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32nd Annual Skyscraper Harlem Cycling Classic

New York, NY, June 19, 2005


Photo ©: Marco Quezada
Click for larger image

The Harlem Pro 123 race figured to be a battle of the sprinters, with Roosevelt Marte (GS Mengoni), Melito Heredia (Toga), Jason Snow (Cycling Science), Alejandro Acton (SBR), Kevin Molloy (CRCA/Axis), and Anthony Lowe (CRCA/Visit Britain) set for a major throwdown. The subtext for local fans was whether or not the mighty 'Pollo' Marte had lost a step after suffering a few uncharacteristic losses.

The race started with a lot of attacking from different riders. Partway through, Heredia (who won New York City's last big showdown-the Mengoni Grand Prix in Central Park last fall) was away in small groups and then alone.

Jason Bremer (GS Mengoni) did a lot of the chasing after the breaks to try to set up Marte, who was also covering moves. In the end, Marte stymied the other sprinters: he and UPMC-ACT's Alvaro Tardaguila got away with about six laps to go and stayed away. Though they never built a big gap, Mengoni and UPMC-ACT had enough manpower to block the chase. Marte took the win with ease, jumping out of the last corner and rolling in with a good gap. In the field sprint behind, Acton looked to have third place sewn up but Molloy (who had with helped run registration for earlier fields as part of the promoting club) came around to take third. Acton was fourth with Snow in fifth. The great sprinter showdown will have to wait 'til another day.

Cat 3/4

Ken Harris
Photo ©: Andy Shen
Click for larger image

Ken Harris (CRCA/Merrill Lynch-Hincapie Sportswear) is always a threat in a crit, and today was no different. Harris was aggressive right from the gun, putting in several exploratory moves. When none of them stuck, teammate Tony Falk launched a counter and drew four breakaway companions, one of them sprinter extraordinaire James Joseph.

When that break failed, Marco Quezada (Gotham) initiated the winning attack with Harris, Hammesh Walker and Matt Ferrari (Mt. Nittany). Unfortunately for Quezada, he worked too hard to establish a gap and couldn't hang on once Harris took the front. The three remaining riders worked well together and soon had a comfortable lead. Back in the main field, Harris' teammates Falk, Jaime Garcia, and Tim Nilson blocked while a game Ray Alba (Champion Systems) tried to bring the break back.

Harris' companions were happy to receive a ride to the podium and didn't sprint against him, with Walker taking second and Ferrari third. Pre race favorite Mattew Casey broke away and just hung on for fourth, while Joseph and Clifton Cargill (Team Tam) reprised their Tuesday night crit battles, taking first and second in the field sprint.

Women's Open Race

With four out of ten starters from the Colavita/Cooking Light team, the outcome of the Harlem Women's race seemed a fait accompli. However, Megan Esmonde still managed to make it exciting. Right off the bat, Hannah Long (CRCA/Metro Sanchez) read the race right and got off the front with three Colavita's. Unfortunately for Hannah, two of them sat up with Hannah behind them, and the writing was on the wall. Esmonde rolled away from the break and the race was decided. She rode solo for more than half the race, eventually lapping the field.

With Esmonde firmly esconced in the field, Colavita launched Rebecca Larson off the front. Larson would hold on easily for second, while Long showed her mettle by nipping Lenore Imhof (Colavita-who else?) at the line for third.


An early break formed in the Harlem's Masters Race, featuring Peter Vollers (Trek/VW), Xavier Melendez, Rob Lattanzi (both CRCA/Next), and Paul Carbonara (CRCA/Axis). With so much firepower in the break, it wasn't long before the chase lost impetus, and the only remaining suspense would be whether the Next duo could shed Vollers, the superior sprinter. In the end, Vollers proved too tenacious, beating Melendez in the finale. Further down the road, Carbonara held off Lattanzi for third. Back in the main field, Kurt Gustafsson (CRCA/Axis) and Tony Settel (Deno's Wonder Wheel) both got away to claim fifth and sixth solo.


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Images by Reed Rubey

Images by Karen Rostron

Images by Marco Quezada/

Images by Andy Shen/

Images by Jaime Garcia/


Men Pro/1/2/3
1 Roselvert Marte (Mengoni)                          57.33
2 Alvaro Tardaguila (UPMC-ACT)                            
3 Molloy Kevin (CRCA/Sakonnet Technology)                 
4 Alejandro Acton (SBR)                                   
5 Jason Snow (Cycling Science)                            
6 Mateo Sasso (UPMC-ACT)                                  
7 Eric Murphy                                             
8 Juan Pimentel (CRCA/MIYASHOJI.COM)                      
9 Ratal Urzedowski (Watchung Wheelmen)                    
10 Lane Herrick (Champion System Racing)                  
11 Chad Butts (Verge Sport/Test Pilot)                    
12 Karl Rahn (CRCA/AXIS)                                  
13 Trevor Matulys (East Coast Velo)                       
14 Kirk Catnott (Squiggle)                                
15 John Clifton-Moore (Squiggle)                          
16 Jeffrey King (Blue Ribbon)                             
17 Glenroy Griffith (NYC Fire Dept)                       
18 Mark Nielson (Tri State Velo)                          
19 Alejandro Guzman (Foundation)                          
20 Sebastian Potok                                        
21 Anthony Lowe (Visit Britain)                           
22 Robert Weyman (CRCA)                                   
23 Abdul Kabia                                            
24 Daniel Johnston (Broadmark)                            
25 Nigel Chinemilly (Evolution)                           
26 Robert Lyons                                           
27 Benjamin Sheridan (Team American Classic)              
28 Ken Harris (CRCA/Merrill Lynch-Hincapie Sports)        
29 Juan Castro                                            
30 Melito Heredia                                         
32 Jerry Kapko (Deno's Wonder Wheel)                      
33 Chris Romero (CRCA/Sakonnet Technology)                
34 Carlos Rogers (CRCA)                                   
35 Michael Lewis                                          
36 Jose Coronado (Strictly Bicycles)                      
37 Raymond Alba                                           
38 Michael Prokopec (crca miya shoji)                     
39 Alberto Blanco (ACT)                                   
40 John Tomlinson (Deno's Wonder Wheel)                   
41 Jason Bremer (Mengoni)                                 
42 Devin Flaherty (Stanford)                              
43 Joseph Papp (UPMC-ACT)                                 
DNF Tucker Brown (Tri-State Velo)                         
DNF Vincent Cintron (McLagan.FASTAR)                      
DNF Melito Heredia (Toga)                                 
DNF Roselvert Marte (GS Mengoni)                          
DNF Anthony Jay (Van Dunk)                                
DNF Xavier Melendez (CRCA/Next)                           
DNF Juan Barroso (Foundation)                             
DNF Franklin Burgos (Jemes)                               
DNF Craig Abrams (Foundation)                             
DNF Ian Stanley                                           
DNF Ulises Ventura (Champion System Racing)               
DNF Bartosz Faltyn (Watchung Wheelmen)                    
Prime #1
 Eric Murphy                                              
Prime #2
 Roselbert Quezada                                        
Prime #3
 Melito Heredia                                           
Prime #4
 Jose Coronado (Strictly Bicycles)                        
Prime #5
 Alejandro Guzman (Foundation)                            
Prime #6
 Roselbert Quezada                                        
Women Open
1 Megan Esmonde (Colavita/Cooking Light)             37.28
2 Rebecca Larson (Colavita/Cooking Light)                 
3 Hannah Long (CRCA/Sanchez Metro)                        
4 Lenore Imhof (Colavita/Cooking Light)                   
5 Alane Ballweg (Atomic)                                  
6 Janice Sibilla                                          
7 Jane Kenyon                                             
8 Kelly Boyce (Colavita/Cooking Light)                    
9 Jennifer LaPlante (Radical Media)                       
DNF Gemma Ebeling (Hudson Valley Velo Club)               
Men 3/4
1 Ken Harris (CRCA/Merrill Lynch-Hincapie Sports)    32.56
2 Hammesh Walker                                          
3 Matt Ferrari (Mt. Nittany)                              
4 Matthew Casey                                           
5 James Joseph                                            
6 Clifton Cargill (TAM)                                   
7 Kenneth Barreta                                         
8 Patrick Peterson                                        
9 Gavin Robertson                                         
10 Larry Detris                                           
11 Christopher Uglietta (CRCA/Foundation)                 
12 Jeffrey Oliver (Northeastern Hardware)                 
13 Carl Nelson                                            
14 Michael Repka                                          
15 Gordon Porola (Cuevas)                                 
16 Ray Alba (Champion System Racing)                      
17 Kevon Griffin                                          
18 Michael Prokopec (crca miya shoji)                     
19 Matt Wallace                                           
20 Tim Nilson (Merrill)                                   
21 Marco Quezada (Gotham)                                 
22 Amany Arias (Sanchez)                                  
23 Scott Snyder (Champion System Racing)                  
24 Junior Proverbs                                        
25 Lincoln Crane (CRCA/StrictlyBicycles)                  
26 Steven Marks (Columbia University Cycling)             
27 Jay Fitzgerald (CRCA/Foundation)                       
28 Antony Slokar (CRCA/Foundation)                        
29 Jerry Obey (UNH Cycling)                               
30 Anthony Falk (CRCA/Merrill Lynch-Hincapie Sports)      
31 Scott Demel (CRCA/Brooklyn Velo Force)                 
32 Jaime Garcia (CRCA/Merrill Lynch-Hincapie Sports)      
33 Justin Inglis (CRCA/Foundation)                        
34 Craig Abrams (Foundation)                              
35 Vincent Cintron (McLagan.FASTAR)                       
DNF David Correia (Squiggle)                              
DNF Jason Ford                                            
DNF Christopher Chaput (Champion System Racing)           
DNF Steve Dennis (Champion System Racing)                 
DNF Adam Duncan (CRCA/Merrill Lynch-Hincapie Sports)      
DNF Dexter Hypolite                                       
DNF Christopher Loudon (CRCA/Visit Britain)               
DNF Daniel Lyons                                          
DNF Steven Frankel                                        
DNF Rob Wing                                              
DNF Wayne Joseph                                          
Prime #1
 Ken Harris (CRCA/Merrill Lynch-Hincapie Sports)          
Prime #2
 Ken Harris (CRCA/Merrill Lynch-Hincapie Sports)          
Master Men 35+
1 Peter Vollers                                      33.55
2 Xavier Melendez (CRCA/Next)                             
3 Paul Carbonara                                          
4 Rob Lattauzi (CRCA/Next)                                
5 Kurt Gustafsson (CRCA/AXIS)                             
6 Tony Settel (Deno's Wonder Wheel)                       
7 Juan Pimental (CRCA)                                    
8 Jon Cifton-Moore                                        
9 Nigel Chinemilly (Evolution)                            
10 Abdul Kabia                                            
11 Daniel Schmaltz (Sanchez/Metro)                        
12 Dave Ebeling (Westwood Cycle Masters Team)             
13 Steven Tinston (Westwood Cycle Masters Team)           
14 Jose Guzman (Fastar)                                   
15 Pedro Arias (Fastar)                                   
DNF Carl Nelson (unattached)                              
DNF Armand DellaMonica (CRCA/Blue Ribbob)                 
DNF Manuel Irias (UCI)                                    
DNF John Tomlinson (Deno's Wonder Wheel)                  
DNF Geoff Bickford (CRCA/AXIS)                            
DNF Ed Nolan (Kissena)                                    
DNF Michael Lewis                                         
DNF Eric Person (CRCA)                                    
DNF Cliff Sayer (Sanchez/Metro)                           
Prime #1
 Xavier Melendez CRCA/Next                                
Prime #2
 Xavier Melendez (CRCA/Next)                               

Local results 2005