maglia rosa group has grown a bit more with Popovych, Simoni, Figueras, Belli, Garzelli, Valjavec, Tonkov, Noe, Cioni, Gontchar and Garate all there. They trail Cunego by 35 seconds. Figueras and Belli are working in the front.

15:45 CEST   
Cunego is riding nicely in a small gear as he approaches the summit of the Furcia. But the leader of the stage is still Aebersold, who is on the descent now. And don't forget the rest of the break in between.

Cunego and Marzoli are now together, leading Popovych's group by 46 seconds.

15:48 CEST    166km/51km to go
Cunego is now together with Marzoli and his Saeco teammate Eddy Mazzoleni. He crosses the summit of the Furcia 6'17 behind Aebersold.

Tonkov leads the gruppo maglia rosa over at 7'35. Cunego has a nice lead now, and is now getting close to the maglia rosa.

15:50 CEST    167km/50km to go
Cunego, E. Mazzoleni and Marzoli are now together, chasing the rest of the early break on the descent of the Furcia. The stage leader is still Aebersold, who has about a minute's lead on his erstwhile companions with 50 km to go.

Tonkov is now towing the gruppo maglia rosa, which has Popovych, Simoni, Figueras, Belli, Garzelli, Valjavec, Noe, Cioni, Gontchar and Garate in it.

15:54 CEST    177km/40km to go
Andrea Tonti (Saeco) drops out of the front break to wait for Cunego and Mazzoleni. Good move. He gets to freewheel and stretch for quite a bit.

Aebersold has 40 km to go and one more tough climb to come. Will he get hunted down by Cunego and Saeco?

15:55 CEST    179km/38km to go
Tonkov is flying down the Passo Furcia with Simoni and Popovych on his wheel. This group contains about 12 riders, including Tonkov's teammate Garzelli.

15:59 CEST    181km/36km to go
Mazzoleni is still towing Cunego and Marzoli - they are catching Tonti now.

Aebersold leads a group of 12 by 1'40: Rinaldo Nocentini (Acqua & Sapone), Julio A. Perez Cuapio, Fortunato Baliani (Ceramiche Panaria-Margres), Raffaele Illiano (Colombia-Selle Italia), Michele Gobbi, Charly Wegelius (De Nardi), Giuseppe Di Grande, Luis Filipe Laverde Jimenez (Formaggi Pinzolo Fiave'), Christophe Brandt (Lotto-Domo), Alexandre Moos (Phonak), Rubens Bertogliati (Saunier Duval), Oscar Mason (Vini Caldirola).

Then the remnants of that break are in between, with Cunego, Mazzoleni, Tonti, Wegmann, and Bertolini chasing them. Then the Tonkov led maglia rosa group, chased by Pellizotti and McGee and a few others. They should get them before the last climb.

16:02 CEST    183km/34km to go
Aebersold has 34 km to go, while the maglia rosa group is at 40 km to go. Cunego's group is 5'18 behind Aebersold. It's a nice group now with Tonti, Mazzoleni, Bertolini, Wegmann and Marzoli. There are 12 men about 4'00 in front of them.

16:05 CEST    187km/30km to go
Aebersold has about 15 km to go before the foot of the final climb of Terento. He is pursued by Nocentini, Cuapio, Baliani, Illiano, Gobbi, Wegelius, Di Grande, Laverde, Brandt, Moos, Bertogliati and Mason. Then Cunego, Tonti, Mazzoleni, Marzoli, Wegmann and Bertolini, followed by the gruppo maglia rosa, which is 8'12 behind the leader. That means Cunego has gained 3 minutes on Popovych (and the rest). He could be in pink again tonight.

16:08 CEST    189km/28km to go
Tonkov and an Alessio rider are leading the gruppo maglia rosa, 3 minutes behind Cunego and 8 minutes behind Aebersold, who they probably won't see until after the finish. Can Aebersold win the stage, or will he be caught by one of the groups behind him?

Wegmann is now working with Cunego's group - he doesn't have to, but this favour may give him the mountains jersey in the next couple of days.

16:13 CEST    189km/28km to go
Cunego's group of seven is gradually catching the first chasing group, which has lost Gobbi now and contains: Nocentini, Cuapio, Baliani, Illiano, Wegelius, Di Grande, Laverde, Brandt, Moos, Bertogliati and Mason. They are 1'40 behind Aebersold, while Cunego's group follows at 4'12.

The gruppo Maglia Rosa has five Alessios in it now so they are making a bit of ground up on Cunego.

But all the time, it's Niki Aebersold in the lead.

16:14 CEST   
In Cunego's group, Mazzoleni and Tonti ask Marzoli to help the chase, but he won't. They pass under the 30 km to go banner with a disadvantage of 3'50 on Aebersold and 2'10 on the first break.

16:19 CEST    192km/25km to go
The gruppo maglia rosa comes up to hte 30 km to go banner with a 7'00 disadvantage on Aebersold. That means Cunego has 3'10 on Popovch, and should take the maglia rosa tonight. But it's not over yet.

Wegmann is burying himself to work with the Saecos in Cunego's group.

With 25 km to go, Aebersold has 1'39 to the chasing 11, 3'48 to Cunego's group and 7'00 to the maglia rosa. This should be a fascinating last climb.

16:21 CEST    194km/23km to go
Bertolini (Alessio) has dropped out of the Cunego group to help his teammates back in the maglia rosa group. It looks like Cunego and co. will catch the 11 front chasers at the foot of the final climb, but will they catch Aebersold?

16:22 CEST   
The last climb of Terento is 7 km long and averages 7.1 percent. It begins at km 200. At the top, there are 10 km to go until the finish.

The gruppo maglia rosa is about 20-25 riders strong now, and Alessio, Tonkov, and De Nardi are driving the chase. Gontchar (in second on GC) also needs to stop Cunego from getting too far ahead.

16:25 CEST    196km/21km to go
Aebersold, all the while in the lead, hits a small climb and starts to suffer. He is doing well though - the nearest chasers are 1'28 behind him while Cunego's group is at 3'10 and the gruppo maglia rosa at 6'20.

16:27 CEST    198km/19km to go
The Alessio/De Nardi chase has brought back Cunego's group to 2'50, which means they trail the leader Aebersold by 6'00. Wegmann is still working hard in the chase group, and has just blown himself up completely. He'll probably get his reward in the next few days. No Saeco riders are going to chase him for the mountains jersey.

19 km to go for Aebersold. The first chasers are at 1'20. That group has Nocentini, Cuapio, Baliani, Illiano, Gobbi, Wegelius, Di Grande, Laverde, Brandt, Moos, Bertogliati and Mason in it.

Tonti, Mazzoleni, Cunego and Marzoli are about 1'30 behind the first chase group.

16:29 CEST    199km/18km to go
Alessio's Miholjevic continues to drive the gruppo maglia rosa with Moreni also doing his fair share. They are making an impression on Cunego. But this will give Simoni a free ride to the final climb.

16:31 CEST    200km/17km to go
In the maglia rosa group we have three Alessios leading Spezialetti and Simoni, then the rest of the GC riders. At 20 km to go, they are 2'56 behind Cunego.

Aebersold is on the last climb now, still looking good.

16:32 CEST    201km/16km to go
The chasers are on the Terento climb as Cuapio attacks. He breaks up the group a bit. Brandt is still in it - the best placed rider on GC.

Cunego is now with Marzoli and Mazzoleni, as Tonti has dropped off.

16:33 CEST    202km/15km to go
Aebersold is pedalling in his 39x21. Illiano, Mason, Cuapio, Moos are leading the chase group.

Mazzoleni drops off Cunego, who has Marzoli on his wheel.

16:34 CEST   
Cunego picks up Bertogliati and Wegelius, but they don't last long. Aebersold is really struggling. Simoni's group is 4'30 behind him, while Cunego follows at 1'30.

16:36 CEST    202km/15km to go
Cunego is motoring through the early break, catching and passing Baliani now. In front, it's Aebersold being caught by Mason, Illiano, Di Grande. He is immediately dropped. Brandt is there too, so we have four leaders.

Perez Cuapio, Nocentini and Laverde are passed by the Cunego train.

16:38 CEST   
McGee and Garzelli are dropped in the maglia rosa group, along with Sella, Tonkov, Pellizotti and Cioni.

In front, it's Brandt, Moos, Illiano, Di Grande and Cunego!! Nocentini is still there...just.

16:40 CEST    204km/13km to go
Figueras is trying to ride away from the maglia rosa group, which now contains Popovych, Simoni, Garate, Belli, Piccoli, Valjavec, Noe, Cioni, Gontchar and Lobato.

Cunego is in the lead now with Nocentini on his wheel. He has 3'15 on the maglia rosa.

16:42 CEST   
Cunego leads the struggling Nocentini all the way on this steep climb of Terento, cheered by groups of fans all the way up.

Nocentini is dropped. Cunego is alone and en route to another stage win and the maglia rosa. This could be significant for Simoni's chances.

16:43 CEST    206km/11km to go
Garzelli and Tonkov have made it back to the maglia rosa group, where Popovych himself is riding tempo. Figueras is still in front of them.

16:44 CEST   
Simoni attacks, with Belli, Gontchar and Valjavec able to go with him. But he looks back and Popovych is dropped.

Figueras is now 2'52 behind Cunego. Moos, Illiano, Brandt and Nocentini are still in between.

16:48 CEST    206km/11km to go
Simoni leads Gontchar, Belli, Valjavec and Wegelius 3'10 behind his teammate Cunego, who is almost at the top of the climb now. Nocentini is 30 seconds behind Cunego at the top. At 1'05 are Di Grande, Moos, Brandt, Illiano and Perez Cuapio, then Figueras at 2'50.

Popovych is just off the back of a group with Garzelli, Tonkov and Noe.

16:50 CEST    207km/10km to go
10 km to go for Cunego, who leads Nocentini by 30 seconds. There are bits and pieces of the earlier break all the way up the climb. Wegelius leads Simoni's group, which has a 30 second lead on the now alone Popovych.

16:52 CEST    208km/9km to go
Popovych is struggling, just off the back of a group with Garzelli.

Cunego has 8 km left and has 4'00 lead on Popovych. 3'30 on Simoni's five, 2'50 on Figueras, with Nocentini at 40 seconds, Illiano, Moos and co. at 1'10.

16:53 CEST    210km/7km to go
Nocentini comes over the top with 8 km to go, followed by Moos, Illiano, Di Grande and Perez Cuapio.

Popovych is now chasing with Tonkov or is that Zampieri?

16:54 CEST    212km/5km to go
Figueras is now over the top at 2'55 behind Cunego, who has just 5 km to go. then Simoni's group of five at 3'10.

16:55 CEST   
It's messy, but what's clear is that Cunego will win the stage ahead of Nocentini and take the maglia rosa in the process. 4 km to go.

16:56 CEST    214km/3km to go
Popovych is about 4 minutes behind Cunego now and that will be very hard to make up in the next few days.

3 km left for Cunego, who is flying down the descent.

16:57 CEST    215km/2km to go
Figueras has Baliani with him now as well as Bertogliati and Marzoli. They lead Simoni's group by about 15 seconds.

Nocentini is in full pursuit of Cunego at 1 minutes, but he won't get him.

16:59 CEST    216km/1km to go
Simoni is in the third group on the road, 3'10 behind Cunego.

Cunego has just over a kilometre to go before he crosses the line.

16:59 CEST   
Cunego drives it in the last kilometre, en route to stage win number 3 and the maglia rosa. Great ride by him and Saeco today.

17:00 CEST    217km/0km to go
Cunego gets cheered by the small crowd with 500m to go, giving it everything to gain as much time on everyone. Excellent ride. We wins the stage and doesn't even manage a victory salute until he's across the line.

Nocentini takes second place at 1'16.

17:04 CEST   
The sprint for the third place is won by Moos from Illiano, Di Grande and Brandt at 1'50. Then Laverde comes through at 1'58, then Marzoli Figueras, and Bertogliati at 2'30, followed by Simoni's group at 2'40. Garzelli, Cioni, Garate and ? will be next, then Popovych and Tonkov and Mason at 3'50. What a finish!

Cunego is now in pink by 1'14 over Gontchar, who has ridden excellently so far, and 2'22 over Popovych, who didn't have a great day today. Cunego has 2'38 lead on his teammate Simoni, which could be interesting in the coming days.

Petacchi comes in with the autobus about 25 minutes down, certainly within the time limit. Crescenzo d'Amore is also in this group, so they can now hold the podium ceremony for the Intergiro, as he's still in the blue jersey.

Tomorrow is a rest day, so please join us again on Thursday for Stage 17 from Brunico to Fondo Sarnonico.


1 Damiano Cunego (Ita) Saeco                                     6.10.12
2 Rinaldo Nocentini (Ita) Acqua & Sapone-Caffe Mokambo              1.16
3 Alexandre Moos (Swi) Phonak Hearing Systems                       1.38
4 Raffaele Illiano (Ita) Colombia-Selle Italia               
5 Giuseppe Di Grande (Ita) Formaggi Pinzolo Fiave'             
6 Julio A. Perez Cuapio (Mex) Ceramiche Panaria-Margres
7 Christophe Brandt (Bel) Lotto-Domo                              
8 Luis Filipe Laverde Jimenez (Col) Formaggi Pinzolo Fiave'         1.58
9 Ruggero Marzoli (Ita) Acqua & Sapone-Caffe Mokambo                2.29
10 Giuliano Figueras (Ita) Ceramiche Panaria-Margres                
11 Rubens Bertogliati (Swi) Saunier Duval-Prodir         
12 Serguei Gontchar (Ukr) De Nardi                                  2.39
13 Wladimir Belli (Ita) Lampre                    
14 Gilberto Simoni (Ita) Saeco                                 
15 Fortunato Baliani (Ita) Ceramiche Panaria-Margres            
16 Tadej Valjavec (Slo) Phonak Hearing Systems

General classification after stage 16

1 Damiano Cunego (Ita) Saeco                                     73.01.21
2 Serguei Gontchar (Ukr) De Nardi                                    1.14
3 Yaroslav Popovych (Ukr) Landbouwkrediet-Colnago                    2.22
4 Gilberto Simoni (Ita) Saeco                                        2.38
5 Giuliano Figueras (Ita) Ceramiche Panaria-Margres                  3.31
6 Bradley McGee (Aus) FDJeux.com                                     3.52
7 Wladimir Belli (Ita) Lampre                    
8 Stefano Garzelli (Ita) Vini Caldirola-Nobili Rubinetterie       
9 Dario David Cioni (Ita) Fassa Bortolo                              4.39
10 Franco Pellizotti (Ita) Alessio-Bianchi                           5.31

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