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Pearl Izumi

85th Giro d'Italia (GT)

Italy, May 11-June 2, 2002

News for May 29, 2002

Vox-pop Special

As the Giro resumed after Monday's rest day, Cyclingnews European Editor Tim Maloney was at the start of stage 15 to find out how some of the riders and their managers were feeling about the tour so far and the next few days.

Mapei's ex-MTB posse
Photo: © Tim Maloney/CN
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Cadel Evans / Mapei-Quick Step

Cyclingnews: How was your rest day?

Cadel Evans: Oh it was good... easy, restful.

CN: Did you party last night?

CE: Yeah, we were out 'til four a.m. and... haha, no, all I did yesterday was eat and sleep and write emails and make a few calls. Nothing stressful at all.

CN: Did you ride much?

CE: We went out for 40km and just took it really easy. Yesterday was a good opportunity to give everything a rest.

CN: So have you seen you Mom and Gran yet?

CE: No, they will be at the finish today and I'm looking forward to seeing them but during the Giro it is difficult to visit with family. I got an email from my Dad and he told me I was doing a good job too.

CN: Did Gran bring you any plum pavlova?

CE: No I don't think she would have but I asked my mum to bring me some of the special honey she makes at home (in Arthur's Creek, near Melbourne).

Tyler Hamilton / CSC-Tiscali

Cyclingnews: Tyler, I understand that you have ridden the Dolomiti climbs this spring in anticipation of the Giro. How was the Fedaia and how do the climbs in the Giro compare with the ones in the Tour de France?

Tyler Hamilton: Hard, very hard... .the whole stage is very hard. Well, the Fedaia is pretty steep. I'd say a little bit steeper than the usual Tour De France climb.

CN: How has the experience been riding your first Giro?

TH: It's been great; I've been surprised how many cycling fans there are. I've done the Tour de France five times and I never imagined the Giro would be anything like the Tour but it's a close comparison. The Italian fans are very nice and the countryside is beautiful and the food can't be beat.

Roberto Conti / Acqua and Sapone

Cyclingnews: Roberto, you have so much experience as a professional cyclist for 17 years... what do you see coming in the last week of the Giro?

Roberto Conti: Well the last week always depends on the force you have left, how your condition is... there are two tough stages and the time trial to go. I'm convinced that Frigo will do well because he has a lot of strength and endurance. And Hamilton has a lot of experience and endurance... for the one riders there should be a day where things don't go well. The first time they Giro or the Tour, it's three weeks of racing and that's tough for a youngster.

CN: How do you remember the Passo Fedaia?

RC: I've done it seven or eight times... (laughs)... it's a good one... tough. You have to ride well on the Fedaia because if you leave too much there, you'll have trouble on the Pordoi.

CN: What's your plan the next few days?

RC: If I don't get too tired today (Tuesday), tomorrow I want to have a good Stage.

Michael Rasmussen / CSC-Tiscali

Cyclingnews: We've seen you a lot on Italian TV this year... the commentators have been talking a lot about you.

Michael Rasmussen: Maybe it's because I know Maurizio Fondriest (RAI TV color commentator) and he's mentioned something to his colleagues like Davide Cassani.

CN: They are talking about the ex-mountain bikers; you, Cadel and Dario Cioni. How are you enjoying the experience of your first Giro d'Italia?

MR: Well, it's been a good experience for me. I'm not here to make a result for myself; my role is to give Hamilton support in the mountains as much as possible. I'm happy to see Cadel and Cioni doing well too. It gives a little more respect to the mountain bikers.

CN: I understand you were the last rider hired by CSC-Tiscali this season.

MR: Yeah, I signed at the very end of last season and I'm happy to be here. Everything is going well; we have Hamilton in third place and the Giro victory is within reach, so it's been a good year for us.

Marco Saligari / Colnago-Landbouwkrediet direttore sportive

Cyclingnews: Marco, what do you see coming in the last week of the Giro?

Marco Saligari: Oh, it's going to be hard... very, very hard. I think that Stage 16 should determine who will win the Giro.

CN: How do you remember the Passo Fedaia?

MS: Between training and racing it seems I've done it 50 times! It's really, really hard... certainly the hardest climb in this year's Giro.

CN: Any predictions?

MS: Well I think that it is likely that Hamilton can win the Giro. If he can stay with the best in the mountains, the final TT is really good for him.

CN: That stage starts right at your front door in Cambiago at Colnago's HQ?

MS: Yeah! We're playing at home on that stage.

Max Sciandri / Lampre-Daikin

Cyclingnews: How's life, Max?

Max Sciandri: It's tough... tough racing, tough problems but you know, we're almost to the finish. Just one more little week... well a little big week I'd say!

CN: What are you doing after the Giro?

MS: Just rest and recuperate... I'm not doing the Tour.

CN: When are you heading back to Los Angeles? (Sciandri's family operates several Italian restaurants in LA, including the Ristorante Toscana in Brentwood)

MS: I don't know at all. Maybe in October at the end of the season or maybe I'll jump on a plane right after the Giro.

Claude Criquielion / Lotto-Addeco direttore sportive

Cyclingnews: How has the Giro been for Lotto so far this year?

Claude Criquielion: Last year we won the prologue and had four days in the Maglia Rosa which was good, this year so far we've won three stages and we hope to keep doing well.

CN: Do you have any predictions for the Giro finale?

CC: I think Evans has a lot of possibilities to take over the Maglia Rosa and then it will come down between him, Hamilton and Casagrande.

CN: How is Verbrugghe doing?

CC: He won a stage and got fourth in Sunday's TT, which really wasn't a good stage for him... (Saturday's) TT will be much better stage for him. He's still hoping to finish in the top 10.