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Bring it On Race Series #4

Alachua, FL, February 5, 2005

The final round of the Bring it On! Race series saw some of the best weather yet and the largest groups of the series.

The A grade competition featured the completion of a hat trick for the Cycle Science Team, as yet another member won a third race in just as many weeks. This week's event began fast and furiously as attacks littered the opening miles. Eventually the softened field yielded to a group of ten that continued to pound away up front. This group included Brad Davis (Ford), Anton Tupa (UF), Phil Gaimon (UF), Jim Wright (Jax Racing Club), Rebecca Larson (Colavita/Cooking Light), Beck Frydenborg (Atomic), Jason Stoner (Locos), Jayson O'Mahoney (American Classic), Jason Snow (Cycle Science) and the previous week's winner Rudy Robaina (Cycle Science). However, it was not from this large group that the eventual winner would emerge. Ryan Saylor (Cycle Science) staged an impressive come from behind victory are being stuck well out of the action early on.

As the large break rolled down the road, Saylor managed to escape the clutches of the main group with teammate Dan Larson. As the pair made contact with the front bunch with only three laps to go, Brad Davis (Ford) was making a solo charge for the victory and sat just 10 seconds ahead. After a short breather, Saylor disposed of the group and set off in pursuit of Davis with two laps remaining. Making contact in the final turn, Saylor powered past Davis for an impressive victory for his efforts. As a bonus, Cycle Science teammates Larson and Snow finished on the pair's heels for third and fourth places respectively. Wright finished close by in fifth, and Tupa nipped the impressive Rebecca Larson for sixth.

The Women's event was one of the most exciting in the series as the two handicap groups battled to the wire for the victory. An impressive Tallahassee, FL trio of Alane Ballweg (FSU), Nancy Bruner (FSU) and Brandi Campbell (Atomic) drove the race into the final laps before the scratchwomen were able to ultimately make contact. With a large reintegrated group, the stage was set for a rare mass finish. While Teresa Garcia (UF) charged ahead early in the sprint, she was soon passed in the headwind run to the line by both Claire Campaigne (South Georgia Cycling) and teammate Elisabeth Schneider (UF) for first and second respectively. Kristen Bowers (Atomic) finished a respectable fourth for the second week in a row and Alane Ballweg (FSU) sprinted quickly in for fifth.

The B grade event, although aggressive and fast, provided yet another field sprint to the finish. Winning his second race of the series, Dominik Girouard (UF) proved to be the pick of the litter. Danny Lyons (Team Florida) finished a very consistent series with a second place effort and Mark Campaigne (South Georgia Cycling) came close to matching his wife's exploits with third. Shane Danford (Atomic), Gill Romero (unattached), and Mike Plumridge (unattached) claimed fourth to sixth respectively.

With the series finished, point totals were tallied and three riders emerged victorious over their peers overall. Dominik Girouard's (UF) sprinting abilities led to a clear win in the B series, while Elisabeth Scneider (UF) came clear of the women in the final event. Dan Larson (Cycle Science) claimed the A series title despite only winning one of the three A races.


A Grade 27.5 miles, 40 Starters                   
1 Ryan Saylor (Cyclescience)                      
2 Brad Davis (Ford)                               
3 Dan Larson (Cyclescience)                       
4 Jason Snow (Cyclescience)                       
5 James Wright (Jax Racing Club)                  
6 Anton Tupa (Team Florida)                       
7 Rebecca Larson (Colavita/Cooking Light)         
8 Beck Frydenborg (Atomic)                        
9 Phil Gaimon (Team Florida)                      
10 Rudy Robaina (Cyclescience)                    
11 Jason Stoner (Locos)                           
12 Jayson O'Mahoney (American Classic)            
13 Gary Yates (Mr Goodbike)                       
14 Chuck Jerabek (Jax Racing Club)                
15 Glenn Schneider (Colavita)                     
16 AJ Smith (Megacycle)                           
17 Anthony Alexander (Helen's)                    
18 Darryl Tompkins (Bike Route)                   
19 Tim Moleneaux (ASV)                            
20 Michael Plumridge (unattached)                 
21 Peter Simms (Team Florida)                     
22 Russel Frydenborg (Atomic)                     
23 Michael Rhoades (Gearlink)                     
24 John Dascomb (FSU)                             
25 Ken Hankle (Groupo Strada)                     
26 Fred Norman (Jax Racing Club)                  
27 Jared Zimlin (Gearlink)                        
28 Kyle Snow Wamsley (Valley/Seal-On)             
29 Chase Fullerton (Ford)                         
30 Marco Bike Verwijs (Route)                     
31 Ben Sheridan (FSU)                             
32 Shannon Woodruff (Team Florida)                
33 Amanda Hall (unattached)                       
Women 16.5 miles, 15 Starters                     
1 Claire Campaigne (South Georgia Cycling)        
2 Elisabeth Schneider (Team Florida)              
3 Teresa Garcia (Team Florida)                    
4 Kristen Bowers (Atomic)                         
5 Alane Ballweg (FSU)                             
6 Veronica Geist (unattached)                     
7 Brandi Campbell (Atomic)                        
8 Nancy Bruner (FSU)                              
9 Amelia Killingsworth (South Georgia Cycling)    
10 Anka Sunitrav ()                               
11 Vicki Santello (unattached)                    
12 Lori Hazel (Gainesville Cycling Club)          
13 Jenny Tripodi (unattached)                     
14 DeAnna Julian (South Georgia Cycling)          
15 Sherril Stephanie (Team Florida)               
B Grade 22 miles, 42 Starters                     
1 Dominik Girouard (Team Florida)                 
2 Daniel Lyons (Team Florida)                     
3 Mark Campaigne (South Georgia Cycling)          
4 Shane Danford (Atomic)                          
5 Romero Gill (unattached)                        
6 Mike Plumridge (unattached)                     
7 Ryan Ellner (Cyclecience)                       
8 Rhys Williams (Team Florida)                    
9 Zak Ball (Atomic)                               
10 Jr Jackson (Harold South Georgia Cycling)      
11 Ted Evans (Team Florida)                       
12 Robert Jones (Gearlink)                        
13 Randal Bold (unattached)                       
14 James Brown (South Georgia Cycling)            
15 Mark Kiester (Team Florida)                    
16 Paul Messal (unattached)                       
17 Greg Hardison (South Georgia Cycling)          
18 Brett Miller (Team Florida)                    
19 Josh Fix (South Georgia Cycling)               
20 Jared Fullerton (Ford)                         
21 Christopher Olsen (JRC)                        
22 Matt Mitchell (unattached)                     
23 Steve Julian (South Georgia Cycling)           
24 Dwayne Johnson (Atomic)                        
25 Christopher Weaver (South Georgia Cycling)     
26 Stephen Wanta (Team Florida)                   
27 Dave Naret (FSU)                               
28 SteveTeam Heal (Florida)                       
29 Kevin Collington (Team Florida)                
30 Tobin McKnight (Team Florida)                  
31 John Murphy (Gearlink)                         
32 James Penrod (unattached)                      
33 Kenneth Chapman (Gearlink)                     
34 Crawford Battle (South Georgia Cycling)        
35 Felipe Bastos (Timex)                          
36 Victor Gilpin (FSU)                            
37 Dan Hill (South Georgia Cycling)               
38 Michael Christopher (Team Florida)             
39 Jacob Martin ()                                
Did Not Finish
 Huan Dinh (Team Florida)                         
 Teresa Garcia (Team Florida)                     
 Frank Mari (Team Florida)                        
A Grade Overall
1 Dan Larson (Cyclescience)                       
2 David Guttenplan (Nalley Automotive)            
3 Brad Davis (Ford)                               
4 Ryan Saylor (Cyclescience)                      
5 Rudy Robaina (Cyclescience)                     
6 Chuck Jerabek (Jax Racing Club)                 
7 Kyle Wamsley (Snow Valley/Seal-On)              
8 Anton Tupa (Team Florida)                       
9 Jason Snow (Cyclescience)                       
10 Curtis Tolson (Kentucky Flyers)                
11 James Wright (Jax Racing Club)                 
Women Overall
1 Elisabeth Schneider (Team Florida)              
2 Teresa Garcia (Team Florida)                    
3 Claire Campaigne (South Georgia Cycling)        
4 Veronica Geist (unattached)                     
5 Kristen Bowers (Atomic)                         
6 Cindy Tompkins (Bike Route)                     
7 Rebecca Larson (Colavita/Cooking Light)         
8 Tracy Huber (Team Revolution)                   
9 Crowell Jacquelyn (unattached)                  
10 Amanda Hall (Bike Route)                       
11 Alane Ballweg (FSU)                            
12 Eugena Rodriguez (Team Florida)                
13 Lynn Seaboly (Team Florida)                    
14 Vicki Santello (unattached)                    
B Grade Overall
1 Dominik Girouard (Team Florida)                 
2 Phil Gaimon (Team Florida)                      
3 Daniel Lyons (Team Florida)                     
4 Mark Kiester (Team Florida)                     
5 Robbie Newsome (Team Florida)                   
6 Mark Campaigne (South Georgia Cycling)          
7 Stephen Wanta (Team Florida)                    
8 Shane Danford (Atomic)                          
9 Mike Plumridge (unattached)                     
10 Josh Fix (South Georgia Cycling)               
11 Brett Miller (Team Florida)                    
12 Rhys Williams (Team Florida)                   
13 Romero Gill (unattached)                       
14 Brad Andringa (BBC)                            

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